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The Good Doctor

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Addiction is a word that Jimin deals with on the daily. He wouldn’t say he’s accustomed to it, by no means at all is he desensitized. Even after three years at work, being a psychologist was a job that came with an array of patients – surprises and oddities accompanying them to his office door. Jimin tells himself that he’s prepared for whatever that may be thrown at him, no matter how big or small. He spent years in college working towards a doctorate degree, poured hours of the day into homework and assignments. He was trained for this, he was evaluated, guided, he assisted professionals before finally starting his own career. Jimin embodies determination and understanding, but even that couldn’t have prepared him for Jeon Jungkook.

He’s your basic sex addict. Troubled, distant, angry, and somewhat cocky, however Jimin suspects that was there long before Jungkook became an addict.

Their sessions have been going on for almost three weeks now, and Jimin can’t seem to spot any improvement in Jungkook. Though that was only one among many of Jimin’s concerns. The good doctor can handle Jungkook’s personality just fine if he’s willing to pay for each appointment, it’s the man’s advances towards him that make things rather unsavoury. As a professional himself now, Jimin is bound by confidentiality laws, which state that he cannot speak or hint about what goes on behind his closed office doors. And boy, did Jimin want to complain. However, what goes on inside his office stays between him and his patients, and perhaps Jungkook takes advantage of that.

Jimin doesn’t take him too seriously. He’s there to help Jungkook, to work his addiction out with him, to be a confidant who Jungkook can rely on for help. Regardless of how Jungkook had his heart pounding with just the lightest touches, or how his unabashed stares and comments had him blushing to the tips of his ears, Jimin casts that all aside to be the adult. At work, Jimin is obligated to ignore all flirtations, no matter how many times Jungkook has touched his arm, or how many sly remarks about his ass is thrown his way. He’s flattered. Who wouldn’t be? It’s just that Jimin is neither permitted nor did he want to encourage such behaviour, but that doesn’t deter Jungkook at all. As a matter of fact, it seems to spur him on to have Jimin brush off his every attempt at trying to get into his pants. He becomes unnecessarily elaborate whenever he relays his activities in the past week to Jimin, especially his lack of enthusiasm towards recent sexual partners and his…private sessions with himself.

Jimin knows it’s wrong.

He shouldn’t feel so heated when Jungkook leers at him from across the table, and their relationship should not develop into any sort of intimate, but…it was fucking hard. He confesses; it’s not easy to have an attractive, clearly interested man, confined in him for a few hours, doing his best to seduce him every chance he gets. Jimin is at a constant struggle to keep himself in check.

Jungkook visits Jimin more and more as time goes on, and for a while Jimin wonders how he can afford so many sessions with him, but observing his carefree attitude towards money, Jungkook's not concerned. Jimin is apprehensive at all times when Jungkook arrives. He's dealt with sex addicts before, but Jungkook is more intense, his gazes are too hungry. His eyes are consistently on him, following him, drinking him in. Naturally, Jimin squirms, stutters, and tries to move on. Then...when the session comes to an end, and Jimin walks him to the door as a show of courtesy, Jungkook corners him, gently crowds him into the door of the office and speaks a hair's breadth away from his lips.

"I'll see you next session, Doctor Park."

Jimin senses a strain on the fourth week. Jungkook tells him that he hasn’t had a release in nearly a week now, his irritation contorting his handsome face. Jimin asks him why. With an appearance like Jungkook’s, it would be simple to find a suitable partner. He doesn’t voice this, however. Dissatisfaction is a common feeling among sex addicts. It’s not enough, they want more, but they despise that feeling. There’s an unquenchable thirst that sits low in their bellies, and they’re unable to do a thing about it. It can be distracting, bothersome – so inconvenient that a person would get nothing done, too consumed in their own need to consider anything else. Jimin sees this in Jungkook’s expressions. Despite his bravado, Jimin sees the troubled man underneath. Jungkook didn’t ask for this, he didn’t enjoy this. He was like any other man getting over an addiction… and his interest in Jimin must be due to that. Jimin’s sure of it.

On the fifth week, Jungkook snaps. He hasn't had sex with anyone for so long, and he's agitated beyond belief, and when he visits Jimin again, he let's his frustrations out on him. Jungkook doesn't sit on the couch like he's instructed, instead, he rounds Jimin's large desk and leans his hips against the edge beside Jimin's chair and all Jimin can do is blink up at him slowly. "Jungkook-ssi?" he asks in confusion.

"Doctor Park. Can I make a confession?" Jungkook inquires, spinning Jimin's chair towards him and braces each of his hands on the armrests. "I don't think these sessions are helping me. I haven't fucked anyone in weeks," he admits.

Jimin blinks rapidly. "I... Isn’t that a good thing?" he tilts his head and sinks further into his chair.

"No... because all I can do is think of you. You know what I do every day? Every single hour of the day I'm thinking of you. Nothing else works. Porn, magazines, actual sex. Nothing, but I have to cum. I have to cum. I have to I think of you. It's been so long, Jimin-hyung. It's been so long and all I have is my hand," he practically moans. "Don't you think it's your duty to fix that? It's your fault after all..."

Jimin is astounded by what he's hearing and for a moment he wants to ask Jungkook to repeat himself, but his attention goes elsewhere because Jungkook's got the two few buttons of his shirt undone and with the way he's leaning over him, Jimin can see an enticing sliver of skin and hints of well-defined abs. Jungkook smirks, noticing his silence and presses in closer.

"Do you wanna touch, Doctor Park? Is it legal for you to touch your patients?" Jungkook growls into his ear, far too close for comfort.

Jimin's breathing stops completely and his heart threatens to jump from his chest.

"I want you to touch me. You can do that for me, can't you? Just this once. I just need your hand, please...fuck...just touch me. Just this once and I'll be a good boy and tell you all my problems," Jungkook nips teasingly at Jimin's ear.

Jimin's shaking now, his grip on his pen and notepad gone, the items falling to the floor and he's so red that Jungkook could probably feel the heat off his body.

Jimin clenches his eyes shut and breathes in deeply through his nose. This was a terrible idea. He could be fired for this, his license could be revoked, torn. He would be thrown onto the curb, banned from ever being a psychologist again. He would have to start from square one, find himself another career path. All those years at college, all those hours at home, being surrounded by papers and books rather than friends, would all be thrown away because he made the mistake of being too touchy with one of his patients. But Jungkook was watching him too intently, too expectant and hopeful. It would be unprofessional of Jimin to lay a hand on Jungkook in any way other than for comfort, so he views it as such. He’s giving Jungkook comfort, some relief from stress. There wasn’t anything wrong with that. Plus, he’s spent five weeks with Jungkook, both so wrapped up in tension that his assistant barely had the courage to pop into his office anymore whenever Jungkook was around after a certain incident where he had gotten too close. Five weeks of talking and getting nowhere, five weeks of counselling that seemed to be doing nothing. He’s convinced that maybe this would get them going the right direction.

Who knew temptation would come to him in the form of brown doe eyes and a slight overbite.


Jungkook holds still when Jimin's small, trembling hands reach for his belt. "S-Since I'm obligated to take care of my patients, this is a one-time thing, Jungkook. Then we're going to talk," Jimin makes up an excuse.

"Whatever you say, Doctor Park. Whatever you say," he readily agrees as Jimin tugs his dress shirt from his pants and slides his fingers down to his fly. His cock, stiff and already leaking, springs up and stands proud, curling up towards his stomach and Jimin lets out a shuddering breath. Jungkook shifts closer and places one hand in his hair. "I've cum... three times today," Jungkook confesses. "All whilst thinking of you, all whilst imagining you like this. You don't know how many times I've wanted to bend you over and fuck you over your desk. That's what desks are for, right? I bet you'd be such a screamer too," Jungkook bites his lip as he sees that Jimin's finger can barely wrap all the way around his cock. Your mouth is enough," Jungkook chuckles.

Jimin's hesitant at first of course. He's always somewhat cautious around Jungkook, even more so when he's about to give his patient a blowjob in the middle of his office. Jungkook watches him quietly, bucking his hips slowly into Jimin's hand and it takes all of Jimin not to fucking drool because Jungkook is a fine specimen of a man and he knows that he has never had any trouble getting a good lay. And... it’s been so long since Jimin's had someone look at him with such need. With the thought that Jungkook hadn't been able to fuck anyone else because he'd been thinking of Jimin all this time, it makes him feel amazing.

"Just like that...fuck...yes...just like that," Jungkook moans as Jimin simply holds him, doing all the work by thrusting his hips.

"...No sex," Jimin says suddenly.

Jungkook's halts and falters.

"W-What?" he asks.

"No sex...b-but...if you want...y-you can fuck my thighs..." Jimin ducks his head and looks away in embarrassment. There’s a minute of silence that makes Jimin think that he’s said something wrong, but then Jungkook groans and nods vigorously.

It doesn't take a lot of effort for Jungkook to position Jimin just the way he wants him. Both of their clothes shed in case they got dirty, Jimin half-lies and half-sits in his large desk chair, his toned legs in the air as Jungkook slots himself in-between his thighs.

" can't be fucking serious..." Jungkook hisses as Jimin tightens his thighs around his cock.

"What?" Jimin looks up at him under his lashes.

"How many squats do you fucking do?" Jungkook groans as he begins to thrust, the underside of his cock sliding along over Jimin's.

It sends blasts of electricity up his spine and it's far better than anything he's ever experienced. Sex had become a chore for him these past few years. It's been tedious, it's been boring. He just wants to get off and be done with it, but with Jimin....with Jimin it sets his insides on fire.

"Enough," Jimin pouts, and Jungkook stares. They're so plump, his lips. So fuckable, and maybe...just maybe Jimin will let him fuck his face next session.

"I love them," Jungkook leers down at him and gives a long hard thrust that has the chair skirting back just a tad across the floor.

Jimin whines and bites down on his hand to stop himself from making too much noise. His assistant can't hear. His assistant can't know what they're doing. And then, as if the whole world was working against him, to punish him for his very first offence as a psychologist after years of going without, his office phone rings. The sharp sound cuts through the hushed tones they’ve both been using. Jimin stares at the phone in horror, hoping, wishing it would stop, cut off for good and they would be back to silence again.

"Answer it," Jungkook smirks at him and jerks his head towards the phone on Jimin's desk.

Jimin shakes his head immediately. That would only lead to disaster.

"If you don't answer it'll be suspicious. They know you're in here," Jungkook says through gritted teeth. "Answer. The. Phone," he growls, punctuating every word with a deliberate thrust.

Jimin's thighs are soft and strong. They tighten around him so well, and Jungkook could only watch as Jimin stares at the way he fucks between them, licking his lips when Jungkook leaks onto him. Pre-cum dripping over his stomach to mix with his own.

"K-Keep quiet," Jimin stutters and picks up the phone with trembling fingers, his short fingers unable to get a good grip.

"Hello?" he answers.

It's Taehyung on the phone, to his relief. If it had been a patient, then his conscience would take a far bigger hit than it already has. It turns out that Taehyung wants to ask him what he was doing that night, and it takes everything in Jimin not to snap at Jungkook to stop because it's hard to think and reply when his thighs are being fucked. Every thrust Jungkook makes jolts him in his chair and he can't help but wonder what it would be like to be fucked for real. "I...I... s-sure...TaeTae. W-We can go out to eat today," he says, attempting to control his breathing.

"...Are you okay?" Taehyung asks, concern seeping into his tone.

Jungkook licks his lips slowly and catches Jimin's eyes when he turns back. "Answer him. Are you okay?" he repeats mockingly. "I don't think you are..."

Jimin gasps loudly at the force Jungkook puts into his next thrust, but he can’t do anything because his hands are full.

“Jimin?” Taehyung asks worriedly from the other line.

Jimin clenches his eyes shut and attempts not to keen and mewl as Jungkook’s cock drags over his own, fucking between his thighs so deliciously that he has to bite his lip multiple times to keep himself silent. “I-I’m here, Taehyung. I-I’m fine. I just went…I went out for a run a little while ago so I-I’m a little out of breath,” Jimin picks an excuse from the top of his head, his eyes travelling up the defined expanse of Jungkook’s shoulders, then up to his eyes. He gasps again when he discovers Jungkook is staring straight at him, his dark eyes hard and lustful as they meet his.

“Oh. But wait…that doesn’t make sense. Did you go on a run on your lunch break or something?” Taehyung laughs, completely unaware of his best friend’s predicament on the other end of the call.

“I…I…” Jimin stutters, his back arching up off the chair again and he wants to kiss Jungkook so bad. He likes to be kissed, he’s never been one for one night stands, he needs romance, he needs for Jungkook to tell him how good he’s being. He needs to hear him say that Jimin’s thighs fit perfectly around his cock, needs to hear that he’s making him feel good. Jungkook seems like he wants to kiss him too. He’s licking his lips constantly, his predatory grin stretched wide across his face.

It’s the first time in months that he’s felt like sex was pleasurable instead of some needless task. Even if he’s not fucking Jimin properly like he wishes, it serves another purpose; he’s making Jimin feel good, which in turn makes him feel amazing. 

“I…I did! Y-Yes, I just needed to relieve some stress. You k-know paperwork’s been piling up!” Jimin says, high pitched and squealing as Jungkook grabs an ankle in each hand and position’s Jimin’s legs straight up into the air and fucks his thighs until he can almost feel them chaff. Jungkook is already leaking, which makes the slide smoother, but the lack of lube makes it too dry.

“Such a good doctor. Taking care of your patient like this,” Jungkook whispers, continuing to maintain eye contact all throughout. “I’m feeling so much better already.”

“R-Really?” Jimin asks, because he feels as though he’s just fuelling Jungkook’s fire by giving in. He shouldn’t be touching a patient this way, he shouldn’t be letting Jungkook touch him this way, but he feels so good. He feels so adored, and Jungkook never stops to remind him how good he is to his patient.

“What?” Taehyung asks through the phone, confused as to what Jimin was asking.

“A-Ah! N-Nothing T-TaeTae! I’m sorry, I’m just tired and my…my mind is drifting!” Jimin practically whines as Jungkook holds him up and fucks him harder. “M-Maybe I should call you later?”

“O-Oh…Sure. I guess, we’ll talk later. Anyway! I’ll see you tonight!” Taehyung says before he hangs up.

With that, they can be as loud as Jimin allows them to be without alerting his assistant outside. Jungkook watches him in curiosity, and he realises that he hasn’t asked Jimin if he was in a relationship. Then again, Jimin wouldn’t have allowed him to fuck his thighs if he had a boyfriend. Jimin seems like the very faithful type, but he should ask anyway.

“Boyfriend?” he tilts his head as he moves closer until his thighs touched the edge of the seat so he could settle Jimin’s calves on his shoulders.

Jimin shakes his head no since he can’t form many coherent words now that Jungkook is rubbing against him again. It should be embarrassing how much bigger Jungkook is compared to him, but the man reassures him that he loves his ‘pretty little cock’ a lot.

“Not a boyfriend? Then do you have a girlfriend?” Jungkook raises an eyebrow in question. Another headshake. “So, you’re single? That can’t be possible…” Jungkook hums, then smirks. “I guess that’s better for me.” Jungkook speeds up his thrusts until Jimin has to clutch onto his desk to stop himself from sliding all over the place. He knows when Jungkook’s about to cum because his thrusts become erratic, less controlled.

“C-Cum on my face,” Jimin says, panting.

“Yeah? You want my cum all over your face?” Jungkook groans lowly.

“Yes…yes…” Jimin opens his mouth wide, his tongue hanging out in waiting.

Jungkook looks so pleased by the invitation, he looks so happy that Jimin was enjoying this just as much as he was that he can’t help but press a few grateful kisses along the side of Jimin’s leg. His hips stutter when Jimin tightens his thighs around him, encouraging him to cum, his tongue still hanging open in anticipation. The second that bomb is set off inside his belly, Jungkook quickly makes sure that he aims straight at Jimin’s face. Spurts and spurts of cum land on Jimin’s cheek, across his nose, most of it landing on his tongue, in his mouth.

“Fuck…fuck…Hah…who knew you’d look so good with my cum all over your face,” Jungkook groaned, slowly lowering Jimin’s legs down. Seeing that Jimin still has yet to cum, Jungkook dropped to his knees between his spread legs and wasted no time in taking Jimin’s little cock into his mouth. Jimin watches him with wide eyes, Jungkook’s cum dripping down his jaw, dotting his chest. It’s not long before Jimin is also cumming, and Jungkook clamps his mouth tight around him, drinking and swallowing down every drop until Jimin’s thighs are shaking.

“…They really shouldn’t have let you be my psychologist,” Jungkook says after he pulls back, licking up any stray drops of cum. “What were they thinking giving you to me? Hm?”

Jimin, still catching his breath and regaining his bearings, looks down at Jungkook between his legs, then sits up. “I…I was supposed to help you. I…I’m one of the best in the city,” he pants, covering his face with his hands. He cannot believe that he had let his patient, of all people, to fuck his thighs, to fucking cum all over his face. And it’s even more disbelieving when Jungkook reaches out and cleans up his face with the tissues he has left on his desk.

“I know you’re one of the best, that’s why I came to you in the first place. It just turns out that you’re the best in…a lot of ways,” Jungkook smirks. Already, he’s feeling himself get hard again. Honestly, what can he do? Jimin is still naked and right front of him, who wouldn’t have a reaction? “…Can…Can I fuck your face now?” he asks.

Jimin frowns and quickly shoves Jungkook away childishly. “Your session has ended, Jungkook-ssi. The hour is up, you will…you will have to schedule another appointment,” he blushes, because he sounds like a whore asking a client to make another appointment so that he could fuck him. In a way, this is almost like that. Jimin hasn’t gotten anywhere with Jungkook. He seems to be at a standstill, and what was worse, Jungkook was now coming to Jimin for this, and Jimin was doing nothing to stop it. He was supposed to be helping Jungkook, not let him fuck his doctor, his therapist, his counsellor, yet…god…he hasn’t felt this excited in a long time.

“…Okay,” Jungkook raises an eyebrow, one corner of his lip quirking up. “Alright…I’ll definitely do that.”

They both get dressed in silence, and when Jimin walks Jungkook to the door of his office, Jungkook whirls around to face him. “I’ll see you next week, Doctor Park,” he purrs, leaning down to talk in his ear. He can feel Jimin freeze up - he can hear Jimin stop breathing. “You really helped me this session. I look forward to our next.”


The next session happens on a Friday. Jimin has spent all day with clients, and he’s exhausted by the time he’s dealt with a patient with an unhealthy obsession with their significant other. All he wants is sleep, however, there’s one more patient for him to see to, and when he reads the name on his next appointment, Jimin’s heart gets caught in his throat. It drums in his ears and his mouth goes suddenly very dry. When the knocks come at his door a few minutes later, Jimin takes a moment to collect himself.

“Come in,” he calls. As Jungkook is stepping into the room, Jimin notices that he’s in a suit this time. Form-fitting, clinging tightly to his lean form in all the right ways. It’s all black except for his maroon dress shirt, and Jimin does his best to keep his eyes off the tiny hint of skin that’s revealed by the few undone buttons at the top. The suit is such a drastic change to Jungkook’s casual wear that Jimin is taken aback by his appearance.

“Hello, Jungkook-ssi. Please take a seat so that we may begin our session,” Jimin says as politely as possible, gesturing to the couch.

“Good afternoon, Doctor Park.” Jungkook smiles. He does nothing to conceal the want in his eyes this time. He shamelessly drags his gaze over Jimin, satisfied when he sees him blush. “Am I your last session of the day?” he inquires. Rather than going to sit on the couch, Jungkook plants himself down on the edge of Jimin’s desk and picks up his clipboard, ignoring Jimin’s scowl in protest. “Huh. Look at that, I am. So…that gives us a lot of time, doesn’t it?”

Jimin furrows his eyebrows and looks down at his hands, folded in his lap. “Jungkook, please refrain from acting so familiar. Please…let’s keep this as professional as possible. I am your psychologist. I am-” Jimin is cut off when Jungkook rounds the desk and grabs the armrests of his chair roughly. “What are you doing?!” Jimin gasps and looks anywhere but Jungkook as he presses closer. “J-Jungkook-ah. P-Please…l-let’s just start our session,” he stutters.

“Gladly,” Jungkook stands up straight again and unbuckles his belt. “Let’s start our session, Doctor Park.”

Jimin splutters indignantly. “J-Jungkook! I am not a whore! You do not come here to have sex with me! If that’s the kind of services you think I provide, please direct yourself to a brothel!” Jimin pushes himself out of his chair and backs away. He wants to stand his ground, he wants to stop this before it gets out of hand but Jungkook’s already hard under his tight slacks, and Jimin wants to help free him too. Jungkook watches him carefully, wondering if he’s serious, and when he sees the way he glances at him, he knows that Jimin wants this as much as he does.

“You’re right, you’re not a whore. But I don’t have any intentions of being with anyone else,” Jungkook tells him, stalking towards him, forcing Jimin to take a few steps backwards. “This is your fault, Doctor Park. You see…I can’t really get hard with anyone else anymore. At first I thought maybe I was cured, that I had just gotten bored, but do you know how many times I’ve cum today with just the thought of you?” Jungkook takes another step closer and his belt falls to the floor with a soft clank.

“Fix me.”

Jungkook has him backed up into a corner a few minutes later, Jimin’s chest heaving in anxiety and arousal whilst Jungkook stalks towards him with long, deliberate strides. “J-Jungkook…please…” Jimin pleads with him, his knees beginning to wobble. “L-Let’s just stop this, I-I’m only here to talk to you,” he presses his palms flat to the wall behind him and closes his eyes when Jungkook bodily crowds into him, trapping him in the corner. “Stop. You don’t pay for these sessions just to do stuff like this. Don’t you want to get better? Don’t you want…”

“I do,” Jungkook says, his breath hot against Jimin’s cheek. “You’ve already cured me, Doctor Park. But…rather than wanting to fuck everyone in sight, I kinda…just…want to…fuck you,” Jungkook admits, his hands drifting down to grasp Jimin’s hips. “Hm…saying that, maybe I’m not cured after all. I guess I’ll just have to keep coming back.” Jungkook presses Jimin’s lower half to the wall and grinds himself against him. Jimin lets out a startled moan in response, his hands flying up to cover his mouth. “I’ll come back as many times as I want, and you won’t be able to refuse me. I have the money to fill up your schedule, Doctor Park. Though…I’d rather be filling something else,” he groans into his ear, his hard cock grinding over Jimin’s crotch repeatedly till he has the smaller man slumping into his arms. “Stop kidding yourself. You know you want this as much as I do. I see the way you look at me, hyung. I know you stare, I know that you’re just a little…too soft to be completely professional. And I hope that you’re this way with me only…”

Jimin splutters again. “W-Who do you think I am?! Of course it’s just with you! I would never do this with any of my other patients!” Jimin snaps, looking offended. However, that look is wiped clean when Jungkook presses a kiss to his jaw, travelling down to his neck to kiss along his throat. “J-Jungkook…D-Don’t mark. Don’t mark me…w-we’ll get in trouble,” Jimin grips the back of Jungkook’s suit jacket for dear life as Jungkook nips teasingly. “P-Please…d-don’t mark. Don’t mark.”

“How’s your collection of turtlenecks, Doctor Park?” Jungkook asks, pulling Jimin’s hips towards him so that he can grind slow and hard over him. “I’m buying your time, aren’t I? Shouldn’t you be thinking of the patient?” Jungkook buries his face in Jimin’s neck again and finds the perfect spot. Using his teeth first, he bites down then sucks a bruise into his once unblemished skin. “Mm…you’re so fucking pretty. What are people going to think when they see this? Would you get fired? Don’t worry, I know that you won’t…but if you do, I could take care of you.” Jungkook smiles, dropping a kiss to the mark causing to Jimin to whine. “I’ll spoil you, Jimin. I’ll give you whatever you want, I’ll shower you with everything that you could ever want. You can rely on me.”

Jimin frowns and shakes his head. “N-No. No,” he says firmly. “I…I like my job,” he tells him, and it’s surprising when Jungkook doesn’t argue or try to convince him further, he takes his answer and he moves on. If Jungkook wasn’t so cocky, Jimin might’ve thought he was perfect. Well…that and his sex addiction, which has taken an unexpected turn that Jimin didn’t know how to deal with. Admittedly, it’s exciting to know that Jungkook cannot cum without him, or without the thought of him. It gives him so much power, so much control over Jungkook.

“Jungkook-ah…” he calls, running his hands through Jungkook’s rich brown hair, pulling out a small pleased hum from him. “I’ll make a deal with you,” he whispers, his hands trailing down to cup Jungkook’s face, lifting his head up so they could lock gazes. “If I let you…have sex with me, you have to promise that you will talk to me about your addiction. You must speak to me properly, tell me whatever it is on your mind, open up to me. Is…Is that a deal? Do you think that’s something you can do for me?” It’s risky asking this of Jungkook, but he’s not going to get through to him any other way, and it seems to have piqued his interest.

“How many times can I fuck you in one session?” Jungkook asks, his hands sneaking under Jimin’s shirt, feeling over his flat stomach. He wants to rip the shirt clean off, but then Jimin would have nothing to wear when he goes home. “Maybe that can be a challenge.” He smirks.

“Once. Then you sit down and you talk to me. Understood?” Jimin gives him a stern look. Boldly, he hops up and wraps his legs around Jungkook’s waist, pulling him closer. He drapes his arms around his shoulder and kisses the corner of his mouth.

“Deal.” Jungkook agrees, and then it’s a blur from there. Jungkook has his clothes off so fast that Jimin was afraid most of it was ripped into shreds. This time, he remembers to buy lube and a condom. It had been embarrassing to think about at the time, but he had been anticipating Jungkook for a week, he knew that he had to prepare because there was no predicting what Jungkook will do to him. They end up back at his desk, Jungkook positioning him over his desk like a c-list porn scene and fucks his fingers into him nice and slow. Jimin has to cover his mouth with his hand again to stop himself from moaning because it’s incredible how just a few fingers can make the fires in his stomach roar to life. Jungkook’s fingers are long, and they know exactly where to hit, and he knows that he’s moving back against him without thinking.

He’s just making Jungkook’s ego bigger.

Not long enough, Jimin feels Jungkook’s fingers slip out of his hole, and he instinctively clenches down on nothing, wanting Jungkook to put them right back.

Jungkook chuckles and leans down to kiss over the curve of his spine, causing Jimin to shiver. He stops at one of his ass cheeks and bites down, hard. It stings, it’s hot and wet, the warmth of Jungkook’s mouth never leaving him. Jimin releases a strangled cry, his hands pressing over his mouth to muffle his scream. The bite brings tears to his eyes, and he knows there will be a bruise later. He could already see Jungkook’s smug little grin. He’s probably so delighted to finally mark Jimin somewhere that he can hide easily, but Jimin has a feeling that he won’t be able to sit down properly for a few days.

“J-Jungkook…” he moans, glancing back to see Jungkook putting on a condom and coating himself in lube. Jimin watches in a daze for a second, then turns away to hide his humiliation. It’s baffling that he’s willing to do this with a patient. He convinces himself that it’s for Jungkook’s benefit. He was helping him recover, that was all.

“Keep quiet for me,” Jungkook says as he aligns himself up against Jimin’s rim and presses inside inch by inch and Jimin can already feel him shaping him. “Wanna stretch you so good no one else can give you what you need,” he breathes, just as effected by this as Jimin was. It’s been so long since Jungkook’s fucked anyone. Jimin having plagued his mind for up to over a month now. It’s not like he hasn’t tried, he’s been on dates, he’s tried to initiate something, but he doesn’t get hard like he used to. No, Jimin’s been all that he wants. “You’re curing me, see? You’re doing your job so well, Doctor Park. You should be proud. You’re caring for your patient. So, don’t you have to write this down?”

Jimin preens under the praise, arching his back and wiggling his ass enticingly to get Jungkook to move. “I…I…W-Write it down?” He’s confused for a moment as Jungkook nudges his clipboard and his pen towards him.

“Go on. Write it down. Write it all down,” Jungkook’s thrusts turn from slow and caring to fast and harsh in a matter of seconds. Jimin’s sliding along the desk so much that he’s knocking all the items off the surface, but he’s still got his pen and clipboard in hand and tries, oh he tries to write. He attempts to make notes for himself about Jungkook’s progress but Jungkook’s thrusts are so rough that he has Jimin’s teeth clacking together. His cock bounces and hits his stomach with each snap of Jungkook’s hips, making Jimin completely unable to focus. “I told you to write it down, Jimin.”

Jimin makes another attempt, but his handwriting is so unreadable and scratchy even he can’t tell what he’s written. He shakily writes down that Jungkook’s progressing well, that his addiction has calmed somewhat but that’s all a lie. Jungkook hasn’t calmed at all, he’s gotten worse. “F-Fuck…o-oh g-god…” Jungkook shakes the words out of Jimin’s lips, every slam and thrust in has Jimin clawing at his desk. “J-Jungkook…I…I-I can’t…I can’t write…Ah!” Jimin’s whole body hiccups and he’s sure he’s about to cum.

To both of their amazement, Jimin is cumming first. It’s mid-thrust when Jimin’s whole body shivers, and then he’s painting the side of his desk with white, pearly cum before going lax. Jungkook kisses sweet words into his skin, licking up the sweat on his nape as he keeps going, keeps fucking into Jimin even though the smaller man is whining. Jimin’s never been fucked into over-sensitivity before and he doesn’t know if he likes it, but each time that Jungkook strikes his prostate, it has him mewling like a little kitten waiting for milk.

“Fuck…just listen to yourself, Jimin,” Jungkook rumbles. “Moaning like such a little cockslut. That’s what you are for me, aren’t you? My little cockslut. My little kitten.” Jungkook times his thrusts with Jimin’s breathing, sometimes going out of tempo. Jungkook lasts a long time, and all Jimin can do his hold on. He’s not half-way down yet when Jimin’s cock becomes hard again. His body feels electric, and the sharp pleasure has him biting down his lip till he’s drawing blood. “Has anyone ever fucked you this good, Doctor Park? Tell me.”

Jimin has trouble forming words, his whole-body fizzling with pleasure that he’s delirious. Every thought he’s had so far gone, and all because Jungkook was fucking him into his second orgasm. Jungkook hasn’t stopped once, he hasn’t cum once, and he doesn’t seem like he’s getting tired any time soon. “N-No…No one…h-has…oh fuck…no one has fucked me…t-this good. N-No one, Jungkook…O-Only you,” Jimin pants, his head resting against the desk with a dull thump. Jungkook’s catches him off guard when he abruptly flips Jimin around and sits him down on the edge of the desk. Jimin’s dazed, out of his mind, eyes so cloudy that he can’t even focus on Jungkook’s expression. Then, he’s lifting one of Jimin’s legs up and fucking back into him again.

Jimin’s a mess - a filthy mess in his own cum, yet he still wants more.

“Did you write all that you needed to?” Jungkook glances down at the clipboard and clicks his tongue in mock disappointment. “How unprofessional of you, Doctor Park. I thought you would be writing this all down. You got me to talk, right?” Jungkook’s smiles darkly as he surges forwards and crashes their lips together. Jimin can barely muster up the energy to kiss back so he lets Jungkook do whatever he wanted with his lips - with his body. He takes it all, he welcomes it, he fucks back against him, mewling for more like a little slut. He needs it.

Jungkook, though somewhat frantic to reach his own orgasm, is still kind and caring. He kisses Jimin affectionately, strokes his hair and pushes his bangs away from his eyes, and he kisses away the tears. He knows it’s too much for Jimin’s body to bear, and honestly, Jungkook’s never felt this amazing. He’s never found so much relief in a form of one man, but here is, watching Jungkook with glazed eyes, teetering between coherency and deliriousness. Jungkook pecks his lips a few more times and lifts Jimin’s leg up straight, the angle providing him some more leverage to hit every little sweet spot he can find. Jimin is limp and pliant in his arms, his lips parted in a perfect ‘o’ as his body jumps and shivers. Jungkook can’t get enough of him, can’t stop watching him because Jimin is so…obscene in his own way. “So pretty…” Jungkook cups his cheek with his free hand, smiling when Jimin leans into the touch. “You’re so pretty, and so tight, and so wet and soft that I want to fuck you for hours,” Jungkook swallows thickly, his mouth so dry from simply watching Jimin sinking into pleasure.

“…N-Not e-enough time. S-Session e-ends…s-soon…” Jimin manages to say.

The corners of Jungkook’s lips turn down, obviously not happy about that. “Then come home with me, I’ll take care of you. I’ll fuck you until morning. Don’t you want that, beautiful?” he asks, tugging Jimin closer and closer and grinds his cock in, making sure the head brushes right over his prostate. Jimin writhes under him, his cheeks flushed a rosy colour. Jungkook reluctantly tears his eyes away and looks down between them. “About to cum again?” Jungkook drops his free hand and parts Jimin’s cheeks to watch his cock slide in and out. “Wanna cum for me again?”

They cum together this time. Jimin far too sensitive now that he can’t handle any more. He’s dirty with his own cum, dripping in it after cumming twice, and Jungkook doesn’t even hesitate to lick him clean as he’s cumming into the condom. For a split second, Jimin almost wishes he had cum raw, inside him.


The first time that Jungkook does cum inside him, it’s when he’s riding him in his office chair, his work phone pressed to his ear. One of his patients had unexpectedly called in that day, catching him off guard. His patients should know his working hours, he’s been clear on when he’s available and unavailable. He has to keep his focus on one patient at a time, however, this one in particular has needs that Jimin is obligated to tend to at all times. They’ve gotten clingy with him and he’s expected a call every other day. Unfortunately, this call happens in the same hour that he has Jungkook, and he finds himself in a predicament right in the middle. Jungkook is sat in his chair, his hands firm on Jimin’s hips as he bounces eagerly on his cock, his head thrown back. The cord of the office phone bounces along with him. Jungkook restrains himself from bucking up into Jimin’s tight little hole, feeling him clenching and convulsing around him tightly. Just like when he’d been on the phone with Taehyung, Jungkook encourages him to keep talking. However, this time, he’s in risk of losing his job if his patient finds out. The good news was that this particular patient never stops talking and probably wouldn’t notice Jimin’s lack of responses anyway.

“I-I see... A-Ah yes... Of course, I'm still listening.” Jimin does his best to keep his focus on the call but Jungkook in leaning forward and taking one of his nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting on the small bud as Jimin fucks his ass back down on his dick. They’re sloppy, lube dripping all over them both and he knows it’s going to be a bitch to clean later. What makes it worse is that Jungkook’s hands start to wander towards his ass. He squeezes a few times, then spreads his cheeks apart and pushes him down so that Jungkook can piston up into him deeper. “O-Oh fuck…” Jimin covers his phone with his hand before he moans, rolling his hips and grinding down on Jungkook until he lets out a groan of his own.

Jungkook is cumming by the end of the call and Jimin barely has time to hang up before Jungkook shoves his hips down and cums inside. Jimin clings to Jungkook’s back, his nails leaving red angry marks that has Jungkook hissing from the sting. Jimin is cumming a second after, grinding down and milking Jungkook to the very last drop.

“How was your other patient, Doctor Park?” Jungkook asks, lifting his lower-half up so that Jimin was moved up with him. “Next time, how about we let him hear?”


Their psychologist-patient relationship takes a further turn when Jimin meets Jungkook outside of his office building for the very first time. They bump into each other at a gathering of all things. A benefit that Taehyung had invited him to, which so happens to be the very same party that Jungkook was hosting. Taehyung dresses him up to the nines, and it’s not that Jimin doesn’t have the money for it, he just hasn’t ever had the opportunity to dress up very much. Jungkook is surprised to say the least, however, he’s delighted at the sight of Jimin, outside of his office, standing in front of him in a completely different environment.

Jungkook has trouble processing that Jimin’s there that he almost pops a boner right in the middle of the hall.

Jimin greets him politely, and Jungkook has to swallow down the flood of saliva in his mouth at the sight of his good doctor in a tight suit. And really, it’s not his fault that he stares at Jimin the whole times he’s greeting guests. The man has such a charisma to him that Jungkook’s eyes are constantly drawn to him. What truly makes him want to grab Jimin and leave right then and there is the tall, blond man beside him at all times. Glued to his side like a pest. He hears Jimin calling him Taehyung and assumes that he’s the friend he was talking to the first time they were together. That quenches his jealousy a slight.

Taehyung was just a friend. Nothing more. He wasn’t a threat.

By the end of the night, once Jungkook has made all his speeches and is free to leave, Jungkook rudely rips Jimin out from Taehyung’s grasp and tugs him outside the building towards the parking lot. Jimin protests all the way there, trying to pull away from his hold but Jungkook is strong and determined and he’s leading him straight to a very expensive car. Jimin grunts in shock when he’s pushed into the backseat and Jungkook climbs in after him. He’s about to ask if Jungkook is kidnapping him when he feels something hard and warm press against his hip.

“R-Right now?! I’m out of work! Y-You didn’t make another appointment!” he whisper-yells and because they’re in a car and anyone could hear them. Thank goodness for black tinted windows, though.

“If I wanted to make an appointment each time I wanted to fuck you, well…” he trails off, slotting himself between Jimin’s spread legs and kisses him roughly. Jimin thumps his chest weakly with his fists, but his hits die down when he begins to kiss back. Jungkook is an amazing kisser, he knows all the ways to make Jimin melt and it’s fucking maddening that Jungkook can make him feel so warm, so adored, and so wanted.

“I was about to fuck you right in the middle of the crowd. Would you rather have that?” he muttered against his lips. “Would you have wanted me to bend you over in the middle of everyone in the hall and fucked you whilst they watched? Wouldn’t that be amazing?” he laughed breathlessly. “We’d be the entertainment for the night.”

Jimin presses his lips together and tries not to make too much sound as Jungkook rolls down his slacks and underwear and grabs a bottle of lube from under the backseat. “…Why is that there?” he asks, watching Jungkook prepare himself. It’s a little cramped in the car, especially with Jungkook’s long legs, but Jimin’s smaller frame helps to create more room for them both.

“In case I wanted to fuck you in here, or if I wanted to jerk off before I saw you,” Jungkook answers simply, as he grabs Jimin’s legs and pulls him towards him. “Now, be a good boy and let me fuck you. You’ll keep quiet for me right, baby? Can I call you that now that we’re not in the office? Or…you could call me baby. I think I’d like it if it was coming from you.”

Jimin plops his head down on the seat and stares up at the roof of the car. “…Jungkook…” he says impatiently, just wanting to be fucked already. There isn’t a point in denying himself what he wants now. They’re outside. There’s no threat of Jimin losing his job stopping them from doing whatever they want. Unless someone found out. “…B-Baby…” he tests it on his tongue. “Baby, please…” He looks back to Jungkook, his cheeks and the tips of his ears red with embarrassment and want. “I want you to fuck me already…baby, please…”

Jungkook stares, his gaze almost predatorial. 

“…Fuck…Jimin…Do you know what you do to me?”

Jungkook doesn’t have to prepare him, all he needs to do is slide in a couple of fingers inside and make sure Jimin’s loose enough before he fucks right into him. Jimin’s spine bows off the seat and his hands shoot out to grab onto the nearest thing, which so happens to be the back of the driver’s seat. Jimin has missed the stretch, yet it’s only been a week or so since Jungkook has been inside of him and he misses this. When he tells Jungkook that, no, he doesn’t know what he does to him, Jungkook is more than happy to share.

“An addict like me…fuck…You can’t imagine how tedious it is in my daily life to want to fuck all the time. And then you come along,” he says, leaning down to mouth over Jimin’s chest, sucking blossoming red marks into his skin. “My sweet, caring, psychologist. The only one who knows about my sex addiction, just so happens to be the very next thing I become addicted to. How’s that for a story to tell our kids in the future?” Jungkook smiles ruefully as he moves at a lethargic pace. He wants to drive Jimin crazy this time, he wants to make this go on and on. It’s the first time he’s had Jimin to himself outside of sessions, and there’s no time limit, he can fuck him for as long as he wants to. “They’ll probably find it gross that their daddy went to their appa for help for some personal problems, but we can always leave that part out. We’ll just tell them that we met whilst you were working to fix me. How’s that sound?”

Jimin doesn’t get to answer. He doesn’t get to think about how Jungkook had been thinking of having children with him, better yet, a future with him. It warms and freezes over his heart at the same time because he’s never thought that far. They weren’t even dating, let alone getting married and having kids. Jungkook was fucking him in his car for goodness sake, was this the right time to be bringing up having kids together?! Unfortunately, that’s not that only thing that Jimin doesn’t get to think about. It completely slips his mind that he’d left Taehyung on his own back at the party. He doesn’t consider that Taehyung might be looking for him at this very moment. All he can think about is how Jungkook is fucking him too slowly. So slowly to the point that he can feel the drag of his cock head against his walls, torturing him.

“Still with me, hyung?” Jungkook whispers in his ear.

Jimin snaps back into focus and nods. He wraps his arms tightly around Jungkook and rocks with him, picking up a harsher pace. He’s sure the car is moving with them but he’s not sure. He doesn’t care, but he’s doing his utmost to stay quiet, but his attempts are futile.

“Jimin? Jimin!”

The moment Jimin hears Taehyung call out his name in the distance, he goes rigid, making Jungkook whine pathetically at being forced to stop.

“Jimin?! You out here?!” He hears Taehyung shout for him again and he wants to shove Jungkook off and make his way back to his best friend, but he’s in a vice grip.

“Aw…I guess I did take you away from your friend. Wonder if he can find us,” Jungkook pulls out and manages to rearrange them into a different position. He has Jimin pressed up to one of the car doors this time, his ass sticking out for Jungkook to slide right back in without any difficulty. “Let’s think of it as a game of hide and seek, hyung. How long will it take for Taehyung to find you?”

Jimin finds it both humiliating and hot to be pressed to the glass of the window like this. With the black tinted windows, and the aid of the darkness of the evening, no one will know that he’s there, being fucked against a car door, but he can see everything outside, aided by the many street lamps. He can see Taehyung looking around the parking lot, confused as to where Jimin was. Unbeknownst to the fact that his best friend was being rammed inside a car, his cheek pressed to the glass as his heavy breathing fogs it over. Jimin gives a darling little whine when Jungkook slams in too hard, striking his prostate dead on.

“Baby…n-not so rough…” he moans. 

Jungkook shushes him gently and trails a hand slowly down his back to his ass and lands a small smack to one of his cheeks. Jimin cries out and moans at the same time, bucking back in seek of more. “Don’t fucking tell me what to do,” he growls, roughly pulling Jimin back to meet his thrust causing Jimin to slide against the glass of the window. “You wanted me to talk before, now I’m talking. Are you complaining?” Jimin moans wantonly, and not to mention loudly in response and he immediately sees Taehyung snap his head towards their direction.

The man tilts his head in confusion and makes his ways towards them. Jimin knows that he can’t see what was going on, and he hopes that Taehyung won’t try to knock on the window and ask for him because Jimin would rather die than have Taehyung see him get fucked by one of his patients.

He can feel Jungkook smirk against his shoulder blade and he asks if Jimin likes to be spanked. Jimin kept himself silent, not wanting to reveal himself but Jungkook already figured it out and he smacks him again. Jimin hisses through his teeth, feeling his skin sting deliciously from the slap.

“M-More…fuck…o-oh god…m-more. Jungkook…more…” Jimin wiggles his hips to get him to do it again and Jungkook complies, smacking once for every three thrusts. Jimin’s having more difficulty now to keep his sounds quiet, and when he turns back to the window, he nearly jumps out of his skin when he sees Taehyung squinting at the window. He’s leaning in front of it, his nose scrunched up as he tries to see what was inside the car. Jimin covers his mouth with his hand and clenches his eyes closed. He hears Taehyung call his name once again and that makes Jungkook thrust in harder, slamming him towards the glass, every smack against his ass echoing inside the car.

“Fuck…look at that ass jiggle,” Jungkook grunts. “Your friend must be pretty worried, huh? He’s probably so concerned about where you are. What’s he going to think when he finds out that you’re getting screwed inside a car?” Jungkook whispers. His thrusts are getting sloppier now, more out of tempo. A clear sign that he was about to cum, so he fucks faster, harder, deeper till Jimin says that he can almost feel him in his stomach, that he’s about to cum too.

“Mm…Not yet,” Jungkook decides as he reaches around the same time that he’s cumming inside Jimin and grips the base of his cock tightly, denying him any release.

“N-No! No…Oh...fuck…N-No! Please! Please!” Jimin whispers in agony, tears running down his cheeks at being stopped. “N-No…” he cries, enjoying the feeling of Jungkook’s cum running out from his hole, but is too dissatisfied that he’d been denied that he couldn’t figure out what to do. “L-Let me cum…please, Jungkook. L-Let me cum. I wanna cum so bad…W-Why…why…please, baby, let me cum.” He sobs and sobs, one hand going down to cover Jungkook’s that was gripping around his cock.

Jimin is shaking so much that he’s sure Taehyung can feel the vibrations from outside. The taller man looks confused and he glances inside again, trying to see what was happening but to no avail.

“…What the…I swear I heard something…”

Perhaps Taehyung was a little too naïve at times, too ready to put himself in situations that could backfire very quickly. He’s ignorant to the fact that Jungkook was watching him whilst Jimin was catching his breath, holding on for dear life as the knot in his stomach coiled so tightly that he was feeling lightheaded. The sharp sensitive tug at his navel is hard to handle, and he wants to cum so badly. He wants to paint the side of Jungkook’s car door with his cum, but he isn’t letting him. He’s keeping a hard grip on him and Jimin tries to fuck into his hand but Jungkook lands another slap to his ass, making him jolt forward.

“Hello? Anyone in there?” Taehyung calls loudly at the car, blinking owlishly at the window and Jimin wants to tell him to turn around and go away, but he’s too preoccupied. 

“Sorry! Busy in here!” Jungkook does the job for him and Jimin looks back sharply. He’s shocked and appalled and embarrassed all at once.

Taehyung starts, yells and jumps back away from the door. He calls out an apology and scurries away, pulling out his phone to most likely text Jimin that he was heading home by himself. Sure enough, Jimin’s phone buzzes in his discarded trousers, but he makes no move to pick it up. Jungkook has all his attention once again, and he’s brought back to the situation at hand.

“J-Jungkook…L-Let go…” Jimin’s tugs weakly at his wrist, but Jungkook only holds on tighter, making Jimin cry out, tears still rolling down his cheeks. “P-Please! Fuck, please, baby, you can’t do this to me! I…I wanna cum. Let me cum, I’ll do anything. I-I’ll do anything, just let me cum…” he whines in a high-pitched tone. Jungkook’s already slipped out of him at this point, leaving him clenching around air, hoping to keep Jungkook’s cum inside to keep him warm. “F-Fuck me again…F-Fingers. Use your fingers,” he begs. Jungkook is kind enough to do as he says, pushing three fingers inside, and Jimin immediately sighs in relief, beginning to move his hips back against them. “Thank you…fuck…” Jimin knows that he’s behaving like a cockslut that hasn’t gotten milk in a long time, but no one’s ever denied him before. No one has ever dared to stop him from cumming and it’s agonising how Jungkook does it so easily.

“A-Are you going to fuck me again, Jungkook?” Jimin’s so delirious at this point that he’s letting his mouth go wild. He’s not at work anymore, he can say whatever he wants. “G-Gonna fuck my loose little hole again with your big cock? Fuck…I love your cock so much…” he moans, resting his temple against the window and closed his eyes. “You’re so big…and you fuck me so well, baby. I can never get enough…b-but your fingers are good too. So fucking long…hit all the right places.” Jimin’s face scrunches up adorably when Jungkook chuckles and curls his fingers inside him. “More…want more, baby. I want more…”

Eventually, Jungkook relents. Jimin almost thanks him repeatedly in relief when he pounds his fingers in to the knuckles, drawing out sweet whines from Jimin that has his cock springing back to life. However, it’s too late for him to fuck Jimin again, because with a couple of more thrusts, he expects for Jimin to be cumming all over himself. However…that doesn’t happen and he’s suddenly confused. Jimin thumps his forehead against the window edge and groans. “C-Can’t c-cum…yet…” he breathes. He turns around and lays on his back again, reaching out for Jungkook with grabby hands. “I…I want you to cum inside again. C-Can’t cum w-without you…” he says, and Jungkook doesn’t miss a beat before climbing into Jimin’s arms and slipping back inside. The crown of Jimin’s head bumps up against the door occasionally with every thrust, their sweaty bodies moving in tandem.

Without a word to let Jimin know what he was doing, Jungkook sat up and leaned over towards the front of the car. Jimin opens his mouth to ask him what he was doing, but promptly shuts up when a deep, base line cuts into the air. He doesn’t recognise the song, doesn’t really have the brain capacity at the moment to figure it out either, but he enjoys the sound. Jungkook moves back in position right afterwards and smiles down at him. Jimin’s pulls him down for a kiss and lets the music reverberate through his body, the sound so deep and low and powerful that it complements Jungkook’s deep thrusts so well.

Jimin is at the edge again when Jungkook trails one finger down from the head of his cock down to his balls. He keeps going and ends up with both his hands gripping at Jimin’s thighs, pushing them up until the smaller man is bent in half. His feet nearly touch the roof of the car as Jungkook times his thrusts with the music.

He’s cumming in the middle of a beat, stars exploding behind his eyelids.

Jungkook is kind enough to let him ride out his orgasm, but before he can get to his second, he pulls out. Jimin makes a soft noise in protest, watching Jungkook carefully climb up his body. Jimin blinks when Jungkook sits himself down on his chest and rubs the tip of his cock over the seam of his lips.

“Open up, hyung,” he says, and Jimin does as he’s told. He opens his mouth wide and lets Jungkook slide all the way to the back of his throat. Jimin closes his lips around him, his mouth stretching wide as his jaw works. “…I knew fucking your face would feel just as good,” he groans, rolling his hips slowly.

Jimin breathes through his nose as Jungkook tenderly holds his head still as he fucks into his mouth. His tongue lays flat against the underside, slightly curling around the length as Jungkook gently hits the back of his throat. Jimin’s eyes fill with tears again at the rawness of his throat, but he tries to relax. He tries to make sure that he’s doing this right by watching Jungkook’s expressions. “Feels so fucking good…” Jungkook caresses his bulging cheeks and grins down his him, staring at the way Jimin’s lips stretch so prettily around his cock.

“…Hey, doc,” he calls, and Jimin meets his gaze, giving him his attention. “Can I take a few pictures?” he asks cheekily, pulling out slowly then thrusting back in, feeling Jimin’s mouth warm and wet around him. He’s drooling all over himself too, making a mess. And the look he has now is a far cry from the proper, neat, psychologist he has been meeting with every week. “I wanna make a few memories with you. I’ll delete the pictures if you want, I just need something…something to prove that this actually happened and I’m not actually drunk and dying on the sidewalk right now.”

Slightly reluctant, and hesitant, Jimin nods. It’s dark, surely the pictures won’t come out that great and if Jungkook promises to delete them later, then he’s fine with it. He just hopes that Jungkook’s phone is well protected or else they were both screwed.

Jungkook retrieves his phone from the pocket of his pants and opens up the camera. “Say cheese!” He beams cheekily as he takes a few snaps of Jimin below him, sucking and taking in his cock as he fucks his face. That would be enough to keep him satiated for a few days before his next session with Jimin. Honestly, what was he paying for these days? They didn’t talk about his problems because Jungkook always fucked him through the hour, and now that they’ve met outside of the office, Jungkook could finally get Jimin’s personal phone number and they can go on a real date. Holt shit, if that doesn’t make him cum…

“F-Fuck…fuck!” Jungkook’s hips stutter as he holds himself inside Jimin’s mouth.

Jimin’s eyes widen, tears springing up again as he swallows Jungkook’s cum down his throat. He takes a few more pictures and saves them quickly.


By the end, Jungkook is the one to get Jimin dressed and drive him back home. Jimin is half-asleep when they arrive and doesn’t think twice about inviting Jungkook to stay the night. Jungkook is all too eager, and ends up spooning Jimin for only a few minutes. Jimin almost forgets that he’s with a sex addict until he gets woken up in the middle of the night to Jungkook rubbing his cock between his ass cheeks, sleepily whispering that he wanted to fuck him again, and Jimin does what he always does.

He lets him.

Jimin doesn’t know how Jungkook manages to fit himself so perfectly into his life after that night. It’s baffling how simple Jungkook makes it look. When he makes the decision to discontinue his session with Jimin one day, he takes it as a break up and asks Jungkook why. Jungkook explains that he doesn’t need to a see a doctor when he has one at home and Jimin blushes so much that it’s still there at the end of the day. Jungkook somehow gets him to migrate to his luxurious apartment in Gangnam-gu. It’s always Gangnam, of course it would be Gangnam, where else would such a successful business man such as Jungkook live? Of course, Jimin feels out of place the second he steps inside the apartment; however, the place is warm, it’s welcoming and it’s very distinctly… Jungkook. He makes Jimin feel comfortable right away, and Jimin begins to see the place as a second home. Though the drive to work is longer now, Jungkook makes it worthwhile by driving him there himself in the morning, giving him long, loving kisses and sending him off with a teasing pat to his ass as he gets out of the car.

Thankfully, no one finds out about Jimin’s relationship with Jungkook whilst he had still been under his care. Some assume that they had just fallen in love along the way, and Jimin never disagrees. Jungkook isn’t cured by any means, in fact, his addiction has most likely intensified. Rather than the usual twice a day for the first month of their relationship, Jungkook’s been ravenous ever since Jimin officially moved in with him. Typically, they would fuck at night and in the morning before they had to get up to go to work, but now, Jungkook has been taking the time to fuck him in the kitchen as they’re preparing dinner, he’s fucking him in the car when he picks him up after work, he’s slamming him up against every surface of the house, in the shower, in their bedroom, out in the balcony where almost everyone could possibly see them. Jimin always makes a fuss during those times because Jungkook gets carried away, almost wants them to be watched but Jimin tells him that he doesn’t want to be watched by anyone but Jungkook.

As if he’d awoken something, a week later, Jungkook comes home with a video camera. Says that he wants to make a movie with Jimin. It’ll be just theirs. No one else would see it and Jungkook would burn the CD in a heartbeat if Jimin told him to. This was up to Jimin…and…as always, Jimin agrees, because Jungkook looks so hopeful to make their very own homemade porn movie, and he thinks it’ll be hot for Jungkook to take the CD with him on long business trips so that he has a piece of Jimin with him along the way.

“You look pretty, right, hyung?” Jungkook says, turning the screen on the camera so that Jimin can watch himself be fucked. “I knew you would make such a good little porn star,” he grins, spreading Jimin’s legs impossibly wide and jackhammers into him. “So…fucking beautiful. Just look at you,” he sighs. “Are you proud of yourself, Doctor Park? Look at what you’ve done now. I think you’ve made this worse.”

Jimin is gasping for breath, trying to put air in his lungs whilst Jungkook simultaneously slams it out of him. It’s getting harder and harder to deny Jungkook anything these days. There’s something about being with a sex addict that has Jimin feeling like he’s catching the symptoms himself. Yet, he should know better. He was a doctor, he dealt with cases like these on a daily. However, he’s ever dealt with Jungkook before…and he hopes one day, he can say no to Jungkook.

It just wasn’t today.