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“I guess I thought about sexual encounters with more than one person.”


Todoroki hides any nerves he may had about letting that statement leave his mouth. He tries to ignore the expressions on his three companions; taken-aback faces dusted with pink from the overall conversation taking place were lit by soft yellow light.


It was their third year of Yuuei, and they were well into it, currently in the midst of a short school holiday. The four of them - Todoroki, Deku, Katsuki and Shinsou - were currently in Katsuki's room, as the four of them had met up for a sleepover of sorts. Only two years ago, Hitoshi would have seemed out of place, his lack of place on the hero course at the time sticking out like a sore thumb. But such an idea was now trivial in that Hitoshi had landed a place on the hero course after a rather large amount of gentle persuasion from Deku to All Might, who had in turn discussed it with higher ups within the school. Shinsou’s moving to the hero course had allowed for him and his sports festival opponent, Deku of course, to become much closer and was arguably the catalyst for their getting together in early second year. It had only been a few months later when Todoroki and Katsuki had come out with their admitting to a six month long relationship, at the time, with the former saying they were inspired by the positive response to Deku and Shinsou’s relationship. The two pairs, connected by the experience, had inevitably grown closer, an integration into the hero course’s class which Hitoshi was incredibly glad for.


“Well, I mean, that’s okay. I have too.”


Deku’s voice of reason floated from beneath the arm he was covering his red face with. The conversation was admittedly quite embarrassing, but really, teenage boys all couped together with hormones running wild? It was bound to be. The conversation itself was about weird sexual fantasies they’d either had or still have. The four had sat in a circle and taken it in turns, and now they were all sat in the aftermath of  Todoroki’s confession.


Really, Deku?”

Shinsou spoke up, amused. The green haired boy felt eyes on him, pressing for an elaboration and an explanation.


“Well.. yeah. I dunno, I guess if it ever happened I’d want Shinsou to be there.”


The bluenet boy smirked at his mentioning, and promptly wrapped an arm around the younger.


“Mmmmmm? You’re still thinking about it happening now ?”


Todoroki’s laugh and Deku’s yelp chimed together. Katsuki murmured something about Deku being gross, but his tone of voice gave away his amusement. Deku seemed to gain a little more confidence.


“Oh? And what if I still am, Toshi?”


Todoroki and Katsuki appeared to wait with baited breath.


“Then I’d do my best to make it happen.”


Something stirred within Todoroki. He admits that he, whilst not a liar at heart, had covered up the fact he still fantasize about such a scenario with the guise that he ‘used to.’ His face was a picture; deep thought and consideration etched on with strikes of surprise. His boyfriend noticed the change.


“You okay there, Sho?”


“Am I making you uncomfortable?” Shinsou piped up.


The half-and-half paused. “No,” he began, “I’m just thinking about it.”


The other three perked up. Shinsou spoke first.


“So.. Deku and Todoroki are both into the idea of a… threesome? Foursome? More?


The freckled boy met eyes with Todoroki, the two of their faces painted rose. Deku spoke. “I can’t necessarily speak for both of us but.. I mean, yeah.”


“Hey, out of interest, Katsuki,” Hitoshi began, following the excited, albeit awkward train of thought shared by the group. Deku internally noted how proud he was of Hitoshi being so direct.


The red eyed teen huffed, looking away. Side-eyeing his boyfriend, he nodded.


“So, in theory.. If I’m following.. We’re all up for this?” Deku finally found his voice again.


“Yeah..” Todoroki breathed.


There was a pause, everyone sat waiting for something. Finally, Katsuki broke the silence.


“Bedroom’s this way.”




“Wait, so who bottoms out of you two?”


Deku didn’t mince his words as he posed the question to the other couple in the room. The smirk on Todoroki’s face was explanatory enough, but his words confirmed it.


“You may or may not be surprised to learn it’s this one here,” he drawled, indicating his boyfriend by smacking his butt. Katsuki knitted his lips together, obviously humiliated but trying not to let his angry facade go.


“Hm, I think him and Deku should show off a little first then. To get started.”


Deku’s eyes seemed to widen a little - “don’t tell me this is the first time you’ve realised this will involve you getting touchy with him, right?” - where Katsuki straight up cursed.


“Motherfuck. But don’t leave me to mess on with this loser for too long.. You two need to get involved. Soon. ” He took a minute to pause and ensure Hitoshi and Todoroki got the message, before turning to Deku. “You ready?” Katsuki didn’t sound particularly confident.


Deku pushed passed the red on his face and his quivering lips. “Yeah, I am. Yeah.”


Katsuki wasted no time. As if planned out, he lunged forward onto the bed where his childhood friend was sprawled. He pinned Deku down, almost animal like, though he seemed to hesitate for just a moment. Seeing no upset in Deku’s eyes, he leaned down to kiss him, not in a romantic way, but in a lustful way. The squeak that slipped past Deku’s lips as he did so was a spark to light the fire everyone had been waiting for. Katsuki pushed his tongue past Deku’s lips, a knee finding it’s way between the boy’s legs simultaneously. Deku whined, and heard shuffling from near the bed. Hitoshi was hard, he could see from here, and there was a smirk plastered on Todoroki’s face. The latter spoke.


“Wow. Strange to see you so dominant, Katsuki.. You’re usually such a little whore.”


Kacchan reddened and pulled away from assaulting Deku’s mouth. His voice broke as he spoke. “What the f.. What the fuck Todoroki, don’t just say that!”


“Why not? They’re about to find out soon anyway.”


The irritation swelled in Katsuki, and he felt himself rubbing his leg harder, grinding against Deku’s crotch.


“K -Kacchan!


The whine in Deku’s voice was godly, and Shinsou could be heard moaning. Todoroki seemed impatient.


“Katsuki, move over. I want to play with him,” Todoroki began. “But don’t feel left out, I’m sure Shinsou would love to get his hands on you.”


The mentioned blue haired boy nodded, and he creeped onto the bed with his half-and-half counterpart. Katsuki, still reeling from the way Deku’s exclamation went straight to his cock, moved over as told. Todoroki loomed over the panting hero and wasted no time stripping him of his shirt. Shinsou and Katsuki paused to admire; Deku was a beautiful sight, panting and shirtless beneath their classmate, muscles on show. Todoroki leaned down, placing his lips to Deku’s taught skin, kissing gently before sucking a harsh bruise. Deku writhed. At one point, he made eye contact with Shinsou, who licked his lips and turned to his own subject.


He pinned the boy with one hand and gripped his hair in the other, tugging it back to reveal his neck. Teeth bared, Shinsou dived into bite at the boy’s neck, setting himself a goal to make the ash-blonde sing. He knew it was a tough goal - Bakugo was stubborn, and would likely restrain his voice - but he would give it his all. Lips closed around the hero’s neck, kissing and licking and blowing hot air. Katsuki wriggled somewhat, small, breathy grunts making it past his lips. Hitoshi pressed a hand into Bakugo’s crotch and leaned in to murmur in his ear, “don’t you dare try and keep quiet,” a tongue licking the shell. Katuski all but whined, but that wasn’t enough for Shinsou.


Deku was trying desperately to keep his eyes off his childhood friend and on his classmate above him. Todoroki’s hand trailed up his strong abdomen and towards his chest, where his hand settled on Deku’s nipple. The green haired tried to act indifferent about it, he really did, but the little gasp he let out betrayed him. Shouto rubbed, pinched and prodded the nipple, his other hand floating over to mirror the first, both hands abusing Deku’s chest. The hero writhed, obviously sensitive, moans high in the air. “Todoroki, ngh!”


The sound of his lover calling someone else’s name turned Shinsou on a hell of a lot. He turned to his fellow dom. “We should start prepping these two soon.” The half-and-half promptly agreed. Shinsou turned back to Katsuki, a wicked, predatory grin decorating his face. The practically ripped the shirt from the boy before kneeling back to remove his pants. The ashe-blonde disputed, “I am not being the only one with my fucking clothes off. It’s Deku’s turn.”


Todorki followed the suggestion - out of sympathy for his boyfriend or out of the desire to undress Deku, it was unknown - and subsequently stripped Deku of his trousers. Deku laid panting, hardly having spoken throughout the experience. He decided to speak up now, though, turning to Katsuki.


“Kacchan…” he panted, causing the boy to redden and scowl, “where do you keep lube and stuff?”


Todoroki looked on expectantly, having been about to ask the same thing. Katsuki pointed to a bedside cabinet. “Where else, idiots?”


“No need to be sarcastic, Kacchan… can you get it, Toshi?” Deku directed the request to his boyfriend, who was both closest and not currently pinned down.


“Sure thing, babe.”


Hitoshi leaned over, arm outstretched, and fished around in the drawer, eventually pulling out a bottle. He poured a generous amount on this fingers before chucking the bottle to Todoroki. Bakugo glared up at the brainwasher above him, red and panting and a gorgeous sight to see.


“Spread your legs, slut.”


Bakugo had never been a more crimson shade, face twisting with the attempt to be silent as he obeyed what he was told. Hitoshi smirked.


“I picked up on the way Todoroki spoke to you earlier. You like being called names, don’t you? You dirty little whore.”


Katsuki let a whine out from the very back of his throat, unable to deny how much it turned him on. Even Deku, next to him, seemed aroused by it. Katsuki squirmed.

“Fucking do something then, ass.”


His voice definitely didn’t seem very threatening now.


Todoroki had been teasing Deku more throughout this and was now about to apply lube to his fingers. At the same time, Hitoshi began to press a finger into Bakugo.


“You’re surprisingly tight, but not so surprisingly hot,” Hitoshi spoke off-handedly. “You’re taking me in so desperately, though. I should give you two already, slut.”


Katsuki keened under Shinsou, trying, and failing, to deny that he would like that. He bucked his hips as Shinsou curled the digit. Aside those two, Deku was also already getting entered, and he wasn’t afraid to voice how nice it felt.


“Todoroki… please, please another one, now- nnghhhhh ,” he was cut off by the granting of his wish, moaning highly as a finger was added; though things were moving quickly, Izuku enjoyed how they pressed and scissored into him. Todorki pulled his free hand up to rub against his crotch a little, and nobody could blame him - so far both him and Hitoshi had been deprived of attention in their pants despite how aroused they were. It was making the two, Todoroki especially, desperate. Adding a third finger to the whining whore below (who absolutely did not hold back on the loud moans - “ Hnggh..!-- Todoroki, gh, s-stop teasing me!” - his throat was emitting), Shouto tried to think of a way the four could all interact.


As the half-and-half thought, Katsuki was being used . Hitoshi had three wet fingers in him which were pumping horrifically slow, and one hand was groping and teasing the boy’s chest. Hitoshi was rutting forward, obviously desperate for some friction, but was also teasing the explosive boy with words.


“I bet you’re turned on by the fact that your childhood friend is watching you like this. I bet you never wanted him to know you could be like this… what a fucking disgrace, Bakugo.”


The young man in question had finally begun to open up - the crash of sensations and teasing bringing down his barriers. Whimpers had become whines, and whines had become moans, and the ash-blonde was bucking and crying for more.


What the f-fuck… No, no , it doesn’t turn me on, y-you sick- hnnghahhh, fuck, ngh,” his voice was punctuated with moans and keens and cracks in his voice. From beside him, Deku, who was in a notably similar state of moans and writhing, and through his panting and squirming regarded his childhood friends with wide eyes.

“Kacchan- nhn, ” he had began, but a particularly firm curl of the fingers inside him cut him off, and his attention returned to Todoroki. The boy appeared to have had an epiphany, a grin on his face replacing the thoughtful look from before. He pumped into Deku more, who moaned highly in response. Deku half wondered if he would even last much longer if things didn’t damn hurry up.


“Guys,” Shouto spoke as if reading the green haired hero’s mind, “I think I know how we should do this. Is that little harlot prepped properly?”


“Isn’t it obvious?” Hitoshi smirked. The ashe blonde lay panting, a defeated - yet familiarly stubborn - scowl on his face. Deku could be seen smiling at him.


“Good,” Todoroki continued. “Katsuki, come here.”


Hitoshi leaned off the quivering blonde, who kneeled up. “What?”


Todoroki pulled him in for a kiss, very quickly, slamming their mouths together before shoving the boy off as quickly as it had started. “Get into the sixty-nine position with Deku. Now,” he commanded, winning over the irritated blonde. Deku whimpered some sort of apology, which Shinsou and Todoroki both responded to, re-assuring him there was no reason to apologise, and that Katsuki was just a stubborn idiot.


Deku, who had begun to catch his breath, found himself face to face with Katsuki's cock. It was, admittedly, an experience that his younger self had occasionally caught himself fantasising about, but never to this day had he ever expected it to actually happen. The hero became less aware of what was around him; his primal focus was on what was in front of him. Experimentally, he stuck his tongue out. While this was not, of course, the first time he’s given a blowjob (even one in this position), it was still an alien to think the dick he was about to suck belong to Kacchan. His childhood friend, Kacchan. He licked some more, trying to get over the surreal feel to it, and he felt it twitch.


“What the fuck…” Bakugo’s voice was a whisper. An uncomplaining whisper that masked a moan. The two were dragged back to reality when Hitoshi sniggered and Todoroki spoke up.


“Okay, well, you two are raring to go. Deku, can you lift your hips up? Shinsou’s going to fuck you, but he’ll need a bit more access.”


The formal, calm tone of voice Shouto presented almost made the hero forget that the orders he was obeying were ones which would lead to his boyfriend fucking him while he sucked of his friend who was also sucking him off and getting sucked by his boyfriend, but nevertheless, the truth remained. His hips lifted, he could now feel Katsuki's hot breath against his tip, making him shiver. Deku felt two strong, familiar hands grip his thighs; Shinsou was lining himself up and from the whine in the back of Kacchan’s throat, Deku guessed Todoroki was too.


“Are you both ready?”


Deku was too filled with anticipation to register who it was speaking. Katsuki muttered some impatient response, and Deku nodded. He realised not everyone could see that, and choked out, “yes, please, you’re killing me with the anticipation.”


Shinsou seemed to enter first, before Todoroki, as Deku’s short breath came before Katsuki's. Deku could feel his boyfriend pressing in, and he tried to keep his breathing slow. It didn’t last long. Partway through his quiet, restricted moans, his boyfriend chimed in.


“Just because I’m getting ready to pound you doesn’t mean you can stop working on what you’re supposed to be. Go on, kitty.”


Deku was glad Todoroki was the only one who could see his face. He had honestly hoped Shinsou wouldn’t mention that pet name. Pun intended. Before Bakugo could retort, he took the boy’s dick into his mouth, whining around it immediately. The harsh sensation shocked the blonde, who gasped out.


“Fuck, Deku, you-”


“That goes for you too, slut. Don’t forget to make yourself choke.”


Todoroki’s voice had a different quality to it than usual, but it was to be expected: he was hilted inside his boyfriend, deep and wet and hot. The four of them had all kind of frozen, except for Deku, who was slowly raising his head and lowering it to suck Bakugo off. Bakugo whined and Deku hummed around him, before the freckled boy began to grow impatient. He pulled off Bakugo and began to rock and twitch his hips.


“Shinsou, Shinsou please move, ngh,” he begged before returning to pleasuring Katsuki, who was now moaning. Hitoshi didn’t need to be told twice; Deku groaned around the cock in his mouth as his boyfriend pressed in. Kacchan rushedly took Deku into his mouth to try and stifle his own moans which came following Todoroki pushing in impatiently. Deku moaned and bucked his hips, the cock in his mouth twitching and jolting. Todoroki groaned and began to set a rough pace, gripping Bakugo’s hips tight. The blonde moaned around Deku’s cock, hips bucking backwards.

“Shouto, Shouto, deeper hhffuck, fuck-” Bakugo had pulled off to say, but Shinsou had shoved his mouth back down onto Deku. Shinsou himself was groaning, hips snapping forwards into his freckled boyfriend. The boyfriend in question was desperately rying to get the warning out that he could feel the knot in his stomach tighten, the knot that had been burning ever since their forgotten conversation of sexual fantasies had begun.


Aah, hngh Shinsou, Shsinsou K-Kacchan I’m, getting, clo-hngh,” he could hardly get the words out. From above him, he heard Todoroki grunting, his hips stuttering. Kacchan, from somewhere behind him, was moaning too.


“You’re not the only one, f-fuck.. Hnngh,” Katsuki's voice came on laboured breath, punctuated by whines and moans. Above the two boys, Hitoshi and Todoroki were grunting, their hips beginning to pound faster.


“Bakugo, whore, do you want to show off what we’ve practised?”


Todoroki’s query definitely sparked interest in the functional parts of Shinsou and Deku’s minds. The blonde himself had gone surprisingly quiet considering he was being fucked hard and sucked off. It was a while before he spluttered, “fuck, fine, yes please.” Todorki smirked and began to pick up the pace, Katsuki writhing and moaning beneath him as he did. From the way he began to get louder, and his voice higher, it could be presumed Todorki was hitting Bakugo’s prostate.


“Good boy, Bakugo, such an obedient - ngh - little whore. You’re going to cum, right?”


“Y… Yeah, yes, Shouto-!”


“Beg for it first.”


Deku and Shinsou could only look on as Kacchan’s moaning increased. Shinsou didn’t stop anything though - he continued to pound Deku relentlessly, shown in the low moans he let out and the high ones coming from the hero below.


“T.. Shouto, do I have to?”




“,” Bakugo appeared to hesitate, most likely humiliated, before he let go of all his shame. “ Please, Shouto, please let me cum please hngh, ngh make me cum in front of Deku and Shinsou, please I need it I, haah!-”


He was losing control, bucking and trying to get his tongue to make contact with Deku as he rocked. Todoroki too, was losing rhythm with his hips. The half and half commanded:


“So obedient and fucking shameless. You’ll come hard for me when I tell you, won’t you? You’ll make me proud?”


Bakugo only whined nodding and choking out a few small words of agreement. Deku was panting and moaning beneath him, very close himself.


Whore, cum, now.”


On Todoroki’s command, Bakugo began to thrash, singing moans desperately, with Shouto’s name making an appearance. Deku found himself covered in strings of thick cum - which turned him on a lot - while Bakugo twitched above him, reeling in the immediate afterglow. Before getting time to recover, Todoroki grabbed him suddenly and yanked him off of Deku, slamming his mouth into his boyfriend’s and pounding his hips a few last times. He moaned into Katuski’s mouth, and the blonde managed to whine out “ please fill me up, Shouto!” before Todoroki began to slow. The panting and laboured breaths began to replace moans, and the two were left in the afterglow. Deku, on the other hand, was left at Shinsou’s mercy.


“Deku. I’m gonna show you off as you cum.”


Gentle hands gripped the freckled boy’s sides, and he felt himself being lifted. He was spun, and on his knees, and - ah. Hitoshi had positioned Deku above his throbbing cock so Deku could ride him while facing the other two. He gently began to lower himself.


“Don’t be afraid to come over and touch him, he’s loud as fuck and I know he’ll scream for us if you toy with him.”


Deku found himself managing a blush through all the layers of heat already in his face, but he couldn’t deny the truth in his boyfriend’s statement.


“I might have to take you up that.”


It was right as Hitoshi was full sheathed in Deku that the hero felt Todoroki’s hot, wet mouth engulf his cock. Deku all but mewled, legs thrashing. Hitoshi began to lift him, doing the work for the boy, slamming him down gracelessly over and over. Deku felt tears in his eyes - all throughout tonight he;d been building and building and building and now he was so, so close. “H- Harder, Shinsou!”


The purple haired boy obliged, pounding Deku as hard as he could. Todorki continued to bob, faster, and then-


Deku’s mouth met with something hot and wet. Kacchan’s mouth.




Deku hiccuped but it was swallowed up by the kiss. He felt a hot, rough hand grip his hair and it all became too much. Moaning loudly, Deku began to writhe and buck.


“Todo- To -Todoroki, ahngh, pull of or, hngh!”


Shouto refused to move, burying his nose in Deku’s base as thick streams filled his mouth. Deku’s hands had caught onto Bakugo’s shoulders, and he broke the kiss just enough to cry Shinsou’s name. Shinsou himself was pulled over the edge by the way Deku clenched and pulsed around him, burying his thick cock as far as it would go as he filled up his now limp smaller boyfriend.


Panting was the first thing Deku heard when he came back to his senses. Four people panting. Deku opened his eyes, and realised the four of them were sprawled on the bed. He felt a tight arm around him, and realised Shinsou was cuddling him first. After a while, he looked to Shouto.


“What that anything like your fantasizes?”


“You mean the ones you had too? Hah… shockingly, it was exactly like them.”


“Even the people involved?” Katsuki interjected.


“Even the people involved.”


“Im honoured, Shouto, but do you mean something more by that?”


Deku had asked, with some hope in his heart. His fantasies had on most occasions also involved these same people. He hoped his intentions matched in the same way.


“Well.. yes.”


“Are we all polyamorous here?” Shinsou mused.


“Apparently,” Bakugo huffed. His own way of saying ‘definitely.’


“I know I am. Deku?”


The green haired boy looked to the three people collapsed on the bed with him. Though sprawled on a bed with his ass full of sticky cum wasn't the most romantic of times, he was glad it had come to this.


“Absolutely. So.. the four of us, we..?”


“We’re a thing.” Todoroki confirmed.


“An item.. A four-pack item. That’s wonderful.”


Deku stared at his childhood friend. “Is this okay, Kacchan?”


Katsuki flicked his eyes to glare at Deku before leaning over and kissing him, hard. Deku squaked, but obviously kissed back, though he was weak.


Todoroki smiled. “Thats the ‘Katsuki Bakugo’s Guide to Romance’ language. It means he loves you, but he’s too cool to say it.”


Deku laughed despite Bakugo’s curse and thrown punch. Shinsou even chuckled, before taking the duvet and wrapping them all up. Memories of awkward, hormonal teenage-boy conversations had faded, but the memories of what it lead to would never.