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Across the Stars

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Once upon a time….

Four score and three thousand years ago...

Blah blah blah blah blah

With a deep sigh, the author crumpled up the used paper and tossed it in the corner, where it joined dozens of its predecessors. He smoothed out a fresh piece of paper, gripped the pen tightly in his hand, and began again.

Where there is Light, there is Darkness. Where there is Good, there is Evil.

He crossed it out. His first story began like that. He needed something new, something fresh, something no one had read before, but it still needed to feel familiar. He glanced at his very rough outline and at the character sketches beneath them:

Epic space opera type story:

Plot, option 1—Guardian of a planet goes in search of missing brother. Hires crew of mercenaries at unsavoury space pub. As they search for missing person, they uncover a big giant horrible threat against the universe. (something like The Odyssey but not really)

Plot, option 2— A merry band of mercenaries living aboard a ship, and they’ll do whatever job for the highest bidder (but not too much like Firefly for copyright reasons). They’re hired by the Rebellion to escort the Prophet to the Rebellion’s secret base. The prophet and crew are attacked by members of the Darkness Cult and…something happens. Captain of the Mercenaries decides to join the Rebellion and then [insert plot device here] and they destroy the Darkness. (Mercenary falls in love with rebellion leader???)


  • a space mercenary (think Han Solo meets Captain Mal, with more angst)
  • leader of the Rebellion against the Darkness OR guardian of special planet?
  • The Space Prophet (foresees the impending destruction of the universe??)
  • the Expert in Ancient Lore, aka the Yoda. (brother to space mercenary??)
  • Someone like the Lando Calrissian who just randomly appears in a cape.
  • The Darkness
  • Space zombies???
  • Creepy space cult that worships the Darkness??? (also space zombies?)

He groaned and ripped the outline in half. If he couldn’t decide on a plot, this story wouldn’t ever work. He knew all too well what could happen if he began writing without a specific plot in mind. He looked at the two pieces of the outline, now lined up so the two plots appeared side by side. Well, now there was an idea. That just might work.

Galactic interdimensional space wings , he scribbled at the bottom of one of the scraps of paper. Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey plot .

The author grabbed another piece of clean paper, ready to rewrite the outline again. This story would be different. This time, he would get it right.