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AU, Superhero Light Yagami/Raito Yagami, LightxL, Yaoi Slash.

What started as a natural curiosity…ended up being the greatest responsibility Raito Yagami had to shoulder – behold the Killer of Crime, the Duke of Justice, the Harbinger of Truth: KIRA!











This story was adopted from another author xDeepestEndx.  I tried to find and message him/her for permission into adopting and using the story with my own changes.  But so far, I haven’t found the author and I’m worried that I’ll be in trouble and sued for stealing his story.

But don’t worry! This story will have some similarities from his original fan-fiction story but there will be changes and that I might be continuing where the author left off.  Since it’s been years that the author hasn’t updated the story, I decided to take up the spot and pick it up where it was left off and continue on.

My sincerest apologies to xDeepestEndx for copying your work, but—only chapters 1-7.

From Chapters 8 and so on, it will be my work from now on.

With your permission, please I would like to continue on from where you left off.  Thank you!


I hope you like it! Enjoy!


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Light Kira wings






Everything in the way will be annihilated 

Everything in the way will be annihilated 


Power, in Raito’s eyes, is such a misused thing.

He looked out the classroom window – bored, jaded, uninterested… there were a lot of productive things he thought of doing right now, instead of just idly ‘listening’ to his teacher’s lectures and drawls. Wait, scratch lectures. Just drawling.

Stupid academic prerequisite… making me attend useless classes that only seem to bore me to death…’ He thought, sporting a small, unnoticeable scowl. Day after day, it was the same damn thing. School. Boredom. Home. School. Boredom. Home. Raito was a man of routine, but… shit. Was it a prerequisite to be this bored, too?

He ran his fingers through his hair and continued staring out the window. ‘I feel trapped in some hell hole somewhere… Stupid adults. Stupid prerequisites.’ Just because they had power.

“…and if you all take a look here, the author obviously wrote this line – yes, this line – to imply something. There’s obviously symbolism in this context… Could anyone tell me what it is?” Raito immediately wanted to blurt out “injustice!”, but it would seem out-of-character – he did have an image to maintain… though he would gladly trade that for…

…something. Just not this.

“Oh, come on, you should all know it.”

It’s just power,’ He answered in his head. The brunet looked around and couldn’t help but shake his head in slight disappointment. His classmates – peers, colleagues, “equals”, whatever – couldn’t even answer a very easy question! It irritated Raito that he was the only one who understood everything – and frankly, Raito was too tired to raise his hand. Besides, he was already the most intelligent student in the entire campus; if he got too ambitious –

“Yagami-kun, would you like to answer my question?”

Uh, no?’ He thought irritably to himself. His sigh oozed with notable ire and boredom, but it was apparently ignored.

Or they just didn’t notice.

He stood up, held the novel and quickly scanned the passage. Effortlessly, he replied, “The line ‘…the throne that rots because the king is rotten,’ obviously dictates that there was a misuse of influence and authority.” He paused. “To put it in simple terms, the author stresses on the fact that anyone given a certain degree of influence should use it efficiently, not selfishly.”

“Very good, Yagami-kun; you’ve obviously been studying.” Duh. Raito sat and started tuning out his teacher’s lectures again. He spared the room a glance, and noticed that his fellow students weren’t listening at all. And the teacher wasn’t even doing anything about it!

“Yagami-kun has just made a very critical point. Humans, in general, cannot ignore that incessant need to attain power.”

Brown locks fell on caramel eyes.

“But even though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – “

If he had the power –

“Sometimes, people just – “

If he had that power –

“—abuse it.”

He would do everything he could.

“The proper way to handle such great power – “

To save this world.

“—is to use it for the greater good. And as they say – “

To rid the world of evil.

“With great power – “

To implement Justice. “—comes great responsibility.”

To attain a perfect world.


Destiny is mysterious 

Now that we’re face to face 

Trash of society 

Need to be thrown and destroyed in a second 


“Onii-chan! Welcome hoooome!”

“…the hell, Sayu?”

Yagami Raito went home to a very hyper-active teenage girl. For some unexplored reason, this demon’s advocate currently staring up at him with those devil-bambi-eyes was related to him somehow. He believed they were… siblings?

How that managed to happen was beyond his almighty comprehension.

Apparently, Raito had voiced his thoughts – he was righteously smacked on the arm by a very, very rude little girl. An indignant ouch escaped his lips as he glared at the little demon sticking out her tongue at him.

“Bleh! You’re mean, onii-chan!” She sported an indignant pout and started flailing her hands around in incessant circular motions. “I go out of my way to greet you a ‘welcome home, oniichan!’ and this is the thanks I get? Doubt of our filial affiliation?! How rude, how inhuman! What kind of big bro – “

“I got you that new comic book you wanted,” Raito took out a plastic-cased comic book and presented it to the previously-disgruntled adolescent, who was now currently in conflict with the emotions super-shocked and hyper-happy.

—but then, it wouldn’t be too surprising if she decided to be both.

Raito covered his ears as Sayu took the comic book from his hand and started squealing like a pig set free from a farm. Raito could practically hear the words “FREEDOM-OINK!

FREEDOM-OINK!” in the background, only it was “SUPER-DUPER-ULTRAMAN-OINK! SUPER-DUPER-ULTRAMAN-OINK!” instead.

…why did he buy the comic book again?

Taking this as the opportune moment to exit the scene – God, what was that? – the brunet silently started to walk away, only –


Sweet mother of CHEESE…! Sayu-glompage!

‘…that’s it. I’m not buying her comic books ever again,’ He told himself as he tried to separate his flawless face from the just-got-cleaned floor. Sayu was bouncing on top of him, so the effort was all in vain.

Holy cheddar, what had Sayu been eating lately to gain all that weight?

“Thank you soooo much, onii-chan!” She raised the plastic-protected comic book and bounced on his back – like she was worshipping some idol or something. Raito wouldn’t be too surprised if she was doing that, though. “You got me the latest volume of The Chronicles of Super-DuperUltraman: Boom-Boom Space Wars! I’ll finally be able to find out whether SDU reveals his secret identity to his new squeeze, Phantasmagoria or not!”

When Sayu jumped off him, Raito immediately stood up and dusted some dirt off his school uniform. He gave a silent ‘hmph’ and started his trek to his room. With one glance over his shoulder, he found out that the imp-creature was following him. Damn.

“You know, SDU and Phantasmagoria look soooo good with each other! Unlike in the first series where SDU was with Zsazsa Zaturnnah (2), they actually complement each other! Zsazsa was just using SDU for fame, you see, and…” Dear God, why him?

“Sayu,” He began gently when they reached his bedroom. The gorgeous brunet turned the knob as he looked at his sister with concern. “Should I ask mom and dad to schedule an appointment with the loony doctor? I heard talking to no-one in particular is a symptom of – “

Hah, hah, hah. Very funny, onii-chan – you should be a comedian, one day. You know, so we’ll be rich and we’ll be able to afford that doctor’s appointment you’re talking about.”

Raito entered his room and scowled when Sayu decided to turn his perfectly-made bed into a trampoline. His scowl then morphed into a confident smirk as he declared his comeback, “I would if I wanted to Sayu, but if I were to be a comedian, everyone would die laughing due to the sheer brilliance that is my sense of hu – “

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – oh wait, your joke wasn’t done yet?” THOINK! “Oww! Hey, that


“Silence, devil-girl. Your super-sonic shrieks will obliterate my bedroom.” He retorted, amused. The only reply he got from Sayu was an indignant pout – finally, a tame reply. Well, as tame as Sayu could manage, anyway.

He sighed and set his school bag on the floor. After stretching a little, he approached the desk to review some notes for his prep course tonight. It was silent for a few minutes until Sayu suddenly shrieked – managing to surprise Raito a little at the intensity of the volume.

“Weeheeheeheeeeee!” Sayu squealed with delight, bouncing her feet on the soft mattress. “He did it! He finally told Phantasmagoria his secret identity!! And weeeeeeee!! Ahihihihihi!” She looked positively giddy, dancing and squealing like that.

It horrified Raito, much to his chagrin.

He turned the swivel chair to face his little sister. “What is it with you and superhero comic books, Sayu? Shouldn’t you be reading… shojo manga, instead?” No, Raito does not read shojo manga. He doesn’t.


Sayu looked positively horrified – wtf? – and pointed an accusing finger at her alleged Mr. Wonderful-candidate older brother. “That is just sick, onii-chan! I’ve had enough with that sort of prejudice! Why, just because I am female, I am merely bound to giddy-giddy, fabbity-fab-fab, bishonen-sparkles shojo manga? Onii-chan, do not categorize me in such a disgusting and revolting stereotype!”

There are a lot of things wrong with what she said,’ He thought mildly, looking at her with slightly-wide eyes. ‘And one of those is that she’s not supposed to have such a colossal vocabulary.’ 

Maybe she was his sibling after all.

He sighed and turned to face the door. “Well, that’s true, I suppose – but nevertheless, a girl reading an action-packed superhero comic book – not manga, mind you – is beyond ordinary. May I ask what intrigues you so much, imouto?”

Sayu closed the comic book and placed it on her lap – she sported a hmmm-I’m-thinking look and stared up at the ceiling in contemplation. She shrugged. “I dunno. I guess I just like the plot. You know, a normal guy gets superpowers and decides to use it for good – battling evil, implementing justice and getting the girl, and all that.” She grinned and lied on her stomach. She spread the comic book open in front of her. “I also like the ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ thing. You know, like Spider-man?”

Raito just stared at his sister while she explained the reason for her interest. With great power… comes great responsibility. He was familiar with the concept, yes. And he found it rather catchy and true. If he had superpowers – or rather, if he had the power to implement goodness and justice throughout the world, he would have done so in a flash.


But sadly, things like that only happen in comic books and manga. He smiled to himself, almost amused that he even thought about gaining superpowers. What, was he going to wear spandex and capes while running around saying his catchphrase and battling evildoers?

That… that was just silly. Ideal, but… still.

It was just silly.

“– and I like the fact that it can happen to just anybody. You know, you get bitten by a spider, and you’ll turn into Spider-man? Or some lab experiment gone wrong, and you’ll be chemically altered like the Hulk? Or, or, or you have some motivation to use your resources for good! Like Superman being the last of his kind, so he uses his superpowers to save Earth and stuff? Ooh, ooh – Bruce Wayne and his almighty-rich-playboy glory? The guy who uses his wealth to provide himself the resources he needs to become Batman?” Sayu practically swooned in her position. “I’m telling you – it could happen to anybody! And it could happen anywhere at any time… and any how!”

The brunet senior looked outside the window as the evening began to put the afternoon to sleep.

Superpowers… can’t be real. It wasn’t possible for anyone to obtain the needed abilities to pass as a superhero in the real world. Besides, one doesn’t need to have superpowers to become a hero, right? A true hero… Well, however that line went, it all means that it all depends on the strength of the heart, or something.

…Disney, go die.

Oh wait, he’s already dead. Yey me.’ Raito smiled and shook his head in amused disbelief. Seriously, he was putting too much effort in thinking about stuff that wasn’t even real. Really, one doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero.

…but it does make one look cool.

“—and I like the fact that it can happen to just anybody.” 


‘…like me?’ 


In my flight the whole world will remain safe 

No matter who – never backing off 

In my flight the whole world will remain safe 

No matter who – never backing off 

Be Ready. (1)


The next day, Raito was just as bored as ever. It was around two – the time in the afternoon when the brunet felt the sleepiest.

His two o’clock classes were, coincidentally, all mundane and dull. Hell, all of them were!


He was staring outside the window again. From where he sat, Raito deemed the sky more interesting than any class he ever took – at least it changes.

But class was always boring. Uneventful. Downright lame.

Raito blew his bangs off his face and continued to gaze at the bright blueness of the afternoon sky.

—only to witness the descending of a thin, black notebook.

Death Note…? 

…what the heck?

Hmm?’ Raito blinked as he watched the black object hit the pavement. He leaned to the side slightly to get a better look – there it was: a lone notebook on the concrete floor of the school grounds. He tilted his head to the side in slight confusion.

Where… where did it come from?

Heaven?’ He thought to himself mildly. He shook his head – of course not. Heaven his ass. Why would a notebook fall from the heavens?

…why indeed, inspector Yagami.

When class was over, the hot brunet and his perfect man-features decided to investigate the mysterious object that-fell-from-the-sky. Or that was thrown out unceremoniously by an angry writer. Or something.

Whatever it was, it caught the brunet’s interest.

He walked down the steps and glanced around him. Nobody seemed to be particularly noticing him. Caramel eyes then focused on a lonely notebook lying on the ground a few feet away.

How peculiar.

Peculiar indeed,’ He thought to himself. As he started walking towards it, the brunet was wondering what the strange notebook was. Could it be a sign from up above… or could it be just a normal notebook that was tossed from a window?

Well, whatever. He was just a reach’s distance away from the blasted thing.

He bent over and picked it up. He felt an odd tingling sensation in his hands, but he ignored it.

The top student examined the cover and found out that the title, apparently, was indeed Death Note – whatever that meant. He flipped through the pages –

—empty. Blank. Unused.

‘…how strange,’ The title should mean something, of course. Why would a blank notebook be named Death Note, of all things, if it didn’t contain a hint of ominous-ness? Well, there was that tingling sensation – by the way… 

My hands won’t stop… tingling.’ He observed. He still felt a tickling sensation in his hands. And he noticed that the parts that were tingling were the parts that were in contact with the notebook.


He put the notebook back down – tingling sensation gone! – and started walking away. Weird notebook, making Yagami Raito’s hands tingle… feh! The brunet isn’t stupid enough to keep a bizarre object in his possessions –

‘…hmm… Curious…’ 

The brunet stopped and turned back around.


We are not the same 

You cannot stop me 

There is nothing else to speak of 

There is no sense for you to finish 


This is silly,’ He thought to himself as he entered his house. He took off his shoes and slid into his slippers.

I brought home a bizarre, hand-tingling black notebook that probably belongs to someone emoish… Hmph! Completely out-of-character,’ 

But he would be lying if he said he wasn’t curious.

Imagine – a blank, black notebook that fell from the sky! A mysterious object that screams freaky, and somehow, for some odd reason, tends to give someone the tingles when touched.

Doesn’t that make one curious?

The brunet locked his bedroom door. He set his school bag on the bed and just stared at it. The oddness of the notebook makes one want to investigate it at least once. What kind of notebook sends tingles to your nerves? An electronic one? A… supernatural one?

Raito smirked to himself. Right. Supernatural – and just a day after thinking about how wonderful it would be to have superpowers.

You have to do better than that, God.

It’s too coincidental,’ He said to himself. Why would a notebook of immense power suddenly fall within his vicinity after he had thought about anything supernatural? It was insane – weird! It contradicted the very foundation of logic and reason – and that was just sick.

Well, for him anyway.

And no – he will not acknowledge the possibility of it being fate. OK, so he’s intelligent and talented – both in academia and sports. He was also very bored boy who had a profound sense of justice. Does that mean he was somehow given an opportunity to use his profound justice-senses for the greater good by receiving a mystical notebook from who-knows-where?

That almost made him laugh.

It’s not even mystical anyway,’ Raito reasoned, taking off his coat. ‘My hands must have been cold.’ Yeah, that’s it – temperature. His hands reacted to the lowness of the temperature! Coldness!

That was… logical, was it not?

He rubbed his hands together as he looked at his school bag. That really felt odd. It was like something soft was caressing his palm – tickling it. He gazed at his palms and closed them. Opened them. Closed them. Opened them. They feel normal now, but…

How odd.

Carefully, he unzipped his bag and stretched the opening to make it bigger. The black notebook was neatly placed between two other notebooks – harmless, if not a little too innocent. He sported a thinking stance as he debated with himself. Was it all just a one-time thing? It couldn’t happen again, after all. What were the odds of it… happening… again?

Why was he hesitating?

He shook his head as he reached for the notebook – Yagami Raito wasn’t hesitating. He was just being cautious, of course. Hah, what a joke. If it happened again, Raito will –


The sensation startled Raito – he immediately dropped the notebook after he felt it. He stared wide-eyed at the seemingly-innocent notebook on the ground.


Shit… something freaky is happening.’ Carefully, he knelt down and picked it up – zhhwiip! – and examined it. This sensation… this feeling… feels so weird, yet somehow… relaxing at the same time.

It was like being stroked by feathers.

His head shot up. Feathers? Where’d that come from?

The gorgeous brunet shook his head and scratched his chin. ‘I must be losing my mind. I’m going nuts over a weird… if-not-a-little-occult notebook.’ He turned his head to the side to look at the digital clock on his desk – it was a few minutes till six o’clock. Almost time for his prep course.

He shook his head in disbelief and fell on the mattress. The brunet placed the notebook on his stomach as he stretched. Now his stomach felt tingly.

It’s probably the material the covers made of…’ He thought idly. Raito completely overlooked the fact that he was still wearing his shirt. He stared at the ceiling for a while – ignoring the tingly sensation growing stronger. It felt a little relaxing, so Raito wasn’t really alarmed. He yawned.

Well, a little nap won’t hurt… right?

A few minutes later, Raito woke up with a groan. Dammit… why does his back hurt? He sat up slowly and rubbed the back of his neck. Geez, what time was it? He noticed the color of the light fading into a mixture of orange-like red. It was probably around fifteen minutes after six.

The brunet had an almost-precise internal clock, after all.

Time to get ready for my prep course,’ He said to himself. The caramel-eyed senior yawned and stretched. After a few seconds, he settled his hands on his knees – then, he froze. ‘…what – ‘ 

He gazed at his lap – at his stomach. Where… oh what the fuck where the hell was the notebook?

He bent a little to look at the floor – none. It wasn’t there. Where the heck was it? Not that he was attached to the notebook, of course. But it just seemed strange that –

When he looked to the side he saw the most horrifying thing.


…did he have wings?

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” He yelled and fell on the floor. He clutched his shoulders as he stood up. He watched the… the things on his back extend into long, black-and-white wings.

Black feathers on the surface of the wings, but there were white feathers on the inside. Black. White. Black. White.


He panicked – no, that was a gross understatement! His heart was palpitating; his shoulders convulsed. His eyes were wide as wiiide as can be. He looked around and saw a mirror hanging on the wall.

Quickly, Raito approached it. He stopped a fair distance away. Raito breathed and breathed and breathed.

…he looked… different.

Well, his facial features were still flawless, but the… the… wings – should he call them that? – gave him a whole new look. The way they bent, the way they just floated behind him…

Was it wrong to be awed by all this?

No. No. No. Yagami Raito shouldn’t even consider the possibility of growing wings! It was too spontaneous! Too… well, silly? They weren’t wings – he was obviously dreaming. Yes, that’s it – dreaming. This is all a figment of his imagination, a scripted play in his mental process! This wasn’t real. This wasn’t… real.

…was it?

He looked down at his feet and he noticed some feathers had fallen to the floor. He lifted his foot up and poked a white feather with his toe. Hmmm… was he supposed to feel that softy-softness? A soft feel tickled his nerves. He shook his head.

“Impossible…” He clutched his sides as he convulsed. “This can’t be… real…”

“‘Nah. This is pretty much real, kid.’” When he looked up to look the mirror, he saw –

—a monster.

Raito screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” He recoiled, drew back and fell on the floor. He groaned and looked up at an ominous-looking figure looming over him.

He gasped.

The creature smiled. “‘Howdy. I’m Ryuuk.’” 

Raito shook his head.



In my flight the whole world will remain safe 

No matter who 

Never backing off 

B E - R E A D Y 





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