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Fair Weather Friends

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Springtime cleaning means helping Hyuna revamp her entire apartment and making it suitable for the cats.

Cats. Plural.

She's positive the last time she was over there was only one ball of fluff. Now she's lying on the floor in the middle of the living room with multiple cats crawling over her and making her allergies act up.

The way Hyuna coos and squeals (at the cats, probably, there's nothing cute about the way she's wheezing on the living room floor) almost makes the annoying itch in her throat worth it.

"Look at this," Hyuna says, standing over her. "They love you."

"Too bad my body doesn't love them back." She sits up and the cats all scramble off her.

"You should get some allergy medicine since you'll be over here a lot."

"I am?"

"Yeah," Hyuna says and straddles her hips.

It takes her brain a few moments to register what is going on and by then Hyuna's got her shirt halfway off and a hand working on her belt buckle.

She should have known the easiest way into Hyuna's pants would be through her cats.