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Fair Weather Friends

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Juhee played with the tips of Yooyoung's hair, wished that she could chop her own locks off. If nothing else it would decrease her time sitting in the stylist's chair every morning.

"Let's go do something," she said and tugged on Yooyoung's hair until she pouted up at her.

"We can't, we have a schedule tomorrow morning."

"We have one every morning," she huffed and pulled Yooyoung up with her. "C'mon, I can take you places I bet Yoonjo and Hyelim never take you." She already had so many places in mind and even more people to introduce to Yooyoung. "It'll be fun," she half whined.

She could see Yooyoung starting to give in, a hint of a smile on the edge of her lips.

"Fine, but I'm not wearing a leotard. Hyelim's warned me all about that."

"We'll see," Juhee said and pulled Yooyoung impatiently out the door.