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The Opposite of Right

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Something hadn't seemed right when he sneaked out of the hospital and returned to his apartment, only to find a certain silver-haired jounin standing outside his door.


His sense of apprehension only grew when the man did not respond, turn around, or seem to have heard him at all. Naruto stepped closer, just as a gust of wind blew past in a vaguely circular path. It left as quickly as it came – but not before pulling dark grey clouds apart to reveal the moon, abrupt and glaring and so very, very pale. Naruto almost shivered at the coldness, the eeriness of its silver light, and then he saw it.

Forcibly suppressed and superbly hidden, yet somehow he still saw it: Kakashi was shaking.

"Kakashi-sensei, what's the matter?"

Forgoing his initial caution – he hardly ever liked it anyway – for the more pressing feeling of concern, he stepped around to look at Kakashi's face, one hand subconsciously slipping onto the jounin's shoulder.

The red glow in Kakashi's right eye (but there was nothing 'right' about it, nothing at all), lighter than the colour of blood yet somehow much more unsettling, confirmed the feeling that something (everything?) was very, very wrong.