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Days In Their Lives

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Summer 2010

Life was exhausting if you are a rich dad’s pampered eighteen year old son waiting for entry at an A list nightclub with a fake id even when the whole world really knows who you are. Jensen wasn’t complaining. He was happy to be a teenage heartthrob even if had no talent in acting or singing.
But life gets really tiring if you have a twin sister who is quite endearing (especially when she pays for your Prada shoes) until she opens her mouth and puts her long and blade like tongue to use. Jensen was standing at the sidewalk next to the very elite looking night club ,where he arrived a few minutes earlier ,watching his sister, Danni, being hassled into a cop’s car for thrash talking a guy who kindly pointed out that her dress was ripped at the wrong places. Jensen was thinking the guy deserved it. He had no fashion sense and if Lady Gaga could wear a meat dress then his sister could definitely wear clothes with a few rips at her ass and he was quiet enjoying seeing the guy getting ripped a new one, pun intended.

He was distracted by a woman with ten thousand dollar worth boob job gone wrong walk past him and was thinking about how Danni’s boob job was better when it suddenly hit him ‘HIS SISTER is being arrested and he actually has an obligat.. obliha.. obli-whatever towards her’. Damn him if he was going to let her go to prison like that. At least he could assure her that he would bribe the cops as soon as possible and save her from their non manicured hands.
So that decided Jensen walked towards the cop’s car, nothing could stop him he was a man on mission until he realized his twenty thousand dollar shoes were not meant for walking like Tom cruise in MI3. So he started moving with normal pace instead of slow motion. Danni was still screaming at the cop to stop touching her when Jensen reached them. She stopped and looked at Jensen for 15 seconds before screaming at the top of her lungs “why the hell are you wearing a black shirt when green compliments you much better??!!”

The cop trying to get her into the car stopped and turned towards Jensen and stared down at him. And Jensen was gone…..
He felt like a goddamn heroine of a bollywood movie, not even HOLLYWOOD, waiting to be swept of her feet by the hero. He was star struck….the guy was gorgeous with hazel eyes .The guy had shoulder length hair and had muscles that could give Dwayne Johnson a healthy completion .He looked really manly…and Jensnen liked manly very much..very very much…

He could have said and asked a lot of things of things at the moment like you are gorgeous or may be wanna get a room but all that came out was “you are sweaty”. The cop cocked an eyebrow and gave him an incredulous look and then looked him up and down with a mocking smile.
Now Jensen didn’t like that, not even a bit. “oh please you even stink”. Take that gorgeous cop.

The cop’s smile slowly died a painful death and Jensen felt a little sad for saying that but a lot better for stroking his own ego. The cop narrowed his eyes and once again gave Jensen an up and down. Before Jensen could open his mouth to insult the cop more the guy asked “who are you?”
Danni who was silent, except for the snickers in between, throughout the awkward meeting suddenly screamed again.
“He is my brother. wait!! You don’t know him. He is a star…He is Jensen Ackles .Haven’t you heard his songs??? "

At the cops amused look she shrieked again
“Oh my god! You don’t know him !!! Do you live under a rock? Oh god you don’t don’t know him. Oh god…”
“Madam please stop you are hyperventilating! Listen you need to breathe”

But Danni continued her tirade. Jensen was too shocked to intervene. The guy really didn’t know him..Wow..First time in his life somebody didn’t recognize him. Interesting…Very very interesting…But he will give it a thought later. Right now he had more pressing matters at hand like saving Danni or getting the cop’s number.

“Danni please breath. I need you to live so you can come and choose me some clothes for next week’s movie premiere”

The cop gave Jensen a nasty look. But Jensen wasn’t looking at him. “Please Danni you know we need to buy something exotic..Like a shirt full of rips…”

At that point Danni came back to earth. “Are you kidding me Jensen you can’t wear such things..And no I am not going to die won’t die until I do better than that Sandra bitch at dressing”

Then Danni looked at the cop “see Mr..” “ PADALECKI” the cop supplied for her.

“See Mr.Pada-whatever you have clearly got no clue about who we are so I forgive you. Now take your hands of my forty thousand dollars dress. And release me before media swamps this place”

The cop ,Pada.. ahh.. lucky ,yep.. Padalucky gave Danni a angry look. “Look madam you are being arrested for assaulting a guy in public and I don’t who the hell you are and I don’t care. We will talk in the police station and now you should willingly get in the car otherwise I will slam more charges against you for deliberately disrupting the duty of an officer of law”

Then the cop turned towards Jensen “And you SIR should come and meet your sister at the police station if you really want to see her and now I want you to stay out of my way otherwise you can travel along with your sister in the backseat of a police car and if I am feeling generous you could even share a cell”

Jensen turned shocked eyes towards the cop .Damn bastard just threatened him. Hunk or not nobody threatened Jensen.

But before Jensen could open his mouth Danni exploded again “How dare you threaten us ? I am going to make you pay for this.” Hearing this, the cop forced Danni into the car and shut the door firmly so no more of her words could be heard .He gave Jensen a menacing look and moved to the driver’s seat.

Jensen valued his facial features much more than his pride so he backed away slowly.

The car left the premises leaving behind a pile of dust and Jensen.