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All the Stars in the Sky

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"I bet I can name more constellations than you, K."

“No, you can’t.”

“So it’s a bet?”

K eyed J as he leaned closer, too close, looking smug as anything. Personal space didn’t exist between them, a thing that was both beautiful and terrible. K wanted to touch him. That would be out of character; K didn’t want to touch anyone, and if he touched… Jack…

“It’s our job. Every agent is required to memorize every constellation. I swear to God, J, if you’ve forgotten any-”

Arms wound their way around K’s shoulders and suddenly, Jack was all over him, “Relax, I know my night skies. I was testing you.”

“Don’t waste your time,” K did exactly as told, relaxing in Jack’s arms, knowing nobody would notice something so subtle. He quite adored the way Jack took the matter out of his hands.

Not being with him was a lot easier to bear when he was with him in every other way.

“It’s not a waste of time,” J laughed, gesturing with one hand at the line of aliens in cuffs before them, “You know what’s a waste of time? Sitting here, watching everyone else do their jobs. Why are we still here, again?”

“Because Om says so. Looking to get fired?”

“He won’t fire us.”

“Fire you.”

“Fire me.”

“And why not?”

With a broad, unfairly attractive grin, J set his chin on K’s shoulder and tightened his embrace, “Because the only thing in this whole, wide world that makes you better than you, is me.”

...Koz wished he could wish that weren’t true.

“Then I certainly hope your excessive confidence is not misplaced.”

But everything in him only loved that Jack made him better, and he wouldn’t give it up for the world.