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When Ladies Meet Behind Closed Doors

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The party between their worlds was the perfect time for the two of them. They didn’t often get a chance like this, so they went straight to it in Jessica’s room, while everyone else was partying downstairs.

Fran had such a way when it came to love-making. Her more feral side would appear and tear through Jessica’s clothes and merely scratch her skin, rending the rich redhead girl naked and exposed to the sensual touch of the viera. Fran would soon disrobe herself and join her partner on the bed.

“I love you.” Jessica breathed out as Fran dotted her neck with sharp kisses.

“And me as well.” Fran heaved as she leaned in toward her lover.

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Blondes do it better. Ino couldn't remember when she heard it, but it could easily describe the relationship between her the Hokage.

Tsunade might had the attention of the entire village due to her prestige and her position, she still felt lonely. Ino gave her all the comfort in the world when the two met. Ino would nestle in between Tsunade's massive breasts and push her down to the floor of the office. Tsunade would moan as she reached around to grab ahold of Ino's ass.

"Tonight, I will fuck you silly." Ino giggled as she parted open Tsunade's shirt and got to work on undoing the bra. Done in a second, she had gotten quite experienced with this.

"I have no doubt you will do just that." Tsunade sighed as she let Ino do her thing.

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The debt that the 'great hero' Hercule Satan owned Android 18 for throwing the fight during the tournament had to be paid somehow. His daughter found a way.

Android 18 had always been hunting for new outfits, but the ones that Videl offered were the most sexual she ever wore. A maid's outfit, a secretary's suit, a school uniform, all of which were NOT standard issue and meant to be worn only for short periods of time before being discarded as indicated by the massive amounts of flesh that were on display.

"Now." Android 18 started as she threw off the tie off her schoolyard bimbo outfit, straddling on top of the laying Videl. "Can you provide me enough pleasure to equal twenty million zeni?"

"I will make it worth to the both of us." Videl breathed out as she reached up to grace Android 18's legs.

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She couldn't beat her. She had the power of Lavos behind her, and she couldn't stop this magic-less cavewoman.

Ayla approached Zeal with a sexy stride in her step. "Queen want." Ayla licked her lips as she gently pushed Zeal against the nearby wall. "Ayla take." Ayla wasted no time ripping Zeal clean of her royal garments, leaving the Queen naked to the world.

Zeal didn't utter any words as Ayla took great delight in tasting and feeling every part of her body. It seems that the creature of the lower world had the touch of a goddess.

"Ayla take queen for mate?" Ayla asked.

"Yes." Zeal moaned as Ayla went down low. It seemed her destiny not laid with the powerful creature Lavos, but with the sensual leader of a ancient tribe.

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Lulu knew that Rikku held a torch for her. And she loved teasing the little girl.

Sometimes, she would lower her chest piece to reveal a bit more skin. Other times, she would bend over to pick something up and make sure her ass faced Rikku. Lulu did whatever she could to sexually taunt Rikku.

But when the two met alone in a inn's room, Lulu found herself feeling a bit guilty. The way Rikku gently removed her clothes, kissed her on the shoulder and then lead downward to her womanhood...Rikku had quite the way. Lulu never felt such pleasure before, and she started to actually fall in love with the younger girl.

" consider..." Rikku's lips start to tremble as she kneaded Lulu's breasts.

"Yes..." Lulu almost shouted in joy. "Yes..I do..."

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Maybe, in the future, all peace negotiations should go like this.

Amy, the current heiress of the Wong family fortune, had come to discusses certain matters with the reigning queen of Mars, Tyr'ahnee. They hit it off well; starting off with discussing the Wong family moving into Martian territory and who gets what before it went over to cutesy remarks about their clothes and finally over to the two disrobing and screwing on the table.

"I must warn you." Tyr'ahnee moaned as Amy gently bit down on one of her nipples. "We Martians have a way of impregnating any species..."

"Then do it." Amy breathed out as she turned around so her ass would face Tyr'ahnee's face. "I'm willing to compromise a few things for this..."

As such, the legacy of the human and Martian queen of Mars went done into history with the creation of their first of many children...

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The separation from Pete hit Peg really hard. She went through the years, drifting from relationship from relationship without any real affection.

Then she struck gold when she met up with the caretaker of her daughter's imaginary friend. Frankie Foster also sought a real relationship, and she didn't mind the difference in age. So, Peg would make special trips down to the home to visit her new girlfriend. It would some time before they would come out, but the way they went at it...

Neither had much experience in this sort of field of love-making, but they would learn with experience. They mostly spent their time in bed making out, rubbing their bodies together and placing their fingers down their wet holes.

"I love you." Both Peg and Frankie said at the same time before they kissed.

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"You are truly dedicated to this." Samara commented on as Miranda undressed right in front of her. Samara did find the human to be quite attractive, more so when she went naked.

"...I do want a child." Miranda sighed as she embraced the still-clothed Samara. "I am unable to have one of my own, and I wish to not repeat the process that lead to my creation. But the only way that can be done..."

"Is with a Asari." Samara sighed as she placed a hand on Miranda's shoulder. "Forgoing my Code, why chose me? There are plenty other Matrons that would seek to carry a child..."

"I want a relationship." Miranda leaned in to kiss Samara's cheek. "And we know each other...quite well." Miranda laid her head to rest on Samara's shoulder. "You deserve to have a good family life. I offer that."

"And my Code?"

" you have a reason to follow it, now that you have let your last daughter live?"

Samara took a breath. "Ms. Lawson...I accept."

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The black cat with her witch. How appropriate.

Katnappe could only blush as Wuya used magic to make the cat burglar's usual suit vanish. Wuya simply used her hands to shove Katnappe onto the bed before leaping on top of her servant. "You belong to me, and only me." Wuya would state as she played with Katnappe's naughty bits.

"I do." Katnappe moaned as Wuya placed a knee against her naked womanhood and rubbed it in a slow circle.

"And I love you because you belong to me." Wuya continued as she made her own clothes vanish, allowing Katnappe to gaze upon her master's naked form.

"I love you!" Katnappe happily screamed as Wuya prepared a special spell.

"And you shall prove it tonight..." Wuya sighed as she readied her hips to penetrate her happy little love slave...

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Both Elena and Mika were verily well-trained fighters and won a great deal of tournaments the world over. The two met up during one such bout in Italy.

Both Elena and Mika weren't well-versed in the art of love-making, but their skills in fighting could easily translate while in bed. Mika knew how to apply her strength not to crush Elena, but to instead hold her tight while Elena's powerful legs to go places that Mika never even considered.

"So, will you be frowned upon at home if we're discovered?" Asked Mika as she griped tightly onto Elena's nipples, tugging them with the proper amount of force; enough to earn pleasure rather than pain.

"My parents will understand." Elena got out between moans. "You can become a queen."

"We only know each other for a few months..."

"The way we do it?" Elena let out a small laugh as she rubbed her feet up and down Mika's exposed womanhood. "Who could tell?"

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A lot of people said the relationship not only wouldn't work, but it didn't make any logical sense. Holli Would could be called a blonde rip-off of Jessica Rabbit, and Jessica is devoted to her husbands.

But the times had changed. A lack of work for Roger lead to him running off and leaving Jessica alone while Holli moved in as she too didn't have many offers. So the two ladies grew closer to together, both in familiarity and as well as in bed.

Holli Would would yank down the top of Jessica's dress before watching the iconic massive breasts do a bounce. "No booby-traps tonight I see." Holli commented on as she leaned to kiss the nipple on the right.

"I just want you to work your magic." Jessica heavenly breathed out as Holli rolled around her other breast with gentle motions of her hand.

"Gladly." Holli then embraced her lover and together they fell onto the bed, tangled up in their covers.

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Betilla gasped, very silently to conceal her location, as she watched her sisters get undressed and fondle each other.

Annetta and Luya had been really close recently. They spent more time together away from the rest of the sisters, had their own inside jokes, and Edith recalled seeing the two actually kiss.

And now the deed had been done. Luya had gone down on Annetta and started to eat her womanhood out, earning such interesting groans and moans from Annetta. Betilla's hands gained a mind of their own as they mimicked Luya. Luya slurped away at Annetta, making Annetta squirm about as she tried to contain the pleasure. "Oh, Luya!" Annetta cried out in a hush whisper.

"I love making you wet." Luya joked as she stared back up at her sister for a second before going back down.

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Their kingdoms would be united one day, but Barbara couldn't wait to join Olympia in bed.

"You look...really good." Barbara licked her lips as she walked into Olympia's room while she was changing. Olympia jumped up and instinctively covered herself with a sheet.

"Hey, how did you..?" Olympia started to ask before Barbara cut her off with a deep kiss where Barbara's tongue easily dominated Olympia's.

"We're all alone." Barbara sighed as she parted away from Olympia's lips. "And it's high time we got started on our marital arts..."

"Ha, ha." Olympia weakly laughed at the lame pun right before she got shoved down onto the bed. Barbara easily straddled on top of Olympia.

"We make a great couple." Barbara commented as she took the sheet off and took in the succulent breast of her future queen.

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"Yes." Rukia admitted with a big blush overtaking the color of her entire head. "I much prefer your ass."

Rangiku didn't know what to say to this. She looked down towards her recently-exposed breasts, hanging freely. Rukia had to be the first person in quite a while to gaze upon this treasure, and yet she expressed interest in something else other than the main attraction? "I..." Rangiku gulped. "...came here expecting sexy time, not some horrible truth."

"We can continue." Rukia sighed as she stuck her head between Rangiku's breasts. "I CAN fall in love with these breasts!"

"I guess..." Rangiku got out as Rukia started to suckle on both of her breasts. " time, I'll give you a lap dance dressed in a bunny costume...

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Harribel had chosen the best room in Hueco Mundo, one that offered a grand view of the dunes that stretched on forever from her bed. As such, she and her lover Sun-Sung would spend a hour gazing outward.

"I never tire of this sight." Sun-Sung stated as she placed a hand on top of Harribel's exposed breast.

"On some days, I can't say the same." Harribel breathed out of her nose as she turned towards Sun-Sung. "But there is one view I shall never grow bored of."

"Hmmm." Sun-Sung let out a soft giggle as she started to massage Harribel's breast. "A bit too sappy for you, don't you think?"

"I don't care." Harribel proudly stated as she reached in and delivered a kiss to Sun-Sung's cheek, and stared to go down on her...

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She's a singer for a underwater club. She's a terrian entertainer. Can they get along?

Somewhat. Julie Bruin had to commission the construction of a boardwalk house on a beach that Angel Jones could access thanks to a series of tunnels. It made moving around the house a problem for both; Julie had to be careful to move around the various pipes and pools that dotted the house, and Angel had to work with those tunnels and pools, denying her access to other rooms. It made her, at times, not feel like she belongs here.

But at night, with the beach empty and the moon full, Julie would disrobe and walk into the ocean. Angel would remove her top (Really, the only item of clothing upon her) and approach her lover. Julie would stay floating on the surface while Angel works under the water, delivering a sensation akin to the ocean crashing against the beach to Julie's crotch.

And after a through tongue washing, Julie would hold her breath and dive, allowing her to kiss and embrace Angel. And their dance through the different layers of water would continue all night long...

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She's a gypsy from 15th century France and she's a free spirited woman from Ancient Greece. Could this relationship work?

Actually, yes. Megara made sure to make every encounter with Esmeralda unforgettable as the last one. Be it getting new toys, trying out new positions, wearing all sorts of costumes...Megara wanted to keep this relationship going strong.

Esmeralda did contribute as well. She would walk up and rip off Esmeralda's toga and get her fingers into Megara's mouth. Megara would suck and then moan as Esmeralda got her hands to go into Megara's special place. Megara would get hands onto Esmeralda's still clothed body to caress her breasts and pinch hard down on the erected nipples.

It made sense that guests to either's houses would comment about the stale fish smell.

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Both came from civilizations lost to time that had made advancements beyond their own period.

But really, Kida was more interested in Chel's butt.

"So firm..." Kida wooed as she dug her head in between the cracks of Chel's naked buttocks. "I love this..." Chel nodded with a giggle as she did a little shake with her ass. Kida let out a happy-little moan as she was slapped on both sides by the god-given gift that's Chel's ass. Kida stuck her tongue out and went crazy, make Chel quiver in excitement.

The days were hot, but Kida and Chel would spend them all naked and sweaty.

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Everyday together was like living in heaven. Charlotte couldn't help but shout that every day when she and Tiana woke up.

Tiana's usual morning routine is to unglue herself off the bed and sheets, sticky from their late-night love making sessions. Tiana would take one look back towards the still-sleeping Charlotte before taking a shower. Charlotte looked so happy, even deep in slumber. After taking a shower, Tiana would need to get Charlotte up and going. One some days, she would just shake her or kiss her.

And on other days, Tiana would need to take another shower once and she Charlotte got one.

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The captain's quarters were originally off-limit before Jane Porter joined, but a week after that the captain's quarters were made even more off-limits.

Captain Amelia greatly valued her own privacy in her own room but made the rare exemption for Ms. Porter. Her natural curiosity had lead her to becoming the lover of the captain. The crewmen often made stupid remarks to Jane whenever she passed by them, but Amelia made it clear. Officially, Jane is the crew's biologist.

But really, Jane is Amelia's lover.

Amelia would embrace her instincts more than her hardened training when the two were alone. Jane would be completely dominated by the feral cat as the fangs and claws drove her up the wall...

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She can do anything...and anyone.

The current lady that caught her eye happened to her own mother. Ann seemed to be off-put by the idea, naturally and rightfully so, but Kim eventually got Ann naked and in bed.

What came, in more ways than just one, a major game-changer to the two.

"That's...better." Ann commented. Kim agreed.

So the two indulged in the incesteous lifestyle: sneaking kisses were one thing, but trying to share a shower or even a bed together needed more work. Whenever the boys went out became a paradise to the two: they could strut around the house completely naked and have sex everywhere. It soon started to strain the relationship between Ann and James...

...Kim didn't care. She got to enjoy the most wonderful body in all of reality according to her...

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Trudy had some secret fantasies that she wished remain just fantasies. One such that became reality is a dream to dress up as a hooker.

Penny found it out when she found the suitcase with the slutty schoolgirl outfit. One such outfit that Penny made her wear. At first Trudy humored her daughter, then started to hate...and then started to hopelessly fall in love with. Penny treated her in the exact way that the fantasy would play out in Trudy's head: Penny served as the John that would accost Trudy, 'pay' her, and do whatever she pleased with Trudy. Trudy would just laid there and let Penny do her own thing.

The sad thing is that Trudy had no idea as to where and when her daughter sought her like this. And even Trudy didn't care.

"You're mine bitch..." Penny would whisper as she exposed a breast to the cold air of the room before playing with it.

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Elinor couldn't believe it when it happened the first time. And she couldn't come around to continue believing as it continued to happen night after night.

Merida had gained the bravado of a lion. The way she would strode up to her mother, dug under her dress and then play with her maidenhood, it just overwhelmed poor Elinor. And Merida got what she wanted whenever she want: at meals, at meeting with other clans' leaders, while having a nice discussion with the ladies...Merida made it one thing very clear.

"You are mine." Merida tenderly growled as she gently bit Elinor's earlobe. Elinor would have complained...but Merida made it feel so good...

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"I choose you!"

Ms. Toad had to look back to Thumbelina to confirm what she chosen. And then look back again. Thumbelina had not picked any of her sons...she had picked her.

This upset her sons greatly, but she decided to humor the tiny lady by agreeing to the wedding. And then...things got good. Thumbelina treated her right; no demanding for sex, no demanding for her to do chores...Thumbelina was a good wife.

Ms. Toad assumed one of the reasons Thumbelina picked her is for her tongue. The way it could latch and suckle on a naked breast really made Thumbelina laugh out a pleasurable moan.

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Working as a vassal for a overlord often meant little down-time and constantly fighting whatever enemies the overlord found. Down-time went from being defined as 'kick back and relax' to 'spending time in a hospital bed.'

A nekomata was in for having lost a hand in a conflict with a nasty warrior. She shared a bed with a rune knight who had the pleasure to be tossed by a teammate over to a crowd of golems. As the hospital staff quickly noticed, the two formed a strong rapport. From talking, to helping the other with their problems, to cuddling.

And then the nekomata's bed was found to not only be empty but also cold. During the night, it seemed that the cat lady fighter would duck into her neighbor's bed...and the two would spend some special time together. The nekomata's tongue would make the normally reserved rune knight let out such wonderful moans...

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This is perfect. Blackfire thought as she ran her hands up and down her own sister's sides.

A little bit of manipulation, a little bit of forbidden magic, and Starfire was all hers. Dressed in clothes that a prostitute would be shy to wear, Starfire would listen to whatever Blackfire asked of her.

"Be my bride." Blackfire whispered as she licked Starfire's throat, going up to her mouth.

"Yes!" Starfire let out a happy moan. Blackfire took as a invite to shove in that special piece into Starfire's special place...

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Their relationship wasn't going to be a public one. Not out of secret, but more so they preferred a slow and steady love.

Whenever either one of their sister went out, they would go to the other's place to keep them company. Stocking would set up tea and they would discuss various topics they liked: Stocking to her sweets and Kneesocks to enforcing their rules. It would start out the same way every time: civil.

But then the tea would spill onto the floor as the two locked lips and bodies together in a heated tangle. Kisses darted around their bodies as their clothes were tossed aside. Somehow, they would get into a bed with the curtains closed before their bodies were completely naked.

Stocking enjoyed the taste of a demon's body as much as chocolate. And Kneesocks loved hearing Stocking's little moans...

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They didn't give a damn as to who knew about it, they didn't really give a damn as to anything really.

Panty made it clear from day one that she sought sexual encounter after sexual encounter without break, and Scanty loved it. While she had become what is essentially Panty's love slave, Scanty did enjoy every minute of it.

The way how Panty's hands were like snakes, darting all around her body, but instead of a slimy feeling it felt smooth and delicate. But if Scanty asked to play rough, Panty's hand and tongue would go insane. No spot would go untouched or unravaged by Panty's volcanic touch. Scanty could never stay still for more than a half of a second once Panty disrobed her.

"Hmm, this body..." Panty let out a sigh as she laid a kiss on each of Scanty's naked breasts. "...I'll go full gay for this body."

Scanty let out a hearty moan. She would never be on top, not that she never even considered it.

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Bad relationship after bad relationship. Tawna had pretty filled out the book on bad relationships; abusive ones, lazy ones, stupid ones, crazy ones...she might have gone insane if not for Coco.

The little sister of her first boyfriend proved to be a vastly different experience than anything else. Sure, they had different things to talk about: Coco to her gadgets and Tawna to her girly stuff, but Coco paid attention and actually remembered things that Tawna told her about. For the first time in her life, Tawna's partner actually remembered her birthday!

There was only one downside. Coco might have been a teen going onto adulthood, but she acted like a child the way she was obsessed with Tawna's breasts. She would pull up Tawna's shirt and undo her bra and spent the entire time playing with the breasts. Rolling them around, pressing down on them, tweaking the nipples like their were joysticks.

"I got something down under..." Tawna sighed as another session of 'Tawna's Magical Boob's played out.

"Oh, I know. But these are so yummy!" Coco gasped as she dived down and latched a tongue around a nipple. Tawna might get bored with the idea that every sexual encounter would play out the same, but once they started, she would love every second of them.

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As the night went on quietly, the two would embrace in secret.

Then again, it's kinda hard to keep a secret when one of you has living hair that likes to yell most of his dialogue. Samson had to be gagged most of the time, and Cerebella was more than happy to try various accessories in Filia's hair to improve her looks and keep that nasty hair down.

Once things were nice and quiet, Filia and Cerebella got the action going. They would delve into a deep kiss, undress and lay down on the bed...not really doing anything for a bit. They would jut lay there naked and look up.

"Do you think this can continue?" Filia asked in a somber tone. "I don't feel all that confident..."

"Of course." Cerebella started as she rolled over to face Filia. "I love you, my chubby little lady." She giggled as she pinched a flab on Filia's stomach. Filia giggled, dropping her sullen face. Once Filia had lightened up, Cerebella leaned in with a kiss.

And soon, the quiet night fades into a night of loud moans...

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It seems that leaving the twerp had brought on only positive benefits. Misty got total control of the gym, she got her own house...and her own pet.

Misty found a familiar face washed on the shore one Monday morning. Apparently, a battle in a far off continent had landed this former foe into the ocean and she ended up hanging onto some driftwood for as long as she could. But the journey has given her quite the thrashing, she had lost a great deal of memory.

"Your name is Jessie." Misty cooed as she brushed a finger against Jessie's cheek. "And you love me."

It wasn't just morally grey to manipulate someone with severe memory loss, but Misty considered this how Jessie can atone for her crimes. Besides, Jessie could do more good using her body.

And Jessie loved her master. It didn't matter what: the outfits that hid very little, the way she had to talk up to Misty, how every night would end with Misty on top and Jessie on top.

But Jessie loved her master.

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Hilda thought her journey would allow her to escape home and make her own way in the world...but she kept on coming back to Nuvema Town...back to mom.

"Those boys wouldn't know what to do." She would breathe out before latching her hands on the well-developed rear-end of Hilda. "They'll abuse you, dear. Just stay here."

This started up recently. Her mother's obsession with her. The way she would wear little clothing (Sometimes only a apron!) and parade around the house trying to get her attention, Hilda wondered how and why her mother developed a powerful attraction to her.

But regardless, it would end with Hilda naked and her mom running her hands and tongue all over her body. Hilda's ass would receive the most sensual massage in the world once her mom turned her over. Hilda had to wonder if mom is obsessed with her, or her ass as she would kiss the buttocks.

Hilda did love it, but she did wish to have a relationship with someone else. But now, she's trapped with someone she loved...

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"So." Maddy whispered into Flannery's ear before giving it a quick lick. "Whatcha wearing today?"

"The usual?"

"Oh no." Madoi giggled. She quickly jumped out of bed and walked over to the closet. "Let's see, maid, secretary, nurse, mermaid..."

Flannery gulped. Ever since that dimension portal appeared and dropped Ms. Madd off, her closet has gone through quite a transformation. Gone is her assortment of trendy hot clothes and replacing them came the outfits of lust, as desired by Maddy. Their relationship did start off with Madoi calling out to Flannery, pinning the Gym Leader against the wall and telling her: "Nice hair."

"What is your name exactly?" Flannery asked as she hopped out of the bed to grab the schoolgirl outfit.

"Mistress." Ms. Madd chuckled as she placed a kiss on her naked lover's cheek.

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It wouldn't work...on paper anyway. One is a goth who dedicated her life to bemoaning the struggle of infinity that is life. One is a airhead that would ignore anything that isn't related to her favorite subjects.

But here they were, in the one cabin not bugged with recording and sound equipment. Gwen took off her shirt over head as Lindsay kicked offer boots and panties. It's amazing how this bubble-head blonde had such a amazing body, and none of it fake! Gwen leaned in for a kiss, which ended up landing not on the lips, but instead on Lindsay's breasts. Lindsay giggled at her little trick. Gwen huffed as she lunged forward, taking her and Lindsay to the bed. The two tussled around, with Gwen delivering kisses wherever they would land with Lindsay going into a laughing fit.

Originally, Gwen assumed it would be a week-long fling, with them breaking it off as they had little in common or some camp-based shenanigans would pull them apart.

But no, Gwen only started to find actual attraction in the blonde boobie boobie.

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Thunder and fire don't mix well...unless they're covered.

Makoto and Rei would compete and make a contest out of anything if they got going: eating, swimming, crane games, monster busting, walking through the city, collecting trash...having sex.

"I'm the best kisser!" Makoto would hiss in Rei's ear as she ripped off her tunic. "I will make you come with only a kiss!"

"Yeah?" Rei would giggle. "In that case, I'll hold it for four minutes!"

There really was no prize to be won. At the end of the day, they would both end up wrapped in each other's arms, tired yet satisfied. Until the next day...

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Destiny had a funny way of working. As long as Usagi had Mamoru's child, it didn't really matter what Usagi did before hand.

Minako had one golden rule: make sure it's always interesting. Toys (The Queen-Size Throne got used a few times), costumes (It seemed Usagi really liked women in uniforms), locations (Seedy hotels to resort spas)...she made sure that Usagi never got bored with their relationship. And Usagi loved every minute of it, always letting out moan after laugh after moans. Regardless of how rough (Up to biting) or light (Glancing massages) they went, Usagi always left beaming.

It had to do with the fact that her time with Usagi was going to be short, so Minako filled every second they were together with moments that Usagi will never forget...

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Ami's face would turn a wonderful shade of red very easily. Setsuna considered it a hobby, trying to find things that would make the brains of the team turn beat-red.

Sometimes, it was a thinly-veiled innuendo that set Ami off. Other times, it's discussing tonight's plans. A more sure-fire method is to expose a little flesh; be it a breast or leg, Ami lit up. If Setsuna felt adventurous, she would grab a outfit to taunt Ami while she's studying.

And the best part? Once Ami went red, she would become a beast. Jumping onto Setsuna's well-developed body, latching onto on either the breasts or the ass, and locked lips with Setsuna before going through the motions to get clothes off.

A hobby with a great payoff, Setsuna would remark whenever someone commented on her teasing of Ami.

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The relationship started out with the pink-haired girl literally falling out of the sky, landing face-first in a pile of sand, and the blue-haired girl's first view is that of Perona's striped panties.

There never was a dull moment with Perona, much to chagrin of Vivi. Perona would infest the palace with her ghosts and tried to turn various servants into her Kumashi, steal clothes from Vivi (Even while she wore them!) and did whatever possible to drive everyone CRAZY.

Yet, the sex is amazing. Perona really got into it, using her ghosts to remove clothing and take them to the nearest flat surface: be it a bed, couch, a carpet, a countertop...Vivi quickly got used to the constant embarrassment of being discovered, as the two often screwed in places where people walked through or worked in.

The Cotton-Haired Princesses. Vivi liked the long as Perona didn't bite too hard.

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At first, only Dot knew the truth, and she knew from the very beginning. Even if she hadn't been told, she would have figured it out.

Minerva Mink had become quite the hypochondriac, given her multiple appointments both at the medical office and requesting home visits. But every time, she asked for the striking Hello Nurse to attend to her. Obviously, Minerva kept a very healthy lifestyle and all of this fluff about being sick is merely a excuse to get close to her love.

Be it at Nurse's office or in Minerva's bed, the two would go at like animals in heat. They did have to be careful as not to rip each other's clothes, that would get some attention. But they didn't care about making noise; Minerva's giggles and Nurse's roaring laugh, they didn't hold back. Minerva's tongue would lash out to stain Nurse's body in cool saliva and the cool touch of Nurse would cause earthquakes in Minerva's spine every time she touched her bare flesh.

They would come out in public...but Minerva loved having secret sex. Even if the secret isn't so secret.

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Pretty much all of Gensokyo pined after the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. But only one actually earned her love.

Suika would invite Reimu for some special time by first nibbling onto her ear and whispering in some tender words. Reimu would let out her world-famous sigh before turning around to smother Suika's lips with a kiss. They would somehow stumble into the bedroom where the real fun began. Having a partner with the ability to rearrange density made love-making all the more interesting. Suika definitely preferred playing rough, but was more than happy to let Reimu take charge.

Many residents questioned Reimu's choice, wondering why she picked a drunkard of all people.

Reimu's response would be one of three things. A dismissive sigh, a thinly-vieled threat or a more proper verbal response of: "Because she's perfect."

Chapter Text

Everyone in Gensokyo is gay...or at least bi. That's a given.

And the Scarlet Devil Mansion is a microcosm of Gensokyo's love life. Within the walls laid many sexual affairs among the staff and residents. The gatekeeper laid with the librarian's assistant, the mistress of the mansion with the librarian, and the younger mistress with the head maid. And once night cast it's reach over the mansion, things would go quiet for a brief minute before the mansion would erupt into moans.

Koakuma would extend her long tongue and wrap up Meiling's breast to jiggle it around, Remilia would take tiny nibbles at Patchouli's body, and Flandre would delight herself in tenderly tormenting Sakuya. The devils of the mansion were always on top and always kept their partner in line. Of course, the more serious Sakuya and Patchouli would take it in stride, but Meiling would always try to struggle to no avail. Koakuma clearly ran the relationship. While it became common knowledge that Remilia and Patchouli were a married couple, no would never guess that Flandre actually wore the pants in the relationship of her and the very powerful maid.

Reimu absolutely hated it when she had to rush to the Scarlet Devil Mansion during a incident. She would always find a couple in sexual congress and it would make things just awkward.

Chapter Text

Yuyuko couldn't help but giggle at even the slightest provocation. Be it her servant falling flat on her face, her servant falling for a practical joke, or a rambunctious fairy demanding a duel, she would never stop giggling.

Cirno's cold touch defintely had a opposite effect. Being a ghost, Yuyuko had long gotten used to the chilly touch of the afterlife. But whenever Cirno graced her naked skin surrounding her hips or breasts, Yuyuko would let out a little gasp. It's one of the many reasons as to why Cirno staid around...that and her ability to make snowcones!

"That's good..." Yuyuko moaned as Cirno's tiny tongue lapped against her private area. "Nice and cold..." Cirno didn't respond and just focused on trying to win this's kinda weird that Yuyuko always wins these battles...

Chapter Text

Asking any random stranger or famous people in Gensokyo about who really runs the medical paradise known as Eientei, and they'll tell you easily: Eirin.

On the cover, yes. In truth, the balance shifted over to the little mischievous rabbit, Tewi. While others easily believed she only held third place in power in Eientei (Given how Udongein is mistreated by pretty much everyone) Tewi had managed to bound up the ladder. She effectively ruled Eientei.

Eirin couldn't believe how flexible the little rabbit could be. Her little fingers were everywhere; be it doing a waltz on her skin or digging in, Tewi had found all of her special spots that drove Eirin crazy. If her friends back home could see her now, they would find that the great sage being dominated by a earth rabbit more shocking than her betrayal.

And Tewi licked her lips seeing Eirin squirm. She has quite the nice body, she can't share this!

Chapter Text

With Shao Khan's first victory over the Earth forces in a long time, he had to reward the hero of his army. Sheeva proposed a most unusual reward, and Shao Khan granted gratefully.

Mileena couldn't, at first, believe she had been forced to switch from being the personal assassin to the Khan to being the 'trophy bride.' But as soon as she was ordered to laid down next to the champion, any doubts faded. She even started to LIKE her new position.

Sheeva's arms could go anywhere, all over Mileena's body in seconds. Even the literal blood-thristy Mileena felt calm as Sheeva's strong quad-pair of arms rubbed her down, their fingers diving down holes, Sheeva's tongue easily pinning down Mileena. Mileena didn't have to do anything, Sheeva took care of everything.

It didn't take long for the two to bond together not as champion and prize, but as wives.

Chapter Text

Most people assumed that Tifa would end up with Cloud, but he still had a boner for Aerith. Then the attention got switched over to Rude, but he came out as gay. So, the people who had nothing else better to do thought that Tifa would become Red XIII mate...and while they did hit it off for a while, Red XII eventually got a harem of his own after overtaking the Honey Bee Inn.

So Yuffie snatched Tifa away. And Tifa's life improved; no more strife (In more than one way), no more emotional issues, no worries in the world! All she had to do while living under the Kisaragi roof is to wear loosely-fitting kimonos (The ones that had a hard time covering up a great chunk of skin and had a belt that had a easier time coming off than staying on) and obey the commands of Yuffie.

Now that two weren't a issue. Tifa loved how Yuffie's acquired materia had so many uses: many hands running up and down her body, tentacles into every hole, a manhood greater than any other manhood that Tifa had been with...Tifa never felt more happy than being the loveslave to a perverted ninja girl...

Chapter Text

Homura had little choice in this manner. No matter what she did, Madoka would never love her the same way she loved her.

This ended up being bolden by various timelines in which Madoka got together with Mami. In some timelines, the relationship already existed before Homura appeared, or as a direct effect from what Homura caused. Sometimes, it's a pure relationship. Other times, it's because Madoka really liked Mami's mammaries.

Seeing Madoka rolling them around in her hands like a cat with a ball of yarn made Homura feel sick. The way that Mami moaned as Madoka sucked on a nipple made Homura squirm. Just watching as Mami and Madoka roll around the floor of Mami's home, their bodies interlocked in wet heat... seems that even in a Faustian magical show, boobies reign supreme.

Chapter Text

Of all of the things that could happen to her, barring all the previous things she had been though, Homura couldn't believe she had been tied down to the bed by a little girl.

It started so innocently; Nagisa felt lonely and invited Homura over for tea and cheese. As soon as Homura turned her back, Nagisa captured the time-traveler and bound her to the bed before returning to her studded out in pure-blown 80s anime evil spandex lady. It seems that while Mami and Madoka did Hallmark-style sex (Not that Homura knew that, being someone from a country that doesn't really have the same level of joke as America), Nagisa preferred Cinemax. (Again, not a Japanese thing.)

Nagisa threatened to pour fondue on Homura's body if she tried to escape, so Homura just tried to relax the best she could and keep quiet. Nagisa might be into dom, but she really didn't know how to be good at it. Her attacks felt weak and merely annoyed Homura.

So she broke free and reserved the situation. Nagisa seemingly wanted this; she begged for more as Homura rapped the riding crop against her exposed flesh, spanking her naked buttocks...

...which made things awkward when Mami and Madoka rolled in, half-naked.

Chapter Text

Their encounters would play out the same way. Risky would come over and wreak havoc as Shantae would rush in, ponytail a-swinging, and beat Risky and her goons a new one.

And then afterwards, when no-one is looking, Risky would sneak into Shantae's home.

Shantae didn't mind how rough Risky would play out this part of their relationship. The pirate lady would rip off both of their clothes before literally throwing Shantae into her bed and straddling on top of her. All Shantae could do now is to squirm; as Risky would hold her down, and moan; as Risky attacked her aggressively with hands, tongue and teeth. Shantae couldn't last that long against Risky and her special touch.

Which lead to a few awkward mornings of trying to BS past her friends as to why she had so many hickies...

Chapter Text

It's a given fact that Sky loathes zombies. Lazy, lecherous backstabbers.

And yet her parents were more than happy to have her wed to Rottytops, the worst of all the zombies that Sky met. (Of which she met about three, really.)

And yet here she is, having been thrown onto the bed and her clothes taken aside by a giggling Rottytops, and allowing the zombie-girl to explore her body. There's no chance of being infected and turning, but feeling the fingers and tongue dancing all over her body...

Sky had turned...just in a different way.

Chapter Text

It's good to be on top.

No matter what her job, Patricia always had a fresh supply of booty. The Hooligan Sisters never wanted to go back to jail (Or be abducted by aliens) so Patricia made a deal with them. Stay out of trouble...and be her own personal harem.

The short-haired punk girl loved only the roughest sex. The ponytail girl liked it up the butt. The twintail girl made the cutest noises. The curly-haired one like being hand-cuffed. And the girl with the big bangs liked to be spanked.

One day Patricia would learn their names.

Chapter Text

It's amazing how much work Ryuko put into their relationship. Scheduling, prioritizing, and plenty of tight financing.

But Mako didn't care about the details. That was made pretty clear the way when Ryuko said: "I'm free for the evening" Mako tore off her clothes and awaited Ryuko on the nearest flat surface. Be it the table in the kitchen, the coffee-table in the living room, or (and the least-occuring) on the bed, Ryuko would hop on top of Mako and perform miracles.

Well, Mako loved just whatever Ryuko did. It did make loving pretty easy, but Ryuko still did her absolute best to make Mako happy.

And Mako made sure that Ryuko knew that.

Chapter Text

They did everything together. Perfectly. They were the ultimate pair.

Everyone knew for the part about them being lovers. Anita and Nikita would wind down after a long day of busting head and solving crimes by sleeping together. They would embrace, wrap their hands and press their hands together and make out as they fell onto their shared bed.

Their clothes would end up thrown onto the floor, stained with sweat and crinkled from their positions on the floor. The two would tangle up into a mess of limbs as they would get all involved in each other; Anita loved to coat her sister's breasts in saliva, and Nikita loved to hump her sister hard.

Like I said, everything they did is done perfectly.

Chapter Text

She-Ra looked down at her enlarged stomach and gave it a sad pat.

She did it for the betterment of everyone in Etheria. Shadow Weaver made such a compelling offer; she offered vital information on the Horde in exchange for a descendant. She-Ra had considered all of her options...and to be blunt, Shadow Weaver did have a nice body.

Shadow Weaver didn't hold back on her use of magic. She used spells to enhance She-Ra's sensitivity, summon tentacles to keep her down and pound her, and at the end, Shadow Weaver mounted She-Ra to deliver the seed.

She-Ra wouldn't mind doing it again.

Chapter Text

She would never know.

Teela had asked the Sorceress directly to be her girlfriend. Only few knew that the Sorceress birthed Teela, but Teela didn't. And the Sorceress, for some perverted reason, accepted Teela's proposal.

Duncan and Adam would never know. They would will never see how Teela went down (unknowingly) on her mother, eating her out. They would never hear such wonderful moans coming from Sorceress. (But then again, Duncan and Adam kept on singing that stupid song...)

The Sorceress wondered that once Teela became the next Sorceress she would repeat this with her own daughter. And the Sorceress hoped that she would included as well.

Chapter Text

Gil is gay. Gil isn't interested in two beautiful, brainy girls. So Susan and Mary did the next best thing.

The incest sex didn't feel that dirty to them. They were highly intelligent; any possible lovechild to them would still possess a great intellect. Susan knew more about anatomy and quickly found Mary's sweet spots; Mary had better reflexes and could reach all the special spots on her sister's body.

Johnny knew...but it didn't matter as the girls did the smart thing and started wiping his memory of their lab and all of his stupid exploits.

And once it came time to move out, they moved out while holding hands...and carrying a growing fetus each...

Chapter Text

Perhaps she should have let the big-boobie bitch bite the dust.

Two fat goblins had managed to capture the Sorceress in attempt to enact a hentai doujinshi on her. The Elf interfered and saved the Sorceress, a fact that the Sorceress would never let the Elf forget.

Now, the Sorceress became a love-slave for the Elf. She would always take the side of Elf whenever the party had different opinions on how to proceed, she would make meals exclusively for the Elf, she would sleep with the Elf, she would dress down naked and then beg the Elf to take her...

At some point, the Elf gave in and fucked the Sorceress hard. And all that did is make the Sorceress fall in love even more...

Chapter Text

Such a weird relationship.

Ashely hoped she would end up in bed with the hunk that pulled her ass out of that zombie-infected countryside, but no. Here she is, sleeping with that Asian chick the hunk had a thing for. Ada just approached one day, three months after escaping Spain. Ashley knew that Ada is up to no good, made even more obvious then Ada's second action after saying hello is to place a big fat kiss on Ashely's lips.

Ada just wanted sex. She and Leon have way too much emotional baggage to make it enjoyable, and Ashley is in the perfect field between stranger and acquaintance. Ashely is also perfectly in-between cute and sexy; made such delightful noises as Ada went down on her but is willing to do so many risqué things.

In fact, Ada started to enjoy herself so much, she forgot her original mission of bugging the president. Oh well, some things are more important.

Chapter Text

The amount of 'wrong' Juliet is doing right now could be stacked higher than Mt. Everest.

She's sleeping with a zombie. A damn dirty zombie. Not just any zombie, but Mariska, one of the Dark Purveyors that wished to bring on the end of the world. But Mariska had no interest in killing everyone in the world or to zombify people, she just wanted to do whatever hippy activity she wanted to.

That meant sex. Lots and lots of sex. Mariska (Mostly naked) would often sneak up behind Juliet and run her hands down her skirt and grope her ass hard. Juliet would let out a 'ooh', then a smart comment about Mariska, then turned around to kiss Mariska on the lips, before the two would go crash somewhere to relieve some stress.

Dad and her sisters wanted to kiss the zombie sleeping under their roof. Mom didn't like the fact her daughter is fucking before marriage.

Chapter Text

"I want you."

And like that, Mikuru found herself in a openly-sexual relationship with the robotic Yuki. Yuki wanted to do a few experiments, and she decided Mikuru's more ample body is the perfect vessel for research. had it's ups and downs. Yuki made sure that Haruhi's usual abuse of the bigger-breasted red-head didn't go as planned, but that meant later on, Yuki would repeat the abuse herself, often times amped up. Forcing Mikuru to play dress-up in various scantily-clad-clothing, playing with Mikuru's breasts, playing with Mikuru's butt, going down on Mikuru to make her moan...

The up came from the tender words that Yuki would say to calm Mikuru, and the little kisses to the lips as they went to sleep together...

Chapter Text

Nora had to question her daughter's choice in lovers. Not so much the sexuality issue (Nora had plenty of same-sex partners back in her hey-day, let me tell 'ya), but dating someone who used to antagonize you? Really?

Brit claimed to turn over a new leaf, a claim that would have to be proved the next time Queen Vexus invaded and offered alliances. Brit did seem to have a problem going out into public with Jenny as well as holding hands with her, but Jenny would tell stories about all the nice things that Brit did for her.

Such nice things like discovering sexuality. Nora felt immediate regret to give her daughter appropriate anatomy, as Brit would exploit it. Her fingers would go as far as they could up the metal tube that served as the vagina for Jenny while sucking on the rubber nipples on the good-sized breasts...

...and keeping Nora up all night long. At least Jenny is happy. But hopefully she'll move out one day too.

Chapter Text

One thing was made clear when the two of them first met...Tink is in charge and on top.

Crysta just did have the edge in the relationship. Tink ruled supreme. If she wanted Crysta to ditch underwear for a entire day, Crysta would hand over her bra and panties over to Tink. If Tink wanted a lap-dance, then Crysta would promptly sit in Tink's lap and shake what she got. And if Tink wanted a sandwich...Crysta would ask for specific ingredients.

It wasn't that bad. Tink knew how to treat Crysta right; she figured out the special spots on Crysta during their first time, she could just the right amount of force needed to pinch Crysta hard enough for her to really feel it but jut enough to not really hurt her, and her tongue wouldn't completely make her body sticky...

Crysta had fallen head-over-heels for it better or for worse.

Chapter Text

Once again, Greta's plans failed to make the Allies surrender to the Axis, and she ended up in the custody of Rex Steele...and his perky assistant Penny.

And boy, did Penny dish out the punishment. Mind you, it's not all whip and chains, it's more 'being handcuffed to a nice bed and played around with. Penny really seemed to love Greta's voluptuous body; based around the fact that Penny's first action is to latch her hands onto Greta's breasts and knead them like dough. And that's before Penny went down on Greta.

At some point, Greta stopped trying to conquer the world. She just accepted her role as Penny's lover.

In short, as evident by the fact she got it tattooed on her shapely rear, she got annexed to 'United States of Penny.'

Chapter Text

Usually, Iroha is used to being summoned to serve as a sex slave, but being summoned by the twisted Ivy Valentine is a whole new ballpark.

Ivy is just so unpredictable. One moment she's serious and studying away in some sensible clothes, the next she's wearing something that would make prostitutes blush and is on top of Iroha, groping and biting at the exposed areas of Iroha's outfit. Ivy seemed to swing back-and-forth between 'seclusion' and 'horny'.

There seemed to be a reason, as Iroha started to figure out. Ivy would use such hateful and demeaning terms during sex and then mutter quiet apologies later on. It seems that Ivy is hurting; not physically, but more so mentally as her own father continued to haunt her.

Iroha started to hug Ivy after the sex. Ivy would cry into Iroha's chest until she fell asleep...

Chapter Text

It's hard to journey with a big-breasted, barely-covered-up lady and not end up falling in love with her.

Lina descended into the hot water bath and moved over to Naga, laughing to herself about some joke in her head. Lina quickly closed the gap between the two of them with a kiss straight to the lips...and hands latched on tight to the breasts. Naga let out a tiny little moan but allowed Lina to long as she grab ahold of Lina's buttocks.

It's hard to journey with a big-assed lady and not end up falling in love with her.

Chapter Text

At first, it seemed rather pointless to accept Black Mask's invitation. It's Christmas Time, plenty of juicy contracts to bump off CEOs. But along came a snake...

A hotel clerk would later recall how Lady Shiva and Copperhead came into his lobby, holding hands. They paid for the penthouse (with roof access) and walked to the elevator. A guest recalled how he said the two in the elevator car making out like some cheesy couple. A bellboy watched as the two walked into their room, and he listened in to the sound of fabric being torn apart.

Lady Shiva had found quite the flexible partner. No part of her body could be hidden away from Copperhead's hands and tongue. And the two destroyed that hotel room with their idea of foreplay and sex...

Shame Copperhead got caught by the Batman. She would have made a excellent partner...

Chapter Text

What better way to learn psychology than to ask the high school's therapist/counselor? Jazz thought it would be a good idea... spiraled down so quickly. Penelope Spectra clearly had no interest in teaching the young Fenton girl the meanings of the mind; she preferred teaching about the meaning of flesh. Spectra rarely dressed down to her underwear; preferring to unbutton her blouse and pull up her skirt. Jazz always ended up naked, with Spectra all over her.

Jazz didn't know why or, at some points, how she ended up going back to Spectra. It just involved Spectra playing with her; nibbling on her ear, fingering her until she came multiple times, humping her until her butt was red and sore...

...maybe she liked being dominated again and again...

Chapter Text

It's all about the booty.

It started out, of course, as a booty call. Gaige wanted some wild-side sex and hunted down Scarlett in the middle of some badlands, trying to make a new crew. With as little as a 'hello', Gaige locked lips with Scarlett and pushed her into the captain's cabin to have a very long and beautiful night...

...full of incredibly rough sex. Gaige biting and leave hickies all over, Scarlett scraping Gaige's back up something fierce...somethings going in places where they don't belong...

...anyhoo, moral of the story, eyes on the prize. The big booty of the infamous Captain Scarlett now had been adorned with a completely-out-of-the-pirate-aesthetic pink heart with Gaige's name in the middle.

Chapter Text

Athena knew little about weddings due to her sheltered upbringing with Atlas, but she felt that some of Janey's ideas were...a bit off. Hunting Kraggons is one thing, but killing off a entire colony of them while also cutting off their heads to stuff bombs into them to throw to the hungry Scavs to blow them up...that's a wee bit...insane.

So Janey had a different plan once Athena shot down the first one. Zero-gravity sex. Janey had built a padded-silo just meant for this. With their clothes stuffed away in a locker, the two went into the silo and cuddled together. As they floated around, Janey scratched up Athena's skin and humped her hard, while the unexperienced Athena just laid kisses and massaged Janey.

In truth, it was one of the fondest moments in Athena's life. Hearing her wife say 'I love you' over and over again, it made feel like she could take on a raid boss on her own...

Chapter Text

In front of Clover stood a weird sight.

On the couch of their shared apartment laid both Alex and Sam, naked and covered up by a small blanket. It looks like Clover just walked into a fierce make-out session with Sam on top and Alex's hands wrapped around Sam's shapely behind. Based around on the obvious evidence; namely the many lipstick-kisses dotting Alex's face and the stretch-marks around Alex's hands hands on Sam's buttocks, they already gotten started.

Clover took a nervous chuckle looking into the fear-struck eyes of her two friends as she stuck to the wall and walked to the bathroom.

That might have been a mistake. She had trapped herself in the bathroom for over three hours as Alex and Sam had their fun...

Chapter Text

Kirika and Komoe had a strong relationship.

That mostly involved with the two playing with the other's knockers. Kirika would play with Komoe's mountains like bouncy balls while the two shared a shower. Komoe would take her afternoon nap in Kirika's pillows. Kirika would use Komoe's funbags as a way to pass time during train rides. Komoe would use Kirika's sandbags to hold several objects like notebooks and bags.

Kirika had the idea that perhaps she and Komoe could have a baby together. A baby that would grow up to have the world's largest knockers. Kirika the mommy and Komoe the daddy.

...crazier things have happened...

Chapter Text

Perhaps Gregore isn't the person she's supposed to end with.

Cindy wanted to prove that to Willow. Willow's magnificent rear-end is something to be worshipped and loved. Cindy would spank Willow and, whenever possible and alone, would hug 'dat ass. And Willow listened to Cindy's ideas: wearing smaller and smaller underwear, going around bottomless whenever the two were alone together, giving lap-dances and then straight to sleeping together in the nude. Cindy even talked about running away together.

At some point Willow got a tattoo of Cindy's name right on her right buttock. It spelt out pretty clearly what sort of relationship the two had.

Chapter Text

The party wanted a Sage. A Sage would greatly help them out in the future. But the Fighter wanted a Jester.

A Jester serves two real purposes for the party: calling for monsters to attack them to grind and serving as comedic relief. But the Fighter had a third purposes: sexual needs. The Jester absolutely loved stripping off (or in a few times, ripping off.) her bunny outfit to allow her breasts to jiggle out right before the Fighter pounced on her. Having extensive knowledge of pressure points, the Fighter could very easily make the Jester squirm around in pure pleasure...and laughter.

The Priest groaned as he turned in the Book of Satori. At least the party would get a Sage, and those horny lesbians could ruin their clothes and tents.

Chapter Text

This had to stop.

It's clear that Mai had feelings for Yuuko. That's fair. What isn't fair is how she showed it. Popping out of cakes, appearing next to her when she's taking showers or in bed, managing to follow Yuuko's every movement to always have a constant view of her panties (Or the lack of, as Mai also stole and replaced Yuuko's underwear drawer with g-strings and thongs) and the occasional poke to the breasts. Right on the nipple each and every time too.

So, the usual method of dealing with this would be to call the police. But no, Yuuko found a better solution. Call Mai over, tell her off, make a declaration and then force Mai into a decision.

Mai's choice lead Yuuko to discovering and enjoying the wonders of lesbian sex.

Chapter Text

News rocked the adult world. Famous stripper Erotica Jones married supermodel Enorma Rae! Boob jokes abound! But no-one knew how exactly the two met. Enorma Rae (After recovering from her literal booby-trap boobs) had been kidnapped while on a vacation. She got saved by Stripperella, who had a issue of her own. A encounter with a mad doctor wanting to reverse the entire world's genders with a transforming ray had zapped Stripperella, leaving her a quarter-man.

In short, it gave her a full-functioning penis.

Wanting to repay Stripperella, Enorma Rae gladly helped her with the dick. It seems that sex made it go down, but then came the slight problem of Enorma Rae getting pregnant. Without much choice, Stripperalla married Enorma Rae.

At least it's a stable life together. While on a tough and long mission to save the world, Stripperella had the image of a naked Enorma Rae calling out to her to come home. And then came along Little Annie...

Chapter Text

This shouldn't be possible. And yet, she could feel herself.

Xero had gone to bed early when herself walked through the window of her loft. Well, the Lacey Shadows self anyhoo. Speaking in that thick Cockney accent, she jumped and landed right on Xero's bed. "Feeling lonely?" She asked as she got down on her stomach and crawled up to Xero like a snake. "I can help with your problem." A little giggle, and Lacey reached over to pull down the covers to join herself under the bed. And after that, the clothes came off and landed wherever they would.

So weird. And yet so sensational. Then again, it is herself, and who would know her better than herself?

Chapter Text

With the final passing of Dirk the Daring and Dexter, Daphne and Kimberly found common cause...and love.

They had familiar tastes: skimpy outfits that they liked removing off the other. On some days, they would forgo clothes all-together and just walk around their home in the nude. They had a fascination for bondage and were more than happy to switch positions of dom and sub. Again, on some days, they would spend all day going crazy and enjoying the pleasures of pain. And most importantly, their love of each other. It felt like plain old egotism whenever the two went out together; the two would spend all their time talking about and interacting with their new significant other.

Much like how their breasts would squeeze up against each other and basically lock together, they were meant to be.

Chapter Text

In the end, Eva just decided to give in to Blackie's advances and do it. One night, one real chance to impress her.

Blackie did her very best. The penthouse of the finest hotel in the city they were currently trapped thanks to deal that went south. Hand-stitched satin sheets on a cotton-covered latex bed. The best and roughest dildos. The finest whips made from real cow hide. Vodka imported straight from Russia. Cheese cubes. That bears repeating; cheese cubes.

But as soon as they dressed down and ready to go, Eva pounced and turned things around. Oh, Eva loved the whole thing alright. She jammed the dildos deep into Blackie's every hole while forcing Blackie to eat her out, Blackie's entire body underneath her neck got covered in whip marks, and Eva ate and drank the whole thing.

And Blackie loved it.

Chapter Text

With Bolin being the mutton-head that he is, he never noticed how two of his past girlfriends were screwing each other now.

Well, mostly Eska. She made it clear on day one that she pretty much commanded how the relationship flowed. And that mostly involved Opal dressing down to skimpy slave-like uniforms and doing elaborate titillating dances to get Eska into the mood. If Opal failed, then the two would sleep in separate beds. But if Opal succeeded, then Eska would pounce like a polar bear-dog and tear into Opal with bites, scratches, licks and rough massages.

Opal just went along with it. Eska really knew how to push her buttons.

Chapter Text

Having lived alone with only her daughter for so long following her husband's departure greatly depressed Juliana. But her daughter had found a way to make her happy.

It would begin and end the same way. A adventure for the aspiring knight Kayley in which she must complete a impressive task: fighting a dragon made out of firewood, outsmarting a wizard scarecrow, jumping across lava blankets, and then finally to rescue a fair damsel in distress. Which, in every adventure, is played by her mother wearing very little. A hug followed by a kiss, and then Juliana would invite Kayley into her bed while undressing.

Kayley thought it to be a bit weird that she and her mother would play together naked and how her mother referred to her like they were married. But her mother is rather beautiful and happier when naked. Perhaps one day they would marry.

Chapter Text

When Agent K got the 'assignment' to become a mother to two orphans, some concerns were raised by the higher-ups in the spy business about Agent K's 'little problem'. Agent K assured she wouldn't fall into her old habits with Riley...but she broke her promise with Riley's rival.

Sierra McCool became a lot more reserved in her school-life after running into Agent K alone in K's house. Now, her schedule had to make room for private visits to where K told her to meet. K would be naked and awaiting, assuring Sierra that they were safe and neither would get into trouble. K would then take her time undressing Sierra before having her fun. Sierra would just try to relax and let the time pass as K had her fun.

Her girlfriend is a secret agent. Sierra found that to be a good reason to sleep with a pedophile.

Chapter Text

Momohime couldn't believe that the person she ended up with turned out to be Kongiku herself. And Kongiku couldn't believe she made love with someone that's not Jinkuro.

Momohime's lips laid on-top of Kongiku's breast, sucking on it much like a baby would. Kongiku stifled a moan as she drew Momohime deeper into her chest, her head almost vanishing in-between the two mountains. If not for the mane of black hair, she would be lost forever. And even then, Momohime wouldn't mind being lost within Kongiku's chest.

Guards present outside their bedroom doors would require stern discipline not to barge in whenever Kongiku got a bit bitey. Momohime's choice in clothing had to have more coverage to hide all those love-welts.

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Death to many is a cold, hard grip on their shoulders to lead them away to the abyss. To Maria, it's a cool, soft hand laying on her breast; all to lead her to a world of pleasure.

La Muerte never knew such enjoyment could be obtained through tasting and playing with a female body. Maria, lonely ever since the men that once fought for her hand decided to go off together, prayed for love. Instead of a god or a angel responding, in came the mistress of death. Her cool hands undressed Maria and the two fell onto a large bed built for a entire army platoon to sleep in.

Maria didn't know if she had died, ascended, or just simply moved to where La Muerte lived. But as she laid in the bed of the mistress of the dead, she felt quite comfortable and happy. Once La Muerte finished her duties for a while, she would float in, her clothes falling off her shapely form before she would fall into the bed to play with the living...

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Normally, they would get along as well as fire and water would. But away from their teams, the two admins could partake in whatever they wanted to do.

Courtney would never start. She didn't know much about making love, so Shelly got the fun started. Shelly always wanted to try new things, be it toys, positions, roleplay...she wanted to ride all the rides in the park. Despite her vast pool of sexual exploration, she never once mentioned or even considered trying other flavors; she loved the Courtney flavor.

Expressing emotions is a bit hard for Courtney normally. But usually after spending a evening with Shelly, her face would be a shade of red for quite a while...

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The two don't work together. One is pessimistic, the other a hopeless optimistic. One is smart, the other not so much. One is a brunette and the other is blonde.

And yet, here they are. A seedy motel room, rented for one night. Their clothes decorating the zombie-of-a-rug floor. Thin bedsheets being the only thing covering their bodies. Sweat and love fluids staining the bed, making not bit of difference. And there's Daria, resting her head on the naked breasts of a long-since sleeping Brittany.

Daria considered this an experiment in sexuality. One that had...amazing results.

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Sucy made one thing very clear. She's on top. Always. Never an option or be up for question.

She did promise to help with studies. Akko could always use more help, but she never expected it to be so...involving. It usually involved being strapped down to something (Be it one of their beds, a slab in a lab, or on the floor) and then Sucy would do her thing. Sometimes with a part of her old body or she would grow a weird-mushroom-shaped thing, or tentacles. Usually it gets rough, but in the end, it all ends with a nice hug. Akko started to look forward to these studies.

Sucy felt a bit conflicted. These tests with Akko ended up becoming more and more personal. At some point, she might have to start holding hands with Akko in public.

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Hermes had to get used to having strings caught in various places all over her body. That's the price to pay when you sleep with a girl who's body can turn into string.

With the world back to 'normal' (As a world of supernatural creatures and spirits can be) Hermes and Jolyne moved in together. Hermes spent most of her time earning money for them and keeping the house above their heads, Jolyne kept spirits high. The Speedwagon Foundation's funds dipped down thanks to her affording all the things they would never need and then some more.

At least the nights weren't boring. Jolyne never seemed to run out of ideas for how to use her Stand's abilities.

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It seemed like a weird job over the phone. Come and babysit this kid in a apartment building? Couldn't one of the other people in the building do that? Still, it offered good money...

Courtney couldn't believe how...perverted Coraline is. When any sort of opportunity comes up, Coraline would launch herself as Courtney and fondle that big ass. And no matter what sort of insult and threats were thrown her way, Coraline's duty to grab that booty would continue. Courtney just gave up at one point and allowed Coraline to do whatever she pleased.

...which involved sleeping with the girl. It' Courtney admitted to herself that girl is surprisingly good...

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At times, it can be hard to ignore your rival. And she then saunters into your home, wearing nothing, caresses your body, and invites you to play with her.

Yuna had not a clue as to what Leblanc had planned. Maybe one of her minions were waiting outside with a video camera to make a sex-tape? Maybe Leblanc wanted to prove she's better in bed? It's hard to tell, what if with Leblanc shaking her shapely rear-end at her as she walked over to Yuna's bedroom. Yuna could just ignore her and call the cops...but on the other hand.

A hour later, and the two's bodies were stained with thick petrified beads and patches of sweat and juices. And yet, Leblanc continued on, playing with Yuna's breasts like stress balls while humping her hips.

"I always come out on top..." She gleefully admitted before nibbling on Yuna's lobe.

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In all of the people in the school, the state, and EVEN THE WORLD, why did SHE pick HER?

Chantelle, underneath that cool exterior, is a worry-wart who doesn't like it when Star does things for her. Give her relics from some weird dimension, take her through a weird dimension either on a adventure or for a short-cut (To shave off like ten seconds), or worse...public acts of love.

Holding hands, that's okay. Hugs are okay as well, but not ones that would last forever or when Star picks her up and twists her around. Kisses? As long as their small pecks on the cheek, or maybe on the backside of her hand. Chantelle didn't like full-on kisses, let alone the ones that ended with the two of them on the floor together. Groping? Never, not even if Star is apologizing for that time in which she insulted Chantelle's butt.

Admittedly, Chantelle didn't mind at all if these were done in the privacy of their rooms. Star is really...sensual. And Chantelle is really sensitive.

When asked, Star gleefully admit: "You make some great faces."

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Seeing Lin naked in the worker's baths sent some weird signals into Chihiro's brain. The curves of the older woman's body were something she couldn't take her eyes off.

Chihiro's body demanded something, demanded something in a language that Chihiro didn't understand. She didn't feel right about confiding with others...expect for Lin. She asked the woman after-hours, who looked like she just shocked by a cattle-prod. But Chihiro's insistence (And rubbing her cheek against Lin's arm) eventually got Lin to help.

Chihiro never could have believed that this was all possible...and all this much fun. Lin just lay down, naked once again, and instructed Chihiro on how to relive some of the pressure inside of her. Chihiro quickly mastered this 'art' and soon the two of them were locking lips and bodies together.

Chihiro promised to return to the inn one day, and marry Lin. Lin couldn't believe that she actually agreed to it, but she did find herself actually liking the idea.

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Vincent had moved on with his life, by literally moving out of city. Typical. Katherine groaned as she flopped down onto her couch. Maybe she's was a little bit too direct with him? Or maybe he chickened out at the last second. She found herself wallowing in a lot of self-pity...which to a succubus like Catherine, is a invitation.

Catherine could do so much to Katherine thanks to her demonic heritage. There's the simple love-making between girls, something that Katherine liked. And then there is the stuff that only a demon could do, like transformations. Katherine objected at first to both the tentacles and the erected clit, but eventually Catherine won her over...the mind-altering stuff that Catherine put into her food helped as well.

Little half-demons will soon be born into this realm. Catherine had planned on making Katherine a seed-bed for all eternity, but in the end decided that raising a family is the sexier option for her. Katherine didn't mind, she grew to like being the succubus' wife.

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It's a simple deal. Melona would help Leina slay the Swamp Witch and win the Queen's Blade...only if Leina would carry Melona's child. A rather uncouth bargain...but for the sake of the realm, Leina agreed.

The journey to the Swamp Witch, at the very least, allowed the two of them to start bonding together, almost like a actual couple. Talking to each other, learning about the other in great detail, eating together...Leina had figured out pretty early on that Melona was only interested in her body and this is all preamble before the sex...but she started to enjoy the company of a former enemy with each passing day.

...helping matters is Leina's growing fascination with tentacles. Melona was more than happy to oblige with whatever Leina requested. So, at night, Leina would dress down to nothing and go to play with Melona in a pink, gooey sea full of tentacles that would caress her naked flesh and penetrate, but only when Leina asked for it and she would dictate just how hard they could go.

It felt rather comforting, so much so that when the fun ended, the two would fall asleep together. Like actual lovers.

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Kameo really had missed her sister, despite all that Kalus had done to her during that adventure. Kameo worked tirelessly to locate and free her sister from her stone prison, and when the two reunited...

...boy, did they 'unite'. Kalus allowed Kameo to do whatever she saw fit, and Kameo had thought of so much she could do while working to get her free. Kalus promptly got tied to a bed, and Kameo went to work. Tickling, playing with the sensitive area with a insensitive touch, humping her, trying out various toys that Kameo had procured or made herself, and in the end...Kalus had agreed to Kameo's little favor.

Kalus had turned from the dark sorceress that freed the troll king to the concubine of the ruling regent of the land, adorn with scanty-clad clothes that promoted her rear-end. But at least, Kalus had found love again.

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Kiki had developed a new schedule for her daily life ever since the change.

Get out of bed and get Jenny off her. Take a shower, and wait for Jenny so she can have some fun. Get dressed and reclaim her underwear from Jenny. Work in the family shop while trying to keep Jenny off her during actual work and then relenting during breaks; both during actual breaks and during the lulls of customers. At lunch, have lunch and then decorate her body with food for Jenny to eat off. Work the rest of the day while tending to Jenny. Once work gets off, allow Jenny to do as she wanted until bed-time...and then one for the road.

On the days the store is closed, Kiki would just follow Jenny's orders to a t: namely, that often involved dressing down to nothing or dressing up in something for Jenny's enjoyment.

Kiki could just end it at anytime...but Jenny really did make her feel good...

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They shared a bedroom as well as a common interest in making some noise.

It became a contest between Luna and Luan to see who can hit the highest note during their little romps. It would start out like how normal siblings would do that: Luna going all out trying to maximize the speaker output, and Luan striking up her one-man band. Once they got tired (And their siblings and parents all expressed their...disinterest) they would have their little fun.

Luna, like her role-models, liked it when Luan got rough and wrecked their rooms. Luan much preferred if Luna broke out the toys and used as many as she could think of.

It's pretty weird alright, but not as weird as Lincoln's obsession to watch...and try to outdo.

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It was embarrassing. The proud daughter of Lord Viper...a pedophile.

This adorable little brat of Macha's, Mel, just caught Riddel's eye and there she remained. A look and don't touch. But it wasn't just attraction, it was more submission. Riddel had various dreams where she would be approached by Mel, and Mel would take her. Mel would strip her down and play with Riddel's body.

And these dreams kept on happening. Riddel wanted to act on it, but Macha got suspicious. Not helping is whenever Mel and Riddel were on the same team, Riddel couldn't stop blushing and complementing Mel.

Perhaps she could arrange a secret date? Mel likes to draw, so maybe Riddel could strip down and ask Mel to draw her like a girl from Marbule...if that's how the phrase goes.

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Ymir didn't quite understand Cattelya's new demeanor towards her at first, but it became much more clearer once Cattleya asked to meet alone. In a hotel room. Away from Cattleya's kid. And Cattleya's naked and is on her knees.

"I don't want to fight as rivals or as warriors." Cattleya asked. "I rather be lovers."

"Aren't you married...and aren't you the least bit concerned that you want to screw someone that looks like a little girl?"


And like that, Ymir found herself bedding her former rival in blacksmithing. She would be surprised, but everyone in this damn world is horny 24/7.

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Her father killed her sister, her reason for existing. And then he forced her back to the safehouse to live. Live without her other half? Impossible. Crystal planned on destroying Chuck Greene the same way he destroyed her. She would take his daughter.

Well, the plan originally involved a sharp object going into Katey's ribs, not going to the wedding chapel and getting hitched. The preacher (A replacement for one that got disemboweled by his son a day previously) didn't seem to care that the groom is a little girl with a bowtie and the bride is a confused showgirl, he did his thing and went off for another drink, mindlessly blowing a nearby zombie's head off.

Crystal couldn't win. In combat, she lost to Chuck. In the affairs of love and romance, she lost to Katey. The little girl found all of her most sensitive spots immediately and despite being way smaller, could and would win all wrestling matches. Apparently Katey played a lot of those porn novel games on her PSP and took to using a lot of the questionable methods the protagonists in those games would use.

So Crystal is now a love-slave to a little zombie-bit girl. A tickling time bomb. Crystal stopped caring about at some point and allowed Katey to nibble on her breasts as much as she wanted to...

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The question was simple enough. "You want to do it for the sake of doing it?" Galko agreed. Otako wasn't too surprised.

What did surprise her was how much Galko got into it. Toys, poses, and even coming up with a safe-word in cases things got a bit too much out of hand (Malala). Otako never felt such pleasure in her entire life. It's like she was eating the most delicious dish, she was suckling on the most succulent milk, fucking with the most beautiful girl in the entire fucking world...

"Don't blow into a vagina, it can cause damage!"

"Oh, sorry." Otako sighed as she slowed down. Too much excitement all at once. But then, it's not like this is going to be the only time the two are going to hang out like this...

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Jamika didn't really understand what LaShawn meant by 'your my bitch now'. Then again, she didn't notice Khalil or Pee-Wee leaving with a crate-full of spray cans. Jamika wasn't really good at paying attention to things.

She just assumed that LaShawn wanted to roleplay for a bit; little girls want to play with their mothers after all, and it's not like Bebe is much of a mother outside of pushing the three kids out of her. But LaShawn asked Jamika to put on some hooker-wear and then complement LaShawn. After buttering her up and even throwing in a little dance (Something calling twerking), LaShawn got her hands all over Jamika to get her naked and onto her knees.

LaShawn seemed to have in her head that she's trying to turn Jamika into a sex-straved slut. Jamika just shrugged and played along. It made LaShawn happy, even if it seems that LaShawn honestly wanted the transformation to be real...and permanent.

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Things gotten just a tad, if just a little, bit weird in the Long Household. The father has become a pimp for underage girls. The son is building a harem. The daughter is seeing a man thrice her age. And the mother is in a committed relationship with one of her son's friends...

...and that's the most stable and healthiest relationship in the household.

"I can't stop thinking about you." Susan breathed out as she pulled away from a deep kiss. "Oh, Trixie, I was born too soon."

"Hey, hey." Trixie held up a hand to cup Susan's chin. "I'm here, now. It's alright...I love you too."

Susan sniffed, but a smile appeared on her face. She leaned in again, and their naked bodies locked together once again.

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Get close to her, they said. Butter her up and she'll tell you all about that special bounty, they said.

Sleep with her, Ed suggested. And Faye couldn't believe that she actually did that.

Here she is, laying naked on a bed in a trailer on the set of Big Shot. A equally naked Judy is laying next to her, slumbering away like a baby. Faye is wide awake and wondering what the hell just happened. She approached Judy as a fan of the show, mentioning how she was the biggest fan and wanted a autograph, trying to get Judy to blab about the secret bounty going around. And then...naked, kissing, fucking, and then sleeping together.

Faye didn't want to leave. She hadn't learnt about the bounty...and Judy did promise to pay her for more fun...

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The two were really good with cameras. Real smart about using them, and avoiding them whenever possible.

Viola started it, massaging her sister's larger breasts and running a hand up and down her crotch. Over time, Alexa just accepted it. It's not like her job allows her to have a normal relationship with someone else other than nearby family. Alexa would come home after a long day of working to find Viola waiting for her.

Alexa would strip and tease Viola with some provocative poses before the little sibling would leap onto her and start the real fun. The binds were constantly shut, light sources pointed at any windows to not only cause glare for anyone trying to poke in but to also stop tell-tale shadows, and they kept their fun into sound-proof rooms.

Didn't stop rumors. But the lure of danger did make Viola all the more horny. Alexa had to admit, her sister being horny as a Diggersby in heat is kinda hot.

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Sissy gulped. The big hulk of the women won the tournament...and she asked not for the hand of the Prince, but of the Princess. Sissy had heard the stories about Angela. She was always on the hunt looking for the boyfriend she lost, so why was she so interested in becoming wed to a Princess?

"A different taste." Angela stated as she licked her lips, pressing a gentle kiss on Sissy's forehead before leaning the princess over onto the bed. Angela crawled all over Sissy, laying kisses all over Sissy's body while carefully removing each article of clothing.

Sissy was scared at first, but being with Angela was kinda awesome. A mighty beauty that would serve as lover and bodyguard. What's not to like?

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Hiro raised a eyebrow. Gogo is standing behind Aunt Cass, and Cass is Gogo put on a cheeky smile and blew him a little kiss. Hiro sniffed and turned away. Clearly none of his business.

Cass groaned as her legs almost collapsed on her once Gogo pulled her fingers out. "I've told you..."

"Ah, you love it, sport." Gogo kidded as she slapped a wet hand on the back of Cass' neck, causing the older women to let out a powerful moan as the sensation traveled instantaneously up to her brain. "Come on. I know Hiro is going to be his room until dinner, playing some online tournament. So let's..." Gogo motioned with her head over to the couch.

Cass sighed. "I'll lock up." She sighed as placed a kiss on Gogo's cheek before heading over to the door, stopping only to jump and let out a small cry as Gogo slapped her ass something fierce.

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Capcom having all sorts of crossovers were more commonplace back in the day. After they started suckling on the teat of Street Fighter, it made Yellow Iris and Maki's lives more miserable.

Yellow Iris loved to go under Maki's skirt to lick away at Maki's crotch, which depending on the day may or may not include panties. Maki would place her hands on Iris' head to keep the cat-girl steady as the coarse tongue ran all over her underside. Iris would take Maki over to a bed, a couch, whatever was flat, and proceed to both take (Read: rip) off clothing and massage Maki's very firm muscles. Maki would be locked up in pleasure.

Nowadays, it was hard to meet up, let alone get work. Still, when they could meet up, they made the most of it. Not a single second would be wasted.