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Turnabout Vacation

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Chapter 1: Flight

Apollo sighed as their argument continued from the previous evening.

“But Schatzi, It would be far quicker for us to fly, nein? And you hate riding on the back of the hog. I could use my car but that is bound to be recognised by the press.”

“It’s not my fault you thought plastering your logo over everything was a good idea,” Apollo grumbled, his hair drooping as he poured himself out some cereal. He was late for work as it was, not having slept very well the night before.

He still didn’t understand why Klavier even wanted him to go with him this time. It was only going to be for a few days and besides which the other was going to be busy with a solo gig.

What irritated him more though was that Klavier’s argument was logical. Flying meant that Klavier did not have to concentrate on driving and also would be less likely to be stopped by fans on the way there. Not only that but it would save them time and mean they would have a few days to themselves before the concert started making it more worthwhile for Apollo to go.

He held up his hand as Klavier went to speak again. “No more, Klav. Book the damn plane tickets if you must. I’m gonna eat this breakfast and hope I can pedal fast enough to not be late for -“

“I could always give you a lift, Schatzi.”

“On your motorbike? No thanks.”

Apollo knew by turning that down he was proving part of Klavier’s point but he was too tired to care.

Quickly he finished up his breakfast before grabbing his coat and rushing out of the door, his mind too distracted about the following few days for him to even register that a) he had not given the other a kiss goodbye and b) that Klavier had a confused and extremely dejected look on his face.

Why did Aeroplanes have to go so damned high?


Klavier watched the other leave, speechless from shock. Had their disagreement really upset the other that much? Or did Apollo really not want to spend time away with him? He knew the other prided himself on his work, but he seemed to readily agree to going away when Klavier had bought up a hypothetical situation the last time he had had to go away and that time couldn’t take Apollo with him.

Pushing his toast away from him - he had lost his appetite - Klavier got slowly up and headed to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror he rubbed at his eyes and tried to calm down. But there had been a reason why he had asked Apollo on this trip and now he was worried he was rushing things.

He had taken steps in their relationship slowly - They both had memories in their past they needed to move from after all and it had been what Apollo wanted - but perhaps what he considered as slow wasn’t slow enough for the other.

Leaning over the sink, Klavier brushed his wavy hair out of his eyes with trembling fingers. “Gott… pull yourself together Klav, you gotta style your hair else people will ask questions."

His phone buzzed and he glanced at it, swallowing hard at the message. It was asking for confirmation of the tickets he had reserved the night before.

Klavier read over it a few more times, before sending the confirmation.

He figured to hell with it. If Apollo really wanted to back out of this trip then it wasn’t as though he couldn’t afford the fee for cancelling the ticket later.


“Mr. Wright? I’m here! Sorry I’m late!”

“… Apollo? That you? I was gonna call and say if you wanted to start your vacation today you could.”

Apollo muttered something under his breath, then bit his lip hard as Phoenix came into the main area of the office and looked hard at him.

“Mind repeating that? Apollo if Prosecutor Gavin has done anything to harm you…”

There was that threatening tone of his boss’s he usually only heard when Trucy was in danger. Apollo did not like it one bit. However from his attitude today he guess he couldn’t blame Mr. Wright for assuming the worse. His hair drooping back down he slumped into the sofa and put a hand to his head. “N-no… Klavier hasn’t… it’s just… we can’t agree on what method to travel.”

“This concert of his is still in the states right? So wouldn’t he drive or get a taxi?”

“… He wants us to fly… and well… I can’t refute his reasons because I can see his reasoning.”

Apollo wanted the sofa to swallow him when he saw Mr. Wright raise an eyebrow and point out the one argument he had not used.

“Have you tried telling him the truth?”

Griamcing, Apollo looked down. How could he tell the oh so perfect Klavier Gavin about his ludicrous phobia?

He only glanced back up when he felt a hand tightly gripping his shoulder. Seeing Mr. Wright wearing a reassuring smile he tried his hardest to smile back. “Mr. Wright?”

“I cannot force you to do anything, Apollo, but I hope that even if he has booked the tickets you still intend to go with him.”

Apollo hesitated. “… I think so. But… I’m not sure he’ll want me there anymore.”

Now that he thought about it whilst more awake, his morning cup of coffee having finally kicked in, he really had been a jerk about it to the other last night, and he must have been pushing the other too far for Klavier’s first topic of the morning to be about the plane flight.

He froze as he thought back to that morning - He’d been in a rush but that was no excuse… he hadn’t even kissed the other goodbye had he?!

“Apollo… go home. I don’t know what is going on in that mind of yours but it isn’t work. Trucy and Athena are out shopping and I… have somewhere else to be. I’m sure the universe won’t implode if we close the office for one day.”

Any other day Apollo would have argued with Mr. Wright on this point but he had had more than enough of that this week.

Sighing dejectedly he nodded and got back to his feet. “Thanks. Sorry.”

“Not a problem, Apollo! Have a good time!”

Apollo rolled his eyes as he headed out to where he had left his bicycle tied up. Only Mr. Wright could try to make everything sound like it was fine like that.


“Prosecutor Gavin, are you even listening? Your leave does not start until tomorrow you know.”

Kiavier winced at the irritated tone to Edgeworth’s voice. Swallowing hard he looked up and into the other’s grey eyes. “Ach… Es tu mi lied… Herr Edgeworth… it won’t happen again…”

“Is something wrong?”

He was surprised when the other sat down opposite his desk and took his glasses off. What had happened to him being able to put on a performance if even Herr Edgeworth could tell that something was amiss with his emotions? “… I think I may be losing him.”

“I was rather under the impression that you were planning the opposite to such a state. Unless something catastrophic has happened since last we spoke, I fail to see how this situation could have arisen.”

Klavier fiddled nervously with his hair. “It’s nothing you can help with, Herr Edgeworth. What was it you needed me to do today again?”

The other let out a resigned sigh. “… I have already explained what paperwork needs completing before you leave for your excursion tomorrow at least thrice. It is clear your thoughts are elsewhere. I shall finish these myself and you can make it up to me when you return from your trip. I hope I have made myself clear.”

Only Edgeworth could make a favour sound like a punishment, Klavier mused as he stood slowly up and forced a smile of thanks to the other. “Danke, but I would rather -“

“Work and get distracted at a crucial moment? I will not jeopardise the prosecutor’s office in such a manner. Prosecutor Gavin I know you pride yourself on your ability to multi-task but I am also aware how big of a personal step you are planning on taking in the next few days. Perhaps it was my fault to let you come in today in the first place.”

Klavier laughed bitterly. “And letting me stay at home with someone who didn’t even say goodbye this morning would have been better would it?”

“… Put ike that, no perhaps it would not. However I do not think you are telling me the whole story, Prosecutor Gavin. If you wish to heed my advice I would need to hear an entire testimony from you and not just what you consider the highlight.”

Klavier recognised that look in Edgeworth’s eyes - the other was trying to connect the dots logically but of course that would never work without the full information.

More unsure of himself than he had been in ages, Klavier decided he had nothing to lose. Slowly he told his boss about his and Apollo’s argument that had been the main focus of his personal life for the past couple of days. Until this morning he had considered it more a disagreement than an argument but as Apollo had run off without a word this morning, he was worried his partner considered it the latter.

The silence in the office that followed after Klavier had finished his explanation was stifling. He found himself staring at Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth with worry as the other tapped a finger on his sleeve with his eyes closed.

“… I think your mind has made an illogical leap, Prosecutor Gavin. Whilst the incident this morning is troubling your testimony has made one thing clear.”

“J-ja?” Klavier stammered, trying not to sound desperate for any semblance of hope.

“Justice did not seem to be objecting to going with you, merely your preferred method of transport. That is not the action of someone who is trying to distance themselves from you.”

“… Ach…” Klavier’s frame visibly relaxed as he realised Edgeworth was right. He really was worrying too much over this it seemed. And yet… yet he wanted everything to be perfect for this weekend and it seemed it had already got off to a rocky start.

“Go home, Prosecutor Gavin. I am sure the office will survive one extra day without your input.”

Klavier was not going to argue with Edgeworth yet again today. Nodding to the other he packed up his things and grabbed his favourite guitar before leaving the office. It was time he went home.


Apollo was surprised to see Klavier’s motorbike parked on the driveway when he got back to their house, and now he was beginning to feel even more troubled. Had his actions that morning pushed Klavier into not even leaving their home? He really hoped not, that had not been his intention at all.

Slowly he climbed the few stairs to their front door before letting himself in with his key. “Klav? Look I… I didn’t… I wasn’t…”

Before he could find a way to articulate what he wanted to say properly, he found himself smothered in an embrace from the taller man.

He clung tightly back as he realised the other was shaking. “Klav?”

“You came back!”

“… Of course I came back… this is our house isn’t it?” Apollo muttered, now thoroughly confused. The other couldn’t have seriously thought he would leave over a disagreement about travel arrangements could he?

“Oh thank gott… Apollo, I… I booked the plane tickets but if you really don’t want to go… if we are rushing things too much…”

Apollo blinked and pushed himself back from Klavier so he could look the other in the eyes. “Rushing? Klavier most people would go away together somewhere for a few days before moving in with each other. This is not rushing anything.” Why would the other even be concerned about that now?

“… Then it really is just about the form of transport?”

“Yes, it really is. And I’m gonna be even worse company if we fly.”

“But you have flown before ja?”

Apollo’s hair drooped. He could not deny that. “Yes but usually with more preparation than someone suddenly saying ‘let’s go by plane instead of road’. Also those places were ones where it was physically impossible to reach them any other way short of a boat trip that would take up far too much of my time. What you are talking about is only a few States over from where we are now.”

“Is it a crime to want to spend my spare time with you rather than driving?”

“No… I… it’s just. Oh forget it. It doesn’t matter. Let’s just go by plane. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now… I think I owe you a goodbye kiss from this morning… and maybe an apology one for forgetting…”

As Apollo pulled the other down to his level and captured his lips in a kiss, he tried to stop his body from tensing over.

He hoped he had done the right thing.


The next morning was a blur to Apollo. Whilst he and Klavier had put their little spat behind them, he was still anxious about what the other would think when he found out why he hadn't wanted to fly in the first place.

He was relieved when the airport check-in went off without a hitch. Delaying the inevitable would only make the sick feeling in his stomach worse after all. It seemed fortune has been on their side for once because although Klavier was hiding who he was under a coat, hat, and sunglasses, he had clearly got the vibe off the check-in lady that she thought she was speaking to someone important, and him merely lowering his sunglasses was enough for her to realise who he was. Klavier had managed to stop her shouting out anything about him by giving her an autograph and after that they had got their tickets without any fuss.

Security checks for once were boringly routine, but Apollo wouldn't have had that any other way. At least as they were only going to another state they didn't have stringent passport checks to worry about, nor did they have that much luggage to lug about with them.

Even so things seemed to be going so smoothly. He wondered whether it was because Klavier had booked VIP Class tickets. In all honesty he wished the other had not done that, it was not as though he was likely to be in any state to use the extra facilities and he didn't want Klavier to pay for everything on this trip.

He flinched as he felt an arm suddenly wrap around him as they headed through the gate.

"Schatzi you're very quiet this morning. You're not ill are you? If you thought flying was going to make you sick for the entire trip then maybe I should have booked a taxi or something..."

"N-no. I'm fine, Really, Klavier. Maybe I'm still a little tired from our lack of sleep the other night?"

Apollo wasn't convinced the other had bought that excuse. Even he hadn't despite being the one to say it.


Soon they found themselves seated on the plane and getting ready for take off. Apollo risked a glance out of the window and grimaced. They had not taken off yet and yet this was already too high for his liking.
He was unaware that he had completely lost control of his breathing until he felt a large hand grip his own tightly. "K... Klavier... I..."

"... You don't like flying do you?"

Apollo's hair wilted. Here it came. Klavier had worked out what was going on and was going to tease him for the rest of the week for being so pathetic. "... No, I don't."

"Schatzi, mein Gott... Why didn't you just say?!"

Blinking, Apollo hesitantly looked up at the other. Instead of the mischievous spark he had expected to find in Klavier's blue eyes (Klavier had taken his sunglasses off as soon as they were safely on board) they were filled with deep concern and perhaps something else as well? Was that relief? "... I didn't know what you'd think of me," Apollo muttered, finally resigning himself to telling Klavier the truth. "I mean you've done this all your life. Flying from gig to gig... studying in Germany... you've probably ridden in aeroplanes more times that I've been in a car."

"Oh Apollo..."

Apollo turned away from the other and tried not to look out of the window. He felt awkward and embarrassed about all this, not least because he hadn't given his partner the benefit of the doubt and just been up front with him in the first place. Even if the other had teased him about it then so what? At least they wouldn't be on this plane now. Had he seriously thought the other would leave him behind if he said no? He may have no idea why Klavier would invite him on a trip where the main event was one of his concerts but that did not mean he hadn't wanted to spend more time with the other.

"... Do you want to switch seats?"

Okay, of all the potential comments Apollo had expected to come from the other next, that was not even on the list. He had expected either some teasing or indignation about him not trusting his partner to care about something like this. "H-huh?"

"Wanna switch seats? If you are that scared of flying perhaps the window seat isn't appropriate Ja? Or is it the enclosed space you..."

Apollo's heart twisted guiltily. Looking back at the other he nodded and they quickly exchanged places before the announcement to strap in for take off came through.

It was only once they had sat down again that Apollo realised that Klavier still had a tight grip of his hand. "Klavier..."

"I'm here Ja? Do you feel sick?"

Apollo shook his head. "No... I... I feel faint. Klavier I... we're going up in a minute aren't we?"

"Yes Schatzi, we are."

Swallowing hard, Apollo squeezed his eyes tightly shut as he heard the engines shudder into life. As the plane took off he was aware of Klavier humming a soft song under his breath - one that the other had written for him.

Focusing on the other's voice and the firm yet reassuring grip Klavier had on his hand, Apollo took a few deep breaths and waited for the plane to settle into the atmosphere.


Klavier watched the other with deep concern, but he also had relaxed his body posture considerably since finding out just what had upset the other so much these past couple of days. He wished the other had simply said but he knew how strong Apollo tried to be to everyone else on the outside. Still humming softly he brushed his finger across Apollo's hand gently. The other seemed calmer now but still had his eyes shut. That combined with the rapid agreement in which Apollo had changed seats led him to one conclusion.

"You aren't a fan of heights..." he mumbled once the plane had settled into flight and they were allowed to take their seatbelts off.

"No... I'm not. To be honest I thought everyone probably knew by now but then I realised even those whose seen me at my worst with heights didn't connect that that could affect my ability to cope with flying. As if being surrounded by a big metal thing would make me feel any safer."

Klavier smiled softly and squeezed his hand. "But you have flown more than once before... that means you must have ways to deal with it nein?"

"Y-yeah... but I usually give myself time to prepare mentally for this and also I tend to try and sleep throughout the plane ride. Actually the latter method was suggested to me by Mr. Wright..."

"... Ach. Apollo is that what you meant by being worse company if we flew? I don't mind, Schatzi. If you need to sleep you need to sleep, and gott knows we both could catch up with forty winks after the lack of sleep the other night, nein? 'Sides, if I'd been driving I'd have been concentrating on the roads and probably couldn't converse with you then either. Taxis are always a lottery cos if the driver recognises me the talk would have been all music or nothing at all. And if we'd been on the hog you probably wouldn't even have been able to hear me over the wind today. At least here we can cuddle Ja?"

"... Klavier I..."

Klavier smiled softly as he saw a familiar heat rising to Apollo's cheeks and a look in those adorable brown eyes that suggested the other was speechless. "It's okay, Schatzi, really. We'll have plenty of time to talk when we get to New York."

"But... you really gonna sleep yourself and cuddle? What if someone from the press..."

"Let them," Klavier grumbled. "I'm not stifling myself by wearing my coat in here and if they don't know about you already they aren't doing their jobs very well. I'd rather be photographed asleep and with you in my embrace, then forcing you to stay awake and face your fear when you aren't ready. But if you'd rather they didn't recognise you..."

"N-no. It's fine. Klavier I... I'm sorry I've been such an -"

"Aschloch? Nein. You were trying to find a way to approach me about this and I was being so insistent about flying that you didn't want to turn me down. I don't think this has been a finest hour for either of us."

Klavier smiled as he saw Apollo relax at that, and wrapped an arm around the others shoulder. With his other arm he reached up into the overhead luggage compartment and handed down a face mask from his hand luggage for Apollo to put on.

"...Why do you have these?"

"Force of habit," Klavier admitted with a chuckle. "This may only be a short flight but I've been on ones that take almost half a day. Even I tend to sleep on those."
The other seemed to take that as an acceptable answer and curled up next to Klavier on the seats which were now tilted back.

Smiling softly, Klavier lent over and placed a kiss to Apollo's forehead before settling down to sleep himself.

He was now reassured that this weekend would actually be the perfect time he had imagined.

He just hoped he wasn't dooming things by making this a surprise.


Almost five hours later, Apollo found himself being woken up by Klavier. "Lemme sleep a bit longer..."

"I'd love to, Herr Forehead, but we're here."

Blinking, Apollo took his mask off and rubbed at his eyes. "Already? It can't possibly have been five hours... I didn't even feel us land."

"I plugged you in. Seemed a shame to disturb you nein? How are you feeling?"

"Refreshed," Apollo admitted with surprise. "You know.. Klavier... you never told me how long this journey would have actually taken by car... just that you'd still be able to make your concert..."

"Didn't I? Ach... maybe I didn't. Los Angeles to New York takes about 40 hours, Schatzi."

Apollo's eyes widened and he sat bolt upright. "Nearly two days?" He yelped. "You were willing to consider wasting two of our four days driving?!"

"Well... you seemed so insistent that flying wasn't' the way to go so..."

Ugh. Apollo looked down as his hair began to wilt once more. Now he felt like an even bigger jerk than he had the night before.

"H-hey. I won't have that look, Herr Forehead. We're here now nein? And I wouldn't have considered it if it wouldn't have been feasible. Please, we're here to have fun. Last week is already forgotten."

Apollo blinked. "Last... oh. We're just into Saturday now aren't we?"


Hearing the other chuckle, Apollo found himself smiling as he stood up and retrieved what little hand luggage he had bought with him.

As they left the plane and headed to retrieve their bags from the luggage carousel, Apollo found himself wondering just what it was that had made their plane journey so bearable.

Had he really simply been that tired that he had slept throughout the whole ordeal without once stirring from his slumber? Or was it because he felt safer in Klavier's arms.

Picking up his suitcase and following Klavier out to the waiting taxi to take them to their hotel room, he eventually came to the conclusion that it was probably both.

But mostly the latter.