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Sonic Waves

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Tails was always a smart fox and no one can tell me otherwise. He's always been the brains of how I managed to save so many people . He's a real hero. He's created miracle cures and gadgets under the most intense pressure so you'd think after stopping Eggman he'd take a break. But he didn't, what he did showed me and the world what his big brain could really do when it wasn't dealing with killer robots.

He created a portal, on our rooftop no less. He tried to explain to me how it worked and where it went to but from what I understood, he built a space portal . A way to travel through space, between planets.

Space travel wasn't new to us we had gone pretty far out a few times. Its how I met my friends Ratchet and Clank, and that crazy guy Crash. But now we had no need for a ship, and maybe the best part is that it didn't run on chaos emeralds.

My best bud had created something amazing and for once he was going somewhere without me. I should have seen it coming. First I set him up with his boyfriend, who I now hate for bringing into our lives. And now he's gone and made future tech that's sure to wisp him away far away from me. Don't get me wrong I'm still plenty fast enough to run to where ever he is but it wont be the same. He's already getting run down journalist daily , and there's even talk of having more of his portals made across the globe.

But I'm happy that Tails is happy , he's done something great and he deserves everything that comes with it. I just miss my best bud.

He's been gone for about a week now , he moved to emerald city to be closer to where they're building his portals. He even took his boyfriend. The house is so empty without him here. We built the place just for the two of us after Eggman finally went down. We built our home in green hills , where it all started.

For a long time it was just Tails and I in that house. Sure I had a few overnight guests but the women always were gone the next day. After all who could ever live up to the standard that Sally set so high for a girlfriend to meet. Tails helped me get over our break up when the late nights out couldn't. But now it's just me. It's almost like loosing him, and I've lost a lot of family. First Sonya then Manic, but I probably shouldn't compare Tails to them since no one knows where they are.

But now I have to ask the question, who is "Sonic The Hedgehog" without "Tails The Fox".

It was early one morning when I was out on a run. There were a few accidents and crimes happening around town that I stopped. I stopped on the rooftop of Rain Towers, the local high end hotel and also the tallest building in Green Hills. Over looking a city from so high up just never gets old. As I looked across the city I saw in the distance on the other side of town an explosion. Explosions were rare now that Eggman wasn't around, so I had to wonder who else could or would be blowing stuff up.

I got up and walked to the edge of the building. With no hesitation I stepped off and fell. I let myself fall for a long time picking up speed and then, as I always did , I started to run. Down the side of the building I picked up so much speed. As my feet went from the glass of the building to the concrete of the ground I pushed myself off like a slingshot onto the street.

I couldn't remember the last time I ran so fast , I couldn't remember the last time I had to. Who ever or whatever was blowing stuff up was about to meet an old speed I've been waiting to break out.

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I was speeding through the streets dodging cars and using the down hills to go faster and. Anyone with super speed has at least 3 gears of speed. I was running at the high end of gear two.

Gear one is combat speed, faster than most people but slow enough to use inside buildings, crowded areas, and in a fight. Gear one is easiest for most people with speed and it doesn't take much energy to use.

Gear two is street speed. Its faster than most cars and good for getting across town . Its not good in a fight because when going this fast motions become locked and harder to come out of. Its not good to use inside buildings or crowded places ether because its to fast to change direction or stop to evade things. It's good when battling others with speed but that's rare. Gear two is harder for some people with speed to use because it takes a lot of energy to maintain and go faster. But I can usually recover or push through it. I was using all the down hills to minimize how much energy I had to us.

Gear three is disappearing speed. Too fast to use around anything, typically a person with speed only goes this fast when crossing large distances like an ocean. If used right this speed can mimic flight when running and jumping from rooftops. It can be used to pass through solid objects. And on the really high end it can be used to go through time. This speed has more range than the other two gears so its typically where a person with speed finds out how fast they really are. Gear three also takes the most energy and time to recover from using. By the time I made it to the source of the explosions I was nearly in gear 3 . I had to make a loop around the building in order to slow down and come to a stop.

I was at the docks, the explosions seemed to be done but there were flames everywhere. It looked like someone was using explosives to break into warehouses. I used gear one approaching gear two to put out the flames as I followed the trail of fire. It didn't take long to make it to the action so I knew whoever was responsible had to be close by.

Thing about super speed is that no matter how fast you can run there will always be a hundred places to check when looking for someone. The trail helped but the fire stopped just as it was moving inland. I was ready to give up on finding whoever made the explosions and move on. But he made the mistake most people do. People think that when faced against a person with super speed they are bound to be found , so they often attack you before you can find them. If you hide well enough its realy easy to overlook hiding places.

He threw a bomb at me from the roof top of a building. I was lucky that it was only a flash bang. Speed doesn't mean you cant be surprised , and he knew that. He must have known taking out my eyes was a good idea too, I cant use gear two if i cant see.

I ran up the side of the building to catch him, as he ran away he threw more flash bangs my way. In gear two its possible to out run a person with super speed if you have the right advantages , and he already had one. But it took me a long time to recover and get my sight back well enough to move faster. I realized he was moving faster too accelerating just as quickly as I did . I was almost past gear one when I noticed he was jumping from rooftops so far apart he had to have speed like mine.

With my eyes back I could finally see well enough to make some details out about him. He was wearing a black cape and hood with gold shoes. I couldn't see what he was with his back turned to me but as I finally neared catching him I reached my hand out to grab his cape. I was a finger's length away when he turned around and jumped from the roof top down to the street. As he fell he looked up at me standing on the rooftop and I saw that "he" was a "she". She was a white hedgehog with gold eyes. Just as I was about to follow her down the building she thew a hand full of flash bangs into the air blocking her path from the roof down to the street in bright explosions.

As the light faded I looked back to the street and knew I'd lost her.

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Tarnished blades sheathed in dust covered remnant glory. A warrior on a path far from home disbanded from his clan , his team, his purpose. In search of a place to call his own , or glorious battle to reclaim dead flames of a past life. I am that warrior, I am that ninja.

The iron kingdom was no longer open to me . Angel Island was no longer open to anyone but Knuckles and his trusted few ,a group that I no longer belonged to. My team had long forgotten me. Charmmy had to grow up eventually and when he did he out grew a life on the road. Vector had no need for a master of combat and shadows with his new found fame as a reality TV star. I was on my own.

I traveled to New Centro, an inland city north of Emerald coast and south of Green Hills. It was like my home in the iron kingdom but the people were of their own breeds. No one followed the paw of the walking sun but rather the pit of moons eye. It was a beautiful place that hid danger and crime behind every wall. A perfect place for one who needed redemption and a home. I thought of cleaning the filth from the jade and making it my own. Could I start fresh , start a new?

Where would one begin to fix a place so broken? Eggman was taken out of the world years ago but his robots , fortresses, and vast resources were still in play under the control of those who should not have had the power to wield them. They made up three factions of major crime across the city.

The city's most notable street gang was The Ragdolls. They seem to have raided Eggmans cache of robots from his abandoned base. They used said machines to commit theft and robberies.

Then there was the the city's masked bandit. A masked murderer who seemed to only have interest in the death of a number of politicians and various citizens. Who ever they were they had Eggman's weapons on their side.

The last source of muck in the city was Mayor Wolf Bain. He turned Eggman's abandoned base into a central hub for businesses. Everyone thought he was what the city needed. But those who opened shop in the new market place soon found themselves forced to pay for protection from the city's crime. Through his well paid henchmen the mayor keeps his hands clean allowing him to be reelected numerous times by those naive to his side business. And under ground beneath the new shiny market place that citizens circulate Mayor Bain operates a literal black market where he sells the remainder of Egg tech to the highest bidder.

Three factions to be dealt with. With nowhere else to go and no battle calling for me I decided to pick up my own and attempt to regrow the petals of my lotus flower.

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Life in New Centro was always vibrant even in the hours awaiting sunrise there was a haze covered sky line like orange embers colliding with the fading night. I had become a permanent resident of "Frame Hotel". It was north of the central market place of the city. Near the river that ran through the city Frame Hotel was a more peaceful place than most. I'd grown to have rapport with the staff and management of the hotel and even knew a hand full of other guests. But I stayed away from a select few. They were dishonorable and uncouth .

Bean a duck with a knack for causing explosions , Bark the mute polar bear brute , and Fang the weasel their leader and sniper. I knew why they were in the city. They did business with the criminals that I made it my goal to alleviate the city of. Or perhaps I should say they tried to. They made their services known to anyone who would listen but no one in the right mind would hire them. Perhaps if they were actually in business with any organization I was going after I would have made more of an effort to deal with them.

It was the fist day of my new trials , I would take my first steps to heal the city that I meant to call my new home. I started the day as I always did. At 6am I awoke, by 6:30am I left my room and by 6:33am I would enter the lobby on my way out of the hotel. That morning Bean, Bark, and Fang or BBF were in the lobby sleeping. I believe they were late on payments for their room and attempting to protest their dismissals by staying in the lobby. I didn't have time to deal with them , I used my camouflage abilities to walk by without anyone seeing me. Before I could reach the revolving doors Bean sprung to life and grabbed me by my tail.

Bean- are we playing hide and seek

I came out of camouflage as the strange bird seemed to sense me without his sight.

Espio- no

I pulled away and continued to the door as quickly as possible. Once outside of the building I took to the rooftops. I moved swiftly and unseen to those under my aired footsteps. But I couldn't shake the feeling that I was not alone. I stopped my pace to check my surroundings. There was nothing, no one was there until i turned back to continue on my path. He was sitting there on a power box of the roof juggling an unlit bomb.

Bean- ninja guy moves very fast

I ignored the bird and stepped around him continuing on my way. To my displeasure he followed. He didn't possess my natural agility so he used the air discharge of multiple bombs to propel himself from roof top to roof top. His blunt method made my skillful covert method useless. I stopped once again.

Espio- why do you follow me

Bean- why does long tongue speak with so much base, why does Mr. ninja guy have such an unhappy face

He summoned yet another bomb and I quickly knocked it from his hands with a throwing knife.

Bean- hey

Espio- return to your friends , its not safe to follow me

It wasn't safe to follow me , but it was also very hard to conduct myself while being shadowed by a lunatic with the innate ability to summon explosives.

Bean- they won't mind that I'm gone

Espio- yes well... I do

I quickly ran and disappeared going from roof to street and into the crowd. I made it a meer 3 blocks before I realized Bean was infront of me. I pulled him into an alley way .

Espio- what will it take for you to leave

Bean- tell me what Mr. ninja is up to

Espio- important business

Bean- what kind of important business

Espio- the kind that is meant to be dealt with alone

Bean- but why

Espio- because people could get hurt

Bean- awwww Mr. ninja man doesn't want me to get hurt

I face palmed myself.

Bean- maybe you should hire us

Espio- what

Bean- long tooth has been saying we need business , no one else will hire us , maybe we can help you with your dangerous business

Espio- you want me to hire you and your clan of ... rental mercenaries

Bean- yea

Espio- no thank you

Bean - well what if I tag along and show you how useful we can be

Espio- Bean , you poor tormented bird those explosions must really be getting to you , I am an elite member of the Iron kingdom

Bean- you mean you were an elite member

Espio- how do you ... what would you even ... none the less I am a ninja warrior how would I ever work with outlaws who committe crimes for pay

Bean- for 300 an hour

Espio- what

Bean- wait no i think it was 3 thousand, or was it 3 dollars

Espio- I am not hiring you or your team... and how are you following me

Bean- by walking behind you

Such a strange duck. I appeared I was stuck with him for the day , or until his attention moved elsewhere. The purpose of the day was recon so as long as he stayed relatively silent I thought perhaps I could continue.

He couldn't not stay silent. I took the long way to my destination on the streets to avoid Bean's explosive means of movement giving me away but in doing so I gave him ample time to fill the walk with incoherent nonsense.

Bean- how many of those blades do you have , where do you pull them from , is it a black hole in your gloves, that's where I get my bombs , I get other things to, do you ever get pineapples , I get a lot of fruit

Espio- Bean .... can you please try to...

Bean- to what , hold my breath , count to a million, stand on one hand ,

Espio- be quiet

Bean- why

Espio- because I need you to

Bean- Why

Espio- because of my mission

Bean - why

Espio- because I'm trying to gather information and I cant do that if you continue to...

Bean- information on what

It was hopeless, eventually I tuned him out.

We arrived at the destination. City hall , first on my list of criminal doings to expunge from the city walls was Mayor Wolf Bain. People often forget that this particular wolf worked for Eggman on his own accord while majority of the city was forced to or even worse brainwashed or robotized. When the citizens were freed he claimed to be under Eggman's control but I like many other in the war know first hand just how little it took to make some join Eggman's regime, and Wolf Bain was definitely one of them. He always had a circus feel to his attire from his top hat to his ring leader suit and black boots. Its no surprise that he runs the city like a circus, how does the saying go? "You dress for the job you want".

I needed to understand how he conducted business if I meant to put an end to it. With my camouflage abilities I would be able to stand in the room while he did business without anyone ever knowing I was there. But with Bean the situation was complicated. Before entering the building I attempted to reason with the dynamite duck one last time.

Espio- Bean I need for you to stand here and do not move

Bean- but where are you going Mr. ninja

Espio- I have to go inside

Bean- but Ill miss everything if I stay out here

Espio- well ... I need you to stand guard

Bean- you mean like a job

Espio- yes , exactly, its your job to stand here and do not move

Bean- Long tooth will be so happy

Espio- yes long tooth and punch guy will be very happy but you have to do the job , and the job is ...

Bean- to stand here and not move

Espio- yes , perfect

Finally I seemed to have made progress so I proceeded to enter the building before the duck had any further questions.

Unfortunately I neglected to add how long I needed him to stand guard .

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I woke up in another time , a place I had no connection to anymore. I was frozen on ice for years and when I was finally set free my mind was , to put it shortly, fractured and confused. I was lost but thanks to Eggman parts of me were robotic, I had memory stored away deep in my drain. I used what little was still intact in my mind to assume my identity. I became who I thought I was , a pilot, an everyday normal kind of guy. But it wasn't real, it wasn't the real me. You see before I was captured by Eggman I was a con man , I assumed many identities and many roles. When I came out of the ice all I could remember was a character I'd created , so I became him.

It worked , for a while . I got back into life , back into some kind of reality. Every now and then memories would come back but never enough to open my eyes to the fabricated character I was playing. I made friends, a really good one , he's more than that actually. He's the smartest fox I've ever met , and being a con man I can say I've met plenty of smart people. I loved him , I even met his family. And then his family almost killed me. I suppose it was the trauma or the fear that I faced when around his friends and family that finally brought back my memories. It was like a flood filling in gaps of time that I knew I was missing but couldn't confront.

I remembered my life , my real life not the character not the con , but myself. I was anything but a nice guy , I wasn't a pilot, and I sure as hell didn't belong in Green Hills. I still loved that stupid fox more than I could stand to, but he wasn't my first love , he wasn't my real love.

I had to leave, I ran without warning, I thought maybe he'd get over me easier if I weren't around. I thought it be simpler than explaining I regained my memory and the person he'd fallen for was an act that not even I myself knew I was putting on. And I thought it be simpler than explaining I had someone to go find, someone I lost a long time ago and forgot against my will. Yes it was a dick move but Its like I said "I'm anything but a nice person".

Tails is smart , he's an adult he'll deal with it right? , he'll move on eventually wont he? I was busy trying to track Manic down where we first met on the islands of Dirk . I had no way of knowing if he'd be there or not but before I could even start my search I saw Tails standing outside my beach hut. It had been weeks and he still was looking for me.

It was hard enough leaving the guy. I fell in love with him while most of my brain was still too frozen to remember the number one rule of being a con man. Don't fall for your mark, don't have sympathy, remorse, or guilt , just get the fucking job done. Sure at the time he wasn't a mark , but I wasn't being myself. I just wanted him to leave so I could move on , part of my brain must have still been frozen because I called him to ask him to leave. If I'm honest , which is a rare thing , part of me just wanted to hear his voice. Our conversation only lead to my stringing the two tailed brainiac along. I couldn't say I didn't love him , and he wouldn't leave the islands without me.

So Tails was looking for me and I was looking for Manic. Its strange, he was ahead of me and somehow still loosing, we both were loosing.

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How many green hedgehogs could there be? The answer seemed to be not many , or at the very least on Dirk. There were a few places on the islands that only thieves and criminal underground were allowed access to. The number one hide out for anyone looking to lay low and get a little high was Sea maidens Barge , a bar on the outer most edge of the Islands hidden by the jungles overgrowth. Then there was The Wondering Oak , a hotel built with the purpose of offering safe haven to anyone on the run , only catch was a entry fee of half the bounty on your head. Lastly was the place Id hoped to find him , my beach hut. I was a well known con man in the industry and more times than I can count people would turn to me for help rather than the high end locations. I charged a fee less than the the other two options so low that I was basically stealing their customers. I am a con man after all.

But unfortunately My beach hut was in ruins , it had been hit by a coastal storm two years back. The islands had no real form of government so no one was going to take down hut, and it was in to bad a shape for anyone to potentially claim it as their own. Lucky me , I still had bed to sleep in and a roof over my head. Out of all the safe houses I left behind I think the beach hut was my favorite, so it was hard seeing it with holes in the walls and sand in the furniture that I worked so hard to steal.

I woke up the next morning groggy and hungover. I spent the previous night turning my purple fur green with cheap bear, I needed something to take my mind off of Tails following me and Manic being gone. So you can imagine my displeasure when the first sight my eyes opened to was Tails standing in the doorway watching me sleep.

Chech- fuck

He came closer as he realized I was awake.

Chech- I told you to leave , and you said you would give me space, this is not space

Tails- I couldn't just go home after I tracked you here

Chech- you said you would wait at a hotel until I was done

Tails- I know but you were so close and I missed you

Chech- I missed you too

Why did I say that ?

Tails- then just tell me whats going on , why did you leave

Chech- its complicated

Tails- I can handle it

Chech- I'm sure you can but I cant

I got out of bed and got dressed.

Tails- are you drunk

Chech- what , no , I'm hungover

Tails- but you don't drink

Chech- I do now

I made my way out of the hut and Tails followed behind me. He stopped me before I could get beyond the beach.

Tails- we spent an entire year together, I said I love you... and you said it back

Chech- oh so now you think I belong to you or something, look fox it dont work that way

Tails- but why

An entire year of playing the part of a romantic made me soft. He didn't know me , not the real me , he fell for a role. But that role was big enough to stay with me even after realizing who I really was. He was not making it easier to stop loving him , and I really did love him. Every word that flew from my mouth felt like metal shards cutting my tongue because on one hand I was telling the truth but on the other it would be so easy to change the truth.

Chech- you know I was on ice for a long time

Tails- yes

Chech- well it took longer for parts of me to thaw out than others , one of those parts being my memory

Tails- so you remembered more about your past , what did you remember that was so extreme that you had to run away without any warning

I couldn't, but maybe I should have. The truth would have saved us both time and pain in the long run.

Chech- a long lost friend of mine , from before Eggman did what he did to me , I remembered him , and I don't know if Eggman killed him but I came here to find him

Tails- you could have told me you were looking for a friend, look at how fast I found you, I can help

Chech- that's not all that I remembered, Tails the person you think you love is just a character its not real

Tails- how can you say that

Chech- because its the truth, I'm a con man, I was a con man , and the person I was with you was just a fictional character I created , it was the only thing I remembered when I was unfrozen

Tails- and now that you remember dont want me anymore

Fuck. Fuck .Fucking hell.

Chech- I didn't say that

Tails- but that's really why you left

Chech- I didn't say that, look I asked you to stay away , I asked you for time

Tails- time to do what

Chech- to...I don't know

Tails- time to move on

I didn't have much to say after that.

Chech- look I'm here to find my ... my friend, stay or go obviously this isn't something we should be discussing while I'm hung over

Tails- do you want me to stay , or do you want me to go

I could have set him free right then and there, but what can I say I'm not a nice guy , certainly not a good guy. A better cat would have told him to leave. But I'm selfish and I suppose If I couldn't have Manic yet what would be the harm in keeping my smart fox around.

Chech- stay

It was a nice day out, tides were smooth, sun was bright, and the trees smelled like fruit. So why did I feel so wrong? Must have been the hang over.

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A week had gone by and there was no sign of Golden Eyes. I had no clue who she was or where she came from. I didn't want the city to face anymore danger but it been so long since my last real adventure that I started to fantasies about meeting her again. The rush that only comes from a the heat of a mission, a fight , its indescribable. I missed the explosions , the challenge, the thrill , but most of all having a reason for my powers. Being cooped up in my house was no way to burn off all the energy I had on stand by. I was so charged up to the point of using my powers for everything. Cleaning the house mowing the yard , brushing my teeth everything was turned up to 10 and I needed something to blow off some access off.

I found myself waiting in the living room watching breaking news for hours on end hoping for something to do. I'm sure to anyone who saw me through the window walking by I looked crazy. I Vacuumed , painted the walls orange, and built a castle out of marbles. Where was Golden Eyes , was here heist a one off?

I couldn't stay home any longer , I went for a run through the city. Green Hills wasn't much of a sky scrapper kind of place , Its called Green Hills for a reason after all. But what buildings and urban areas It did have were nice. When Tails was still around from time to time I would let off some steam by going to ... meet new people. Sally always knew how to slow my motor. Since she's been gone I haven't known anyone who can work me the way she could, but I still tried to find someone. The women of Green Hills were, to put it bluntly, sexual monsters. It was easy to find someone to spend the night with. And Lets be real, just because I save people from killer robots and natural disasters doesn't mean I didn't have needs like any other guy , if anything I had more. And yes being the savor of the world from a megalomaniac helped.

If I couldn't take the speed out on Golden Eyes why not share it with a lucky lady? Tails was out of the house so I didn't have to be safe or quite. She was a Lynx , I brought her home ripped her clothes off and showed her a good time from the door way to the stairs all the way up to my room. By the time we made it to a bed she was spent and the hallway leading up to my room was both a witness and held evidence. Our clothes were scattered everywhere and I'm pretty sure we broke a door. I had final relaxed. I was calm and in the after glow drifting to sleep with thoughts of sweet nothing.

By morning the Lynx was gone , I feel bad for not remembering her name but when I noticed I was missing a few things from around the house I didn't feel as bad. I spent the morning cleaning wet stains from the carpet and wood floors , the bed , and the walls. I almost wish Tails could have seen it , I knew he'd been aware of every time I had someone over but he must have wondered what It looked like. I still couldn't find my shoes or my gloves. I had plenty of shoes, but they weren't from my uncle chucks. They were my only pair that could handle my full speed because Uncle Chuck built them with the energy of a power ring. I had shoes for zero gravity, shoes for underwater running, shoes for running on walls , but they weren't my Uncle Chucks. And my gloves are a symbol of who I am. Shadow has his Cuffed gloves, Tails has his work gloves , Knuckles even has special gloves for the spikes on his knuckles. Oh, and of course my gloves had a pocket function. When you don't wear pants it helps to have gloves that shrink and hold everything for you, their probably the one good thing Eggman has ever invented.

Of course in the midst of my search I heard on the TV there was another robbery in progress. It was Golden Eyes , it had to be. They said the culprit was using flashing lights and explosives. I couldn't go after her in my socks. I had to put the search for my Uncle Chucks and gloves on hold, but what would I go with if not the usual. Its a decision that seems so simple but when your fighting people with super powers and gadgets your gear matters.

I didn't have time to over think it, I grabbed the first pair of shoes and gloves in my closet and went on my way. It was my lava shoes and Magic gloves. My Lava Shoes were made for a mission Tails and I went on to shut down a base Eggman built inside of a volcano. They can take extreme heat and when I run across anything hot with them they cool it. My magic gloves were a gift from silver and blaze , they let me do party tricks like disappearing or making things appear out of thin air. I never used the gloves because I could never get them to work right. All I needed were shoes so my feet didn't skin when I ran and gloves so my hands were safe everything else was extra.

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Ten minutes. The duck lasted 10 minutes, which was just long enough to allow me access to Wolf Bain's office, but too short to hear anything of value. I hid in the corner of the room blended into the wall and a flag as Mayor Bain was seated with what was clearly someone outside of politics. It was his lead enforcer , a white tiger by the name of Savannah. From what little I gathered she was there to relay plans for an operation. Just as their conversation began to lead to Intel there was an abrupt explosion outside of the office.

Bain- what was that

Savannah- sounded like a wall coming down

Bain- go check it out

Soon enough the buildings security entered the room guiding the mayor out. Savannah was already out of the room I tracked and followed her down the opposite hallway of the mayors security detail. The building was coming apart. Bean must have unleashed a number of small explosives as he made his way down hallways. Savannah found the strange bird in the cafeteria holding a large group of people in the corner of the room by means of threatening them with bomb in hand.

I couldn't let my cover be blown I stayed camouflaged as Savannah approached Bean. She entered a code in a holographic screen from her fingerless gloves before they turned into gauntlets giving off an electric array. She pointed them at the duck and fired a warning shot of lighting next to his feet.

Savannah- Stand down

Bean turned as if he were unphased.

Bean- sorry I'm on a job now , have to stand guard

As Bean was distracted the hostages ran away.

Bean- great , now Mr. ninja will never hire us

Savannah fired another shot aiming for his head. Bean seemed to have disappeared and in the place of his head he left an explosive that was soon struck by Savannah's shot. The room filled with smoke and everything blew out ward from the explosion. Slowly the air cleared and it seemed Bean was gone until Savannah spotted him in line as if to order food.

Savannah - are you trying to eat , now

Bean was in fact ordering food from a very confused staff member of the cafeteria.

Bean- I'll be right with you , I just had to try one of their burritos

Savannah unloaded a number of blasts in Bean's direction all of which he dodged. With little effort he went through the process of paying for his food finding a table that was not yet destroyed and sitting to eat while taking on fire. By the end of Savannah's failed attempts to shoot the bird she was enraged and Bean was still unphased. She turned off her gloves lighting gauntlets and approached Bean in a sprint. Before she could make contact between her fist and Beans head the bird tossed a bomb in the air. She made the mistake of catching said bomb and quickly being hurtled into a wall by the blast it soon gave off in her grasp. With no effort at all that strange duck managed to knock out Wolf Bain's top enforcer.

With Savannah unconscious and no one else around I came out of camouflage and quickly grabbed Bean making an escape from the building before the authority's arrived. Even as we ran from the scene he seemed content with finishing his burrito.

Bean-Mr. ninja

Espio- What were you thinking

Bean- I was standing guard like you asked

Espio- then why did you enter the building

Bean- you didn't say who to look out for

Espio - so you blew up an entire government building

Bean- well I told them not to go inside but they wouldn't listen so I had to make them leave

There was no use in debating his misunderstanding, we simply needed to get far away from the area. We returned to the hotel to find Fang and Bark waiting outside of the building.

Fang- so he was with you

Espio - please take your Duck

I left Bean with his compatriots as I entered the hotel lobby. Before I could get far my path was interrupted by posibly the one sane person that day. Her name was Lilly, she was floor maid. She was another chameleon from my part of the world but raised in the city.

Lilly - did you hear about city hall

Espio- city hall

Lilly - it's all over the news, someone blew up city hall about a half hour ago

Beans scene was already receiving news coverage. One would expect the cameras to clearly implicate the bird but according to the news all cameras were too damaged to recover any data.

Lilly - I knew you were going into town today, I was so worried

Espio - there is nothing to fear

Lilly - don't give me that "I'm a nija" "I'm a warrior" talk again, that building could have come down on anyone

There was a TV in the lobby. Apparently authorities arrested a suspect. It was Savannah. An eye witness claimed to be a cafeteria worker and witnessed her firing a number of shots around the room. Another staff worker claimed that the madness seemed to have no end until a nice green duck put a stop to her rampage all while enjoying his lunch of the cafeterias daily special, a burrito. Bean single handedly made the first blow to Wolf Bain's organization.

Before I could ask Lilly about her day our conversation was interrupted by BBF.

Fang- so you thought you could take advantage of my crew and not pay up

Espio- pay for what

Fang- the back up fee, the half day fee , the cost of all of those explosives, expenses

Espio - He followed me

Fang - and now someone has to pay

Behind Fang's shoulder Bark stood cracking his knuckles as he eyed me down.

Lilly - Espio are you friends with these people

Lilly was clearly just as confused as I , and I at the very least knew what was going on. I never intended to bring anyone into my quest to free the city from the dishonorable , but how could I not see how well Bean had somehow managed to help me. I wasn't sold on the idea just yet but it was forming and beginning to be an option. Who better to help rid the city of crime than a bunch of lawless.

Espio- yes , I think I may be

I invited the three up to my room where Fang continued to give me the list of fees I needed to cover. I explained my mission so that we might talk out the steps of doing business. To my displeasure the end of my plan was met by the laughter of not one not two but all three of them.

Fang- you wanna take down Wolf Bain

Espio- yes

Fang- and the Rag dolls , on top of the guy who's been killing people all over the city

Espio - yes , does this sound like something you and your team can handle

He continued to laugh for a moment before pulling himself together.

Fang- of course we can handle it , but for something this crazy it'll cost you

Bean was in the kitchen standing on the counter juggling his bombs while Bark sat in the living room flipping through channels on TV
beside Fang and I as we continued our discussion. I started unsure of their qualifications and the way they treated my room was only bringing on further doubt. They were far from a serious band of hired guns.

Espio - how much

Fang- 5 grand for each name

Espio - 5? For each

Fang- 5 for the wolf , 5 for the dolls , and 5 for the other guy

Espio - I think I'll handle it myself

I got up from my seat and walked to the door to let everyone out . They followed me half way stopping before they reached the door as though they did not want to leave.

Fang- OK for you , 3 grand each

I opened and held the door for them and still they did not move.

Fang- 2 , 2 grand for all of them

At that point I would have been fine without their unique services so I offered a counter that I felt was fair.

Espio - how about I let you three stay in the living room and Ill pay for meals until your done helping me

Bean- ohhhh like the sound of that

Fang - shut up Bean

Fang took a step forward in front of his team to speak for them .

Fang- are we axing these guys or just getting them out of the city

Espio - we aren't killing anyone , I want to help make the city a better place

Fang- great your another hero , we want our own rooms

Espio - no

Fang- our own room with two beds

Espio - your own room with one bed and a couch

Fang- But where will poor Bean sleep if there's only one bed and one couch

Already I could see my endeavor was going to be a long one, and I was unsure why I was making our team up work but I was.

Espio - one of you can sleep on the couch in my room, do we have a deal

Fang took off his hat and held it up as he Bean and Bark whispered behind it. He lowered his hat before putting it back on.

Fang- deal

Chapter Text

I'm often asked "whats it like being friends with so many people with super powers?" and I always say the same thing , what friends. I'm kidding of course but when the wars were still going on I wasn't much of a fan when it came to Sonic or his band of super powered buddies. Honestly we're still not that close but Mina has powers so naturally she likes to have friends who do too. There was a time when I was jealous of Sonic for his powers , they allowed him to have something in common with Mina that I never could . But I know now that I don't have to worry about Mina and Sonic or anything of that nature. All I have to worry about are Mina's super friends.

I'm cool with Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails but all of these new guys are just too much. After we got married Mina and I moved to Emerald city , and Mina thought it would be nice for us to get closer with Silver and Blaze. Lets get something straight before we move on.

Sonic runs fast , Tails has an extra tail so he can fly and he's smart, Knuckles is kinda strong and everything, but the point is their powers are somewhat reasonable. Silver controls stuff with his mind and Blaze makes fire from thin air. Sonic and Tails were anything but normal, Silver and Blaze were insane.

They're from the future, they do magic, and somehow they don't comprehend the concept of money. These are the people my newlywed wife wanted us to hang out with. There is nothing worse than being forced into a friendship by your wife. But I guess it could have been worse , at least Silver was interesting.

It was our first time being alone together. Mina and Blaze were having a day out on the town while Silver and I unpacked. It was still the week after we'd moved to Emerald City so Mina and I were still settling in. Silvers powers made the work of putting things together quick and easy. But when the work was done it became clear we didn't have much to talk about.

Silver- so your working for the local radio

Ash- yea

Silver- in my time radio broadcasting was very rare

Ash- because of the whole apocalypse thing

Silver- yes , we didn't have much

There are always those little awkward silence moments in conversations. You can tell how bad the mood in the room is by the number of seconds it takes to close the silence. It took a good minute and a half before ether of us said anything again.

Ash- so are you and blaze together

Silver- together?

Ash- I know you guys grew up together you go everywhere together, you seem like your together but I've never gotten that vibe

Silver- what vibe

Ash- that your ... together together

Silver- I'm sorry this may be another time period difference , I'm not understanding

Ash- never mind

We had nothing to talk about, he was a super hero time traveler and I was a has been music agent not to mention my only client ever turned out to be my wife. He was adventurous and mysterious while I was average. And I was happy with average , average didn't have to fight monsters or time travel, average didn't have to live in a world where a flaming world consuming demon was the daily norm. My problem was having to find a way to connect his abnormal life to my simple one. So I turned to an age old solution that never failed me before. I opened the fridge and we got wasted.

Silver- You think that I'm related to Sonic

Ash- And Shadow , don't forget shadow

Silver- How

Ash- Think about it , sure you all look around the same age but Shadow was in a time capsule and you time traveled here

Silver- But that doesn't mean we're related

Ash- I've seen pictures of Sonic's parents before , his dad was A black hedgehog, Shadow is probably Sonic's great grandfather

Silver- So Sonic's father was a black hedgehog and that makes him related to Shadow

Ash- Well when you put it that way I sound racist

Silver- Whats racist

Ash- One drunken conversation at a time man

Silver- Ok , but that doesn't prove that Shadow and Sonic are related

Ash- And you , your probably Sonic's great great great great great great grandson

Silver- My time was only a few centuries away

Ash- Whatever, hes still probably your grandpa, just think about how you all look so much alike

Silver- Im not sure but I feel like that could be racist it fits the previous qualifications

Ash- Are you not drunk right now , I thought you drank as much as me

Silver- Its physically impossible for me to become intoxicated, at least not by drinking, my powers keep me stable

Ash- Fuck , ok , I know how to prove it

Silver- Ash I think you should take a moment to...

Ash- DNA test , it would take nothing to tesxt you guys and prove that your related, I'm surprised no ones done it yet

Silver- Ash, I'm not related to Sonic

Ash- and SHADOW , dont forget Shadow

Chapter Text

Nine days we searched with no sign of progress. Tails, as smart as he was, couldn't figure out a way to find him. Sure I was withholding information , we were looking for Sonic's brother , and he wasn't just a friend he was more than that. But from what I've heard they never found Manic the first time they searched for him, so giving Tails all of the information likely would not have made a significant difference. All Tails needed to know was we were looking for a green hedgehog I new from my past.

But as the search stretched on I felt something that no con man should ever allow, guilt. I spent ten days searching for Manic but ten nights with the fox. I couldn't decide who I was doing worse. Going out everyday with Tails in the hopes that we'd find Manic, the person I'd leave Tails for. And sleeping with the fox every night rather than staying out to cover more ground. I spent a year with Tails growing close to him, but I had years worth of memories with Manic. The sad part is in those years we never claimed to be more than partners or at the most friends, so there was a chance I was holding out for someone who wouldn't feel the same.

So many feelings , too many feelings. The island seemed to be a bust so we'd need to move on . Or so I thought.

On the tenth day we found him , I found him.

We decided to check Sea maidens Barge. It wasn't a place for a soft fox like Tails so I told him to wait outside. Leaving him outside a criminal hang spot wasn't much better than having him inside one, but It felt safer at the time. Of course he tried to tell me he'd been in worse places but I wasn't about to put him in more danger than necessary. And if I'm honest it would not have been good for my reputation as a con artist to be seen with a super hero.

It was very anticlimactic how I found Manic. I stepped through the doors and there he was, just sitting there having a drink. I thought for sure I was going crazy, it couldn't have been that easy. How could he be there? I didn't know what to do, I was in shock by how simple the situation was. Same retro hair do , same leather vest , same drumsticks in his inside pocket. All I had to do was walk up and say something.

But then he saw me. He got up from his seat at the bar and from across the room through a sea of people we locked eyes. He started to walk towards me and I don't know why but I ran out the door. Tails was surprised to see I was done so quickly. I made sure we were gone before Manic made it to the door.

There are three reasons I had to leave. Tails was there and I couldn't let them see each other. I wasn't prepared, I had no idea I'd find him that day. And I was scared. I'd like to think I made a tactical retreat, but I was running and hiding . I got Tails back to my beach hut and we stayed there the rest of the day. I suppose the story continued that night.

I waited until Tails was sleeping to slip away and return to the bar. Manic wasn't there of course , not on the inside. I stepped outside and he was waiting for me. that smug smile and care free demeanor kept me from running again , and I couldn't run without running past him.

Manic- I thought you'd never come back

chech- you waited for me

Manic- you ran

Chech- its complicated

Manic - tell me about it

There was a mutual smile that grew on our faces . We went back inside and sat at a booth in the back next to a window , it was our usual seat back when we both lived on the island. The seats were sticky as always and there were empty drinks on the table.

Manic- why did you run

Chech- where have you been

Manic-I've been here

Chech - for how long

Manic- since you left

Chech- left ? you think I left

Manic - we said if the job went side ways to meet here but you never showed up

Chech- I was captured

Manic - so was I , but we both escaped

Chech- you escaped , and you didn't come back for me

Manic - you said you could handle yourself , so I let you

Chech- you just cant help but run from your family

Manic- we aren't family, that's what you said not me

Chech- we were at least friends , partners if nothing else

Manic - and I worried about you every day you didn't show up , why else would I still be here

Chech- fair enough

Manic- but why did you run when you saw me

I didn't know what to say , it was clear my romanticized view of our past was skewed to say the least. But It was a relief , a breath of air to see him again. I went with a half truth.

Chech- I'm with someone

Manic- you , your with someone? who

Chech- you might know him

Manic - its a he , I didn't know you went that way

Chech - that a problem

Manic- not at all , love is love man

Chech- I don't know about all of that

Manic- whatever man , who is he

Chech- Tails

Manic- what

He got up from the table abruptly stumbling as he did so.

Manic- why are you with Tails , is Sonic here

You could hear the panic in his voice.

Chech- its complicated , but no Sonic isn't here

He seemed reluctant to sit back down but when I called for a few drinks to our table he sat .

Chech- They think your dead, I was beginning to think the same

Manic- its better that way

Chech- how is that better , I love...

I had to catch myself before the words fell out of my mouth.

Chech- they love you , and they miss you

Manic- why are you being so sentimental

Chech- I've been out of the game for a while , maybe I'm going soft , but ether way people want to see you

Manic- have you told anyone I'm here

Chech- no one even knows I'm here , I wanted to talk to you on my own

Manic- I cant go back , not after so long

Chech - the wars are over

Manic- exactly , I ran from the wars and I stayed hidden until they were over while Sonic lead the resistance and saved the world , saved a bunch of worlds , I cant go back

He sipped from his drink. I didn't want to tell Tails I'd found him ether, I wanted him to myself if only for a little while. Weather he felt the same feelings for me I felt for him or not I still felt them enough to want to try to make something happen. If he was simply a partner I'd be happy to just reconnect but if there was a chance of something else my curiosity was too strong to pass it up. But I knew it be almost impossible to keep Tails from finding Manic if I meant to keep both of them at arms length. That's why I slipped something into Manics drink when he wasn't paying attention.

Chech- is that why you stayed here so long

Manic- What

Chech- you said you stayed here to wait for me all this time but I think your just here because you know your brother could never find this place

Manic- No , I waited for you , sure after a while I thought you were gone but I survived and I wanted you to , you got me through things when I ran away I don't Know where Id be if I hadn't met you

Chech- hopefully a better bar

His eyes started to go low, he'd pass out soon. What a reunion, not even an hour into reconnecting and I was already betraying his trust. Good times right?

Chapter Text

Where do you send the world's worst criminals? Why not kill them and save yourself the expense of taking care of them? who watches them? The answer to all questions is G.U.N. A once secret government agency that in the years after Eggman's fall has served as the world's number one holder of supper criminals. No one would kill Eggman because of the threat he made of contingencies if his life were to ever end, so with the world unable to finish the job of cracking the egg they decided not to kill the criminals that were captured after him. Lucky me.

Now I get to live out the rest of my days in a cell next to no talent hacks. And no one knows where we are , they move us too often to ever figure out our location. But it's always the same cells side by side down a long corridor. To my left was the egg head himself and to my right was Tic.

I remember my first year next to yoke . He was quiet , too quiet. Everyone knew Eggman couldn't shut up but my first year next to him I never heard him whisper a single word. It's probably for the best, what would he have to say? But a few years later and all of a sudden he started talking to himself. He had full blown conversations , sounded like he was planning his escape too. Being stuck in a cage with no windows or doors got to me too. The walls were made of electric waves so you couldn't touch them without knocking yourself out.

I don't blame yoke for going crazy but some people came in more screw loose than others. Tic , the time traveling ass hole was a real nut case. They had to catch the guy in the past and future at the same time , and if that sounds crazy it's because it is. Now the guy can't use his powers without sending himself back in time to a point where Sonic is waiting for him.

Eggman and Tic , those were who I'd been stuck with for 10 years but I'm not a no talent hack like those two. I was going to break out . Somehow.

Chapter Text

I suppose I hurt myself with my own choices. Dirty deeds done in back rooms , secrets kept from the public, I found myself on the line of justice and corruption. Sometimes there is no bad only what hurts and what hurts more. Sometimes there is no good only what makes a day and what makes yours. I knew something big was on the horizon, an old evil was on its way. I had a choice become a horsemen or be run over.

No one ever wants to be the villain it's just something that happens. Eggman, one of the world's worst of the worst, started as a brilliant mind close to the world leaders as an allie. He was one of the few humans left in the world , until the discovery of the hidden city's. He lived in a world of people that were not his own and his craving for something like him, or anyone who could relate drove him to his mission of recreating a world in his image. No criminal wants to be a villain . What would you do if you realized you were too far down a hole to climb out, let it become a grave , try to escape only to fail , or dig deeper knowing if nothing else you can have conviction in what you started. Eggman's first atrocities were a mistake, most people will say otherwise because of their hate for the man but in truth his beginning was tragic. His roboticizer was never meant to turn people into robots , but it's malfunctions gave birth to his first crimes. It was meant to create an android copy of himself but it turned anything that it came into contact with it into a robot. He couldn't simply apologize or go back. We all like to say he didn't have to make things worse but he was already alone in the world. He had conviction enough to his mistakes and live with them turning into what we now know him to be.

Look at Scourge , he came from another dimension. Everyone thinks because he's so ruthless and dark that he's simple but they forget the world he came from. His world was a mirrored opposite of Sonic's, meaning he had no war to fight but no family to call his own. He had no friends other than that of which he paid or forced to his side. His world didn't have Eggman, a grand evil, it had a community a population of cruel people. How could anyone come from a place like that and not be broken.

And then there's me, I'm nowhere near the level of unfortunate as Eggman or Scourge but my life was always a stone rolling down a hill. I knew I was heading for murky water but the longer I rolled the Harder it was to stop myself. I had a good family, friends, a job that was easy enough. But it wasn't enough. I needed a rush , I needed to feel the bang , the pop , the flash . I started simple. I'd take something here something there and see if I could get away without anyone noticing what was missing. When cheap paw store steals got old I moved on to wallets , then jewels , cars , even weapons when I knew I needed them. It took 3 years for me to know I'd reached too deep in the hole to climb out. I lost my friends, my family, I never cared for my job.

I had to wonder was that feeling U had when I looked in the mirror the same feeling Eggman had, the same feeling Scourge had? Knowing that feeling made it easier to sympathize with those I thought I'd never be. I just wanted a rush , I didn't want to hurt anyone. But I came to a point where if I couldn't steal I would hurt those who got in my way. Eggman never meant to hurt anyone, and somehow I don't think Scourge did ether. Sympathy for the evil breaks the heart, but empathy for the wicked turns it black.

I suppose my story begins when I got word that Eggman was planning an escape. I was working for a long time Egg enforcer known as Wolf Bain. When he needed something of value I was his first choice. I wasn't a part of his organization but he knew my skills were necessary. He called me in to discuss a job. A normal job has three things , a target, time of delivery, and transaction. This job had multiple targets and lacked any promise of a transaction.

Bang- And what's in it for me

Bain- trust me the payout for this job will well exceed your usual fee

Bang- there are no targets on this list that have anything to do with my skill set , I don't rampage and destroy

Bain- it's not what you'll be stealing it's what you'll be leaving behind

Savannah- the collateral damage to the surrounding area is meant to divert attention away from your true objective

Bang- And what exactly is the main objective, from what I can see nothing in this plan will have any significant return on the amount of work that it requires

Bain- that's above your pay grade

Bang- I'm not on your payroll , ether you give me the full picture or I'm not in it

I was in his strong hold under the city so my refusal to cooperate may have been a risk.

Bain- were organizing a break out

Bang- for who , and how does that involve a ship yard in Green Hills

Bain waited a while to say a word as if to let it get to me where I was and how he could've ordered me to be delt with. He looked to his right hand and gave a single for her to speak.

Savannah- the location of the person of interest is unknown, but there are several locations world wide that hold information on how to track where he will be next

Bain- I need each of these locations to be hit, but it's a well known fact that a spicific blue hedgehog lives in Green Hills , that's why I need you to hit that location because he's sure to make an appearance and I don't need him crashing the show

Savannah - all you have to do is uploaded a tracking virus into the old G.U.N base and when it's done destroy the warehouse and anything around it to cover your tracks

Bain- and if you manage to get past the first location on your list the rest should be a breeze

They didn't need to tell me who we were breaking out. If we were working to get to someone held by G.U.N it could only be a heavy hitter, and Bain had a long history of being loyal to Eggman.

I'd never faced off with a hero before. There were risks that were never a concern because I made an effort to stay out of the big cities where heroes were known to live. Green Hills , Emerald City, Parapet , I stayed away from those places for years, but was I willing to venture in the pursuit of helping to free a megalomaniac.

Chapter Text

Six years , I was gone for six years. The world was saved and the villains were gone. Sonic seemed to have moved on from me , and who was I? Just his brother ,the brother he replaced with a fox. But I'm chill . I ran from the fight , ran from my family when they needed me the most and Sonya is gone because of it. So I cant blame Sonic or the world for moving on.

I knew everyone spent years looking for me . I wasn't far , not really.

I was captured by Eggman. He kept me in a place fare from any of his other prisoners, I guess he thought I was more valuable because of my relation to Sonic. But he never made it known that he had me. He wanted to use me against my family but he never got the chance. Eventually he forgot about me, some might say he let me go. But he didn't make it easy , he left the door open but said I'd have to make it through a maze of death traps if I wanted to leave. I nearly killed myself pushing my body to keep going , I wasn't the key to some master plan anymore I was just a toy that he wanted to break before his toy box was taken. When I got out rather than go home I kept running, that seemed to be my go to. I watched the news and even stood in crowds as Sonic and his friends took back the world. I kept telling myself I'd go home tomorrow or the next day, or the next day, but when tomorrow came I realized how long I'd been away. How could I just knock on my brothers door and say "I'm home"? I left at the start of a war, let our sister die searching for me, and stayed hidden until the fighting was over. I couldn't go home , it wasn't my home anymore.

I was never a hero. I never wanted to be hero I wanted to be a musician, an artist. Sonic was the one with powers. All those years staying hidden I never pursued my dream , how could I without everyone finding me. Naturally I turned to what I knew before I learned anything else . I was a con man , a pick pocket, a hustler. I had enough of Sonic in me to never steal from good people for a while. But when your steal from people who stole from good people eventually you cut out the middle man.

I spent a long time out in the world trying to make a life while keeping to the shadows, but when Sonic ended the wars I knew he'd look for me again. I went to the one place in the world I knew Sonic would never know , the place I met the one friend who knew my past but worked with me anyway. On the Islands I waited for Chech and hid from Sonic. My life was on hold , so imagine my surprise when my long lost friend shows up then runs away. Sure he came back but then he drugged me.

I woke up in a hotel room , the lights were dim and I thought it was the same night. Chech was sitting in the corner of the room I guess he was waiting for me to wake up. I peaked one eye open at him and watched him. I had no idea what Eggman did to him when we were captured. From the robotic arm and what looked like a battery where his heart should have been I could tell he got it worse than I did. He noticed I was awake and he closed his chest and his arm , I couldn't tell there was metal under his fur as he walked towards me. Sitting up I felt whatever he gave me was still in my system making my head light enough to pass out at any moment.

Manic- did you drug me

Chech- yes , yes I did

He laughed and I think I did too. In our past I knew Chech to do worse but I knew he wouldn't hurt me. But despite my ability to laugh being drugged was a bit of an extreme action for the night of our reunion

Manic- why

Chech- I needed to get you alone and I didn't want you to run

Manic- have you not been listening, the only reason I'm still on this Island is because I was waiting for you , why would I run now

Or at the very least one reason I was there was him.

Chech- come on , we both know I'm not the only reason you stayed here for so long, and the second I told you about Tails being with me you almost made a run for the door

He was right , I don't think I had myself together enough to be dishonest at the time.

Manic- I'm not going anywhere, and where are we

Chech- The Wondering Oak

Manic - I already have a room here

Chech- oh

Manic- I live here , what floor are we on

Chech- top floor

Manic - at least it's a better room than the one I live in

I tried to get to my feet but it was hard enough keeping my eyes open so I stayed on the bed.

Manic- why did you need to get me alone , I would have talked about anything at the bar

Chech- how did you get away

Manic- what

Chech- from Eggman, how did you escape

Again I wasn't in a good head space to try to lie, but it felt more like I couldn't.

Manic- he let me go

Chech- what happened to "I escaped"

Manic- I did , but it's complicated

Chech- complicated how

Manic- look you drugged me and kidnapped me to a hotel I live in so can we calm down and..

I felt myself about to throw up and as I held it in he took the moment to make something clear.

Chech- this was a waste of time , I don't know why I thought I ... you know I think your right about your family being better off without you

Manic- you don't get to say that

Chech- but you haven't stopped saying it since the day I met you

Manic- why are you so hurt

Chech- I'm not hurt, I don't care

Manic- yea you do , I remember when we worked together before we got separated, you said our partnership was just business but now your acting like

Chech - like what

What I thought and what I knew didn't seem to line up anymore.

Manic - you just seem different

Chech - it's been a few years Manic , things change, I have a metal arm, I'm dating a super hero, and I can't remember half of my life but I was sure I felt something for whatever our partnership was

Manic- felt something like what

Chech- it doesn't matter anymore

He started to head for the door.

Manic - wait where are you going

Chech- don't worry , I won't tell anyone I found you

I tried to stand , I tried to follow, but he was out the door before I could make it half way across the floor.I didn't know what to make of the entire night and waking up the next morning everything felt like a haze more than reality. I couldn't help but wonder had I stayed hidden long enough. I thought the one person to understand my being on the island would be Chech but even he was disappointed in me for something. At least when I was waiting for him to come back there was a chance of us being partners again, but I lost him. There was no chance of anything anymore and I was just alone. No longer was I waiting I was just hiding.

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People forget Sonic was a knight for the acorn family. He never used a sword and shield, but he was heroic. If not for Sonic the Hedgehog there wouldn't be kings and queens today. Unfortunately, his heroics as noble and good as they may have been, were only permitted by the acorn family. In all other kingdoms across the globe Sonic acted as an ungoverned vigilante. Sure he saved us all but he broke international laws along the way. When the war against Eggman was over no one wanted to see Sonic locked away, but governments could not simply allow his actions to go without some oversight and repercussions. In the end the Acorn family, as a means to appeasing foreign nations, stripped sonic of his title and ordered that he never act under the Acorn banner or as a vigilant ever again. It was a friendly way of forcing him into retirement I suppose, but Sonic was always a hero.

Sonic was reckless, unhindered, and impatient. With or without a title Sonic would always be found in action, and that is why I had to be involved. After so long a period of silence I received a call from the princess, Sally Acorn. She had but one request. Two days later I was seated in my throne room when Sonic was escorted in by my royal guard.

Mk- you made it

Sonic- why am I here

Mk- I was hoping we might catch up , maybe take a while to settle you in before getting into official business

Sonic - Why am I here MK

He seemed defeated, definitely not the cheerful hedgehog I remembered.

Mk- you broke your vow

Sonic- what vow

Mk- your vow to give up heroism

Sonic - I saved those people

Mk- yes you did, but you did it as a vigilante, not as a knight or an officer, and without any authority to step in

Sonic- fine , then why am I here and not locked away somewhere

Mk- no one wants to see you locked away , but Sally

Sonic- you talked to Sally

He rushed up the stairs to my throne and stood over me. My guards began to draw their weapons as they saw their khan was approached without request, I stopped them before they could come near.

Mk- you broke your vow so it was ether lock you away or excommunication

Sonic - and let me guess, Sally made the choice for me

Mk- you broke countless international laws in your war against Eggman , you must have known how serious your vow to step down as a knight was , it was the only thing keeping those same laws from chaining you to a cell wall

Sonic- was I supposed to let all those people die instead

Mk- no , but now you have to deal with the repercussions of your actions

Sonic - meaning

Mk- you can't go back

Sonic- watch me

He turned to leave but before he could zoom away I gripped his wrist.

Mk- we were friends once before, and things got complicated but no one wanted things to happen the way they did , your here so that you can live in my kingdom now , it's your only option unless you want to be hunted back home or homeless somewhere else , so please

I let him go and honestly I had no idea what he would do. No one could stop him from running home even if they tried. But I didn't see a smoke cloud rather I saw him ponder the choice before he turned back around.

Sonic - so you spoke to Sally

Mk- yes

Sonic- and she thinks me staying here is the best option

There was a moment of understanding in the silence.

Mk- we really should have talked, all three of us

Sonic - I guess now we'll have to

Mk- tell me what happened

Sonic- you must have heard what happened already

MK- yes , but its been a while since I've heard anything from you , your latest adventure likely sounds better coming from you than an informant

Sonic - There's not much to tell

Mk- just start from the beginning

He seemed so out of it. I only wanted to help, and Sonic always loved telling stories of his acts.

Sonic- where to start, Sparks were everywhere buildings were coming down, and the streets were full of people who didn't know what to do. It was golden eyes


Mk- golden eyes?

Sonic- I had an encounter with her the night before, she was a white hedgehog with golden eyes with a thing for flash grenades

Mk- I see, continue

Sonic- well I saw her as I approached the scene, she was bringing buildings down with bombs much stronger than flash bangs

Mk- what did you do then

Sonic- I tried to get as many people out of the way as possible, but she was destroying everything in her path

Mk- What was she after?

Sonic- I don't know, she was making buildings fall faster than I could move people out of the way so I didn't have very time to think about it. Up until that point I was using gear 1, but I had no choice but to switch into gear 2.

Sonic- gears?

Sonic- gear 1 is using my speed but not as all out, gear 2 is as fast maybe even faster than a car

Mk- I didn't realize there was a difference in speeds , or names for them

Sonic- well you have to call them something

He seemed to be getting into his story and I could see him reenacting the events in his head. He was less defeated in those brief moments. My guards too were listening to the tail something like children watching a movie.

Sonic- anyway moving in gear 2 meant having to time every move carefully while I was in motion other wise I might have missed someone I needed to rescue or ran into a wall

Mk- Have you ever knocked yourself out going that fast

Sonic- of course not

Mk- I don't know if I believe you

Sonic - it's me we're talking about

Mk- OK , OK , then what

Sonic- I dodge glass and rubble moving up the street collecting and dropping people out of the way in my typical heroic fashion

Mk- I'm sure you were a sight to behold

Sonic- but suddenly everything seemed to just stop. I looked around as the dust from the fallen buildings settled and golden eyes had disappeared. Everyone seemed OK, but I'd lost her.

Mk - at least no one was hurt

Sonic- sure , but why go on a rampage? Why create a scene?

Mk- I'm sure the authorities will figure it out

Sonic - so your really not going to help me

Mk- I am helping you, I'm giving you a place to stay

Sonic- why let me talk about all this if your not going to do anything

Mk- I'll make sure Sally knows everything you told me , but you need to try to relax

Sonic - if your talking to Sally

He stopped and once again his mood changed.

Sonic- where am I staying

Mk- my men will show you to a room in the castle, I'll meet with you later so we can discuss helping you settle in

Sonic - this can't be a done deal , is it? I'll get to go back eventually right?

Mk- it's hard to say