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Fair Weather Friends

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"Has anyone seen my—" Nicole stumbles upon seeing the stranger in their dressing room and almost screams.

"Your what?" Gyuri looks at her like she's the one intruding.

Nicole relaxes a little. It's just Gyuri. Gyuri dressed like a man, but still Gyuri.

"Why do you look like that?" Nicole aims for inquisitive but judging by the look on Gyuri's face, it's more likely she spluttered.

Gyuri looks down at herself and laughs. "Oh, right. I had to rush over here after filming."

Gyuri's in the middle of filming a show, Nicole knows this, has known it for a while now. But actually seeing her off set looking like that is completely different. It's Gyuri, but, Gyuri in boy clothes and a stupid wig and a pretty boy face. Or pretty girl face. Whatever. Gyuri still looked like Gyuri, but different.

It's that difference that makes Nicole realize the state of undress she was in and she could feel her face flush.

"I, um, have to go." She shuffles out the door, face burning up and no doubt giving Gyuri a good look at the back of her bra.

Even from down the hallway she could hear Gyuri laughing at her.