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Anonymous asked: Oz/Willow: Years after the events of BTVS, Willow finally does turn that corner in Istanbul and meets up with her former werewolf boyfriend and they can’t express how glad they are to see each other.

She didn’t even notice him at first; she was too busy scanning the souq’s tables for spell ingredients (she really needed this exact kind of goat pelt, or everything was going to go all wonky and Xander would end up with that high voice again like Alvin the Chipmunk — that was funny, but he wasn’t exactly thrilled about having it last a whole week).  But then Oz called out her name and his quiet voice cut straight through all of the hubbub and pierced into every part of her body. Her magic resonated in one loud burst for a second; wind blew down the market’s aisle, sending dried fruits and candy-colored scarves whistling past and Willow into Oz’s wiry, tattooed arms.

“Hey,” they greeted each other as he slid into her upon a pile of pillows in the room of her inn, his orange hair too long and his skin turned golden from years in the wild.  But he was still her Oz — gentle and fierce in one awesome little package — even if they both knew their way around a bed a little better than they had back then.  Willow sighed as he made her come, pulling him tight and letting her pleasure roll over them both in a red-tinged wave of power.