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Fair Weather Friends

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Sooyoung feels Yoona stirring, she tightens her hold on her waist and buries her face in her hair. She doesn't want to risk opening her eyes, the red of her eyelids is all she needs to know that they forgot to shut the blinds again.

"Stop it," she whines into Yoona's hair. "We have the whole day off."

"No, you have the day off," Yoona chuckles, voice still laced with sleep. She sounds huskier than usual and that just makes Sooyoung press tighter.

"Then take the day off."

Sooyoung smiles to herself when she feels Yoona's body vibrate from her laughter. After a while Yoona kicks off the blankets and stretches. Instead of getting up, Yoona turns around in Sooyoung's arms and nuzzles their noses together.

"I can stay in bed an extra ten minutes or I can go get us muffins."

"You're going to do both anyway." Sooyoung blindly tips her head forward and catches Yoona's bottom lip.