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Fair Weather Friends

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"Touch me and die."

"Help me bake a cake." Tiffany pouted, arms outstretched and inviting.

"I'm not hugging you, you're covered in flour."

Tiffany shrugged. "I don't want a hug, just help me with this cake." She watched Jessica make her way warily into the kitchen. There wasn't a lot Jessica jumped into headfirst with glee, which was fine, Tiffany had enough excitement for the both of them anyway.

Jessica's face scrunched up, she was probably breathing in the flour particles still floating around in the air. She looked like she was about to sneeze but instead turned sharply to look at Tiffany. She tried to look annoyed but Tiffany could see the warmth in her eyes. Jessica looked at her the way she always did back when they'd sneak off on their own and go shopping. Back when they had more restrictions on what they were allowed to do, back when Jessica thought she could rule the world.

"This is stupid. Why bake a cake when you can just buy one?"

"I changed my mind." Tiffany ignored Jessica's complaining and walked the last few steps between them. "I do want a hug."