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The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala

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Disclaimer: I own nothing but my OCs Tessa and Natalie (And their mothers)


Auli'i Cravalho as Tessa

Sophie Turner as Lunala

Tessa's POV

It was nighttime in the region of Kalos. I was on my way home to Lumiose City after a long day of training.

"Pearl, Claire, you guys tired?" I asked my Sylveon and Greninja. My Pokémon nodded in agreement.

My name is Tessa, and I am 12 years old. I'm the daughter of Professor Augustine Sycamore and former Kalos Queen Alice. My cousin, Aria, is the current Kalos Queen.

I wasn't far from the border between the North and South Boulevards when I heard a voice. "Well, look who we have here." I turned around, and I saw three bandits. "A lovely little lady…"

Pearl, Claire and I backed up in fear. But Claire's fright didn't last long, as she jumped in front of me and Pearl.

"Please, just stay away from us! Stay away!" I pleaded.

"I think not." Another bandit said. "We're going to take you to our little hideout."

"And I'll have the pleasure of… you know what I'm saying?" Bandit Number Three said.

"No, I get to do the honors!" Bandit Number Two said.

"Who said she's yours? I get her!" Bandit Number Three yelled.

"Focus!" Bandit Number One snapped.

The bandits advanced on us again. I was so scared, even with my Pokémon friends. I wanted my parents.

Before I could cry out for my father, a bright ball of white light struck the bandits and sent them flying far away. The ball exuded so much power. It couldn't have been Pearl.

I collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily. My heart was going a mile a minute. I've never been more scared in my life. As I was trying to calm myself down, I heard another voice.

"You don't have to be afraid. You're safe."

Unlike the bandits, this voice was female and not as intimidating.

"Who's there?" I called out.

"Don't be scared." The voice replied.

"Are you the one who saved me?" I asked. "Please, show yourself."

Multiple beams of white light shone onto the ground in front of me and a mysterious Pokémon followed them, hovering above me.

I stared at my savior, a beautiful bat-like Pokémon with wings and a tail shaped like crescent moons. The top of its head also resembled a crescent moon, but u-shaped. Stars adorned the bottom tips of the wings and the insides of said wings were purple, just like the twilight sky. The Pokémon's red-white eyes met my blue-gray ones.

"Who… are you?" I asked the Pokémon. I've never seen this creature before.

"I am Lunala." The Pokémon replied. "The very representation of the crescent moon."

"Lunala…" I repeated the name.

"May I ask for your name?" Lunala asked me.

"Tessa." I replied. "Tessa Sycamore."

"Hello, Tessa." Lunala gave me a warm smile.

"I'm grateful to you for saving me." I smiled back.

"Well, Tessa, there's another reason why I have appeared before you." Lunala's voice was now laced with worry.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"A dark entity is threatening to wreak havoc on the Pokémon World." Lunala explained. "It wants to wipe out all Legendaries from existence before wiping out every human."

I gasped. "Oh, no! That's terrible. Do you know this entity's name?"

"Dark Matter."

"I see." I nodded. I then looked down and saw an empty Ultra Ball at my feet. I picked it up. "Who would be so careless as to leave something like this here?"

"Tessa, is that…?" Lunala asked.

"It's some kind of Pokéball. I'll tell you about it later." I replied.

Lunala gasped. "That's it! Tessa, can you throw that…thing at me?"

I was shocked. "You want me to catch you?"

Lunala nodded. "Arceus asked me to find a trainer who's courageous, kind, and hopes for peace in this world. And I have found her."

I was touched by Lunala's words. "In that case, here!" I tossed the ball and it hit Lunala's head, sucking the Moone Pokémon inside.

The ball automatically clicked, signaling a successful capture.

I was awestruck. "Wow…"

And this is where mine and Lunala's story begins.