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Ar Lath Ma

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She does not come after him, or his agents as he expected. There is no attempt to infiltrate his outposts, or learn of his plans.
No, as the inquisition shrinks, she spends her time differently. She sends help to the villages in the Exalted Plains so they can recover from the war. She has tea with Queen Anora. She visits the alienage in Denerim, and allegedly helps someone find their lost cat.

He is puzzled. He had expected her to – what, track him down? Investigate him? Oppose him? Wasn’t this what he wanted; the Inquisitor doing what she could with the time she had left, continuing her path?

She takes a break, visits the Ambassador in Antiva. They drink wine and laugh together, his agent informs him. He misses her laugh.

She visits the Commander and helps him with the former Templars. He has a hard time getting any reports here. He is not thinking about whether she seeks comfort in the arms of Cullen Rutherford. He does not think about that at all.

He decides to visit her dreams, prowling in the peripheral of her consciousness. She is not meant to sense him, but of course she does. The first time, she turns and gives chase, and he quickly slips away.

The next time she does not turn. He thinks he is better at hiding this time, but then she whispers, “ar lath ma, Solas”.

 He wakes, gasping for breath like a drowning man pulled from the sea.