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the longest night

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Part 1: “The Longest Night.”

Like every other day in Chinatown of San Francisco, Kwai Chang Caine was walking around with The Ancient collecting herbs for his apartment. “It is a beautiful day today, Caine,” says the Ancient. “Indeed it is ancient,” replies Caine. Kwai Chang Caine noticed that a young man was following him and the ancient. Caine noticed that the tattoo near this man’s eye was like the ones that Tan had his men were when the Triad was still in town. “We need to get back to the apartment, ancient,” said Caine. “I will be following right behind you, my friend,” said Ancient. They both started to walk at a quickened pace because of the young man still following them.

"Ancient, we need to run. Our life depends on it my old friend," says Caine. "I know that. Let's move then my friend," says The Ancient. The both started to run once they got around the corner of Smith Ave and Stryker Ave, which was about ten blocks away from Caine's apartment. "Are you alright, my friend?" asked Caine as he looks back towards his friend, the Ancient. "I am fine," answered the Ancient.

There was a young woman named Cheryl, waiting at Caine's apartment for him and the ancient. Just as she was about to get up and leave the room, she walked over to the window to look to see if the priest and the ancient where even near the apartment. She noticed two men running towards the direction of the apartment building that she was in. She also recognized one of the two men that were running that direction to be Caine. "He must be in trouble," she thought. She started walking towards the exit of the building, when she was pushed down by another young man that was employed by Tan. She tried to stop and ask him what was wrong, but he just pushed her out of the way.

Caine and the Ancient made it into the doors when they both noticed that Cheryl was waiting for them. "Please be careful. A young man with a tear drop tattoo and a gun came running in here a few moments before you got here. Just watch your back, master Caine," pleaded Cheryl. "Thank you for the warning, Cheryl," says the Ancient. At that moment all three of them noticed the young man with the gun. Caine pushed Cheryl and the Ancient down to the ground before the first shots rang out in the building. Cheryl picked up her purse and pulled out her throwing stars and manages to get two of them to hit and stick in the attacker.

"Help me get him into the other room, Cheryl," says the Ancient. "I will be right there, Master," said Cheryl. The grabbed both of his arms and legs to move him into the safety of his room. "I will go get Peter and bring him back here to help out," said Cheryl. "Go quickly, he doesn't have much time," said the Ancient.

To be continued..........................



Part 2: “The longest night.”

Just like any other normal Chinatown day, Detective Peter Caine was walking towards the police precinct that he is based out of for work. The 101 precinct was busier than normal; Peter noticed when he walked in this fateful morning. The bench sergeant flagged Peter down to take a look at one of the guys that was in cuffs. “Hey Pete, I need you over here for a moment to look at one of these tattoos,” says the bench sergeant. “I will be right there,” answers Peter. Peter notices that one of the guys had a Tan tattoo on as well as a tear drop tattoo.

“Tan’s boys are back in town sarge. This guys here is one of the top dogs that was after my father the last time they surfaced here in Chinatown,” states Peter. That is when Peter realized that his father Kwain Chang Caine is also in grave danger. “Chief, I need to take a leave of absence for a couple of days. It’s my father. Something has just come up,” says Peter. “This isn’t like you Pete. You normally never take leave. What gives, Pete?” says Chief Strenlich. “Tan’s boys are back, chief. Which means pops life is in danger. I need to be with him right now to help him stop these guys like the last time,” says Pete. “Alright, but Sims isn’t going to be happy about it with the conference coming into town with the President and other world leaders. If anything happens, give me and Kermit a call. We will be right there to help you both Peter,” replies Strenlich. “Thanks, Chief. It means a lot to know that you will have my back if anything crops up with them,” says Pete.

As Peter was walking towards the door, he noticed that Cheryl was at the precinct looking like she was attacked by someone. “Pete! Peter, over here!” yells Cheryl. “What’s wrong Cheryl?” asked Pete. “It’s your father. I found him shot in his apartment. The ancient is taking care of him right now. He wants you there. It isn’t looking good,” answers Cheryl. “Chief, get out here, know!” yells Pete. Chief Strenlich comes around the corner to see Peter talking with his father’s assistant. “What is Pete?” asks the Chief. “My father has been shot. You said you wanted to help, and then help me find these bastards that did this to my father,” says Peter. “I’ll get Kermit and we will meet you there Pete. Now go!!” says Strenlich. “Kermit, you’re with me and get a move on it!” “Alright Chief, I am on my way,” replies Kermit.

“What’s up Chief? Why do you need me with you?” asked Kermit. “It’s Pete’s father. He has been shot by Tan’s boys,” says Strenlich. “When did this happen?” asked Kermit. “Probably less than 2 hours ago. Cheryl found Caine lying on the floor bleeding out. The ancient is trying to take care of him until we get there,” answers Chief. “Jeez,” is all that Kermit could say after what Chief Strenlich told him about Pete’s dad Caine.

About ten minutes after Peter and Cheryl left the precinct they arrived at Caine’s apartment. Peter was not prepared for what he saw when he walked into the crime scene. “Dad!! Oh god, no!!! I can’t lose you again dad. Please stay with me,” cries Peter. “I will be fine my son,” says Caine. Pete grabs his father’s hand to give him some comfort. “I know that I never had said this much old man, but I love dad,” says Peter. “I have always loved you to Peter,” says Caine. Ancient walked into see Peter and Cheryl kneeling next to Caine. “Petar, I need to talk with you about your father,” says the Ancient. “What’s up Ancient?” asks Peter. “Your father left me this to give to you if something like this were to happen to him,” says the Ancient as he is handing Peter a piece of paper that his father left for him.

Five minutes after Peter was handed that piece of paper, Strenlich and Kermit showed up to see the horror of Caine lying there in a pool of his own blood. “Pete, what do you want me to do to help?” asks Chief Strenlich. “Help me get him downstairs to my car. I will personally drive him to the hospital,” answers Peter. “I will drive him, Pete,” says Kermit. “No, I need to do this myself, chief and Kermit,” says Peter.”We’ll take Cheryl with us and run the lights for you Pete,” says the chief. “Thanks Chief,” says Peter. “Pops, can you still here me? If you can, grab my hand,” says Pete.

This was going to be Peter’s longest night with his father since his days back at the temple.


To be continued………………………


part 3: The longest night

Peter noticed that his father was grabbing his hand very lightly. Chief Strenlich, Kermit, and Cheryl were doing about 80 mph with the sirens going. Peter looked up to see a pick-up truck was following him for about three blocks.

Peter picks up the radio and cues the mic, "Hey chief, I am being followed by some of Tan's boys." "I copy that Peter. I will get a hold of dispatch for back up," says the Chief. "Dispatch, this chief Strenlich, I need back up at the corner of Lexington ave and Arthur dr. I have a medical emergency that I am helping with. The back vehicle is being tailed by an unknown pick-up truck." "Dispatch copies you chief. I have to squads on the way to that location at this time," replies the dispatch officer. "Hey Pete, did you copy that?" asked the chief. "I did, chief, just keep your eyes on the road," replies Peter.

Just two minutes later the backup squads showed up to help out with the tailing vehicle and to give them a blockade through the lights. Five minutes later they arrived at the hospital. "Cheryl, go in to the ER and get me some help," says Peter. "Sure thing Peter," replies Cheryl. A moment later she is running to the hospital, but she noticed that the people at the desk were Tan's men. She turns around and runs back to them. "Where is the help?" asked the chief. "Tan's men are here right now. I couldn't have them knowing that he is here," answers Cheryl. "Great, just f'ing great. Chief and Kermit, go in and clean house. If you find a real doctor in that place, tell them to get out here," says Peter. The Chief and Kermit grabbed the patrol officers to help them to "Clean House."

"Pete, let me help you get your father out of the car," says Cheryl. "I got him. Just get underneath his arm to help me get him in to the hospital," says Pete. “Okay Pete. I am not looking forward to what is about to happen inside,” says Cheryl. “I know what you mean, but dad needs the help. I really don’t want to lose him again,” says Peter. Cheryl and Peter carefully carried Kwai Chang Caine in to the hospital with cover fire thrown down by the Chief and Kermit to get to a gurney to take the elder Caine in for surgery. “Dispatch to Chief Strenlich, I have a call coming for you. It is regarding Paul Blaisdell,” states the dispatch officer. “What’s wrong with the Captain?” asked the Chief. “He has been kidnapped and so has the rest of the family. Last known location on the Blaisdell family was at 2809 75th street. Their home address, Chief,” replies the dispatch officer. “I copy that. I will get a team over there as soon we are done at the hospital. Keep me updated on their situation dispatch. I need swat at the hospital. Tan’s men are here,” says Strenlich.

“Pete, we got another problem,” yells the chief. “What is chief?” asked Peter. “You’re not going to like this, but Paul and the family has been taken from the house,” answers Strenlich. Peter looked like he was about to pass out after what Chief Strenlich had said.



Part 4: The longest night……………………


The chief was looking at Pete to see what he would do next. "When did this happen, chief?" asked Peter. "About fifteen minutes ago...Take care of your father before going after your "OTHER" father," says Strenlich. "Alright Chief," replies Pete.
Just as Cheryl and Peter were about to set Caine down on a stretcher, a man came around the corner with a gun drawn. Peter pushes Cheryl away from the stretcher. Peter got up and looked down to see blood coming from father's arm. "Dad, hang on! It will be alright. Don't you dare leave me this way, Pops!" exclaims Peter while grabbing his father. "Pete, go get the doctor," says Cheryl.
Kermit comes walking over to see if he could help Pete and Cheryl. "What happened Cheryl?" asked Kermit. "Caine has been shot again. Pete went to go get a real doctor," answers Cheryl. Kermit could see Peter from were he was at in relation to Caine's father. Peter looks back in the nick of time to see Kermit and Cheryl protecting his father from Tan's men.
"Are you a doctor?" asked Peter. "Yes, why?" asked Doctor Selena Rodriguez. "Good, because there are men here that are posing as staff, but are a part of the Chinese Mafia that work for a man by the name of Tan," said Peter. "I have heard of him. A few of his men had killed my father and my sister. Believe me, I understand. Is there something that I can help you with sir?" asked Selena. "My father has been shot by Tan's men twice. See the two over by the stretcher, they are protecting my father," answers Peter. Selena and Peter start walking over to his father to see how he is doing. "Sir, if you can hear me grab my hand," says Selena. Kwai Chang Caine grabs at Selena's finger to let her know that he was still with them. "Charlie, call up to the OR and have one standing by. I have a multiple gsw that is fading fast," yells Selena. "Alright boss," says Charlie.
Peter sighed a breath of relief to know that this doctor was going to be able to help his father, even though her father was killed by Tan's men. Selena and Charlie grabbed the stretcher with Peter's father laying on it and walked towards the elevator. Peter followed with his gun drawn to give the Doctor and the nurse some cover if anything were to go bad.


Part 5: The final longest night:

Peter realized that this was going to be the longest night of his personal and work life. His dad has been shot and his foster family has been kidnapped. "What else could go wrong?" Peter thought to himself. "Pete, the doctor is back," says Kermit. Peter looks up and nods to acknowledge Kermit as he walks over to Selena. "Doc, how is my father?" asked Peter. "He will be okay Detective. He is a very strong and determined man. He said 'Tell peter to open the envelope that was given to you earlier today.' I have no idea what he means by that," says Selena.

Peter looked down and remembered that the envelope that the Ancient gave him was in his back pocket. He reaches his hand around to grab. Looks at the front of the envelope to notice that it wasn't his pop's handwriting, it was Paul Blaisdell's. "This is strange," peter thought. He tears it open to find a key and a note. "If you are reading this Peter, than that means we have been taken from Chinatown and from you for reasons that I can't say at this time. I know that Chief Strenlich has probably told you that we have been kidnapped, but I assure you Peter, my son, that we went willing with U.S. Marshall Athena Rosa Broderick. She is the Sgt's daughter. He has also been told not to give out her information to you Peter. I am soooooo very sorry that I am not able to say goodbye to you and your father in person, but you will understand in time, Peter. Always know this, We love you. The house has been left in your name Peter and I have enclosed the key to it. In time we will be able to communicate again, but until then DON'T TRY TO FIND US," Peter starts to cry when it was a set up at the blaisdell house.

"You okay Pete?" asks Strenlich. "No i am not okay," answers Peter and hands the letter to the chief for him to read. "I had no idea Peter," says the Chief and hands Peter back the note. "Dispatch, this is detective Caine, call off the units at the Blaisdell resident. It is a federal case," says Pete. "Copy that detective," says dispatch. "Kermit, you okay?" asked Pete. "I am fine. What's up with that call Pete?" asked Kermit. "They have been put into witness relocation protection until Tan and boys are gone for good," answers Peter as he hands over the letter for Kermit to read. "Wow, I would never had guessed that, Pete," says Kermit after reading the letter.

"Code Blue to 318, Code Blue to 318," says the nurse. Selena ran to the room, it was Caine's. "Get a crash cart!!!" yells Selena. Peter, Kermit, and Strenlich walk to the room to see what was going on. Once they arrived at the room, all of them realized that it was Kwai Chang Caine that was dying in front of them. "Cheryl, go get the Ancient, NOW!!!!!!!!! !!!!" yells Peter. Cheryl nods and runs towards the parked squads. "Ancient, Caine is dying," says Cheryl. "I am coming, my dear," says the ancient. They both come running to Caine's hospital room and the ancient walks in. "May I help Doctor?" asked the Ancient. She nods and motions for the rest of the medical team to walk out of the room. "What is he doing Detective?" asked Selena. "He is recharging the Chi of my father to help him to make it through the night," answers Pete. "Petar, I need your help," says the ancient. Peter walks in to his father's room to see what the ancient wanted. "My help, with what?" asked Peter. "With your Chi. You and your father need to share your chi's for a few moments. You will feel tired afterwords. Please bring over the chair, Petar," says the Ancient. Peter grabs the chair that was in the room and brought over to his father's bed.

The ancient grabs Peter and Caine's hands to join there chi's. "I am here for you pop's," Peter whispers into his father's ear as he grips his father's hand to let him know that he is loved. "With the trauma that he has received, he will be lucky if they get him to respond," says Selena to Kermit and the chief. The Ancient and Doctor Rodriguez noticed that the heart beat was back to normal. Selena walks in to check on the elder Caine. She notices that he was waking up. "What the......" is all selena was able to get out of her mouth before the Elder Caine grabbed her arm. "I am better know," says Caine to Selena. All she could was nodded her head in agreement with the preist.

The Ancient and Peter got up and walked out of room to let Selena check on the elder Caine. "I still can't believe that this actually worked Ancient. I am always impressed with this chi transfer. I just hope that this will help him, Ancient," says Peter as he looks back at his father. "Petear, your father will be fine now. Thanks to your help. He will need a place to stay until he gets better," states the Ancient. "He can stay with me at the Blaisdell's house. I have a few things that I have to do at the house over the next couple of weeks before I sell it," says Peter. Kwai Chang Caine nodded at his son in agreement. "Doc, how soon will my father be able to leave?" asks Pete. "I want to keep him here for at least 2 days to see how he reacts from his wounds," answers Selena. Both Peter and his father agreed to that comment. "I will stay here as long as you need me to doctor," says a weak Caine.

Peter leans in and kiss his father on the head and walks out to his friends to see how they were doing. "Hey Pete, what was this all about?" asked Kermit. "It is called a chi transfer. I am a little weak from it, but I have given my father a part of my chi or soul. He will be fine, now," answers Peter. "If you need any help with anything Peter let me know," says Chief Strenlich. "Hey chief, I will need at least two weeks off, because of my father," syas Peter. "Peter, take the entire month off. You will need that time for checking with your father. I will call you at the house if we need the help," says Chief Strenlich. "Thanks Chief. Tell the captain that I am just a phone call away," says Peter.

Both Kermit and Chief Strenlich were comfortable enough to leave Peter and his father to tend to the situation at hand. "I really hope that Athena was able to find a safe spot for the Blaisdell family," says Kermit. "I agree with you froggy," says the Chief. "Don't ever call me froggy again chief," says Kermit. "Can I get a ride with you guys back over to Caine's place?" asked Cheryl. "We have to go back that way's anyway cheryl. It shouldn't be an issue for us to drop you off," says the chief. The three of them walk out to the vechile to leave when Peter comes running after them. "Thank you all for being there for me and my father," says Peter. "I know that you would return the favor if I were to ever ask. So no problem, little brother," says Kermit. "Anything to help you out Peter, I am always there for you and your father," says Cheryl and gives Peter a big hug. "I know that you will always have my back Peter. So this was no big deal for any of us. Your like family. I would do anything for my family, Pete," says the chief and offers his hand in friendship. Peter grabs it and pulls Strenlich in closer for a hug. "Thanks," whispers Peter.

They all left to go there own ways. Peter walks back into the hospital and heads up to his father's room. While on the way up to his room Peter thought of the night almost fifteen years ago when they first reunited after the fire with Lo Shi. "I have nearly lost you for the thrid time old man. I don't know what I would have do with out you this time," thinks Peter. As he walks up to the door, he stops to see Selena staring at him in puzzlement. He walks towards her to see what was wrong. "Is everything okay Selena?" asked Peter. "Yeah, everything is fine. I still have a hard time believing what I just saw tonight with your father coming back from the dead to you and the ancient. I am impressed with this Shaolin belief system and the power of the chi," says Selena. "Come to Chinatown and ask for Caine," says Peter.

"What do you mean by that?" asked the doctor. "We will help you understand what it is to be Shaolin and the way of Kung-Fu," answers Peter.

Three days later Peter, his father and the ancient walk into the home that Peter lived in when he was with Paul and Ann. "I hope that this is okay pop's, I know it isn't like your place but I need to be able to keep tabs on you until you are well enough to go back to your place again," say Peter as he hugs his father. "Thank you my son, but I would have been fine staying there with the Ancient..." says Caine as he passes out to the ground. "Dad!!!!!!!! !!!!!!" yells Peter. "Give me your hand young Caine," says the Ancient. As there hands are gripped by the Ancient, Caine is able to summon the Chi of his son and good frien to help him stay alive. "Are you feeling better, pop's?" asked Peter. "I will be fine, my son," says Caine. "No matter what happens, I will and have always loved you father," says a crying Peter. "I have felt the same way. Weither we were together or not, my son. You will forever have a place in my heart and in my chi," says Caine.

With a heart felt hug and a kiss on the forehead, Peter gets up to walk away towards the bedroom to help his father get ready for his final journey to the other side.....

The end. Look for more to come called "The beginning of the final journey."