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witches petals

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yoongi glares at the cat swiping at his legs, claws digging into the material of his black jeans as it attempts to do something akin to climbing on him.


"ohgosh, i'm so sorry, she's always been a handful," someone appears and scoops the cat up in his arms and it immediately quietens down before attempting to claw out of, his name tag reads - jungkook's - hold.


there's a sweet lavender scent wafting all over the flower shop mixed with various notes of different flora that yoongi can't quite pick out but it's an interesting combination and he finds himself immediately attracted to the fragrance. jungkook allows the tabby onto the ground, pads of the cat's paws clicking gently as it disappears to the back.


"is there anything i can help you with?"


yoongi looks up and he's met with a pretty smile and warm chocolate eyes and for a moment, he has to remember how to form coherent sentences and yes, there's the flowers.


"i'm looking for a bouquet of flowers that are good for weddings," he reaches for the back of his neck feebly and jungkook nods thoughtfully in response, his two front teeth biting down on his bottom lip cutely with creased brows. yoongi inhales, the fresh scent swirling into his nostrils and the feeling's unsurprisingly refreshing, a juxtaposition against the seoul air he's grown accustomed to.


"it's hoseok's- uh, it's a friend's wedding and i want to make it ... special - he's a longtime friend."


yoongi winces at the thought of hoseok getting a kick out of knowing that he called him special. jungkook's expression lightens and he says a delighted oh after a short pause, grinning slightly when he meets yoongi's gaze and he feels himself smile back. odd. he moves back out of his own accord, feet stumbling, and he feels clumsy hands brush against a small pot of flowers teetering on the edge of the table, ceramic screeching.



"fuck," he says and watches it crash on the wooden ground, soil spilling out onto the pristine floor and scatter across the small expanse of the shop. yoongi stares dumbfounded at the colourful mess on the wood, pink and red flowers still clumped together at the roots and the shattered ceramic pot lying pitifully on its side. he sighs and looks up to see jungkook also staring at the petals with wide eyes, absolutely mortified and yoongi knows he's fucked up.


apologies are at the tip of yoongi's tongue when jungkook drops down on his knees and whispers a disappointed: "my peonies."


they were peonies


yoongi sees jungkook gather up the soil and peonies in his hands, carefully dumping it into the broken pot before standing up, brushing himself off after all the contents were inside. he sends a sad smile to yoongi before tightening the apron around his slim waist.


the bell tinkles again and the wind brushes against his cheeks when the door opens, spring air tumbling through along with the sun and it feels almost mystical. or some variation of something as illusory as magic.


"i'm so sorry," yoongi winces and reaches into the pockets of his coat (that's still appropriate for the weather, spring having trickled in tardy after the frosty winter) for his wallet, pulling out a couple of bills to hand to the florist and suppresses the urge to ask the male to smile again. "how much is it again? i'm really sorry about the -"


jungkook shakes his head and bends down to pick the pot up, thighs straining against the material of his jeans and yoongi has to rip his eyes away to stop himself from staring too long, uneasy at how intrigued he is with jungkook and his honey eyes and red lips.


"it's fine, it happens all the time since the tables are small and all but you don't have to pay," jungkook places the flowers on another table this time, a bigger one. "besides, it's going to be fixed soon…" he trails off and there's a faraway look in his eyes when he glances at the pot.


"oh, yes! about your wedding flowers?" jungkook perks up and yoongi notes that he's trying to change the topic but doesn't press, money still in hand. "so i was thinking of a couple of peonies and some baby's breath - they look gorgeous - and maybe a few stephanotis if you want? does the groom have any preferences regarding the flowers he likes? that would help me so much and it's a special day for both the bride and - "


"he's not into women," he stuffs the money back into his pocket.


there's a pause and yoongi frowns, fists clenched at his side and for a second, he feels disappointment course through him.




"listen, if you have something against -"


"oh my god no, i was just surprised, i don't have anything against people who like guys -  i mean - i am too, as in i like… guys. i'm so sorry if i came off as rude, i really didn't mean to," jungkook flails and pink stains his cheeks when he looks at the ground guiltily. yoongi relaxes, fists unclenching and a relieved breath is exhaled.


yoongi hums. "it's fine. there's just been so much trouble to get to this point and they went through alot together and deserve to be happy but people have been a fucking pain in the ass to deal with - i'm being sensitive - god the wedding preparations they're dragging me into are making me soft."


"that's really awesome, though," jungkook says and there's this genuinity in his voice as he slumps against the front counter, lean body pressed up against the lilac desk. "do any of the two like any particular flowers, then?"


"he doesn't know anything about flowers - hoseok i mean, he's a complete dummy when it comes to theses wedding things and he has a tendency to nod dreamily at everything jimin says," yoongi lets a wry smile grace his face at the thought of the couple and jungkook does too, smiling slightly. a little wistful. "jimin has him on a leash, they're fucking perfect for each other it's scary. it's stupidly like magic or something."




"yeah, sorcery shit," yoongi says and he surprises himself at how easy jungkook is to talk to. words flow from his mouth easily and he feels himself relax into somewhat a soothing presence of the other, his voice light and quiet. the small cuckoo clock bursts with life seemingly at the word sorcery and the figure squawks, the shorthand pointing at four. jungkook flinches at the noise.


"you believe in those things?" jungkook asks softly before disappearing to the back and appearing again with a large portfolio.


"magic?" he can hear how incredulous he sounds, surprise lacing itself in his tone and jungkook visibly winces, shrinking a little. he gestures to yoongi and he follows, sitting himself down on a small table.


"mhm. magic."


yoongi looks up at jungkook who's staring at him expectantly with lips pursed and he looks so serious that yoongi can't help but nod, too ambivalent to disagree with spoken words.


small intricate designs were woven into the tablecloth and swirls of pink and green dyed onto the white fabric; yoongi traces circles on it involuntarily, fingers running over the small bumps of the flower designs. strangely, it's jungkook from the impression yoongi has of him, the colours and designs on the cloth bursting with life but with a certain softness to it.


jungkook places the large black file onto the table and opens it up, flicking through a couple of pages of beautifully arranged bouquets until he reaches into a sleeve to pull out a photo, finger gently plucking it out from the plastic. all the images were carefully captured, soft colours wrapped enchantingly in a small bundle and it looks beautiful, flowers arching and fresh with a pastel ribbon tied around it. yoongi isn't a flower person but the arrangements are beautiful enough for him to know.


"how about this?" jungkook blinks, holding the photo in front of his face. "this bouquet should be okay."


"uh," yoongi examines the arrangement, flummoxed as to what an unflattering bouquet is supposed to look like. "this is nice. yeah- it's really good."


the tabby meows and he catches a glimpse of her before she slinks back around the pots, body threading along multiple pots and vases filled with flowers of all variations and colours, all of them fresh and blooming. jungkook busies himself with asking yoongi his preferences for the flowers in colour and type, opening the portfolio from the back to show him some photos and yoongi's puzzled as he points out numerous kinds and their meanings. jungkook's careful when he talks about the flora, slow and soft when he describes that roses are the epitome of love and sweet-peas, lasting love, words floating through the air like wind and yoongi's entranced.


yoongi places an order the same evening and jungkook tells him the price, fingers pressing against the buttons of the cash register carefully, machine making small beeping noises as he blindly hands the money over. jungkook gives him the change and smiles softly and yoongi momentarily forgets about the price-tag, stumbling clumsily out the door, and he can't bring himself to stop even when jungkook says a small goodbye and thank you.


he leaves the flower shop feeling something akin to fondness, the small bell tinkling behind him as a reminder that he's shaken and it doesn't take much time for him to press the heel of his palm to his forehead and let out an incredulous snort.


the lightbulb of a street lamp pops on the second street he turns into.




yoongi gets a text a few weeks later from witches petal when hoseok has tuxedo fitting, the florist having slipped his mind after a week of panicked calls and equally strenuous work, file upon file piled up on top of each other to the extent of his desk looking like it's been taken over by endless papers. jungkook occasionally flits to his mind at the most spontaneous moments - like when he sees the small flowers (or are they weeds) growing in the park to the floral teapot still left untouched on his kitchen counter since last easter.


hoseok looks at him curiously when the corners of yoongi's lips curve up slightly at the contents of the message, arms still spread open as the tailor attempts to measure the length of his arm.


"who's that?" hoseok tries to look over his shoulder at yoongi's phone, earning a hard glare from the girl who's now struggling to measure his leg.


yoongi stuffs his phone back into his pocket before hoseok can see and shrugs, scowling when he sees the younger's smug countenance.




"nothing. it's nothing," hoseok denies breezily and sinks into one of the lounge chairs after the tailor's finished jotting down his measurements, a knowing grin still painted on his face. it's not an unkind expression, more content - pleased.


"i wish you would get out more, hyung," the younger rolls his shoulders back, bones not even popping once and yoongi is reminded as to how fluid the dancer's body is while his is not. "- and i was thinking there's this hoobae i know that's a really nice person - not boring," he adds and yoongi doesn't fail to snort." - i want you guys to meet and it'd be nice if you could go to the italian restaurant this weekend. y'know, get to know each other and no buts, hyung. you owe me."


there's a short pause and yoongi looks at hoseok staring at him intently, a slight crease to his forehead and once again, some sort of guilt rips through him - claws at the base of his throat and he has to cough to get it out.


"it's going to be a bust again," yoongi sighs but doesn't reject, holding a napkin out towards the younger, gesturing for him to wipe his mouth. hoseok grins and yoongi can feel himself relent, rolling his eyes when the groom makes an appalling noise of happiness.




yoongi books a table for six pm sharp in the italian restaurant on a saturday night and clears his schedule.


he makes an effort with his (jimin's actually) choice of clothing - black slacks, a button down and a blazer, and for a moment, he thinks he's trying too hard but the disapproving look jimin shoots him while on hoseok's lap is enough to make him stick to what he's wearing.


"this is stupid," yoongi mutters and the amount of space he has to breathe with the collar digging into his neck is non-existent. "listen, does this guy - "




"yeah, him. does he wear button downs all the time?" he asks mildly, frowning when he looks down at the shoes jimin brought out from, the surface shiny and stiff. there's a valid reason why his preference lies in sneakers.


"just to work but i'm not sure," hoseok answers and presses his lips to jimin's shoulder, giggling when jimin shrugs him off playfully.


yoongi's lips curl up in distaste and he puts the shoes on gingerly, stopping only to run a hand along holly's fur. the small puppy yawns, stretching his body languidly before trotting off somewhere else to probably find a toy to play with. "a dancer..."


"ah, about that - he works in the accounting department," hoseok says cheerfully, snaking his arms around jimin's waist and ignores the elder's earlier snark. "a real genius, honestly."


yoongi snorts. "not boring."


"buy some flowers before you go," the youngest suggests and holds a business card out to him, the familiar cursive of the flower shop apparent on the cardboard - almost teasing. he frowns, taking the card into his hands gently, the soft scent of flowers still adhering onto it gently.


yoongi does end up going to witches petal and he stands stiffly at the entrance way, feeling stupid in his overly starchy clothes and overly fragrant cologne.


"oh, yoongi-ssi?" jungkook waves at him slowly with an apron around his waist and a smile on his face. he was wearing an oversized shirt, the large white sleeves stopping at his elbows and swaying with every movement while he waters the plants sitting outside the shop, eyes still on yoongi. he wipes his hands on the back of his jeans and places the watering can in a small crate before opening the door for him.


"are you coming in?" jungkook asks kindly, his delicate features warm and soft. that seems to snap yoongi out of his embarrassing stupor and he enters the shop slowly, mumbling a quick thank. once again, he's pulled into a different world when he steps foot inside, the floral fragrance encircling itself around him, embracing him entirely.


the phone in his pocket vibrates and he takes it out, a short reminder of the time from jimin.


"are you looking for anything in particular today?" the florist pushes a strand of his brown hair out his eyes and looks at yoongi patiently, his hand resting on the top of the cash register. yoongi ignores the way his heart stutters, impulsive beats sporadic and loud like a drum. he swallows, his throat clogged up with words of wonder and bewilderment.


"just a bunch of flowers please - the type which everyone likes and smells good," yoongi requests awkwardly, the sentences barely making it out alive as he stumbles over syllables and affixes and hopes to god that jungkook won't notice.


"is this for your friend?"


"no, i'm going on a date."


"a first date?" jungkook leans forward, fingers drumming against the counter rhythmically.


yoongi sighs and for a moment, everything feels so wrong. "yeah, someone set me up."


"but giving flowers on a first date gives you bad luck," the florist blurts out and immediately snaps his mouth shut, eyeing the customer a little guiltily. "i'm being nosy again, don't mind me. forget i said anything, jesus i just -"


yoongi raises an eyebrow in amusement, looking at jungkook flush a deep red, the apples of his cheek now a pretty roseate. "bad luck, i see… thanks for that."


"i'm sorry, buy it if you like and erase what i just said- it's bullshit anyways," jungkook mumbles and looks apologetic when he traces circles onto the counter.


"you're a nice kid," yoongi finds himself saying, surprised at his words flow from his mouth at their own accord. jungkook perks up and the lights seem to flash brighter, casting a sharper glow over the other, "one that gives advice in exchange for the loss of a customer."


jungkook unconsciously pouts, plush lips jutting out slightly. "i just want to help people."


yoongi allows a small smile on his face and forgets about the time, a hysterical phone call the only thing the makes him remember again.


he leaves without a bunch of flowers in hand but one thing he does have is the beaming smile jungkook sent as he said: "good luck".


the street lamps glow a little brighter and illuminates the path to his car when he walks down like stars.




kim namjoon comes in twenty minutes late and stumbles over white tablecloths and chairs, barely making it to the table without a scratch - an accountant he said. jimin's shoved the other's photo under his nose for him to recognise namjoon's distinct features: his dimples and the lanky lean frame he has on him.


"hello, min yoongi-ssi?" he sits down opposite him, running a hand in his khaki-grey hair nervously.


they converse for the length of the dinner, both equally awful at small talk on small issues and the occasional laugh happens when namjoon's ungainly limbs knock against plates and glasses. it feels sort of like that in-between stage of acquaintances and friendships, more platonic than anything more than that and yoongi prefers it to stay that way with the cute florist never having completely slipped his mind. naturally, yoongi finds himself a little embarrassed at that thought.


"listen…" namjoon starts uncomfortably and pulls the collar away from his neck, "i'm not dating anyone but there's someone i'm interested in and i honestly came because hoseok made you sound really, really bad."


"mhm, ostensibly i'm really bad," yoongi snorts, offense isn't what he's feeling when he swirls the glass of red wine between his index and middle finger before taking a sip. he makes a face, the wine a little too strange for his liking.


they've grown more familiar with each other through the night having found some common interests - their love of rap music and how fucked up society is, subjects sane people seem to stay away from during blind first dates but unlike that violent spark in his heart he would feel, all there is, is nothing more than a steady burn.


"friends?" namjoon asks in the middle of his tiramisu and scratches the back of his neck, a small smile on his face.


"hoseok's gonna kill you, you know?" yoongi arches an eyebrow but reciprocates with a chuckle.


"well here's to friends," the younger holds up his wine glass and so does yoongi, the clink a sound of the beginning of an unexpected friendship that he's sure to laugh of after a couple of years.


they take a sip and namjoon winces.


"shit wine, huh?"


he nods. "to celebrate our new found friendship, why don't we take a trip to a pojangmacha and have a little - " namjoon makes a popping sound with his mouth, now looking a lot more comfortable than before but so does yoongi.


he nods and they go dutch on the bill.


"you look like a flower guy," namjoon comments after taking a shot of soju, groaning when the liquid sloshes down his throat, a familiar burn to his stomach. "y'know, the first date bring flowers thing contrary to your face."


"my face," he deadpans and shakes his head.


"it's good though, i kill green things all the time. my aloe vera plant is out on my balcony suffering along with the orchards my mom bought me last year but i swear they refuse to die."


yoongi chuckles and eats a piece of sundae, determined to push the anti-first-date-flowers florist to the back of his mind.




hoseok sighs behind the rim of his latte. "so you guys became 'friends'- hyung, you have to try and push the boundaries to become more than that."


he sighs. "look, he's interested in someone else," yoongi says with no actual bite and takes a sip of his own coffee, ignoring the pointed stare aimed towards him. conversations like this are routine, a wash-rinse-repeat with the younger perpetually jabbing at his dating skills and yoongi too apathetic about his status, not even trying to defend himself most times.


he's lonely but he's never going to admit that out loud.


"anyways, i have another one lined up for you in a couple of - "




"why?" hoseok does something with his lips that looks vaguely like pouting and yoongi's scrunches up his nose at that, a displeased noise escaping through parted lips. he massages his temples and sighs, eyes skittering across anywhere but the younger.


"i'm a newspaper columnist, i'm boring and i just want to be alone sometimes, alright? give me a break, hoseok," a guilty look flashes across the other's face and he places his mug down on the coaster gently, watching as yoongi shuts his eyes and leans against the chair. "a month without these dates would be great."


hoseok looks at the table resigned, fingers drumming on the edge of his cup gently. "fine… one month and we're going to find you a significant other and if you can't find a date for the wedding, jimin's going to make you go to one every week."


yoongi's eyes fly open but he doesn't shift from his position. he shoots a dirty look at the other.


"a date as in someone that me or jimin have no previous affiliation with," hoseok looks smug when he takes a bite of his pastry, small flakes of crumbs falling from the corner of his mouth. he laughs smugly and wipes his hands onto the napkin beside his latte.


"whatever," he mutters as a silent 'shove it up your ass' but all the younger does is smile at him, self-praise shining through his eyes. yoongi shakes his head and goes back to sipping at his coffee, now lukewarm and bitter from the air-con blowing across from it, brown liquid rippling with every movement.





yoongi finds himself driving to the flower ship a week after the blind date, his car naturally making its way towards witches petals and it horrifies him at how familiar he is with that place already. or perhaps it's the florist but he prefers not to think about it while it's a stupid little crush. those are easy to stamp down.


"how was it, yoongi-ssi?" jungkook's voice floats from somewhere in the store. there's rustling and the florist appears before yoongi holding a few stems of apple-blossoms and lilacs, his hair dishevelled as he greets the other with a boyish smile. jungkook places the flowers onto his work bench across light pink wrapping paper before disappearing from yoongi's sight when he bends down to pick out a ribbon.


"you remember?"


jungkook hums, fingers working easily over petals and stems, arranging and tying them together languidly, mystically.


"everyone has a story when they come in," jungkook starts and stops to smile at yoongi before positioning the flowers appropriately, pulling petals along with stems. "people come here to project a message through flowers before words and you, where your care for your best friend runs through years allows you to wish them happiness and give them your true blessings isn't a first, yoongi-ssi. flowers shops aren't just a business, sir, patrons come here to seek advice on what they need and we do our best to make their momentous occasion special."


"is that why you chose to become a florist?" yoongi finds himself asking out of his own accord, walking slowly around the store until jungkook's finished making the bouquet. he stops at an aloe vera plant and his mind involuntarily drifts off to namjoon and his balcony.


jungkook's eyes widen, body stiff and hands positioned above the flowers, ribbon curled around his fingers.




"a florist."


jungkook blinks and slowly goes back to tying a bow around the paper. "i guess you could say that, it's always been in my nature to do my best to aid people in a way that flowers do. they bring life to something and each variety has a significance that can only be applied to these plants," the silk ribbon runs along his hands. "working around these mystics calm me down too."


yoongi is inadvertently reminded of how something inside of him does stupid things every time the florist does as much as talk about something as mundane as flora - turning it into some sort of ethereal, intangible thing that only jungkook has the ability to. it's indeed fascinating and equally riveting to hear someone's passion lie in something so simple but beautiful.


"what do you do, yoongi-ssi?"


"me?" he points to himself and stifles the need to let out an unattractive snort. "i'm a newspaper columnist."


"oh… that's - "




"no, rewarding," jungkook corrects and places the wrapped flowers on top of the other ones beside him, a hypnotic smile on his face. "no occupation is ever boring, only tedious if you make it boring."


yoongi hums. "writing articles about the lack of bathrooms in seoul for a third-rate newspaper is interesting to you, i see."


jungkook blinks. "touché."


"how was your date though, yoongi-ssi?"


"we decided to be friends," yoongi sits on a floral stool, each petal hand painted with delicate strokes of purple and white, "we're more suited to be friends instead of lovers and he's interested in someone else too. it's fine, though."


"the right person will come along eventually," the florist says sympathetically, now weaving flowers together along with wire, "they always do but you have to find them, you wouldn't even know if they're just standing in front of you if all you do is wait."


yoongi almost chokes on air at jungkook's words, suddenly painfully aware of how blatant and honest they were and how much they resonate with him no matter how much he likes to deny it. jungkook looks up at him inquisitively at the sudden beat of silence but immediately goes back to weaving foliage along metal with light pink dusted across his cheeks.


"you seem like an expert romantic," yoongi doesn't know where the sudden burst of courage comes from and he feels himself start to flush, warmth tingling beneath his skin. "or maybe my past lovers didn't crash hard enough."


"n-no, i'm really not," jungkook stutters and yoongi doesn't know if he can turn even more red, "i just read some magazines and newspapers sometimes and they have insightful perspectives on these and my friends, wait- no, they're terrible at love. what i'm trying to say is that i attempt to understand the concept of love along with flowers and it helps i guess?"


yoongi lets out a soft laugh, not teasing but rather amused. "it's fine, i was just joking. you're cute when you blush."


he zips his mouth shut and presses his lips into a thin line at the little slip up, his mouth getting the best of him without the consent of his useless, fucking brain. he panics a little inwardly and for a short second, he's sure that he's having heart palpitations.


"oh," jungkook mutters and busies himself with making a pretty garland, refusing to meet the other's gaze and so does yoongi. the spring breeze blows in through the opened door and it rustles the flowers and plants, petals and leaves bobbing up and down at the movement gracefully, a careful action against the elements.


"i-i'm just going to leave now, work schedules and all," yoongi blurts out, the silence too pressing. "i'll see you around then jungkook-ssi."


"you know my name?" jungkook asks incredulously, his face now faded to a light red colour and yoongi wishes it could've lasted a bit longer. fuckfuckfuck.


"your - " yoongi points at his nametag and the florist's lips form an 'o' shape, his hand automatically covering it self-consciously. the hangul written was all drawn with hearts and small flowers, everything about it so soft and gentle like the shop.


jungkook giggles. "oh right, i keep forgetting seokjin-hyung made us all get one but please, don't let me keep you for any longer; people have articles about toilets to read."


yoongi gives a small wave and turns to leave, a small smile on his face that seems utterly impossible to wipe off around the other.


"wait -" yoongi stops and frowns. the florist reaches over and holds a bunch of flowers wrapped up in baby-blue wax paper towards him, yellow and purple peeking out from beneath. "it's a gift from me to you - they're daffodils and irises and flowers help you reduce stress i mean you do look a little worn out. they brighten up your home too, so don't worry and take them."


he raises and eyebrow but jungkook's eyes are pleading. "thanks," yoongi gently takes it from jungkook, the stems strong beneath his grip, "are they magical?"


the florist stills. "well, you could say that," jungkook answers solemnly and yoongi walks out the door with the scent of spring in his hands, chuckling at how serious the cute male sounded.





yoongi finds himself back at the flower shop after a couple of days of getting swamped with useless articles to write.


it's closed and there's a friendly 'back in thirty' written carefully in english on the chalkboard easel, handwriting loopy and curved at the a's and the i's, small flowers drawn on top of the multiple i's too that yoongi finds oddly fitting. white pots of different sizes were placed artistically at the entrance, pastels of yellow and pink peeking out from the rim with leafy greens shrouding the soil, a delicate scent floating through the air, more poignant when there's a gentle breeze. everything in and outside the vicinity of the shop seems charming and bewitching - seemingly like it's another different universe.


yoongi looks down at his watch and opts to wait, shuffling languidly up and down the small steps before settling to sit in one of the few chairs that were propped against the large window. large blinds are now obstructing the inside of the shop but there's small slivers of warm artificial light seeping in through the gaps.


he plays on his phone for a while and scrolls through some work emails, glancing at the time on his screen more frequently than one should, his own thoughts making him shameful. his patience slowly begins to wear thin as he watches it change to ten, twenty, thirty minutes, embarrassment now creeping up in his bones the more he reckons that he's being ridiculous.


the bell tinkles and yoongi can feel his thoughts settle down lightly, now a lesser burn when he sees someone blonde walk out the shop to erase the writing on the chalkboard - a little leaner, a little shorter.


"oh, hello," the boy greets him smiling and yoongi notes how boxy it looks, lips curved up in a friendly manner. "is there anything i can help you with? we've got new flowers in stock and we also now do deliveries - it's free of charge too!"


"ah," yoongi starts evenly and he feels something similar to embarrassment bubble inside him. the boy nods enthusiastically, silently urging him on before placing the eraser on the easel haphazardly, "i ordered a bouquet of flowers a few weeks ago and jungkook-ssi texted me earlier today about the samples -?"


"oh, yes! jungkookie told me that you would be coming soon - i didn't know you were going to come today, though - you're min yoongi, right?"


yoongi blinks. "yeah, um - i was just around the neighbourhood today," he fiddles with the frayed edges of his leather watch and ignores the need to explain himself.


"well then - come in, come in," the boy gestures and holds the door out for yoongi, a smile still on his face that yoongi doesn't reciprocate, too busied as his eyes are immediately drawn to the strange layout of the store, little things here and there that differed from a couple of weeks ago - the shelves now stocked with small green succulents and flowers blooming on the racks, welcoming the sunlight through the glass where the blinds were now drawn up, particles of dust rippling through the light.


he runs his eyes along the multiple pots before it rests on one in particular, the small leaf designs on the pot and the hues of the flowers niggling at his stomach.


"those are peonies," the boy affirms, seemingly reading yoongi's mind behind the cash register and types something on the computer, dyed hair falling over his forehead youthfully. one thing that strikes yoongi as peculiar was the age of the employees - it wasn't strange, per se, that both jungkook and (yoongi can now see the nametag more clearly) taehyung were working in a floral shop but it was the delighted passion they have in the flecks of their eyes that he finds interesting.  unlike most youth, they look as if they've walked the earth five times and know more secrets that one would ever know.


"mhm," something clicks in his mind and yoongi raises an eyebrow, taking tentative steps to the potted plant, careful as if his feet will induce it to fall down again.


yoongi shuffles nervously on his feet and strokes the petals with the tips of his fingers, slow as if his touch has the ability to cause it to shrivel up and die - he's never been good with living, green things. the petals were delicate and soft, ticklish when he brushes his palm across them and lush when cupped.


"is it possible to mend dea- broken flowers?" yoongi immediately regrets asking when the words leave his mouth, groaning softly when taehyung makes a funny noise.


"depends on how damaged they are," taehyung replies cheerily, stumbling all over the store to grab flora from the racks and the shelves, "sometimes we can't but most of the time we can - me and jungkook. all it takes is a little tender loving care and maybe some other stuff on the side."


"other stuff?" yoongi echoes and surprises himself with how interested he is in flowers. or maybe it's how vague the answers are. he prods gently at the center of the flower and it shrinks into itself slightly, the humanistic quality strange to look at.


taehyung hums. "yoongi-ssi? i have the samples ready. it hasn't been arranged properly but we just want to let you have a look at it to get a general idea of what the end product will be."


yoongi turns and he's met with an ethereal bundle of buds and stems beautifully arranged and he's reminded that it's only a sample, that it would probably be even better; the gentle smell of the variety of flowers waft up to his nose, a combination of sweet and fresh. all the flowers were arching tall, proud.


"how is it?" taehyung asks excitedly, thrusting the bouquet in his hands. "jungkookie designed it and chose all the flowers that meant marital blessing and love - it's beautiful isn't it?"


yoongi hums, gliding his fingers lightly across the flowers. "do you - " he sighs, hesitant, "when does jungkook work?"


"kookie's supposed to be working today but he came down with the flu and he's stuck at home," taehyung's face falls, worry swimming in his eyes and yoongi lets out a quiet oh, not knowing what to say to comfort the male. "he'll be up in running soon, though! you'll be able to see him in a couple of days if you come in - he's been talking about how much he wants the flowers to be special."


yoongi feels himself flush, coughing to hopefully divert the attention of the other.


"i don't - "


"it's not weird if that's what you're thinking," taehyung interrupts playfully, gently taking back the bunch before placing it into a glass vase, "a lot of people come back for jungkook - he doesn't know that he naturally attracts people. he's so cute when he's oblivious to these things."


"mhm," yoongi reaches for the back of his head. "tell him to get well soon, then. and thank you."


"sure, i can do that," the boy confirms with a smile on his face; it's not condescending, more of an ah, another one again.


"you can personally relay your thanks if you want to," taehyung starts, mirth dancing in his eyes when he moves to the other side of the store, turning a small tap on. "i don't peg you as a serial killer - or are you? but i mean, can you really trust society these days?"


"i don't think that's a good idea," yoongi frowns, shoving his hands into his pockets. "we've only met a couple of - "


"think of it as a favour then," taehyung suggests easily, already scribbling down an address on a scrap piece of paper, handwriting barely legible. he looks back up and pushes the small slip towards him, beaming. "my friend made some broth for him this morning and i won't be able to give it to him until tonight since i'm working late. you don't mind, do you?"


yoongi sighs. taehyung stares expectantly at him, hands curling around the flask lazily. the same tabby that was clawing at his leg a few weeks ago appears and rests herself on the desk, opening an eye idly to stare at him.


"it's a favour," yoongi capitulates, immediately slumping against the register. it's because someone's sick, that's all, he tries to reason to no one but himself. "don't breathe a fucking word about any of this, okay?"


"to whom?" taehyung asks innocently, scratching the cat behind her ears and yoongi sighs tiredly, the beginnings of a headache already thrumming in his temple as he takes the flask.




yoongi shuffles outside the flat restlessly, eyes trained on the doorbell, and there's a hacking cough behind the door. he winces, hands still curled loosely around the stainless steel flask. he presses the doorbell, a lethargic and generic buzz.


"taehyung-hyung?" a voice, unsure calls from behind followed by small sniffles, the sound of slippers padding the floorboards near the doorway and yoongi does something similar to panicking. like smoothing his bangs over his forehead and shoving his hands into his pockets, refusing to acknowledge the heat creeping up his ears.


"hyung?" jungkook opens the door and immediately freezes, the smell of strong incense assaults yoongi's nostrils and buries itself deep into his lungs. the fragrance piques his interest, curious as to what kind of character jungkook possesses to work as a florist and incense burning at his tender age.


"you're not taehyung-hyung," jungkook states a little deliriously, squinting as if yoongi would somehow turn into taehyung if he tried hard enough. he coughs, covering his mouth with the blanket that was wound around him around him tightly, running along the length of his body with white moon and stars printed onto it. yoongi has to look down to stop himself from reaching over to pat his head and tell the other how cute he looks with the fluffy cloth.


"taehyung-ssi, told me to bring - "


jungkook holds up a hand, shutting the door until only half his face was shown, his face contorted into one between the beginning of a sneeze and a cough.


"wait a moment, i need to take care of something," he turns away from him so the only thing that yoongi can make out is the iron-man pyjama pants.


yoongi nods, his fingers picking at the hem of his sleeve and he feels oddly nervous, an ominous feeling creeping up on him and the scent of incense grows much stronger than before, shadows of candles flickering through the sliver between the door and frame.


jungkook sneezes but he can't see the behind the door - a cute little squeak. a sound of sheer mortification resounds through the small apartment. yoongi raps his knuckles gently against the white door, concern dipping low in his stomach.


"you okay there? do you want me to call a taxi -?”


"nope, i'm fine," jungkook denies sounding anything but fine. yoongi pushes lightly against the door, fingers splayed onto the wood but the door creaks, groaning, and it immediately makes jungkook push against it. "i'm fine, yoongi-ssi."


"you're not," yoongi responds flatly and continues to push gently until he can shove a foot in between the gap. "let me check your temperature for you or something - so i know you're not going to die any minute from now."


"i checked," the florist utters urgently when yoongi can see half of the other's body, continuing to push relentlessly. "yoongi-ssi, why are you here anyway?"


yoongi stops, arms dropping to his sides limply. "uh," the door almost gets slammed in his face, "taehyung wanted me to give you this flask."


"hyung did?" jungkook frowns, eyebrows knitting together.


yoongi nods, heat crawling up the sides of his face. "i wanted to say thank you too, for the flowers. they looked really beautiful."


"really? i'm glad," the boy croaks, clearing his throat at the odd sound and smiles. now yoongi understands why people come back to him, his smile worth a thousand suns and a thousand stars.


he shrugs and jungkook sneezes.


white flowers spill from jungkook's mouth, petals curling and twisting into each other as they fall gracefully to the ground in a short pulse of time. it looks hauntingly beautiful, small ripples of white as they dance in the air.


he sneezes again and this time it's red, the colour deep and rich as it settles on top of the white. yoongi stares, stares at the small pile and takes a small step back.


"hey… are you okay?"


"ohmygod i fucked up," jungkook crushes the flowers under his feet, the colours blending together to form a mild pink. "i fucked up," he repeats in a daze, still refusing to meet yoongi's eyes. truth be told he's more worried than panicked, the florist's complexion now a sickly grey of dark circles and pale lips.


yoongi instinctively leans over a presses a hand on jungkook's forehead, his face, his neck and feels for anything wrong which the boy immediately shies away from, the touches doing too much and too little for him. yoongi cups the other's face and jungkook immediately jerks back, the lightbulbs in the hallway and living room flickering and dipping with life, the small crackles of faltering lights apparent.


it dims and he watches them slowly turn off individually, the bulbs fizzling out of life and jungkook lets out a soft groan, his face still warm from yoongi's touch. they were now enveloped in darkness with only the melting candles keeping the place illuminated.


jungkook lets out a shaky breath and bends down to pick up a ruined petal, colours all bleeding together haphazardly, the white now with streaks of pink and red.


he holds it up to yoongi and whispers a meek: "flower?"


"no thanks, i'm good."


"so i guess the lightbulbs are your doing too?" yoongi says jokingly but there's a serious undertone to it, words spoken gently and carefully. jungkook's eyes widen and he can see relief flood into the deep brown, flecks of something that yoongi can't point out. "you okay there, though?"


"i'm not… weird?" the words were spat out, unease and slight disgust weaving itself in between. jungkook swallows, his adam's apple bobbing up and down as he searches yoongi's face, hands gripping the blanket tightly.


a pressing silence fills the air between them and perhaps it could be that yoongi can't wrap his head around the concept of something as otherworldly as magic that it doesn't seem to faze him. or it could be that he's never truly eliminated the possibility of something so ethereal existing in this world.


"weird- no, just interesting," jungkook sags against the doorway and the lights slowly start to turn on again, a gentle radiation of orange. "i mean it's not everyday flowers spill from someone's mouth like that."


"i'm sorry you had to witness that," jungkook breathes out warily, taking the steel flask from his hands, "it happens every time i get sick and i thought you were tae-hyung but you weren't and - "


"it's fine," yoongi finds himself saying, both of them still standing at the dimming doorway of the florist's apartment. jungkook lets out a heavy breath and opens the door wider, the other now able to see the interior of the flat.


"would you… maybe like to come in? i mean you don't have to if you don't want to," jungkook asks hurriedly, red blooming on his face and he sniffs, pulling the throw even closer to himself as a cold draft blows over them. he looks up at the columnist nervously, feet uneasy against the ground.


"oh, um - okay. i mean only if you're comfortable with it," yoongi scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. jungkook shakes his head and shuffles inside as an invitation to follow, the back of him like a child with his trailing blanket and hunched form. he pats the empty spot on the sofa beside him blushing and yoongi closes the door softly behind him before taking off his shoes. "are you sure about this? i don't want to force you to explain yourself it you're not up to it, i'm fine with not knowing if that's what makes you okay."


jungkook tucks into himself even further, the cloth swallowing him up whole when he sinks in deeper into the sofa.


"you seem like a good person, yoongi-ssi," jungkook says and yoongi freezes, sitting down stiffly onto his designated spot beside the florist.


"i'm really not - "


"yoongi-ssi - "


"i'm guessing you're younger than me," at this, jungkook cocks his head to the side questioningly. a strong resemblance to a bunny with its ears pressed to the side. "call me yoongi or hyung if you want, i feel sort of old when you call me that."


"i'm twenty-one, yoongi-hyung?" jungkook immediately flushes and so does yoongi, heat prickling at his cheeks at the honourific.


yoongi nods slowly, crimson. "listen, i'm not a great person. i'm not a good friend or a good son - "


"i see it around you, hyung," jungkook cuts in, insistent. he raises an eyebrow, lips quirking up a little at the younger and the determined look on his face with his runny nose and all. "i see an aura around you. i see that you care a lot about others and i see that you put so much effort into doing things for others like you do for your best friend."


he coughs, an embarrassed gurgle escaping his lips and in that short second, jungkook sneezes red flowers again. roses.


yoongi panics a little at the growing amount of petals littering the floor, eyes skittering across the scattered reds and whites. " are you seriously okay? you sure you don't want me to -"


"i'm a witch."


"uh - okay. a witch, that's cool," yoongi mutters blankly, almost like to himself and jungkook's eyes widen into saucers. "do you use cauldrons or something? for like potions?"


the florist stares at him floored, confusion etched on the small crinkles on his face - the little cute ones beside his eyes. there's a long silence and the sniffle occasionally comes from jungkook but it's stifling. yoongi sighs into his sleeves, ashamed and equally guilty of being an idiot.


"we use pots, y'know the stainless steel ones that we use in the kitchen but we don't have the power to make advanced potions, only simple ones. the advanced potions are usually reserved for mages," jungkook says quietly, averting his gaze. yoongi nods and grunts out a noise of understanding. "i control electricity but that's pretty much it - it's lame, i know and i somehow fuck up all the time."


yoongi hums. "so that explains the lightbulbs," he doesn't know whether the other could turn even more into a lobster and yoongi finds it endearing - the way the tip of jungkook's ears take on a pretty red.


"flowers have the ability to control my energy when i touch them and they don't crumple up and die like everything else.  in a way it's what feeds me and controls me i guess," jungkook curls into himself and gives a defeated smile. "it's terrifying that we have so much power to do both good and harm, and when we can't control it..."


"there's an if in that when," yoongi mused, bones popping when he settles. jungkook sighs quietly and almost completely disappears under the blanket, "it's cool. y'know, you're magic. real magic."


jungkook sniffs and bites his lip, bunny teeth digging into the red flesh. contrary to the exterior of the apartment, the room is a lot larger than he thought, thick velvety curtains embroidered with gold hanging from the floor-to-ceiling windows and books with various pages sticking out strewn across almost every available surface. small glass trinkets were placed on the mantle, figurines of all yoongi now notices as the marvel collection, fine details carefully carved onto it. burning incense was also placed along with the collectibles, the thick fragrance wafting through the living room and dipping into every corner like a heavy cloud.


"you should drink what's inside the flask," yoongi points out, bottle still left untouched on the coffee table. "you might feel better after you have it and take a rest, you might feel better."


jungkook sighs, breathy air pushed through parted lips. it's a resigned sigh, lethargic and timid. "i can't sleep well, i haven't been able to sleep well for a couple of months but i want to. i want to dream and forget but i can't seem to able to rest properly."


yoongi pauses and glances across to the other, noting the dark circles painted under his eyes and the pale complexion stretching across the dips and curves of his face. strangely, it's not an unfamiliar look - he can recall all the times he's looked in the mirror and stared at himself, traced fingers beneath his eyes and rubbed dry eyes. endless nights stretched into day and stars covered by sun isn't foreign to him. some would say he's too acquainted with it, no longer a stranger to darkness and closed lights.


"the flowers you gave me helped," he starts and picks up the flask to hand to the younger. "don't they have flowers for insomnia or a potion that will help?"


"i haven't practiced making potions in a while," jungkook starts shyly, coughing a little, "- the last time i tried to make one, i nearly blew up the kitchen and seokjin-hyung banned me from ever going inside with any of the herbs."


"drink it up, it might help you sleep along with making you feel better."


jungkook smiles sheepishly and twists the flask open before pouring liquid into the cap, scrunching up his nose when he takes a feeble sip. he swallows the remainder of the broth from the cap until the bottle is finished and places it back down onto the coffee table, shivering before settling back onto the sofa.


"was it that bad?" yoongi asks softly, the small scrunch of disapproval still apparent on jungkook's face. an oddly endearing expression. jungkook nods and makes a noise of dislike.


"do you have any questions about me?" jungkook fiddles with the hem of his blanket while exchanging nervous looks with the ground. cute.


"i do," yoongi answers truthfully with just about a thousand questions flying through his head but he's never been an invasive person and nor will he start. "i'll ask only if you're okay with answering them."


"i'm fine i think, you've already kind of seen me at my worst," jungkook lets out a croaky laugh and tucks his long legs under the moon and stars. "i don't even think tae-hyung's seen me sneeze three times with flowers coming out of my mouth."


yoongi chuckles and he can feel his muscles unwind, the heavy cloud now a light mist.


"nah, i'll just find out by myself your quirks then, jungkook," the giggle that jungkook gives him is enough to make him just a bit more confident so he reaches over to touch the younger's forehead, arm outstretched. "you feeling a little better now?"


"uh-um… m-maybe?" the witch stutters and a small whimper escapes his lips when the other lifts his palm from jungkook's forehead. "wait- !"


yoongi presses his hand back onto jungkook's hastily and he can feel red crawl up his neck and creep along his hairline, the younger probably a spitting image of him while he looks at him with eyes as wide as saucers.


"your hand is cool," jungkook mumbles and leans in closer to his touch, "k-keep it there for a little while longer please, it feels good."


yoongi inhales a sharp intake of breath but doesn't let his hand turn lax, instead concentrating on the heat of the younger to stop himself from thinking unnecessary thoughts.


he gently removes his hand from the other after a long minute and involuntarily brushes away a piece of hair that's fallen over jungkook's eyes, arm moving against his will. jungkook freezes, a light flush dipping over his collarbones that's been exposed by his fallen blanket up to the sides of his cheeks and over his ears, and yoongi thinks pink is a good colour on him.


"thanks, hyung," the witch shies away back into his blanket and yoongi ignores the lightbulbs that's been blown in the kitchen, although his curiosity is slightly piqued as to why it gets so out of control. "you should go now too, it's getting late and i don't want to keep you for so long."


he kind of feels really lonely when he arrives back to his empty apartment.





yoongi sees levitating pots the next time he goes to witches petals.


when he said he wanted to find out jungkook's little quirks he didn't expect this.


there's a few pots of carnations and jasmine floating around the mystical shop near the wooden shelves, each with their own individual print on the ceramic. taehyung says something inaudible and jungkook lightly punches him in the arm before laughing, euphoria painting his face with the crescents of his eyes and the dip of his smile.


yoongi clears his throat, hand still pushing against the tinkling door. it was almost comical the way that both of them looked over at him in pure mortification if not for the pots almost coming into contact with the ground, the flowers barely grazing the floorboards. jungkook brings them back up with a wave of his hand.


"hyung!" taehyung's eyes flit towards jungkook and yoongi, an inquisitive noise coming from his mouth at the added honorific. jungkook slots the pots back in their respective places, ceramic rocking against each other unsurely at the force.


"you didn't tell me you could make things float," yoongi acts affronted, his previous surprise disappearing along with jungkook's frown. "i'm hurt, jungkook."


jungkook blushes and averts his eyes to the ground while taehyung nudges him in the side, confusion etched on his face.


"yeah? well you said you wanted to find it out yourself," jungkook replies with a lot more sass than yoongi would have thought. taehyung looks at yoongi and shoots him an amused look with a knowing smile on his face.


"did you tell…?"


jungkook nods and taehyung wiggles his eyebrows. "well okay, i'm just going to leave on a delivery for a customer so i'll leave you guys to it then. remember what i said, jungkookie, don't -"


"shut up and leave, hyung," jungkook groans softly before shoving a basket towards him.


"i'm going, i'm going," taehyung grins at yoongi before grabbing his helmet and the basket of roses. the door tinkles shut and they're left alone once again with only the flowers to keep them company, fragrance familiar but different with each visit.


"what brings you here, hyung?" the florist floats around the store towards the small bed of fresh flowers near the window, bending down low to inspect them. today, he's wearing an oversized sweater with sleeves too long for his arms, the red and white material stretching over his hands. yoongi finds it ridiculously adorable - those sweater paws.


yoongi scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, mulling over whether he should tell him the truth. "i've been feeling a little stressed these days and home seems a little too cold. i don't know, this place calms me down a little," or it could be you.


"do you want some more of those flowers?" jungkook suggests and his voice is so pretty, light and soft like wind brushing across his cheeks. "but i'm glad you have a place to come to when you're tired. i've always wanted this place to be a small piece of heaven for people."


"you achieved that well," yoongi hums and sits himself on a stool he's made himself familiar on. "it smells really good in here all the time too."


"thanks, hyung," jungkook giggles and wraps a few stems of roses with clear and brown cellophane, fingers working deftly. "how's your friends’ wedding faring?"


"he's panicking like no tomorrow," he chuckles and runs a finger along a shelf, reminiscing about the little episode just last week regarding cake and jimin. "they're doing well, no one's having cold feet and they're still honeymoon phase-ing."


"that's good," jungkook smiles at the roses and smooths a finger over a petal, the flower moving a little at the added electricity before yoongi can see. "the flowers are arriving soon for the bouquet that you ordered and your friend's getting married soon?"


yoongi nods and catches jungkook prodding at limp flowers with his fingers. they immediately arch upwards, the bulb of the flowers abruptly moving with life. it's fascinating and slightly terrifying to see someone give something, life.


"i'm guessing that's what you did with those peonies i fucked up with," yoongi finds himself saying, curiosity getting the best of him. the pot of peonies with the leaf designs were no longer sitting where the last time he saw it.


the witch florist looks up at him surprised. "i mean you didn't really ruin them at all. besides, they needed a little boost to be sold." jungkook smiles at him softly and folds his sleeves up towards his elbows quickly.


"oh really?"


jungkook pauses. "okay fine, you kind of did but it wasn't serious."


"should i believe that statement or are you just being nice like always?" yoongi asks and rolls his eyes when the florist lets out an offended noise.


"i'm serious, hyung," jungkook pouts and his bottom lip looks deliciously pink. yoongi kind of really wants to kiss it.


"i believe you, kid."


"well, good because i trust you," jungkook admits almost offhandedly if not for the stuttery breath that he lets out a second later. "i mean i kind of told you that i'm a witch. is that not worth a lifetime of secrets?"


"i guess i have the ability to draw ethereal beings out," yoongi says as if to conceal how his heart trembles and runs haywire in his chest, untamed.


jungkook shrugs but his face is red. he finishes up the small bunch of roses and sticks them on a shelf before looking down at watch.


"do you… maybe want to get some hot chocolate with me? or some food, since it's lunch time but if you don't want to it's absolutely fine. i mean you're a busy man and i, i -"


"sure, hot chocolate sounds good," yoongi's tempted to say that hot chocolate tastes likes syrup but jungkook smiles and he may or may not be weak.




"you like him."


"listen here, i don't like him."


"you do, hyung," jimin insists and hoseok pats him on the back sympathetically. "you literally go to that flower shop every day leaving me and hoseok-hyung out to dry while you go all lovey-dovey shooting star eyes with the florist."


yoongi scowls at the two of them before going back to scroll through his draft for the newest article. it's almost become routine to make a stop at the witches petal before going home, the scent of flora now permanently embedded on the lapels of his coat. jungkook floats around him with palms pressed in front of pink cheeks and soft giggles, fingers know comfortable enough to poke along petals without being too nervous around yoongi. once in a while though, he finds himself surprised when the florist does something like repair light fixtures with a touch of his palm, electricity crackling with life.


jungkook's utterly bewitching - his fingers that weave over flowers and his smile that can rival both a hundred galaxies and the burning sun.


"yes i do like him, okay?" yoongi snaps and growls profanities under his breath, heat creeping up the sides of his face like fire.


jimin nods with a smug grin painted on his face. "it's jungkook, isn't it?"


his fingers halt atop the keyboard. "don't you fucking tell me -"


"oh, you mean like how jungkook hasn't been talking about the newspaper columnist without getting flustered at the mere mention of him?" jimin cackles and so does hoseok, both of them simultaneously giving each other knowing looks. yoongi downs a shot of soju and hides a small smile behind the rim of the glass while some kind of relief bubbles in his chest.


"taehyung-ie and i went to the same uni and we were just talking until jungkook appeared and i don't know- started talking? he's a good kid, super adorable. you're weak for the cute ones all the time, hyung. i should've known from the start that you two were perfect together but i swear you hated hot chocolate the last time i offered it to you."


yoongi offers a weak: "s-shut up" before shoving a piece of ddeokbokki in his mouth, glaring at the hot soup the rice cake swam in. he wonders vaguely whether jungkook's face could beat the redness of the broth.


"you should ask him to go with you to the wedding y'know, as a plus one," hoseok offers and jimin smacks him in the arm delightfully, cheeks pink with satisfaction. yoongi has thought of asking the florist but he can't bring himself to, his mouth opening and closing with unsaid words while trying to suppress the urge to mumble a feeble excuse. it's stupid but then again, he reasons to himself that he hasn't waded this deep in a while. jungkook unconsciously pulls him deeper still and he's positive that the male is magic itself.


"you remember the deal, don't you?" jimin warns lightly with no actual bite, the kind smile on his face apparent. "besides, i don't think he'll make the first move. he's shy and adorable while you have to take the initiative to make the first move but i swear, if you ever make him ever cry i'm punching you in the face.”


"am i a gangster or something," yoongi says deadpan. he flicks his hair out of his eyes and tries to not let on that he's embarrassed. it doesn't work because the next thing you know it, hoseok barely escapes the need to be kicked out of the small food van.


"i hate you two, get married and leave me alone for the rest of your lives."


jimin shrugs, used to the elder's well-meaning snark. " i love you too, now please ask the poor boy out before he gets a heart attack at breathing the same air as you. everytime i go there i'm so sure that he fixes his hair thinking it's you."


yoongi kicks him in the shin under the table and carries on typing another article about the lack of rubbish bins this time, jungkook never leaving his mind with his fluffy hair and warm eyes.


he's also pretty sure that in a span of two months, jungkook's broke about twenty lightbulbs.



he purchases a pot of white peonies with pink stained on the edges when taehyung's working and tries to stop himself from curling on the ground when he explains his situation. yoongi stumbles over words and sentences, and reaches up to scratch the back of his neck almost every passing second. taehyung, however, has a greasy grin on his face the whole time while making small noises every few minutes.


it's terrible and embarrassing and yoongi hasn't felt this dumb since he was first employed.


"oh man, you guys are so cute," taehyung coos while tying a ribbon around the bunch of peonies, fingers working quickly to loop a bow. "jiminie did something, didn't he? i mean, no offence hyung but you don't look like the kind to do something like this until you're at your last straw."


yoongi stares at him blankly. "fuck you guys, you were talking behind our backs and jungkookie didn't even know that i was affiliated with jimin."


"ohmygod, you even call him 'jungkookie'. this is so cute i'm calling hoseok-hyung after this," the florist winks and yoongi reciprocates with a withering look of his own. "listen though, haven't you ever wondered why the lightbulbs always burst?"


"not something for me to pry into and nor do i really care about it," taehyung snorts midway through the bow and yoongi raises an eyebrow. "i don't know, amuse me."


"he likes you," the florist whispers, like it's a secret between the two even with no one in the shop. jungkook claims that the spirits and flowers are always listening, petals open to decide how well they grow when clients walk in.


yoongi splutters and coughs, temperature rising in his cheeks and he hurriedly tries to suppress it.


"listen, you -"


"i'm surprised you haven't noticed, hyung. the lightbulbs literally burst every time you move closer to him," taehyung huffs and shakes his head. "we've taken out so much money to buy these bulbs that i'm contemplating on whether i should just ban you from ever coming in. the filament gets broken all the time so even jungkook can't fix it."


"- and this has a correlation to," yoongi sighs and reaches up to touch his hair, "to him 'liking' me?"


"his emotions also decide how much power he wields in his hand. you, yoongi-hyung, probably makes his baby bun heart beat faster and all that lover boy stuff," he comments and shivers a little while pulling a face. "you wouldn't know how many nights i spent trying to tell him that you're not dating someone after you brought hoseok-hyung here."


yoongi presses his lips together to stop himself from breaking out into a stupid smile.


"so i wasn't hallucinating when the lamp post outside decided to die when i stood under it," he raises an eyebrow and taehyung lets out another snort. "i guess my headlights were because of jungkook too."


taehyung waves him off. "everything was probably because of him; he's been like this since he was a child."


the young florist finishes up with the peonies and pushes it towards yoongi. "here, try not to make all the lights in a building go out like he does when he's drunk when you - um, confess your undying love. it was a pain in the ass to explain to the landlord last time."


"fuck off." yoongi glowers at the younger and he visibly shrinks, pouting before leaving to the store room.



"yoongi-hyung?" jungkook enters the shop with hair windswept by the spring breeze and light pink dusting his cheeks. yoongi sucks in a breath at how positively alluring he is and hides the peonies behind his back swiftly, fingers curling around the base of the stem. "hi! you don't normally come on a -"


"uh, youwannagototheweddingwithme?" he blurts out and the stem almost snaps in his hands. jungkook frowns, crinkles littering the space between his brows and the lights begin to flicker on and off - unsure.


"the wedding, your friend's?" the florist asks with eyes as wide as saucers. "are you sure about it? i don't think i'm -"


"for you," yoongi holds out the peonies, white petals and pink tips peeking from the pretty wrapping paper. the light bulbs scattered across the ceiling along with lamps flash violently, each dip in electricity making it hard for him not to laugh. "you'll come with me, right? as my plus one."


"is this for the peonies you kind of not really ruined?" jungkook asks weakly and takes the bouquet, his face rivalling a lobster.


"yeah, possibly," yoongi steps closer, feet careful and with purpose, a promise to the other. he cups the witches face, long fingers splayed along the sides of his cheeks, gentle as if to not scare the other. jungkook melts beneath him, a small sigh escaping his lips.


he brushes his lips with jungkook's, gentle until the florist presses back shyly, eager but inexperienced. hands reach up to tug lightly on the lapels of yoongi's coat carefully and he tries to slow down, tasting the lips that look like roses and taste like strawberry lip balm easily, mouths slotting against each other, smooth. yoongi thinks for a second that he can get used to this, pads of his thumbs continuing to run over jungkook's jawbone and along the edge of his ear as the younger. wisteria and gardenia's assault his nostrils, a fragrance that seems to permanently linger on jungkook - exclusively his.


they break apart and jungkook is furiously crimson, his lips, his cheeks, his ears and yoongi is nothing short of bewitched. laboured breathing and short laughs escape from swollen lips and jungkook giggles quietly, fingers still holding on to the peonies tightly while the others are still clutching onto lapels.


"you're coming, aren't you?"


jungkook bites his lips and yoongi's eyes linger towards it, the redness inviting him for another taste. "uh, yeah. i am - yes - to the wedding as the flower bearer and your plus one."


"good," yoongi whispers and presses his lips against jungkook's jaw, nipping lightly. "good."


"hyung…" jungkook starts nervously, shuffling and yoongi jerks up startled. "i think i made all the lights go out."


"ah, i'm going to have to pay for this like i had to pay for my car headlights," yoongi answers solemnly, trying to stifle his laughter when a horrified look flashes across jungkook's face.


"i'm sorry," jungkook sighs and shrivels into himself a little, " i can't help it when you're -"


"we'll take it slow," yoongi whispers and jungkook looks alluring just standing there like a lost boy.


the last of the light bulbs fizzle out and jungkook steals a laugh and so does yoongi, flowers hanging on the racks and sitting in pots all arching forward to their witch.