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Les Mizerowing

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In A.D. 1832, revolution was beginning.

National Guard Captain: What happen ?

National Guarder: Somebody set up us the barricade.

Warnings Guy: We get signal.

NG Captain: What !

Warnings Guy: Blond guy turn on.

NG Captain: It's you !!

ENJOLRAS: How are you royalists !!

ENJOLRAS: All your monarchy are belong to us.

ENJOLRAS: You are on the way to destruction.

NG Captain: What you say !!

ENJOLRAS: Damn your warnings damn your lies make your time.

ENJOLRAS: Ha Ha Ha Ha ....

Warnings Guy: Captain !!

NG Captain: Take off every cannon!!

NG Captain: You know what you doing.

NG Captain: Fire cannon.

NG Captain: For great king.