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Sweet Tooth

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It was perhaps a fated meeting... His idol Katsuki Yuuri had gained an automatic entry into the Grand Prix series this year, and Kenjiro had won the Japanese championships, and earned his own ticket to the competition, and he was quite possibly vibrating with the excitement of getting to skate on the same ice together once more.

That is why it was a shock when almost the first thing that Kenjiro saw, as he entered the changing room area, was his idol pinned to the wall by a young blond, the other Yuri, the Russian Punk, who wasn't even competing today!!

"Don't bully, Yuuri-sempai!!" Kenjiro pushed his way between the arguing pair, pressing a hand to each of their chests to keep them apart, though only the Russian pressed back. "Stay out of this!! Who the hell are you, anyway?!"

"Now, now, Yurio, be a good kitten, and sheath your claws... Kenjiro is Yuuri's kouhai, and this is the first year he's competing in the Grand Prix, so be nice!!" Viktor came up behind Yuri, and ruffled his hair affectionately. "That's not my name, Viktor!!" Yuri snapped back, but he reluctantly mumbled, "Good Luck", in Kenjiro's direction, then disappeared back to his seat in the stands.

---------- @ ----------

Kenjiro had been feeling flushed ever since Yuuri had come over to congratulate him, when they'd both scored high enough to go through to the next round of the Grand Prix, and he'd come into the toilets to splash water on his face, and try to calm down. Kenjiro was just drying his face with the towel he'd brought with him, when he heard the click of one of the cubicle doors opening behind him. Before he could even look up to see who it was, his shoulder was grabbed, and Kenjiro was spun around, and slammed against the wall.

The towel had gone flying, and Kenjiro could now see who had attacked him, it was of course none other that Yuri Plisetsky... After all, who else but the Russian Punk would commit violence against another skater. If he wasn't careful, he was going to find himself barred from competing in the Grand Prix. Kenjiro had heard that he'd already received a warning during a competition earlier in the year!! "What are you doing? You're gonna get in trouble if you keep doing things like this!!"

Yuri gave a snort of laughter, "Are you gonna tell on me, little goody two shoes... Hmm?" Yuri had grown several inches in the last year, and his shoulders had started to fill out as puberty hit him hard, (no one was calling him the Russian Fairy any more); but this guy in front of him was shorter, and even slighter built than he had been last year, when he'd come up to the senior division, and yet he was supposedly older!! "I can't believe you're older than me, I mean, I was taller than you last year, and I hadn't even hit puberty properly then!!"

Kenjiro flushed almost as red as his fringe, but he snapped back, "I can't help being short, my whole family are short... but I REALLY am 18!! I'm going to University next year... and I can even legally buy porn!!" This was just too much for Yuri, and he cracked up laughing. Kenjiro started to struggle angrily, but even breathless with laughter, Yuri had no problem keeping him pinned against the wall, with just one hand on his chest. "Porn, huh?! I really can't see you being able to buy porn with how you look... maybe if you dressed up as a girl, you could get away with looking 18!! Hmm, maybe you're not really a guy at all... I guess I should check!!"

Yuri brought his other hand up to Kenjiro's chest, and pressed them against his chest, "Well you definitely don't have much up top, but you could be... What do they call it, panchira?" Yuri found Kenjiro's nipples through his thin costume, and pinched them hard, smirking when he let out a startled squeak. "I-I think, the term you are looking for is 'pettanko'... panchira are panty shots, and I've told you, I'm a boy... I mean, I'm a man!!"

Kabe-don by Cara (aka) Lady Flame

Yuri braced his left forearm against the wall by Kenjiro's head, and leaned forward to whisper in his ear, "Then, maybe you should show me your panties, Ken-chan". Yuri slid his right hand down Kenjiro's body to cup his crotch, the padding of his dance belt smoothed out any obvious bulges, so Yuri pressed firmly, and gave the lump he discovered a gentle squeeze. No one was more surprised than Yuri, when Kenjiro let out the most delightful moan at his touch. "Ngh-Ahh!" Kenjiro looked just as startled at his own response, and he slapped both hands over his mouth in shock.

The world seemed to stand still for a long moment, as Yuri and Kenjiro just stared frozen into each other's eyes, Yuri's hand still cupping the proof that Kenjiro despite his size, was most definitely male, and an easily aroused one at that!! Yuri watched with bated breath, as the black of Kenjiro's pupils, almost swallowed the chocolate brown of his irises, and he wondered if his own were doing the same. This had all started as a joke; he'd wanted to bully Kenjiro, since his 'good boy' attitude had pissed him off earlier, when he'd stuck up for that weak willed piglet Yuuri; but now everything had changed, and the mood was something else entirely!!

Yuri kept his eyes locked with Kenjiro's, as he started to explore the shape under his fingers, stroking and squeezing, it became firmer beneath his touch, as he teased Kenjiro to full arousal. Kenjiro was trembling, and letting out little breathy gasps from beneath the hands over his mouth, and when his eyes fluttered shut with a muffled throaty moan, Yuri's gaze was freed to wander down Kenjiro's body. His skin was flushed, and slightly sweaty, so that it almost looked like Kenjiro was glowing, and it did strange things to Yuri's body; sending shivers down his spine, his own blood heating, his cock twitching and hardening untouched in his jeans.

Yuri shifted his feet so that he was straddling Kenjiro's right leg, and let his weight fall forward so that he was pressed against his body, then he slid both hands around to grab Kenjiro's firm buttocks, and pulled him up onto his tiptoes, so that he could grind his thigh into his arousal, and thrust his own cock against Kenjiro's hip.

Kenjiro's eyes flew open with a sharp gasp, as he grabbed at Yuri's shoulders with both hands, and with his mouth now unrestrained, Yuri was treated to rhythmic moans from Kenjiro as he rode his thigh. As they rocked, and rutted together, Kenjiro got louder and louder, until the sound started to echo off the tiled walls of the bathroom, and Yuri covered his mouth with his own in an attempt to shut him up.

This was just sex, just two guys getting horny in a public bathroom, and then doing something about it. He was only kissing Kenjiro to prevent someone hearing them, and coming to investigate, so why the HELL was Yuri getting so into it... The kisses were wet and sloppy, since Kenjiro obviously didn't have much experience, but he more than made up for it with enthusiasm, and Yuri just couldn't stop!!

Kenjiro's hands had migrated into Yuri's hair, wrapping the shoulder length pale blond strands around his fingers, pulling Yuri's head down to his own, twisting and turning it to get the best angle, as their tongues tangled and thrust together, a mating dance that matched the quickening rhythm of their hips.

Normally, kissing was something Yuri avoided doing if at all possible, he thought swapping spit was utterly gross, and yet here he was panting hard into someone else's mouth. He hated it when anyone pulled his hair, even when it happened accidentally when it was being combed, and dressed before a competition, and yet it was him moaning hotly as Kenjiro pulled on his hair... Yuri was quite possibly going crazy with desire!!

Kenjiro suddenly pulled his head away from their intense kissing, throwing his head back, shuddering, and moaning, "Yuuurriii...!!" As he came, Kenjiro yanked Yuri's head down until it was pressed against his neck, and the frisson of pain, and hearing his name spoken in that tone of voice, kick started Yuri's own orgasm; and as he reached his peak, Yuri ravished the tender neck before him with sucking kisses, bites and licks.

As they came down from the pleasure of their orgasms, they realised that their limbs were entwined together, and with an increasingly awkward silence they separated themselves. Kenjiro dropped his leg from where it had embarrassingly ended up hooked over Yuri's hip, and Yuri released Kenjiro's ass so that he could stand properly on his feet again, and finally Kenjiro's fingers were untangled from Yuri's hair.

"Ah, you should go get changed... Um, before your cum soaks through the padding of your dance belt, and stains your costume." Kenjiro blushed, and nodded, then pointed to the spreading wet spot in Yuri's jeans, "What about you? You weren't actually competing today, so you probably don't have a change of clothes with you".

"No problem, I'll just tie my sweatshirt around my waist to cover the wet patch". Kenjiro nodded again, and started to leave; then suddenly he turned back, went up on tiptoe, and kissed Yuri chastely on the cheek. "Um, I'll see you at the next round, maybe?" Yuri nodded in return, and he could actually feel his cheeks getting hotter... he didn't fucking blush!! "Yeah, until next time!!" Damn It, he was blushing!!

After Kenjiro left, Yuri nipped back into the toilet cubicle, and cleaned the worst of the cum from his underwear, then he took off his jacket and sweatshirt, untucked his T-shirt, and arranged the sweatshirt around his waist so it hid the damp patch in his jeans, then put his jacket back on... Thank god he hadn't got out of the habit of wearing layers!!

As Yuri exited the bathroom, he was shocked to find Viktor leaning casually against the wall waiting for him, "Yuri, did you have fun?!" Viktor had an evil glint in his eye. "I've no idea what you're talking about Vitya". Viktor took in Yuri's untidy hair, and rumpled clothing, "Really, then you don't know anything about why Kenjiro ran out of there just before you?! Looking all flushed, and well fucked, with a very obvious love bite on his neck, which by the way, definitely wasn't there earlier!!" Yuri deliberately looked Viktor straight in the eye, and then repeated very calmly, "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about".

"Cute little Japanese cinnamon rolls taste the best, Yuri!! Make sure you eat him all up next time!! The Punk, and the Pastry... Ha, ha, ha." Yuri glared at the older man, "You're disgusting Viktor, you know that!! Like you can talk when you're the Big Bad Wolf, who regularly eats Pork in the Onsen!!" Viktor narrowed his eyes, and looked serious, "Yet, you're the one who had sex in the public bathroom of a packed venue, where anyone could have walked in... You're lucky it was me who saw you two, so wrapped up in each other that you didn't even hear me come in, and even when I went back outside, the noises you made when you came could be clearly heard".

Yuri gritted his teeth, "Shut up, Viktor!! Just keep quiet about this, or I swear I'll kill you, and they'll never find the body!!" Viktor gave him a sunny smile in return, and mimed turning a key in a lock over his mouth, "Your secret is safe with me... and you can always come to me for advice on sex, and stuff". Yuri looked horrified, " That... Will... Never... Ever... Happen!! Good Bye, Viktor!!" Viktor watched Yuri stalk sullenly off, and let out a snort of laughter once Yuri was out of earshot.. Teenagers were just so full of themselves... he'd probably been just as arrogant when he'd been that age. Now Viktor could go get his own cute little cinnamon roll, after all the competition was over, and so he could have his cake, and eat it too!!