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Fair Weather Friends

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"This is your side, and this is mine."

The first thought to go through Nara's head when she had heard that she'd be rooming with Yooyoung was this should be easy.

That was before all the rules and charts and literal binders full of expectations that Yooyoung outlined in what she was sure was four point font. She expected this from Ara, all the strictness and serious declarations of war in the event of anyone bringing food into either of their beds.

Of course as luck would have it, the crazy hides itself in Yooyoung and Alice gets to play wife with Ara while Nara is stuck with a borderline psychopathic neat freak.

"I'm serious," Yooyoung looked at her in a half glare. "If you bring food in our room and we get ants, I will kill you in your sleep."

"Are you threatening me?"

"I will put down tape to split the room if I have to."

Nara snorted. Yooyoung would. "Go ahead, it wouldn't be the first line I've ever crossed." She kicked a slipper over to Yooyoung's side of the room just because she could. "And it won't be the last either," she said and crossed her arms, daring Yooyoung to fight back.

What she wasn't expecting was Yooyoung throwing a pillow in her face and pouncing on her.