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Dreams of Light

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Dreams flit through her consciousness. Like a prism throwing rainbows, dreams reveal the inner layers of her being—all the things she hides, even from herself.


Childhood dreams shatter upon life’s hardships.

The death of a mother gives birth to a guardian.

Guardian becomes soldier; the soldier turns cold, hard.

Blue eyes a shade or two darker; pink hair likewise a shade or two darker. Her sister. Her purpose. Gone. Dead. Not by her hand; it might as well have been.


Agony beyond reckoning would pull tears if she had any more to shed. Yet she sits upon a dead goddess’ throne, her crystal as clouded as her heart.


 New dreams come.

A warmth long gone from her heart, colored as green as his eyes. Her charge. Her partner. He, as damaged as she, who managed to do so much more. Her balance. She destroys; he creates.


Jade green framed by silver; eyes overly large in a too-worn face. Emotions dart through them, expressive—almost too open. Fear. Admiration. Rage. Trust. Grief. Determination. Abandonment. Love.


She revisits the time long ago when he was a child forced to grow too fast. A time when his inner darkness nearly destroyed him…Them. In a foreshadowing of what was to come, he became the glue for their group providing the hope he was named for.


The dream shifts.


She watches between battles in that cold, dark place as he grows into the man the boy l'Cie promised to become. He mourns her, his mother, Fang, and Vanille. She watches as Snow explains why they’re wrong—at least about her. A fire, long dormant, lights his eyes as he finds his hope again. Years, fruitless years, pass; little does he know she watches as he searches.

The dream flinches as he launches the New Cocoon, Bhunivelze, and leaves to meet…her. Agony and anger coalesce as green and silver look over at pink and blue. One vibrant; the other faded.



The dream fades to start again.


These are the ties that bind her to the two so like herself—one in appearance, the other in spirit.