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Looks like we are both Obsessed Yandere! Dipper Gleeful x Reader

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The move was as sudden as it was unexpected.
One moment ___ was walking to her house with her friends by her side, the next she was pushed into the back of her grandma's corolla and swiftly speeding off to the small town called Gravity Falls. 
It was 7:00pm by the time they arrived, and ___ still is processing the day's events. However, each time she had questioned her grandma, the old woman ignored the young teen in favor of getting dinner done before her husband came home. 
"Oh ___, you grandpa will be so happy to see you after so long!" The older woman's tone was cheerful as she stirred the bubbling pot. "When we heard the news that you'll be moving here, we just couldn't help but yell scream in happiness! Well, that's until Tom from next door yelled at us." ___ rolled her eyes, she loved her grandparents, she did, but they can become very... excited about everything. And it got tiring very tiring fast. "After that though, he marched into that spare room and cleaned it to the point you can see your own reflection in the floor. Oh, when he sees you hear he's going to have a heart attack!" 
___ gasped in shock. "Don't say that grandma!" The older woman laughed while ___ returned to reading the gossip magazine she found on the table. 
An hour passed by, and ___ was onto reading the towns newspaper while her grandma sat in the lounge room watching the news. Car headlights then shone through the kitchen window blinding ___ as she was stupid enough to look at the source of the light. 
"Looks like Joe is here." Her grandma said still watching tv, but ___ had ignored her. The front door opened with and slammed shut causing the shelves near the counter to shake. 
"Anne?" A male's voice called out, obviously tired. ___ tried to the loud stomping of her grandpa's footsteps. 
"I'm in the kitchen dear, and you'll never guess who's here!" Loud footsteps continued echoing throughout the hallway before an older man appeared from the archway of the kitchen. His eyes lit up in excitement when he saw when he saw ___ sitting down at the table. 
"Why, if it isn't little ___." ___ could feel a headache starting to grow. She really did love them, but there is only so much you can take of someone. He leaned down planting a wet kiss on her cheek causing her to shiver in disgust. "Look how much you have grown since the last time I've seen you. When was that by the way? 2, 3 years?" He looked around the room thinking about the answer.
"Grandpa it's been 4 years actually." She corrected him, but he just smiled and ruffled her hair. 
"Three years? Feels like it's been centuries!" He reached down to her hair to ruffle it again only for his hand to be smacked away. ___ urgently tried to smooth out her hair back to its original neatness only to feel a tight grip on her forearm. "Come on dear, let me show you to your new room." Without another word, he pulled her up from the chair and left the kitchen with Anne laughing at the two. This was anything but amusing to ___.
"Don't be too rough with her Joe! It's been a long day for the poor kid!" She shouted out before returning to the kitchen. 
The house was anything but quiet. Being so old, the floor creaked whenever they applied pressure to it such as walking and it sounded like it groaned out in pain whenever taps were on causing a loud echoing noise around the whole house. It was completely different from ___'s old home, where you can scream from the top of your lungs and no one in the next room would hear it. Joe rambled on about his work while he walked ___ to her new room, and ___ had now just realized where her own mother the nonstop talking from.  
"Here we are." The two stopped in front of a dark room with the door wide open, she had recognized it from when she first walked into the house a few hours ago. He reached in feeling around the wall before a soft click was heard, soon followed by the light bulb flickering on and off before lighting up the room. It was a rather small and plain room, as the bed had taken up most of the room instead. A sliding mirror was facing towards the bed and the window looked like it was covered by a sheet instead of a curtain. "Just think, one upon a time this room use to belong to your mother. Now here you taken it as your own." He pretended to wipe away tears from his eyes. "Well, I better go and help Anne with the cooking otherwise she'll kill me. Rest a bit before tea, alright?" 
___ watched as he walked down the hallway before she remembered that she wanted to know why she was here. "Grandpa wait!" But it was too late, he was already in the lounge room. ___ glared at the empty hallway. "I know he can hear me." She muttered extremely annoyed at the older man and woman. Walking into the room she shut the door as lightly as she could. Throwing herself onto the bed she laid on her back staring at the ceiling in boredom. "What a way to spend my summer." Closing her eyes, ___ began to drift off. 
But something sounded off. A very low whistling could be heard causing ___ to sit up straining her ears to hear where it was coming from. "Of all the houses they had to have, it had to be the one with noises everywhere." She then noticed a very faint light coming from the cracks of the sliding mirror. Getting off the bed she opened the closet and furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "What that?" Pushing away boxes she noticed that it was another door with light shining underneath it. Opening the door she saw plain wooden stairs leading down to what she can only presume is the basement. 
"Well, this isn't creepy at all." Standing on top of the staircase ___ looked around the room for anything interesting she could rummage through, but there was nothing. "That's a shame, but it's not going to stop me from going through anything." As she was about to take a step down she unexpectedly slipped and landed on her knees causing her yelp in pain. Clutching onto the railing ___ tried to get up but couldn't bend her knee straight without whimpering in pain. "Just my luck." Sitting down, she hoped that her grandparents would've heard the loud noises and come to help her. 
Looking around again, something red caught her eyes. Looking down from the railing ___ noticed a wooden box sitting on a old bedside table. It didn't look like anything special, it looked like the typical box families would have stored away in their home filled with pictures of their family. But she felt somewhat drawn to it, and ___ knows that she wouldn't be able to get it out her mind if she doesn't take a little peak into it. 
"Come on ___, you can do this." Gripping onto the railing firmly, she pulled herself onto her legs. Her leg shook a bit before finally straightening out. "I'm acting like I just got hit by a bus." Gradually making her way down the stairs her mind wondered to the possibilities of what could be in the chest. Maybe it'st just plain old pictures, maybe it's forgotten jewelry or maybe- "Maybe it's nothing." 
Now standing in front of the chest ___ reached down and inspected a rusty lock dangling from the edge of the top. Lifting the lock it looked as though someone attacked it with pliers. "Maybe nothing it here after all. Grandpa must've gotten into before me years ago." But something in her told her to open the chest, take a look and see what's inside it. Discarding the lock onto the ground she listened to the tiny voice in her head telling her to open it, and lifted the lid to see a book sitting at the bottom completely covered in dust. 
"A book?" Picking the hard-covered book, she looked around the chest trying to find something else. But all there was dust and cobwebs. "Are you kidding me?" Dusting off the book, the cover was colored maroon and had a golden hand with six fingers. Flickering through the pages she looked at them in confusion. "What kind of book is this?" Pages were filed with drawings of strange creatures ranging from harmless looking to downright scary. Text was written out next to them with big bold letters on top of the page, which she can guess is their name. "I wonder if this belongs to grandpa?" A loud knocking on her bedroom door caused her to almost drop the book in panic. 
"___! Dinner's ready!" 
___ hurriedly ran back upstairs and shut the basement door. "I'll be there in a sec grandma." Looking around the room for somewhere to hide to book, ___ ended up shoving the book under her pillow in a hurry. Walking out of the room she took one more glance at where the book was hidden. 
"___ if you don't hurry up I'll eat everything!" 
"Coming!" Shutting the door ___ left the book alone, waiting for its chance to be read again