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Fair Weather Friends

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sooyoung has an annoying habit of picking up on things that people specifically do not want to be picked up on. taeyeon sulks, it's what she does. but when she does it all throughout dinner and sooyoung notices something is wrong, then she should have known better than to think that she could run away. it doesn't stop her from trying even if it does end up with sooyoung cornering her in her own room.

sooyoung leans back against the door, a picture of cool and composed, and tries to give taeyeon a look that says, "tell me what's wrong, i won't bite."

but that's a lie, taeyeon knows all too well that sooyoung bites. luckily for her, it's to keep herself quiet and most of the time the bite marks are in areas that most people can't see anyway.

"you were awfully quiet tonight." it comes out a little more accusatory than she'd like.

"yeah, well, you had plenty of maknae to keep you company," taeyeon replies, meaning every ounce of accusation in her tone.

"seriously? you're jealous because i let seohyun feed me?"

taeyeon crosses her arms and honest to god, she pouts. sooyoung's not sure if she wants to throw taeyeon out of the room until she grows up or throw herself at taeyeon. it should be telling that predicaments like these come up more often than she'd like to admit.

sooyoung reaches out and pulls taeyeon toward her until their bodies are pressed against each other.

"i can't promise i won't let other people feed me food, but i can promise to let you feed me those disgusting jellies you love," sooyoung says with her chin on top of taeyeon's head.

taeyeon pulls her head back and looks at her, scandalized. "why would i feed you those when i'd rather eat them?"

sooyoung rolls her eyes at her and taeyeon pokes her in the ribs. she leans up, straining to get on her toes and kisses sooyoung softly.

"i forgive you," taeyeon says and kisses her again, longer this time.

"i didn't say sorry." sooyoung runs her hands down taeyeon's back and rests them on her hip.

"i forgive you anyway."