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Sam knew it was probably a bad idea. They were only pretending to be together for the sake of the case and a week sleeping in the same bed might give them enough time to get used to the idea. He also knew that Dean would be furious if he ever found out about it. Well, it was a good thing he could handle Dean.

“Cas, we can just share the bed. I know Dean acts all weird about guys sharing a bed together, but it doesn’t bother me. Unless it bothers you…” He let the sentence trail off. He knew that Castiel didn’t really understand a lot of the “rules” that came with being human, but he didn’t want the other man to feel uncomfortable either.

“Oh no. That would not bother me.” Cas was looking at the bed as if sizing it up.

“Well at least we have that part figured out.” Sam sighed and stretched, flopping onto the aforementioned bed. “I’m too big for the couch anyway. And what kind of fiancée would I be if I made you sleep on the couch?” He shot a grin at Cas who gave him an unamused glare before turning away.

Sam watched as he grabbed his bag and began unpacking his new clothes and loading them into the dresser. Dean never unpacked his duffle, so where did Cas learn to do that?

“What are you doing?” He asked him, mostly just to have something to talk to him about. He was kind of worried about the amount of time that Cas and he would be spending alone this week. Not that they had a strained relationship, but they had spent very little time alone together. Dean had always been around.

“I’m unpacking.”

“Well that much is obvious.” Sam rolled his eyes at the incredibly literal angel. “But why are you unpacking?”

“Charlie said that if I took the clothes out of the bag they wouldn’t be wrinkled when I wanted to wear them. She said that you boys might need to learn that trick. Would you like me to show you?” Castiel stopped unpacking to give him a look that let Sam know the angel was serious. He honestly believed that he and his brother didn’t unpack because they didn’t know how.

Sam huffed out a short laugh at that. “No thanks. I think I can figure it out.” And then as if to prove his point he rolled off the bed and began unpacking his own bag.

“Hand me your dress shirt and slacks.” He said, reaching into his own bag to pull out his nicer outfit. They really had no idea what all would be required for this couple’s get away and had packed for quite a few eventualities. He grabbed the bundle of clothes that Cas handed him and proceeded to the tiny closet next to the bed. He felt Castiel’s eyes on him while he pulled out some hangers, carefully hanging and straightening the fancy shirts they had purchased for the occasion. As he folded the slacks in half and hung them on the rung of the hanger the question came.

“What are you doing?”

He should have been expecting it. The poor guy really only had himself and Dean to show him the ropes, and they rarely taught him things like hanging clothes on hangers to make them look nice. It made him hide a smile. He didn’t want Cas to think he was making fun of him.

“Some of the fabrics used on nicer clothes will hold their shape better, but that means that the folds from shoving them in a drawer will stay, even when you try to wear them. If you hang them up they won’t have those folds.” He explained it as professionally as possible.

“Oh, okay.” And then Cas went back to placing his other clothes into the dresser.


It was almost five before the phone on the nightstand began to ring. They were invited to a buffet meet and greet in the conference area on the ground floor. There would be nine other couples at the “retreat” and since most of the activities would include at least one of the other couples, they were invited down to introduce themselves to the other people they would be spending the week with.

They had been mostly lazing around the room for the day. They did some research, but they didn’t have much to go on yet. They’d have to find out some more information after the other guests had started to go to bed. Cas was sitting on the bed, back against the headboard and legs crossed in front of him, watching TV.

“What are you watching?” Sam asked him, plopping down on the edge of the bed, opposite the side that Castiel had apparently claimed.

“It’s a show that means to prove the existence of aliens.”  Castiel smirked at that, but didn’t turn his attention from the glowing screen on the opposite wall.

“Oh yeah? The only aliens we’ve ever come across ended up being the work of your brother, and fairies.” Sam watched as the show’s camera zoomed out from the field of knocked down corn stalks. It retracted until the entire field could be seen, as if from an airplane. It showed the corn had been knocked down into a spiral pattern that stretched the entire length of the field at its largest wrap.

“Yes, quite a few of the examples that they have shown are clearly the work of angels. It amazes me how humans find explanation for oddities by inventing more oddities.” And his face showed that he was indeed amused by the observation.

“Ok, no human bashing.” Sam sent him a grin to let him know that he wasn’t being serious. “Anyway, it’s time to get dressed for dinner. They said it starts in about an hour.”

“It does not take me an hour to change clothes.”

Sam rolled his eyes at the angel. He had a feeling the muscles in his eyes would be getting quite the workout this week.

“Well I’m going to jump in the shower before I get dressed. I guess you probably don’t need one, so  just carry on mocking humans in your mind.” He hopped off the bed and headed for the dresser, feeling odd that he had to dig around in a drawer for a change of clothes instead of his duffle. He made sure there were available towels in the bathroom already and then closed the door just as Castiel was huffing a laugh at the alien explanation for the pyramids.

The conference room was decked out for the occasion. Apparently a bunch of couples in need of some time away required tablecloths and centerpieces. The room looked almost like something out of a wedding movie. And that was a little weird. Especially with the buffet spanning one of the walls, and the tiered cake on the last table. The food smelled good though.

Castiel had donned a casual blue golf shirt and khaki pants for the occasion. He looked so much like the dad that Claire was always trying to dress him as. She would call him so she could get registered for college, or whatever she was trying to get into these days that was easier with parental approval. Sam was a little worried it wasn’t really going to fit in with the happy gay couple vibe they were trying to convey. Oh well, who were these people to tell Cas that his clothes weren’t gay enough anyway?

Sam himself was wearing a pale purple V-neck and some stylishly torn jeans. He probably looked gay enough for the both of them. The thought made him chuckle to himself. The impression they were going to give off was the complete opposite of the truth.

“How’s my favorite brother-in-law?” Charlie’s voice sounded from behind him, and he turned to see her sauntering in with a hand hanging off Dean’s elbow. His brother glared around the room, obviously displeased with the whole affair, eyes eventually landing on Castiel who had turned to join the group. Dean’s eyes lit up with amusement.

“What the hell are you wearing?” He smirked at Castiel as he eyed his new outfit. “Suburban dad chic?”

Cas frowned a little as he placed his hand on the inside of Sam’s elbow in the same way that Charlie was holding on to Dean.

“I think he looks fantastic!” Charlie interjected before glaring over at Dean. Charlie had been the one to take Cas shopping and had helped pick out his clothes.

Dean seemed to realize that he had managed to insult half of the group with one comment, and he quickly backed down. “I was just kidding guys! Cas, you look great!” When he realized what he’d said, a red tinge crept onto his cheekbones.

“How do you guys like your room?” Sam asked them, effectively saving his brother from his own big mouth.

“It’s nice! There’s a minibar, and it’s stocked! Although it only has one bed.” Charlie interjected immediately, frowning at Dean again at the mention of the bed they would have to share.

Sam glanced down at Cas. They hadn’t even noticed a minibar. They’d have to check that out when they got back to the room.

“Yes. It is quite a bit nicer then the places that you usually stay at.” Castiel input into the conversation.

“Yeah, and look at all of that food. Can we eat now?” Of course Dean was focused on the most important part of the retreat.

Dean and Charlie headed for the buffet at an amazing speed after that comment, Charlie practically bouncing across the room and Dean trying to keep up.

“I suppose I should eat something, so as not to arouse suspicion.” Castiel commented, glancing up at Sam as if it was a question.

He smiled down at his friend. “Yeah. It might be a good opportunity for you to figure out some foods that you like. You can grab a little of everything. If you don’t eat it all it’s fine. Everyone takes too much at a buffet.” He placed his hand over Castiel’s where it still rested on his elbow and led them both toward the table with the empty plates waiting to be filled.

“Hey! They have pie!” Dean turned to them excitedly as they approached. His face turned sour as he saw the placement of their hands, and when Sam raised an eyebrow at the look, his brother glanced pointedly around the mostly empty room. There were only two other couples in the room so far, and they were already engaged in conversation, not paying any attention to the Winchester group.

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother’s blatant jealousy and in a fit of pique used the hand covering Castiel’s to pull the other man in front of him, indicating that Cas should get his food ahead of him. Dean’s glare sharpened before he went back to heaping ridiculous amounts of pie onto his plate. If Castiel thought it strange that Sam was acting that way, he didn’t indicate it. He moved forward to grab a plate and quickly began filling it with a little of everything he saw.

Dinner turned out to be a strange affair. They had all stuck together, so there was only room for one other couple at their table. It turned out that Castiel and Sam weren’t the only gay couple at the event and the other couple took the available seats at their table. They introduced themselves as Derek and Harry.

“The queers have to stick together at these things.” Harry said by way of explanation as they joined the table. Derek pulled out his chair for him and he flopped down into it unceremoniously, glancing suspiciously at the straight couple across the table from him.

“I’m Sam, and this is Cas.” Sam introduced them, shaking Derek’s hand as the other man took the seat next to him. “These other two are my brother Dean, and his wife Charlie.” There was a pair of barely disguised cringes from the aforementioned couple at the word wife. Sam sent them both a glare.

The greeting between the group lasted longer than necessary with both Charlie and Harry questioning everything about the newcomers and group respectively.

“So, how long have you been married?” Harry asked her, after the short pause that had been him finally eating some of the food he’d set in front of himself.

“A little over two years. My little Deanie finally got all of his dreams fulfilled.” She grinned at Dean, who paused in his food shoveling long enough to glare at her, then continued where he left off.

“Oh that’s great! We’re here celebrating our two-year anniversary. Spring wedding, you know.” Harry said, glancing adoringly at his husband. Derek grinned back at him, but didn’t add to the conversation.

“So, you guys are engaged?” Harry leaned forward a little, looking at Sam and Castiel around his husband.

“Yes.” Not that Sam had any qualms about talking with the newcomer, but he really didn’t know what else to add.

“Well! When’s the wedding? We got married as soon as we legally could. Isn’t it great that it’s legal now? Like oh my god, the gays are getting the same rights that everyone else has!” He rolled his eyes as he said the last.

“We haven’t picked a date yet.” Sam told them, making a mental note that they should probably figure out an answer for that before they got asked it too many more times.

“Well why the hell not?” Harry asked, his husband sent him a glare at his uncouth behavior.

“We haven’t had time to really discuss it. We were kind of hoping we’d be able to pick a date while we were here.” Sam told them, placing his hand over Castiel’s where it rested on the table. He grinned down at him, and hoped Cas would be able to play along.

The Winchesters were used to having to think quickly and lying to people. And somehow Charlie was already amazing at it, even though she hadn’t been hunting long. As an angel it was hard to imagine that Cas had much experience lying, or even playing a role.

“Yes…” Castiel’s voice trailed off for a second. “It will make it much easier to plan the wedding when we decide what time of year it will be held.” And although the way he spoke was still almost too proper to sound human, the lie rolled right off his tongue.

There was a slight pause in the conversation, and Sam had just begun to worry that the way Cas talked had somehow tipped off the newcomers when Harry spoke again.

“What did you say you do again?” He asked Castiel, and it made Sam’s hackles rise.

“I’m an interior designer.” Cas restated. Sam worried that the gay stereotype was going to be what blew the whole thing.

“I think you missed your calling as an English professor.” Harry joked, and everyone’s guard dropped so fast that even Dean chuckled.