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Juliet's Juliet

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Riley really loves maya
But just wants her to be happy no matter how much it hurts her
So she lets maya go, lets her be with lucas her maya subsitute
And it hurts so much
It feels as if her heart has been ripped out
Riley just wants to cry and keep cring till the salty tears that run down her cheeks are blood red
But she cant
Shes smiley riley
her friends would know somethings wrong
Maya would know somethings wrong
So she smiles
Smiles so much it hurts
But they dont see it
They dont see the sea of pain that churns under her mask of smiles
A mask that no one knows about
A mask she has used even before maya
A mask she used on her parents before maya
When she was alone and lonely
So they wouldnt worry about her being friendless
A mask the that would cover up the proverbial scars of bullying
A mask the she now had to dawn once more
But this time for the one she loved
Her love for the blond that saved her from her lonelyness
A gift from god
That climbed through her window like an angel
An answer to her prayers
A friend
But over time it turned into love
Her first and only love
She'd do anything for mayas happiness
Even if hurt her
But day after day
Watching maya with lucas
Made her hurt
Made her want to look away
But then theyd know
So she pretended it didnt hurt
But it did and pretending made it worse
Untill it filled her entire being
She was drowning
In the sea of pain that churned underneath the mask
So she did the only thing she could
She sang
On the roof tops
Where she could get away
From the heartbreak and the pain
Where no one knew she would go
They would never look for her there
She sang songs she wrote songs of pain
Of heartache
Of maya
Of lucas
Of her
And her mask
And it helped
When they asked where she went she told them she went on walks and she did just not every time
When they asked what she wrote she said a diary
She kept it under lock and key
Maya looked at her weird the first time she saw the lock
She told maya it was nothing
Maya was skeptical but let it go
She was busy with lucas
A date
It made her heart hurt that maya didnt care more
But she smiled and said nothing
As time past she wrote songs about her past with maya
how she saved her from the lonelyness
How she stopped the bullying just by being by her side
How maya became the most important thing to her
How she helped maya believe in herself and her art
How she figured how much she really loved maya
How happy maya made her
And how much maya hurt her with out knowing
How maya would react to her love if she ever found out
How mayas happiness came before hers
And then came highschool
The crockpot of teenage drama
Friendship troubles
Mayas lucas troubles
She started working part time
Drama so much drama
It stressed her out
She started smoking
She added that to her secrets
And then it happened
A woman found her singing on the rooftop
An owner of a small recording company
She begged me to become an artist at her firm
Even when i refused she begged
I crumbled after a couple months of her persistence
Made it clear it was just going to be one song under an alias
Juliet's juliet
Started recording just one song
One song turned into two
Two turned into an album
I never stopped
My music started to gather attention
In junior year
I started to rap in some songs
It turned out i was good at that too
My music was popular
My agent the owner of the company
Her name was Destiny
She wanted to do tours
I refused
Nobody knew i was juliet
I wanted to keep it that way
People finding would mean maya finding out
Most of my song were about her
They would know who i was singing about if they knew it was me
Said i would tour after highschool and only in a disguise
When senior year came
Maya was gonna go to a college for art then maybe become an art teacher
Said my father inspired her
They wanted to know what i would do for my future
I could be valedictorian after all
With farkle and smackle and me competing for the spot
Told them i was going to travel
It wasnt a total lie
My parents didnt approve
Said i should go to college
Maya wanted me to the same college as her
But it would hurt too much to stay close to her
They said it would be hard for me to travel money wise
Money wouldnt matter if i really was going to travel
They didnt know i was rich from my music
After graduation i picked up and left
I was at odds with my parents
They didnt like my choice
I wrote about that too
I started to tour
In a white wig and a smiling mask that cried
Wearing purple contacts
Hide my face but not my figure
The mystery made me more popular
Interviews left and right
Still talked to maya barely saw her though
Took the edge off the pain
Only returned home for christmas
Smiled my way through it
Things were still strained with my parents
Won a few grammys that year
Popular as ever
People wanted to know who i was
I wasnt telling
Bought myself a nice house in france
And hawaii
And rome
It was nice to have money
Went home for christmas again
Didnt go as well this time
Having christmas dinner
With my parents family maya lucas farkle and smackle
Maya and lucas annouced that they were engaged
That hurt
They didnt tell me beforehand
Wanted it to be a surprise
oh boy was it
My parents pestered about me getting married
Then about grandchildren
My phone kept going off
Tried to ignore it had enough to deal with Without work butting in
My parents kept on going on and on about finding someone
Phone just kept ringing
She had called three times already
Maya told me to just answer it was annoying her
When I finally picked it up
It Was not a conversation i wanted to have at the table
Hello riley its me claire
It was my agent
I told you not to call me when I'm at my parents
I didn't want them to find out
And my parents were starting to stress me out
Yeah sorry but I needed to talk to you
If it's about what I think it's about I already told you no
But dont you think its to come out as juliets juliet
you got a movie offer and it is big
We are not talking about this right now claire
They are willing to pay 100 million
For your identity to be shown in their movie
And for you to be the lead actress
I think it's time to show them who you are
So what if they find out who you are
You are stronger than you think you are
I've known you for a long time Riley
Ever since I found you singing on that rooftop
Screaming out to be heard proverbially
I didn't have anything to say to that
I looked around table
Maybe it was time to come out
To take off the mask
To let the truth of my identity out
Maya's getting married
Leaving me behind
Tears welled up in my eyes
I blinked them away
And made a choice
Fine I think it's time as well
Finally she breathed out
I hung up
They asked me who that was
In that moment
I decided that they would find out with the rest of the world
Told them it was a friend from my travels
Maya looked at me weird
i told them i was going for a walk
And walked off
When I got to the roof
I lit my cig
Feeling the breeze through my hair
I was Taking drags off my cigarette
When did you start smoking
I jumped and almost dropped my cigarette
Holy shit maya don't scare me like that
I looked away from the girl I loved
The one who hurt me so much
The one who is hurting me
I couldn't even look at her without feeling the pain in my heart
You're swearing too
Hmm oh yeah
When we drift so far apart
I didn't answer
I didn't want to answer
I'm going to school to become an art teacher
She said
I still didn't look at her
Why won't you look at me
I still wouldn't look at her
Maya slapped my cigarette out my hands
Look at me Riley
I lit another one and took out my phone
Dialed the airport
My hands were shaking
I Couldn't be so close to her
Especially right now
Not after what happened today
It hurt so much
It was like pouring salt on an open wound
I felt like I was about to break
Shatter into a thousand pieces
Told them to get my plane ready
After i hung up
I finally looked at her
Maybe for the last time
I didn't know if I could see her again
I gave maya soft kiss
I wanted to do that for a long time
But this was probably going to be the first and the last
Told her good bye
Told her to be happy
Tears rolling down my face
And wearing a bittersweet smile
I walked away

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Riley story chapter 2

Maya's pov
Me and Lucas are driving to Cory and topanga's
I'm in the passengers seat
Listening to Juliet's Juliet
I loved her music
She sang with such emotion
While staring at the engagement ring on my finger
It was so sweet the way Lucas proposed
We weren't hiding it
It was a week ago
We wanted it to be a surprise
We wanted to wait for Christmas
So Riley would be there
We talk every once and a while
But it will be good to her face to face
My best friend
I haven't seen her for a year
The car comes to a stop
Meeting up with Farkle and Isadora there
It's great to see everyone
Dinner is good
I'm excited I finally get give the news of the engagement
When I give the news
Holding Lucas's hand
Everyone is congratulating us
Rileys smiling
It's her usual smile
But something seems off
I can't place it
After a while Riley parents are pestering her about finding a man
Someone to be with
Topanga saying she wants grandchildren
That nagging feeling about Riley keeps coming back
I ignore it
It happens sometimes
But nothing's come of it
Her phone starts ringing I forget about it
She lets it go to voicemail
The person has called twice more
I'm getting annoyed
I tell her to just answer it
I'm curious as to who's calling on Christmas
Hello she answers
I told you not to call me when I'm at my parents
Woah did Riley just say that
I looked around
Everyone was shocked
They've never heard her talk like that
If it's about what I think it's about I already told you no
There it is again who is she talking to
That she shows a side of her we've never seen
Riley's face ran though many emotions
Pain as she looked around
Fine I think it's time as well
She hung up the phone
She told us she was was going for a walk
After she closed the door I made to follow her
My curiosity was at its peak
I had questions that need to be answered
I followed her up to the roof
I never knew she came up here
Imagine my surprise when smiley Riley pulled out a pack of cigarettes and proceeded to smoke one
What else did I not know
I'm supposed to be her best friend
Am I even that anymore
When did you start smoking I asked
She jumped and almost dropped her cigarette
Holy shit maya don't scare like that
She wouldn't look at me
Your swearing too
When did she start doing that
Hmm oh yea she said
When did we drift so far apart
She didn't answer
I didn't know what to say
So I changed the subject
I'm going to school to become an art teacher
She didn't say anything
And she still wouldn't look at me
Why won't you look at me
She just kept smoking
So I slapped it out of her hand
Look at me I yelled at her
She just lit another one and took out her phone
Her hands were shaking
She told someone to get her plane ready
Whatever that meant
I wasn't focused on that
She finally looked at me
She was crying
Then she kissed me
Why would Riley kiss me
She said goodbye
She was crying
She told me to be happy
Is she leaving
She walked away
By the time I snapped out of my haze of confusion she was gone
I tried to look for her but she was gone
Just gone
I slowly walked back to the apartment
When I entered alone they asked me where Riley was
Gone I said
My voice hoarse
What's wrong Lucas asked
Riley um
Riley what farkle questioned
She kissed me
Everyone looked shocked
She said she was leaving
She was crying
Maya's sadness
Turned into anger
Anger at herself
She punched a wall
Lucas was shocked at my anger and words
She looked like she was in so much pain I said
I must've hurt her so much
I started to cry
I was her best friend I whispered
I should have noticed that she was hurting
I need to talk to her
I need to say I'm sorry
Lucas tried to cheer me up
Said whatever happened it wasn't my fault
It didn't help
I took out nut my phone to call her
The dial is ringing
Then I get the answering machine
I call her again
She doesn't pick up
I try again
Same result
The beep sounds
Riley you can't do this
Please don't do this
Don't shut me out please
I need to tell you I'm sorry
Please answer your phone
I hang up
I'm going home Lucas
Do you want me to come with you
No I need to be alone right now

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Riley story chapter3

Riley pov
It's been a year
Since I left her there standing on the roof
Dazed and confused from the kiss
She still calls sometimes
But I never answer
She doesn't mention the kiss
She can be so dense sometimes
She always apologizes
Says she is sorry
There is nothing for her to be sorry for
It makes me laugh bitterly sometimes
Even now she doesn't see that I love her
That's not something anybody can control
I wish that I could
But as long as she is happy
That's how it has always been
it still hurts
Sometimes I want to run back her
But she's bad for me
I'll just get hurt more and more
So I stopped listening to the messages
So I stay away
Try to heal the broken heart I've had for most of my life
The movie is going well
My face is going to be shone briefly in the beginning but the viewers won't know it's me until near the ending
It's a action romance
About two female assassins
Claire and Juliet
Who are sent to assassinate the same person
Get in each other's way
And end up at the wrong end of each other's gun
The man they were hired to kill was pushing to launch nukes against America starting a nuclear war
they have to work together finish the job and get out of there without getting them selves killed or captured in a foreign country
And claire falls in love
But Juliet my character
Refuses to admit she does too because she is supposed to hate her
She had promised to kill her
She says that as long as she wears her mask
She can't love again
Not after her last love
Her name was Sabrina
She died in juliets arms
She was killed by an assassin
She was killed by Claire
Ooh the plot twist of it still gives her shivers
The director told her to take up martial arts
So She took judo
And boxing
And Muay Thai
MMA as well
To make the fights seem more real
And they really did
The movie wasn't come out for another year
They were still shooting scenes
They wanted the movie to be the best
They Come to see who I am
Rave about the story afterward
I'm still putting out albums and music videos
My songs are topping charts
I make donations to movie
Since I was paid the money up front
I see great potential in the movie
I've thrown myself into work
To forget about maya