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Dirthavaren- The Promise ( Remastered)

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Clan Lavellan
Clan Lavellan was a pretty big Clan of Dalish elfs. In total 80 people. They had settled down in a small valley near the frostback mountains a few days ago. Right now most of the Clan was asleep except the guards.Teir footsteps were softly as some gathered around a small fire. It had become a ritual to them, they woul enlight the first fire when the sun was about to rise.. The sun rose with golden flames touched with soft pinks and coral colors as the sky gave way to the light that gently crept across the sky. Pink clouds rolled lazily across the sky as the first birds could be heard in the distance.
Mahanon Lavellan groaned sleepy and sat up. The sunlight was just creeping over the mountains, but he couldnt sleep anymore. Not with his brother in the Aravel. Mahanon turned his head and looked at the sleeping form of his jounger brother. Relas was sleeping soundly snoaring loudly. Mahanon shooked his head and got up. Quiet not to wake his brother he rolled his bedroll together and then climbed out of his Aravel. His bare feets touched the cool ground and he stretched himself and took in his surroundings. The camp was protected by the eastside from the mighty frostback mountains.
The mountains were old and majestic. Sitting as they had for thousands of years. The snow covered them making them look smooth and easy to pass. Different shades of browns and grays mingled and shone on the surface as they appeared with the morning light. Shadows gave way to the fire of the sun illuminating the grass and the whole camp. Mahanon smiled and started to walk. Yesterday he had detected a small lake outside of the camp. It was hidden and surrounded from trees and a lot of elfroot.
He passed the Aravell of his Kepper. Istimaethoriel Lavellan was an old woman and she woke up early. It had become a routine for them to eat breakfast together. Because of which, Mahanon knew he had to hurry with his bath.
After a straight walk for around 10 minutes he came to his location and putted his package down.
The Lake was small and the water was crystall clear. A mighty statue of Fen´harel watched over the lake but Mahanon didn´t mind it. On his way he had found flowers and he layed them down between the mighty stone paws as an offering. After he had took off his clothes he walked into the lake.
Mahanon was tall for a Dalish elf. His light skin and blood red hair shined in the sunlight. He took a deep breath and let himself slide under water. After a few seconds he came back with his long hair clinging to him. He grabbed the soap and started to wash himself. Then he cleaned himself of and got out of the lake. Now he had to hurry or else the Keeper would be angry at him.
He rushed back home and the winds blew through the trees creating whiffs of the different smells of the camp as food was cooked and fires were lit. The dogs and Halla made noise. One of the children carried a bundle by the Aravel. >>The Keeper is allready waiting for you.<< the boy said and smiled at him. Mahanon groaned and started to run.
Out of breath he stopped by the Aravel of Keeper Istimaethoriel.
>> Come in Mahanon<< the clear voice of the Keeper said from inside and Mahanon flinched. She didnt say Dalen to him like allways, so she must be angry at him. Prepearing himself for the worst he entered the Aravel and sat down next to the old woman.
A few hours later Mahanon walked through the camp. He sat down on a fire next to
Relas. Unlike Mahanon, had his brother no magic. Relas had become a hunter and was quite skilled with his bow. >>What did the keeper want from you? Last time you stayed that long with her was when you were 12 years old<< Relas said and took a bite from his meal.
Mahanon swallowed his own bite of meat.
>>You heard from the conclave? This shemlen, divine Justinia had called the Leaders of the Templars and Mages together. I think she hopes to end the war between them. The war hasn´t reached us yet, but if the war continues....<<
>>Then sooner or later we will be dragged in too<<. Relas finished the sentence of his brother.
Mahanon nodded with a sight. >>We just have to know how this conclave from the shems is coming out. This war between the Mages and the Templars is going on for too long. Innocent people die. Do you remember the village we passed a few moons ago ? Every last of them was killed from the Templars, none survived.<<
Relas nodded. >> I do remember<< he said and starred into the fire.
>> Thats why the Keeper asked me to go to this Conclave and spy on it. She asked me to take a look at the whole situation and the outcome of it. << Mahanon said calm and looked at the shooked face of his jounger brother.
>> But anyone could go. Why you? We need you here brother << Relas asked with furrowed brows. Mahanon smiled and placed his hand on the left shoulder of Relas. >> Because im the first and she asked me.<<
Relas walked past a few Arravels in search for his brother Mahanon. He had looked almost over the entire camp before he finally found him. Five days had passed since Mahanon had told him about the conclave and that he would go and spy on it. Relas still disliked the thought of his brother leaving, but he couldnt to anything against it. He passed the last Aravel and turned north. In the north of the camp was an old big stone statue from Fen´harel. Of course it was outside of the camp and the Clan had passed it while traveling here to this small snowy valley. The old statue was surrounded from snow and a few stubborn leaves of elfroot. Before the statue stood Mahanon deep in prayer. Relas watched him and couldnt help but to smile at his older brother. Mahanon had allways a thing for the Dread wolf. The Keeper had a hard time with Mahanon, because he didn´t take things as they were. At the age of six, he had managed to enrage the keeper that much, that Istimaethoriel had refused to teach Mahanon anything for two weeks.
Relas remembered he had asked him once a few years ago why he worshiphed Fen´harel. Mahanon hadn´t answered him that question properly. >>When will you go?<< Relas asked and Mahanon turned around. His smaragd green eyes lingered on Relas and a soft smile appeared on his lips. >>Tomorrow morning when the sun rises.<< Mahanon answered and walked to his brother. I hope Divine Justinia can speak some sence into them. If not.....Fenedhis lasa!<<
He sighted and looked at Relas. >> Come brother, lets go back, the Keeper and the others have prepeared a farewell for you.<< Relas said and grabbed his brothers arm.
Mahanon started to laugh softly at the words of his brother. >> Looks like they can´t wait for tomorrow to see me leave, can they?<<
Relas slapped Mahanons forehead. >>Fool, you know thats not true.<< Mahanon laughed and together they walked back to the camp. They could allready see the Aravels and the childre who played hide and seek, when Relas stopped. >> Whats wrong brother<< Mahanon asked and looked confused.
>> Here i have crafted you something. Its a good luck charm for you<< Relas said and reached into his pocket and brought something forward. It was a neglace. On a long leatherband hunged a wolf pendant. It was carved out of bone and from the sides it was holded in place with a few green stones. The wolf was very detailed and six green small eyes glistened in the glow of the sun.
>> Thats beautiful Relas!<<Mahanon said in awe and took it carefully out from his brothers hands.
>> It´s a Good luck charm for your journey. << Relas said and smiled wide as he saw the big happy smile on his brothers face.
>> Thank you!!!<< Mahanon shouted in his ear and crushed his brother in a hug. Then he lifted the neglace over his head and stuffed it under his shirt.
>> Can´t have the Keeper yell at me again because of the dread wolf huh?<< he asked with a smile.
Relas laughed and then they entered the camp.

After hours of eating and celebrating and a long speech from the Keeper, Mahanon falled into his Arravel. as soon as he hit thebed he slept.
In the morning almost the entire clan was up to say him farewell.
In the front rows was the Keeper and his brother. Relas waked with him for a few steps then he turned around to Mahanon.
>> Dareth shiral.<< Mahanon said and hugged him for a long time.
>> Dareth shiral, brother.<< Relas mumbled with tears in his eyes.
They hugged each other for a few heartbeats longer, then Mahanon squeezed his brothers shoulder for the last time and both walked away in two different directions.
One back to his Clan and the other to his destiny.