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“It’s late there you need to be resting.” Mark sighed when he answered his skype call, checking his phone clock to see exactly what time it was in Seoul. He always tried to scold Jinyoung on giving up sleep to talk to him but the other never seemed to listen.


“I know but I wanted to wish you a good morning. Did you get to bed on time last night?” He asked, Mark could hardly make him out in his dark bedroom, the black mask making it even harder since it blended into the background, but over the last few months he’d become accustomed to talking to Jinyoung like this.


“Work kept me out late, I didn’t get to finish my paper. I had to wake up hours ago to finish if” He made a face, rubbing at his tired eyes. The bags ever present. Jinyoung made a huff of protest, silently annoyed at Marks occupation, but Mark learned to ignore him. It was easier.


“I don’t like you having to stress through your assignments. They are more important than work.” Jinyoung said, jealousy dripping off every word. Mark could only laugh and flash him a sleepy grin as he pushed his textbook away in favor of his coffee. He heard the clicking sound that Jinyoung had taken a screen cap, he puffed out his cheeks in an adorable nature earning a laugh from Jinyoung.


“When will you be here? You keep promising soon.” Mark whimpered, setting his coffee down to relax back against his chair. Jinyoung getting a better look at him.


“Soon! I feel like every time I see you, you have new hair. I liked the pink, but this silver is nice. Keep this for when I come. I want to see it in person beautiful boy.” Jinyoung praised and all Mark could do was whimper, face pushing down into his books to hide his blush from the other.


“Don’t be cute this early, go to bed. I will speak with you when you wake up. If I don’t answer…” Mark sighed, remembering their first argument months back when they had a big skype date planned and Mark was busy with a client. It ended in an agreement that Mark would make the calls at night from now on, to prevent Jinyoung from worrying himself or them missing dates. That didn’t stop Jinyoung from having his bad days. Taking out his frustration during dance practice. The other members of GOT4 worried for their leader but they remained mute on the subject.


“Call me when you get home please, I like to know you are safe. Promise me?” Jinyoung said, and all Mark could do was nod. Blowing his masked man a kiss before ending the call.


From there the day went on as normal. Lunch with BamBam, homework, clients, another skype call to catch Jinyoung before he went off for the day. His phone generally buzzed to life shortly after. Another late night vip client it seemed. He’d already told JB he wanted to reduce his clients, needed to spend more time studying for school. Apparently that wasn’t an option. All it did was result in a none to enjoyable phone call from a man he didn’t know. Probably another faceless man behind the curtain pulling the strings on his boy toys. His punishment that followed was what felt like a surge in clients, but Mark had lied to Jinyoung about the number.


More time had passed and Jinyoung could tell that as much as he tried to hide it, things with Mark were getting worse. He was sleeping less, working more, starting to mess up with his classes. That constant worry and slew of outlashes had his bandmembers finally stepping in to try and figure out what had their leader so stressed. When Jinyoung told the boys the full story, he was ready for their judgemental glares, and scoldings about his night time choices. Instead he was met with compassion.


“Hyung, why didn’t you tell us.” Youngjae said, moving to sit next to his leader, his head resting on Jinyoung’s shoulder.


“Yeah we could have done something! I met one of the boys from that agency, you gave me the card remember. He seemed scared of whoever was running the show.” Jackson commented, sitting back some on their living room sofa. Jinyoung just sighed and covered his face in his hands.


“I have to save him, I want to bring him here to Korea. But I don’t know… how we can get him here. He’s told me such horror stories about boys that ran, or tried to get out, what if something bad happens to him because of me?” He sighed, Youngjae started to rub at his back to calm his hyung.


“This is a safe place, JYP will understand if we brought him here. Do you think they would like… schedule him a trip out of country if we paid for it? Or would they only do local?” Yugyeom, who had been silent this whole time, finally piped up. Jinyoung hadn’t even thought about that. Scheduling Mark to be sent out to him, he didn’t know if it was a service the company offered but it was an option. One he would have to talk to Mark about later on.


“I can ask him, that is good. Then we can just keep him here!” Jinyoung felt hopeful for the first time that week.


“Are you going to surprise him when we head to LA for K-Con?” Jackson asked and Jinyoung nodded his head.


“I was planning on it, I keep telling him I will be there soon. I just hope he can hold out another month.” Jinyoung sighed, Youngjae leaned in to hug his hurting hyung.


“We will save him, anything for our leader.”




A month dragged on, Mark still pestering every day about when Jinyoung would show up. The secret got harder and harder to keep but he honestly wanted to surprise him. When the band landed in America, the first thing they had to do was press. Of course it was always something. Despite having just traveled halfway around the world, they were here for work. Jackson, and Youngjae suggested they make the most of having to go out, wanting their leader to relax just until they got to Mark. One more day he told himself. He could make it.


The event they were at was rather hyped. Different K-Pop idols milling about with American artists, a giant welcome event for the clash of clans if you would. Jinyoung stayed next to his got4 members. It wasn’t until in the distance he saw wisps of silver hair walking towards the bar. He was about to run over when he noticed the large man following him, hands gripping Mark’s hips as soon as they got to the bar. He blacked out, hands balling into a fist. Mark hadn’t been texting him, which normally meant he was working a job, and it wasn’t like he had never seen him at work before. But a job here? Nudging to Jackson to tell him that he saw Mark, the elder (only by a few months, thank you) looked over to try and see what Jinyoung was talking about. Jackson’s eyes were not as familiar with Mark’s person as Jinyoung was, but he’d seen enough pictures to spot familiar characteristics. He noticed a boy at the bar with their back to them not paying attention to anything, a man that he was with putting his hands on him, followed by and something being put in his drink when Mark looked away to scan the room. Jackson swatted at Jinyoung’s chest, issuing the warning that he thought he saw the man Mark was with spike his drink.


And now Jinyoung saw red.


Mark being so tired from the stress of working overtime and school laying on more assignments than normal, he didn’t do his usual routine of smelling his drink first before he took a large sip. No tonight he wanted to get as drunk as possible to drown out whatever his client was saying, and whatever he planned on doing later. It was a new client, and he hoped a one time deal. He was more annoying than anyone he had dealt with in quite some time. But Mark thought he was generally harmless. All he did was talk, boasting about god knew what, praising himself no doubt. No warning flags that he was in for a long night. Then again he wasn’t paying attention. Just daydreaming that in the sea of idols maybe his Jinyoung would be among them.


It took a bit of time for the pill to enter his system, but when his body became a bit off, Mark knew what was happening. Typically if this happened, and it had happened multiple times, there was a system in place to protect themselves. He excused himself to get to the restroom, pulling out his phone to call Bambam for help as soon as he was out of earshot. As usual he stayed on the line with him as he splashed water on his face, trying not to bring too much attention to himself. He didn’t have a lot of the drink, but he was definitely feeling the effects. Bambam said he was on his way, not to hang up, but Mark was starting to lose control. Vision blurring in and out, the next thing he knew there were strong hands pushing him back violently into a stall and up against the side of the bathroom wall. His breathing constricted as fingers wrapped around his neck, another hand other his wrists up against the wall. Although his vision was blurred he could smell the aftershave of his client. It wasn’t hard to miss given how the man seemed to have took a bath in it before he picked Mark up. He tried to yell for the man to get off him, tried to knee him away, but this was one of those hidden dangerous types that knew just how to get away with what he was about to do. He probably was a repeat offender. Mark cursed himself for being so tired.


Mark didn’t think he’d be in this situation as the man started to undo his pants, content to just take what he paid for right then and there. Mark could feel the grip on his wrists getting tighter, probably leaving slight bruises behind. He was fighting so hard to stay focused, to fight the man off of him despite his body not wanting to respond correctly.


“Stupid fucking slut, who makes a man work this hard to get his cock sucked.” He smacked Mark across the cheek, a cut forming from the various rings adorned on his fingers. Mark yelped out in pain, fighting to keep his body in check as the drug started to pick up in his system. He was shoved down to his knees, a rough hand gripping into his hair and then, nothing.


From there things got lost. Mark felt the man’s hands leave him, and if he blinked a lot saw a few men roughing him up on the floor of the bathroom. Gorgeous men, shouting in Korean until strong arms were wrapped around him yanking him back to his feet. There were a few slaps to his cheek, he had to blink several times to try and get a clear picture of the man touching him. It was the same man from the club all those months ago when he was with a previous client. The gorgeous man that had Mark at a loss for words. The one with the kind eyes, who wasn’t smiling like he should be.


“I know you…” He slurred and Jinyoung frowned, pulling Mark closer as Jackson did his pants back up for him.


“Hyung we have to go.” Yugyeom and Youngjae both said at the same time, clearing the way for Jinyoung to get Mark out through the back entrance, his own security team aiding in keeping Jinyoung safe. Bambam ran up to the club at the same moment they were leaving. When he saw Mark being carried out he charged over quickly, ready to start swinging.


“Let him go, leave him alone!” BamBam shouted, GOT4’s security went to hold him back but Jinyoung just handed Mark over to Jackson and ran over to stop their fuss.


“You! You’re his friend right? I’m Jinyoung.” He pointed to himself and Bambam’s eyes nearly burst out of his head.


“YOU’RE THE ONE!!! HE TRUSTED YOU!!!” He pushed Jinyoung to the side before rushing to Mark.


“I did not do this, I found him!” Jinyoung defended, Mark at this point was completely passed out. A limp body in Jackson’s arms being carried to their car for safety.


“He was drugged, some man tried to force himself on him. We are taking him back to the hotel.” Youngjae stood in, Bambam looked at the lot of them with uncertainty before pushing by them to get to Mark.


“I’m not leaving him.” Bambam made clear, taking Mark’s hand in his in the car as the rest piled in. Jinyoung so full of worry as the driver raced the lot of them to the hotel, security worked to sneak them up to the 22nd floor without any real commotion from hotel staff or waiting fans.


It took a few hours for Mark to come to. His body had been laid down in the bed, changed from his club clothes into some of Jinyoung’s loose fitting night wear. Jinyoung insisted everyone leave while he undressed Mark, Bambam argued that he still didn’t trust the man but let the two have their privacy.


It was an uncomfortable waiting game. Youngjae and Jackson ordered blankets to be brought into the room so the lot of them could keep watch. Bambam glaring down Jinyoung the entire time. They took turns checking on Mark. Jinyoung needed his rest, much to his insisting he didn’t, and was laid down by Jackson who took over for him.


When Mark finally started to stir, Jackson bolted out of the room to wake Jinyoung. He was up in seconds, not even thinking about the mask he had out just in case as he burst into the room and towards the bed.


Mark blinked a few times, body feeling like it got run over as his vision started to come back. He saw the two bodies run into the room, it was the man from the club again. Confused he reached up to rub his own face, whimpering out as his fingers came in contact with the cut on his cheek.


“You’re awake, how do you feel?” Jinyoung asked, Mark more confused than ever just sat there, blinking at him.


“Jinyoung hyung, is Mark okay?” Youngjae poked his head in having heard Mark was awake, and Mark’s eyes were the widest they had ever been.


“Jin… Jinyoungie…” He whimpered. Jinyoung flashed him a bright smile and Mark lost it. God his smile was a thing of perfection, not even the greatest painters or poets of old could do it justice. He was, without a doubt, the most breathtaking person Mark had ever seen in his life. Every detail about him more handsome than the last. Mark’s heart was beating wildly in his chest, his eyes never wanting to leave the others face.


“I’m here beautiful boy. I won’t leave you. I promise.” he moved over to climb on the bed, Jackson got up shooing Youngjae out knowing the two needed their privacy.


Mark felt himself whimper again, reaching out to yank Jinyoung down closer to him. The other didn’t seem to mind at all as he crawled closer on the bed, scooping Mark up in his arms. Mark pulled away enough to look at Jinyoung’s face, feeling like he was stuck in a dream. Was this real, did he die. Was this his heaven?


Jinyoung just laughed, reaching over to the nightstand to grab the mask he had laid there, holding it up.


“Should I put this back on, would you be more comfortable. I warned you I’m just average. I’m sorry if…” He was cut off short by lips crashing against his own. Mark had used whatever energy he had left to crawl from the covers and on top of Jinyoung.


“I don’t care. How you’re here. But you are the most. Beautiful man. I have ever. Seen.” He said between kisses, not wanting at all to let Jinyoung go. His lips trailing over every perfect detail, every inch of skin finally uncovered for him. He was in awe, total state of shock at how perfect Jinyoung was. Even if he was less handsome than he was, it would still serve as a constant point of stress for Mark. He was beautiful. Out of this world really.
Finally they needed to breathe, Jinyoung burst out into a fit of giggles as he had to physically hold Mark by the shoulders so he would sit still. He used his hands to cup his face, holding it still as he searched over it for what felt like the millionth time to see if he was okay.


“I got so scared when I saw you. What were you doing there?” Jinyoung asked and Mark waved it off, sighing as he moved to sit up.


“Work. That was a client. Jinyoung…” He saw Jinyoung ball his fists like he was ready to explode. Mark moved to take his hands in his own, kissing at his wrists until his hands relaxed.


“You have to quit. Mark! You could have died… if we didn’t get there.” Jinyoung’s voice broke, an obvious worry mixed in with every syllable.


“It’s nothing that hasn’t happened before. You call someone when you feel it, and they come scoop you up… Hopefully before anything but. Hey, whoa, get back here.” Mark jumped out of bed, having to steady his aching body for a moment before he ran after Jinyoung who seemed like a man on a mission. The two came bursting out of the bedroom startling everyone. Mark grabbing Jinyoung who was making a beeline for Bambam.


“HAS THIS HAPPENED TO HIM BEFORE?” Jinyoung raised his voice, probably for the first time given the way the others reacted to it. Youngjae flinched in fear at his leader, Mark was more confused about who all these people were and why Bambam was there in the first place.


“That’s none of your business. You’re not the one there for him every day, that’s my job.” Bambam got up, not even flinching as Jinyoung got close to him.


“How can you condone this lifestyle you both share? You call yourself there for him yet you’ve never made him try to quit!” Jinyoung accused, but he softened up when Mark got between them.


“Because he is in more danger trying to get out, than staying in. These are higher powers here! You don’t know the half of it I’m sure. Do you know how we even get into the agency?” Bambam whimpered, and now it was Mark’s turn to pause, turning to his only true friend.


“We audition…” He said, licking his lips but Bambam just shook his head.


“I used to think so too. That they find us and lure us in, and we audition by having sex… and then boom we’re signed up. But no. I was taken from Thailand when I was little as you know, but I didn’t know until my sister tried to find me years ago that I was sold to the agency. Same as you. We get sold by our parents, the agency tries to make us think it’s our choice by coming to us when we are of age, they own us. And they don’t like to lose what they’ve bought.” Bambam sighed, sitting back down in his chair. Mark too sunk down on it next to him.


“So we just buy them from the company, there has to be a way?” Jackson said, sitting back and Mark finally snapped out of his trance to look up.


“Who are you? I’m sorry why are you all here?” Mark asked and Jackson jumped to his feet starting to yell in korean.


“JINYOUNG! You mean to tell me that he doesn’t even know who your super handsome and ultra talented best friend is?” Jackson gasped, Youngjae and Yugyeom started laughing behind him. Mark blinked confused and looked up at Jinyoung.


“Mark this is Jackson, this is Youngjae, and Yugyeom.” Jinyoung said, the three bowed before Jackson came over, wrapping Mark up in a bone crushing hug.


“You… what. I can’t breathe.” Mark laughed when Jackson came over to him, having to shove the other off. Yelling something in Mandarin that caused the other to perk up, answering him in the same.


“Ohhh he never told us you’re multi lingual. Does this mean you’ll tell me about what he’s like in bed? He can’t understand us!” Jackson said, pushing Jinyoung away from Mark to bat his eyes. All Mark could do was let out the loudest laugh possible.


“I will not no... he’s great in bed… Kinky very kinky.” Mark said in mandarin and Jackson squealed, turning to look at Jinyoung.


“You dirty boy!” Jackson said and Jinyoung put a hand to his chest.


“I don’t like any part of this nope, you two must knock it off right now.” Jinyoung ordered, pulling Jackson away from Mark to occupy the space next to him.


“Jackson… OHHHHH J!!! Crap you’re the one that hired Jungkook, the other rent boy.” Mark put two and two together, Jackson’s eyes went wide.


“Wait jungkook serviced here? He didn’t tell me. Normally he never shuts up when he gets high paid gigs.” Bambam looked hurt, Jackson looked horrified.


“That’s why you got mad with me that day, you thought he was here for me but he was here for Jackson. Ah that makes sense. Jackson I got yelled at because of you.” Jinyoung teased and Jackson just put his hands up like he was defending himself.


“Alright Mr i’m kinky in bed.” Jackson said and Mark again was cracking up, pulling Jinyoung close who gave him the most curious look.


“You two are not to be friends, I’m stopping this right now!” Jinyoung said, but his smile gave him away.


“But wait really, what were you all doing here. Mark’s told me he knows nothing about you guys.” Bambam said and Jackson again went after Jinyoung, this time the younger and the maknae spoke out as well.


“You didn’t even tell him we’re in a group! He is our leader, uhhh, we sing, Jackson rap…” Yugyeom tried to find the english but it was just as hard for him as it had been for Jinyoung when they first met.


“So you’ve been hiding the fact that you’re a talented singer from me because?” Mark asked in Korean and glared at Jinyoung, the other two’s jaw dropped at Mark being able to talk so easily to Jinyoung when they were sitting there struggling with english.


“Considering this is the first day you’re seeing my face, I think you shouldn’t be surprised.” Jinyoung laughed, earning a pillow to the face from Mark. He was still pissed Jinyoung spent all this time hiding actual perfection from him.


“Bambam can we talk?” Mark said turning to his friend, nodding towards the sliding glass doors before yanking his friend outside. Jinyoung pouted at the two friends before he turned to his band, further talking about plans to get Mark out of this. Especially now with the news they were given on how the boys were entered into the agency.


“You okay?” Bambam asked shutting the door behind him, Mark let out a shaky breath before he shook his head no. He honestly wasn’t. At all. But he was trying so hard to not let Jinyoung know inside he was crying. They had enough stress for the night and it would have been so much easier to just hoard it all away.


“When did you find out about all of this?” Mark asked, needing to lean against the railing so he felt more grounded. “I don’t know… I knew my parents hated me for what I am but. I didn’t think it would be this.” He whimpered, Bambam moved to wrap his arms around Mark.


“If you… really do go… can I come with you?” He asked after a while, almost in a scared whisper that had Mark’s head picking up.


“Yes god yes, I can’t picture leaving you! Do you still have a passport?” Mark asked and Bambam nodded, it was settled. There is no way he would leave without his friend.


Jinyoung poked his head out, clearing his throat to get the boys to separate. He moved closer and reached for Mark’s hand, despite the evil looks from Bambam who still didn’t trust him.


“Bambam is coming with us if that’s okay. I can’t leave him here to be with these people.” He asked, looking over to Jinyoung who nodded that it would be fine. He could never say no to Mark now that he finally had him, properly. Well… Almost.


Poking his head outside, Yugyeom held out Mark’s phone that had been left in the sitting area. Mark thanked him and quickly went to see who it was, face dropping when he saw JB’s name pop up, not in text, but he was calling. Mark quickly moved to answer the call, putting the phone on speaker.


MARK: JB, it’s rare you call me.


JB: You never checked in that you were safe.


MARK: Oh! The client was a red flag. He drugged my drink. Bambam had to save me before it got ugly.


There was a long pause, followed by the sounds of furious typing and swift movements.


JB: I’ve made note of it. Are you safe now?


MARK: Yes, I’m rested and recovered.


JB: Wonderful, I have several jobs lined up for you. I will text them all to you and you may confirm which you’d like to book for the week.


MARK: I requested my work load to be lightened.


JB: That’s not for you to delegate. This is a busy time of year. If you are recovered you will proceed with the planned appointments. Mark, please don’t upset the higher up’s again. There is only so much I can do.


With that the call disconnected and Mark sighed, rubbing at his face. Bambam pouted looking to Mark, his hand rubbing the man’s shoulder.


“Mark you’ve been working overtime for weeks, when was the last time you had a day off.” He scolded and Mark smacked a hand over his mouth.


“You told me you were doing less!” Jinyoung yelped out, Mark pushed the two of them back inside not wanting to start something outside even if they were high up enough nobody could hear them.


“Mark there is something we were curious on. Are you boys allowed to be booked out of the country?” Yugyeom asked, in korean now that he knew Mark could understand him.


“I don’t know.” Mark paused, turning to ask Bambam who nodded his head yes.


“So many boys get sent on long vacations. You do normal bookings but with destinations not rooms.” Bambam added, Mark chewed at his lip in thought.


“So we can call them like we would schedule an appointment, book the two of you… we just won’t send you home.” Mark turned to Jinyoung whose eyes seemed to light up as he spoke.


“That will cost you a great deal though, I don’t want you spending a lot on this.” He added, shyly looking down. Jackson just scoffed and got up, patting Mark on the shoulder.


“Do you know how much he doesn’t care about that! He never spends his money, he will be okay.” Jackson ducked from the swing Jinyoung took before hiding behind Mark. “JUST CALL!” He whimpered, Mark reached around to keep Jackson safe.


“Fine, Fine.” Jinyoung pulled his phone out and sighed, sitting down on the sofa by Youngjae who pulled his own phone out to watch how it was done. Jinyoung taught him how to order Bambam since he’d never done anything like this before, and they stayed silent as the calls were placed. Jinyoung first obviously, Youngjae wanted to watch. Mark was shocked when JB answered the phone.


“Vip Number 684950.” He said, smacking Youngjae on the arm when he started to snicker. Mark couldn’t hide the smile either but it was interesting being on this side of the phone. To see the process taken to book people like he and Bambam.


“What can we assist you with Sir?”


“I would like to book my usual, three nights in LA then I want to take him back to Seoul, South Korea with me for a few days.” He said casually, not trying to let it know he was up to no good.


“When will he be back in America?” JB asked, you could hear him typing away on a computer.


“For now let’s say a week and a half from tonight. I will inform you if I keep him longer” He chewed his lip, hoping that would buy them enough time.


“You will receive a discounted rate for booking for so long, also for booking the same worker so frequently. Take good care of him.” He said and the line disconnected. Mark narrowed his eyebrows at how business like him having sex was to them before he moved to sit down in Jinyoung’s lap. It was Youngjae’s turn and he sounded like a nervous schoolboy that was about to get caught watching porn.


There were two ways to book boys, Mark knew that much. Each of them had id numbers given to them on business like cards. They looked, if found, like credit cards to a fake bank, but the numbers printed on them were used to book that specific boy. Or you could give a description of the boy you desired and be surprised. Bambam took out his card so that Youngjae could order him directly. Saying something about how alluring he found him when he saw him with a friend. JB seemed to buy it, not asking that many questions. He hung up on Youngjae the same he did to Jinyoung, not 5 minutes later both Bambam and Mark’s phone popped up similar text messages.


JB IM: VIP Request: 11 Days solid.
Full 24/7 service requested.
LA, California - Seoul, South Korea
Special Requests: None given.
Text me when you’ve left, be safe.


Both Bambam and Mark texted Confirmed before they gave each other a look, it was obvious they were scared, but this was probably the best bet they had at being free.


“Will you all excuse us, I think it’s time we rest. before tonight. Youngjae take Bambam to go collect what he needs from his residency. I will take Mark after our show tonight.” He said and Youngjae nodded, pulling Bambam along as the boys left leaving Jinyoung and Mark alone, finally.


Mark moved to touch Jinyoung’s hips gently, pushing their foreheads together. It felt so amazing to have him there, not even thinking about how he didn’t even tell him he was coming, or how they just happened to be at the event to save him, although Jinyoung being a K-Pop idol would make sense as to why he was there.


“You should rest up beautiful boy, you have been through so so much. I think it’s best you sleep while we do our work.” Jinyoung started and Mark just shook his head no. Arms sliding around Jinyoung to pull him closer.


“Now that I know the man of my dreams is the most gorgeous k-pop idol I know, with tons of people fawning for his attention, I will not be leaving your side. Remember we are here for 24/7 service. I am finally going to see you in action.” He smirked, leaning to kiss Jinyoung because he could, because he didn’t have that stupid fucking mask on, because he was really going to get out and maybe have a shot at a normal life for once. Things he never let himself think were possible before Jinyoung came around and turned his entire world upside down.


“I’m one of the only idols you know.” Jinyoung corrected and Mark just silenced him with a kiss, again, because he could.




Much to Jinyoung’s protest, and Mark’s insisting, the pair had left the hotel together a few hours after everything calmed down. Mark took a long shower to wash away the grime of the night before, Jinyoung insisted on being close by incase Mark needed him. He wasn’t stupid, he could tell Mark was trying to be strong for him. Mark kept zoning out, and blinking as if he was fighting to keep it together. Understandable with the last 24 hours he had. Jinyoung wanted him to rest but Mark made it clear he would feel safer by his side. So he didn’t argue it. Just let Mark get dressed in the clothes Bambam brought from his apartment, and left side by side with him to get ready for their show.


When Mark saw Jinyoung put the mask back on simply to walk from the elevator to the car he grumbled, yanking it off as soon as they were inside the safety of the van. Youngjae snickered from the back seat, finding it adorable how Mark seemed to be the only person allowed to mess with Jinyoung in such a way. Had it been any of them, they would be getting death glares or pushed into the wall.


“I look tired, and I’ve already washed.” Jinyoung argued and Mark simply rolled his eyes. He didn’t care, that flawless face was staying uncovered around him.


“So what’s it like in Korea? Will we be hidden away in some townhouse made to do the cleaning while the men are at work? I’ve never worn a french maid uniform before but, I’ll bite.” Bambam gave a wink to which Yugyeom just nodded his head smiling innocently.


“Exactly, yes! That’s basically how we live. You two will be good.” Yugyeom said as clearly as he could. Bless his heart, he really was trying.


Jinyoung had to put a hand up to cover his mouth, trying not to let his maknae see him laughing at his failed English. He was trying so hard, and it’s not like the rest of them were any more proficient. Mark however blinked several times before he and Bambam burst out laughing, apparently Yugyeom didn’t understand what he said, or didn’t say really. Jinyoung put the mask on Mark’s face to try and get him to stop but Mark only laughed harder. He told Yugyeom what was so funny in his own broken korean and the youngest of the group seemed to turn a bright shade of red. His hands going up as if he was trying to defend himself.


“Noooot like that! Yah!” He groaned, hiding his face in Jackson’s shoulder. Jackson consoled his embarrassed band member by patting the side of his face.


The rest of the car ride followed in the same manner, making jokes at each others expenses as if they had been friends for years. Never an awkward silence, or an uncomfortable shift. They learned that back in Korea they had a dog named CoCo, that Youngjae was the lead singer of the band but Jinyoung was the leader, and that Mark and Jackson together equalled a dangerous time for Jinyoung.


They arrived at the venue and the conversation kept flowing even as they were pushed through to hair and makeup. Mark stayed by Jinyoung’s side as he was all dolled up, teasing him about the eyeliner and messy hair. He looked good though, better than good, Mark was finding it hard to keep his hands to himself. Despite their being cameras everywhere Jinyoung didn’t seem phased linking his hands with Mark’s and pulling him close. There was no kissing, obviously, Jinyoung didn’t want to risk his private life being that out in the open, but passing Mark off as just a friend that he felt affection towards was easy.


Eventually they had to split up, Bambam took over holding Mark’s hand as security lead them to a vip section near center stage. Mark had zero idea what he was in for, having learned all of a few hours ago that Jinyoung was some world famous k-pop idol that millions wanted a piece of. The lights went out, the music was turned up, and it seemed that all eyes were on the 4 boys that took center stage. Mark had seen Jinyoung seconds previously but it seemed that he was a whole new person on stage. The way his body moved, the sly little smiles he gave to the fans, but none of that compared to his voice. The second he started to sing chills ran up Mark’s spine.


Mark made a scene at the end of every song like he was the band’s biggest fan, Bambam and he dancing wildly in the VIP booth regardless of the odd looks the other people were giving them. He shouted Jinyoungie during a rather quiet moment and blew Jinyoung a secret kiss when he looked over. Jinyoung started to laugh on stage, eyes crinkling in an adorable way before he went back to singing. Mark would forever keep the memory of that little private moment for them that the fans knew nothing about.


Once the band was done on stage Mark and Bambam were collected from the VIP section. Whispers all around them of why they got to be so lucky to go back with the boys, who were they, were they friends of the boys. Mark started to understand why Jinyoung liked his privacy so much. Being in the public eye it seemed everyone wanted to know your business. The mask, although he hated it with a passion, made more sense the more he saw Jinyoung in his element.


Bounding over to the man in the dressing room, he wrapped his arms around Jinyoung and squealed in delight over the concert.


“Beautiful boy I am all sweaty!” Jinyoung protested, using a towel to wipe his head off before turning his attention to Mark.


“Jinyoung this isn’t the first time you’ve been sweaty around me, at least you have on clo-” Mark started to say but Jinyoung was quick to cover his mouth. Turning a bright shade of red as the youngest member of the group let out a loud sound. Bursting out into laughter that had Jinyoung ripping from Mark’s grip to chase him around the room. Everyone started cracking up at that, Mark racing over to save Yugyeom from Jinyoung, Jinyoung acting hurt that he picked Yugyeom over him, going on a long tangent about being betrayed that ended with Youngjae and Jackson standing up clapping.


“Actor Park Jinyoung everyone. Wonderful. Take a bow.” Jackson and Youngjae both chided, Jinyoung just bowed his head before yanking Mark back to his side. Mark went willingly, wrapping his arms around Jinyoung and stealing a kiss while it was just them in the room.
He drown out the mushy sounds coming their friends behind them as Jinyoung gripped his hips to steady the boy. Mark was content to just pull away after a quick peck but it seemed Jinyoung wasn’t finished. Embarrassed with all the eyes on him, Mark kissed him back regardless before hiding his face in the man’s neck. The blush creeping up into his ears as he bit the man’s neck as payback. Jinyoung gasped out before tickling Mark’s sides to get him to stop.


“You’re in trouble later. Just you wait!” Jinyoung warned and Mark wiggled his eyebrows, Yugyeom stepping in to separate them.


“Don’t worry Hyung I will save you from this pervert!” He said and again Mark lost it. Falling over on top of Bambam as he laughed so hard he started to cry while Yugyeom and Jinyoung wrestled around the room.


He could get used to this.




They had 2 days left in LA for the convention. Mark and Jinyoung spent the days packing up what Mark would need to bring over from his apartment, Mark alerting all of his professors and the university that he would be leaving for an unknown length of time. When Jinyoung had to go off and do press related events Mark would assist Bambam in packing up his own life. Often joking about the amount of clothes the younger had collected.


Their final day there the two best friends went out to eat one last time at their regular spot, the cafe with all it’s bittersweet memories bringing out the nostalgia in the two former (they could say that now right?) sex workers. They ate their usual, talked about some of the first clients they ever had, questioned if they were crazy about going to Korea. What life would be like for them when every night wasn’t planned out by mysterious texters. Bambam was ready to get out though, and for him it was even better knowing that he was doing so with his one true friend.


Jungkook came in as they were about to leave, it wasn’t uncommon for other boys to use this spot to unwind, it was in the center of the hotel district and easy to get to before/after a job. He looked roughed up, sunglasses hiding a bruised eye and cut cheek. Mark’s heart dropped at the thought of the others that would still be trapped in this life.


“If we… had a way out. Would you want to join us?” Bambam asked Jungkook in a whisper. The boy looked confused for a second before he pulled the two outside and away from any prying ears.


“Talk. What do you mean you have a way out. You remember what happened to Jimin when he tried to leave the agency a few weeks ago, he’s still in the hospital.” Jungkook narrowed his eyes, more so out of concern for his friends and their well beings.


“Mark over here broke the rules. He fell in love.” Bambam ducked from the slap aimed at him.


“Not in love.” He mumbled but Bambam just patted his back.


“Sure you’re not.” Bambam rolled his eyes before turning back to Jungkook.


“Anyway, the guy is in a Korean idol band. You had an appointment with one of his bandmembers. Jackson? Blond, Chinese, loud.” He said and Jungkook had to think back to however long it was before he had that ah ha moment.


“Yeah! I remember him, I ran into you that day Mark. You had your backpack. Wait. Is that your out?” Jungkook wondered, biting at his lower lip as he adjusted his sweater.


“They booked us for a trip to Korea, and we’re just not coming back. They didn’t ask his boyfriend for a location, one of his bandmates booked me so I can go over as well… We leave tomorrow morning.” Bambam said and Jungkook had to take a step back, somewhat in awe at the genius of the plan.


“Do you… think they would take me too?” He asked, voice almost a whisper and Mark turned to look at Bambam before he put his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder.


“We won’t leave you here. Come. We will help you get your things, I’m sure Jinyoung will understand.” He said, and for the first time Jungkook smiled, launching himself to wrap his arms around Mark’s neck thanking him over and over again.


It was then clear as day to Mark. He wanted to take the whole operation down. Sex working was fine, it wasn’t the job itself. Prostitution was one of the oldest professions. It was the way the men ran the business, basically keeping the boys as slaves to do with as they pleased. That had to end, they had to save as many as they could.


“I’m going to take him to pack, we will meet back up at the hotel?” Bambam asked and Mark nodded his head, quickly departing to get back to Jinyoung who should be finished with his press interviews.


It didn’t take Mark long to get to the hotel, going in the front entrance rather than the back like he normally would. It was weird to see the group of people waiting outside to see the boys, even more odd when they got excited to see him. His one outing with Jinyoung seemed to have gotten out quickly. One girl stopped him asking him to give a bag to Jinyoung, Mark just raised an eyebrow before taking the package and bowing his head, assuring her he would before making his way up to the penthouse.


He let himself in with the key Jinyoung had given him, seeing the whole group sitting around still dressed up from the fan meet. He set the bag down and Jackson was quick to reach in digging out the food inside. Mark raised an eye at how they all just dug in without question.


“Bambam and Jungkook will be here soon, what time tomorrow are we leaving?” He asked sitting down, shaking his head when Youngjae offered him some of the fan made food.


“Jungkook?” Jinyoung asked when he was finished chewing.


“The other worker that Jackson hired last time you guys were here. We found him in pretty rough shape. Him and his best friend Jimin tried to escape too, Jimin is still in the hospital but we’re not going to leave Jungkook here. I want to come back eventually for Jimin.” He chewed his lip hoping that Jinyoung would understand. Lucking Jinyoung didn’t even bat an eye when he nodded turning his attention to Jackson who was a deep shade of red.


“You know how to order him, book him same as we did Mark and Bambam.” Jinyoung ordered and despite his embarrassment Jackson pulled his phone right out to make the plans. If JB suspected anything, he didn’t make it known on the phone. Just took down the order and hung up in his typical style.


“Are you all packed to leave?” Was all he said and Mark nodded, curling up with his head in Jinyoung’s lap while the other finished eating.




A few hours later Bambam returned with Jungkook. Mark let them into the room asking how Jimin was doing since he knew they had gone to talk to him. They weren’t expecting to see him hobble in next Jungkook still in nothing but a hospital robe and jacket. Mark scooped up the battered boy in his arms, carrying him into the room. Jinyoung jumped up to get blankets as they laid Jimin down on the sofa.


“What were you thinking just leaving like that?!” Mark scolded, moving to push Jimin’s silver violet hair away from his face.


“I won’t leave him, what kind of hyung would I be if I let him go alone?” He coughed, turning to look at Jungkook who sat down on the floor by the sofa.


“Well. Do we have to book him as well or are we just stealing him?” Jackson asked and Yugyeom laughed, pulling out his phone to ask if he should call it in.


“I don’t know if he’s available since he was injured. We might just have to steal him away. They would suspect something if we took all our of them away to Korea.” Youngjae reasoned and Yugyeom nodded in agreement putting his phone away.
“Well, I will go back to his house to pack up his things.” Jungkook said, and Jackson got up quickly offering to go with him for help and to use their security team.


“Oh is this you romancing me after our night together?” Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows and Mark’s head snapped up with a curious glance. Jackson seemed to turn bright red again as he waved Jungkook off.


“I was a gentleman, you. Don’t start.” he moved to lead Jungkook out of the room so they can get their things together. Mark moved from Jimin to Jinyoung who nudged them into the bedroom half.


“The others can care for him. You have been tending to people all day. Let me take care of you tonight.” Jinyoung moved to sit Mark down on the bed, bending so he could ease his shoes off his feet and set them to the side of the bed.


Jinyoung’s hands rubbed at Mark’s tired feet, working their way up his body till he got to his thighs. His body slid up from the floor to push Mark back against the covers, kissing up his chest to his neck. Mark crawled back to make it comfortable for the both of them before laying his head in the soft blankets.


“Jinyoungie.” He giggled, sliding his thigh up and over Jinyoung’s hips as their bodies pressed together on the bed.


Jinyoung stayed silent, kissing all over Mark’s jaw before he captured his lips in his own. Mark didn’t protest as his hands slid up to lace behind Jinyoung’s hair. The two laid like that, getting lost in a sea of limbs as their tongues viciously battled for control. It was weird how even though they had done this countless times, it felt different. Because even though neither of them spoke on their feelings or their intentions, it was known. It was there. This wasn’t a job with a client, this was his Jinyoung. His gorgeous star that he’d be starting his life with in Korea in just a short few hours.


Hands started wandering, shedding each other's clothes until the both of them were left in just their boxers. Jinyoung started feeling shy at the thought of laying with Mark for the first time completely naked. Not only was it just a modesty thing, but it made their situation, the fact that they were nearly free, all the more real for the two of them.


“You can get your mask if you need…” Mark said softly, moving his hand to trace along Jinyoung’s soft skin, along his exposed jawline to his full lips, red and swollen from their kissing.


“My beautiful boy, I will never hide myself from you again. You will know all of me, no secrets. I promise this to you.” Jinyoung made clear, kissing at Mark’s fingertips when they slid back along his lips.


Mark felt it right there, what Bambam had said earlier. It was as if there was nothing in the world but Jinyoung. His vision tunneled on the beautiful man before him as their final layers of clothing were shed leaving them both naked. Jinyoung rolled his hips down against Mark’s own so he could feel the effects he had on him. Mark responded with a quiet moan, his hands sliding down to grip at Jinyoung’s ass pulling his hips down on. He himself let out a moan, pulling his head back from their kiss.


“Do you know you have like… a perfect ass?” He asked, smirking up at Jinyoung who simply responded by biting Mark’s lower lip to get him to be quiet, hiding his blush in his actions as he sat up to go and grab both the condom and lube for the two. Mark stopped him, hand gripping his wrist.


“Just lube.” Mark said, Jinyoung bit at his lower lip before he nodded, digging around the bedside table for the one he had brought with before he crawled back on top of mark. Setting the lube down he slid Mark’s legs further apart so he could easily get to his ass. Groaning at the sight before him.


“Yours is way better.” Jinyoung commented and Mark’s hands went up to cover his own face, the tips of his ears turning red from the comment.


Jinyoung worked quickly to get Mark’s entrance stretched, using the lube to get his fingers inside easily. Neither of them seemed to care about the room full of people outside the bedroom door, and why would they? They had waited enough time to be together.


As soon as Jinyoung felt Mark’s entrance relax enough around his probing fingers, Jinyoung pulled them out and rubbed the lube on himself, his eyes fluttering at the feeling of his cock being touched before he moved to position himself between Mark’s legs. His free hand gripped onto Mark’s hip to steady him as he slowly slid his length inside, stopping when his hips were pressed tight against Mark’s ass. Mark’s head pushed down more into the covers, a sharp breath inhaled as Jinyoung pushed inside him. The slight sting from him being thicker than the fingers, but that never lasted long. Soon enough he was nudging Jinyoung to start moving his hips, body craving the new feel of having someone inside of him raw.


Jinyoung bent over to kiss at Mark’s lips as his hips built up their pace. Something about this time felt different to them. More intimate although Mark still didn’t want to touch on what he was feeling. But it was there. Every time Jinyoung hit that sweet spot inside him as their hips moved together in an almost perfect harmony. Jinyoung’s hips slapping into Mark’s ass leaving the soft skin red and sensitive. He knew with this pace he would be walking funny the next day, not that either of them ever really cared about that. Jinyoung was content to take Mark whenever he wanted him, and generally that would bother Mark but as he quickly learned, there are exceptions.


Sweat started to form on the boys bodies making them stick together. Moans turned to louder whimpers as Jinyoung flipped Mark over and started to pound into him from the back. His hand fisted into the silver hair yanking it up so that Mark wouldn’t have the safety of the pillows to scream into. His free hand slid across the apples of Mark’s ass before slamming down a hard smack on the already irritated skin. Mark let out a sound that had Jinyoung even hotter for the smaller male. Groaning out, he moved to leave a matching handprint on the other cheek. Again Mark cried out in pleasure, mumbling something about feeling so good.


“Wanna. Cum. Jinyoungie, please.” Mark cried out, feeling so light from how perfectly Jinyoung’s cock was hitting his spot dead on making Mark see stars.


“Do it, Beautiful boy.” Jinyoung said as more of a growl and Mark lost it. It sent shivers down his spine and had him cumming right then and there. Almost embarrassed at the effects Jinyoung had on him.


He felt his head drop as Jinyoung took to holding his hips and started ramming harder into him. When he finally came shooting his warm seed deep inside Mark both of them lost it. Mark gasped out at how hypersensitive he was, forcing himself to stay upright as Jinyoung finished.


What followed were familiar recovery moments. Jinyoung scooping Mark so his back was pressed against his chest. He placed gentle kisses to his hairline and around to just below his ear. Mark felt his stomach flutter now with that damn Jinyoung butterfly effect. Mark didn’t bother to hide the smile as he just moved his head to accommodate Jinyoung’s gentle kisses.


“Tomorrow we start a life together in Korea. Are you nervous?” Jinyoung asked in Korean, hand sliding along Mark’s side. Fingernails ghosting over the now chilled skin.


“No. I feel like I should be. I mean you’re still somewhat of a stranger to me… but I trust you, us, this.” Mark smiled more, earning a kiss to his cheek before Jinyoung held him closer.


Jinyoung went to talk, but a knock at the door interrupted them. He was quick to try and throw a blanket over them, pulling out of Mark with his movements making them both groan out as Jackson just let himself in. He let out a loud yelp and covered his eyes turning around.


“If you two are finally done, everyone is here.” he said, scooting out sideways leaving the door wide open behind him. Mark cracked up and moved to kiss Jinyoung before he got up getting dressed. Low hanging basketball shorts, a simple tank top, and a backwards cap to distract from his messy sex hair. Once Jinyoung was dressed as well they made their way out. The lot of them just sat in the seating area started to clap when the pair finally emerged. Jinyoung hid his face in Mark’s shoulders before moving to hit both Yugyeom and Youngjae with a pillow.


“Who knew you had it in you!” Jackson whooped, the lot crawling on top of their leader who scolded about killing them in their sleep. Mark watched with an amused smile as he sunk down in Jungkook’s lap, curling up with his friend.


“Don’t think they are as used to that as we are.” he giggled to Mark who gave a wide smile in return.


“You know it was good when he’s quiet.” Bambam teased earning a swat from Mark.


“It’s our last night here, not forever but we should go out!” Yugyeom piped up getting off Jinyoung finally. Flinching at the swat to his arm, pretending it hurt worse than it did.


“It’s rather late, and we have to fly so early tomorrow.” Jinyoung tried to be the voice of reason but it seemed even Mark was on board with the maknae’s idea. He sprang up to get his shoes on, tugging Jinyoung to do the same.


“It’s my last night in Cali, let’s go to the boardwalk. Only for an hour.” Mark used his pouty lips to entice Jinyoung. Unable to say no he simply kissed Mark before sliding into some sandals, grabbing two mask’s for them to wear.


Mark made a face but fixed the mask correctly, leaning in to give Jinyoung a masked kiss before he laughed. “I feel mysterious. I see why you wore it.” he teased and grabbed his wallet before they were out.


Jimin needed some help but was insistent he come too, dressed down in Jackson’s sweats as the lot of them piled into two car’s to head to the boardwalk. Jinyoung jumped out first pushing his mask down under his chin as they looked around. He had been to Cali several times by now and never once made it to the beach.


“Will you miss it?” he asked nudging Mark who seemed lost in the sights as soon as he stepped out of the van. “This is your home right?” He sighed and moved to link arms with Mark. A harmless sentiment to any prying eyes.


“No I don’t think I will. I grew attached to the beach but never had time to come. I’ll miss swimming a lot but, I will have better things now. California was never really home to me. I didn’t understand that until I met you.” He turned to flash a smile at Jinyoung who simply kissed Mark’s forehead in reply, laying his head on his shoulder for a moment to enjoy the scenery before the two ran to catch up with the rest.


“You’re cheating!” Bambam nudged Yugyeom to make him mess up what he was doing. The other yelped out and tried to recover quickly. They both wound up losing the carnival style game to Youngjae who happily picked out the giant stuffed dog for himself. Bambam and Yugyeom then sought out to sabotage each other at every single carnival game they could play, which only benefited Youngjae who seemed to sneak in and win them all. He shared several of his new stuffed animals with Jimin and Jungkook.


“Are you going to win me something?” Mark asked, batting his eyelashes at Jinyoung who just smirked, pulling from the male to put money down on one of the games. He had to pop balloons with darts, and he thanked his lucky stars he was actually great at the game. In no time Mark was able to pick out a giant pikachu that he happily carried with him for the duration of their time spent on the boardwalk.


Eventually the lot of them made their way down to the beach. It was slightly chilly given the late hour, but there were a decent amount of people still milling about. The 8 of them sat around in a circle, Mark situated himself between Jinyoung’s legs figuring they were safe from prying eyes for the time being.


“What’s the first thing we need to do when we get to Korea?” Jimin asked, laying his head on Bambam’s shoulder as he played with the soft sand below.


“Learn Korean.” Jackson said and the lot of them burst out laughing.


“Other than that!” Jungkook chided at the man, Jackson turned a beat red, blushing as he seemed to always do when Jungkook spoke.


“We will have to lay you lot low for a while. Get you familiar with how things are there. I don’t know what you boys plan to do in life but we will help if we can. Mark will be in charge of that.” Jinyoung said, looking down at the boy in his lap before back up to the others. Mark simply smiled, nodding in agreement.


“I want to sing man- be one of the idols like you.” Bambam sat back, arms resting in the sand.


“You can’t sing, you can only rap.” Mark laughed and Bambam shrugged.


“Same goes for you. Lets just start our own rap group.” Bambam said and Mark smiled, looking up to meet Jinyoung’s eyes.


“I think you boys are going to have some competition in the near future.” He teased, Jinyoung just bent down to bite at the exposed skin on Mark’s shoulder.


“Ah ah! Your beard!” He wiggled away from Jinyoung and moved to curl up with Jackson, who vowed in Mandarin to protect him from the evil pervert Jinyoung.


“No see, you two are not allowed to be friends. Give him back.” Jinyoung said in Korean, quickly getting up to steal Mark back from him. Jackson, who had a flair for the dramatics, decided to get up and put on a whole show about keeping Mark safe. The three of them dancing around the others, Mark and Jackson speaking in Mandarin to throw Jinyoung off, and Jinyoung just kept yelling back in Korean until he finally snatched Mark back from Jackson.


As soon as the lights from the boardwalk behind them started shutting down they all made their way back to the hotel. The ride up from the lobby had them finally realizing just how tense they had become about their current situation. The unknown enigma of what was to come as soon as they got to Korea seemed to weigh heavy on them all. So instead of going back to their own rooms, they decided to crash in Mark and Jinyoung’s room. The group felt it was best to spend their last night in LA together trying to shake off the tension. The lot of them played several different games, staying up in lieu of sleep. They could sleep on the flight over once exhaustion set in.


Once they managed to get through the airport and settled down on the flight there was still this worry that something would happen. That maybe they would be safer in another country but that didn’t mean their fight was over. Jimin was a perfect example of what happened when you tried to run.


Jinyoung wouldn’t let that become of Mark.