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Kerosene Dreams

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"Marco Reus has apparently fallen out of favour with current club Borussia Dortmund. The winger, who has been dealing with injury since his national side lost to France in the European tournament this Summer. Borussia Dortmund and Reus refused to comment", the sky news reporter announced before Marco turned his tv off.

His phone buzzed as the blond walked into bedroom, Marco swiped a thumb through Mats' face.

"Is it true?", Mats questioned.

"Somebody's been watching sky, but yes it's true they don't want me anymore as of yesterday I've been put on sale, for a hefty price", Marco answered as he rubbed his temples.

"Did you know that Bayern have just made an offer?".

"No, Mats, no. I said anywhere but there, everybody will hate me", Marco sighed.

"You haven't been on Facebook or Twitter, fans are sickened by your treatment, so are even suggesting that you come to Bayern. If you ask me Bayern are the only club that could pay that much', Mats admitted" If that happened you could stay with me until you find a house, I know you hate hotels".

"Hold up, we have to see what happens, I might stay you never know", Marco mumbled.

"Mar, think about it, this is your future".

"When did you become all mothering, I'll call you later I have to go to a meeting to decide on that future you mentioned", Marco grinned before Mats hung up.

After a quick shower and throwing on some decent clothes he went down and got into his car that he could finally drive. The radio informed Marco of more information, Bayern had made a bid, amount undisclosed. Marco swallowed once he parked ouside of the training ground, his agent was already there.

Most of the meeting passed and when Marco finally heard the words he'd been waiting for a lump caught in his throat

"We have recived six transfer offers for you from: Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcalona, Arsenal and Bayern Munich. All of them have come with full offers and what you would earn, you can read through these over night if you wish or if you know where you would wish to relocate to in England or Spain, then please inform me. We have a press conference scheduled for Tuesday", Tuchel said.

Marco knew that he wasn't going to England or Spain, his family was in Germany, he wasn't going to leave them because he kept getting injured. He made his decision as he took one file. Bayern were offering a two year contract.

"England or Spain? Pretty sure Bayern are in Germany, I've made my decision, I'm staying in Germany and I'm going to a club that can value me when I'm at my prime and one that would step over me when I'm injured", Marco smirked as sighed the contract.

"Don't make a rash decision, this is your future", his agent reminded.

"Oh don't worry, my future is going to be bright and prosperous, you won't be involved as of now I represent myself", Marco delcareds".

Marco pushed his hands into his jumper pockets as he walked out to his car, taking in the training ground one last time. Once he back in the warmth of his car Marco rested his head against the steering wheel. The blond felt the tears bite at the corner of his eyes when he called Mats.

"I'm going to need you to come and help me pack my shit up, I can't face them, any of them", Marco whispered.

"Who's did you take, four other clubs have released statements?".

"Bayern, my family are in Germany I'm not leaving this place", Marco admitted.

"I'll be up as soon as I can, probably Wednesday. You'll need to tell the guys", Mats answered.

"I know, I'll take that room if you're still offering?".

"Course I am, Mar".

"I'm going to head home now, keep it quiet will you, we're going to announce it on Tuesday, to the world", Marco anounced.

"I'll be up on Monday, that's the next flight, I could drive up if you want, it'd only take six and a half hours", Mats laughed.

"It's fine I can wait a few days. I'll just stay on my own, don't come up ".

Mats knew by the tone of Marco's voice that the winger needed somebody.

"Not happening, I'll see you tonight, I'll bring dinner", Mats offered before he hung up.

Marco pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance, why did his life always get turned upside down when it had just gotten good again. Marco groaned as he glanced at the clock and realised that it wouldn't be until after 8pm when Mats would get to his house.

"Fuck this', Marco cursed as he looked around car park that was slowly filling with players and coaches ahead lf the team training, that Marco wouldn't be attending.

On the journey back to his house Marco did nothing to stop the tears falling, he just drove. Once he pulled up to door he left the car and managed to unlock the door before he collapsed against the hard wood door.

"Why, why is this happening", he asked himself before he regained composure and regulated his breathing.

Once he was steady on his feet, Marco moved to the kitchen and sat at the island with the bottle of whisky that was sitting there with a tumbler.

"To fucking Dortmund', Marco chuckled before he drank down the amber liquid, the burn neipped down his throat before it settled with another glass followed by another.

By the time Marco stopped the room was spinning and he knew he wasn't standing straight. Somehow the winger managed to stagger into his room before he collapsed on the crumpled bed sheets.

It felt like minutes had passed when Marco woke but in reality it had been closer 7pm. The pain in his head was dull and present and his face was hot to the touch. He groane in pain as he moved his stiff joints before deciding that a hot shower followed by a cold one would help him sober up a bit.

He held onto the walls as he moved to the bathroom and fiddeled with the taps until the water billowed out with steam soon filling the room. Marco stood under the hot spray for a few minutes before massaged the body was into his stiff joints before he rinsed it off along with the shampoo that was scrunched in his hair. Marco turned the hot tap off leaving just an icy spray of water pellting against his red skin. Once he turned off the tap he stood there for a few minutes before he wrapped a towel around his waist and ran one through his hair.

When Marco caught sight of his reflection in the mirror he took in the dark purple circles under his eyes and his blood shot eyes. Marco walked closer to inspect himself.

"Pathetic, no wonder they want to get rid of you", something inside of Marco's head screamed.

The next thing Marco knew was the searing pain in his knuckles and the sound of glass hitting the porcelain sink. The winger watched as ribbons of blood flowed down from his knuckles onto his fingers.

"Fuck", Marco shouted as he ran cold over over his hand right hand.

Once he had the bleeding under control he moved to the bed room to get dressed before he walked into the kitchen to find a bandage to wrap around his hand. He seen the bottle of whisky half empty on the island and put the cap back on before he moved it to the cupboard. His phone dinged with a message but Marco ignored it in favour of cleaning up and to make sure that he didn't look like he'd just woken up.

"Reus, you better not be asleep in there, I've just drove six and a half hours for you and bought you food. Marco", Mats called as he bagged on the door.

Marco scrubbed a hand over his face before he went to go let Mats in.

"Hope Chinese is alright I couldn't get through to you earlier", Mats said as he followed the shorter man into the kitchen.

"It's fine", Marco answered as he got two plates and that was when Mats caught sight of the bandage.

"What happened, earlier I mean?", Mats questioned as they sat down across from each other.

"Manchester City and Untied, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Barcelona and Bayern made offers. Dortmund want to get as much money as they wanted out of this put my price sky high. Thomas said a few things along the lines of, injury prone and they recently got back what they've been missing. Oh I fired my manager as well",Marco replied as he began eating leaving Mats to process everything.

"Marco, you know I'm happy for you, have you told any of the others?".

"Nope, Mats can I ask you something?".

"Of course".

"Am I just not good enough, did they get rid of me because Mario came back", the name was still sour in him mouth.

"Marco Reus, don't ever say you are not good enough because you're brilliant. I don't know why they are doing what they are doing but Götze, he can fuck right off', Mats grumbled.

"Do you think the guys will want me down there?".

"Anybody that doesn't will have me, Thomas, Manu and mostly Fips deal with so they can try".

"I don't know what to tell the others. I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do", Marco ground his teeth together.

"We'll figure this out, you, me and everybody else that cares about your well being because this is the best choice for you. You know that you could do anything and I'd still be standing right beside you".

"I know, but how do I tell the others?".

"You can either do it face to face or you can send the a text".

"I'll send it to them, Marco added as he twirled his phone in his hand.

"I wanted to let you guys know that I won't be staying at the club and that I've accepted an offer. Thanks for all the good memories and good luck with everything", Marco read out before he sent it to the group chat.

With in seconds messages were coming in but Marco egnored them before he left the group, his stomach in knots. Apparently his team mates got the message because they didn't text him.

"I can't wait for this to be over", Marco sighed before he began to eat.

Mats frowned when he noticed the bandage again but decided it would be best to stay quiet, Marco had enough to deal with.