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Heart of Steel Turned Gold

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She had been gone for 3 days. I shouldn't have been panicking this much but I couldn't help it. I finished my work in record time just so I could go the flight deck to see where she was or to the radios to see if any vertibirds were dispatched to get her. I couldn't start asking around. She was usually gone for a week at a time so asking to see where she was would raise suspicions. I was in my room, Friday night, trying my best to down the whiskey I poured myself. I heard a knock. I bolt to the door to open it. I don't know why I expected it to be her but I was immediately disappointed.
"Scribe Thomson."
Juliana Thomson. The most flirtatious and devious woman on the Prydwen.
"Please call me Juliana, Elder."
"I hardly think that's appropriate Scribe."
"Just trying to build bridges, sir, not burn them down."
She was attractive, definitely, but I knew her intentions. She was power hungry. She wanted to claw her way to the top using her looks. I wasn't falling for it.
"Do you have a reason for being here Scribe?"
"Just the usual Elder." Her voice was like velvet.
"Go on then."
"Mission to clear out the subway station has been completed. No deaths to account for and injuries are not great enough to report to Cade."
"Very well..." I didn't dismiss her fast enough.
"You should come to the mess hall Elder, I'm sure everyone would love to have you there. I know I would." She touched my bicep gently.
Ugh, give me a break.
"Dismissed Scribe. Ad Victorium."
"Ad Victorium Elder, sir." She dropped that last word with a wink.
She sauntered out of my quarters like we had done God knows what. I closed the door and noticed in my hast, I knocked the glass of whiskey over when I went to open the door. Another knock.
"What?" I couldn't hide the frustration in my voice.
"C'est moi."
I threw my door open and Mer immediately threw her arms around my neck and attacked my lips. I was surprised at how quickly I thrust my tongue into her mouth and took ahold of her hips. I don't think it's possible that I could've been happier to see her. I took a few steps back with her and kicked my door closed. She pulled away suddenly.
"I missed you too" she smiled brightly, panting a little.
"I did miss you. So much" I moaned into her mouth before giving her another kiss. She pulled away again.
"How much did you miss me then?" A devious smile was on her lips.
I picked her up suddenly by her thighs and she squeaked happily.
"Let me show you."
I placed her gently on my bed, tugging at her pants, but I was so nervous and shaking she had to unbutton them herself. Let me remind you she took my virginity 3 days ago so I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I untied her boots best I could and pulled her pants off with them. One of the few times she wasn't wearing a jumpsuit and I was thrilled. I couldn't quite get her panties off, my hands were shaking so bad so I just ripped them in half.
She made a beautiful noise.
"Rude" she gasped.
"Are you complaining?" I said while I threw off my jacket.
She didn't answer.
Yeah that's what I thought.
I kissed the inside of beautiful thigh, enjoying the way it shivered at my touch. I was just trying to get her aroused, that way my performance may seem better than it actually is.
"Are you teasing me?" She sighed.
Was I?
"Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" She chuckled.
I had an idea on how to get her to stop talking and start moaning. She liked when I touched her clit last time. I closed my mouth over it and started swirling my tongue around it.
So that works.
I ran my finger down her folds, feeling her slickness on them now. She arched her back so nicely. I gave her a bit of a break when I licked my fingers of her juice. It tasted as good as I remembered, I wasn't dreaming. I used my tongue to sweep across her lips and back up to her clit. She moaned my name the way I liked it.
Okay, okay, she likes this. Don't mess this up Arthur, don't fuck up the only good thing you've got here.

I spread her open so I could put my tongue inside her. She arched against me so I must've been doing something right. I licked her, just, everywhere. So much so, her moans were nearing screams. I decided to send her off nicely.
I nervously stuck my finger inside her, slowly going deeper until it hit my knuckle.
She wheezed, "Arthur, how are you so good at this?"
"You just... make me like this..." I decided. I've tried losing my virginity a few times before. Only right before we started stripping, my mind would go completely blank and I'd panic, telling whoever that this was too far and make them leave. She was the only girl I actually really wanted to touch, to taste, to please.
"Hey don't leave me hanging here babe."
I was thinking so intently I realized I just kept my finger there and didn't move it. I started pumping it in and out of her, adding a second finger so I could hear her yell louder. She sorta wheezed and moaned at the same time. Every noise made me harder and harder.
"Cum for me Mer, show me how much you missed me."
I scissored my fingers while curling them simultaneously. Her walls clamped down on my fingers and she released herself. She came yelling my name. The sweetest noise I've ever heard. I took my fingers out and sucked off the liquid.
"Well?" I asked smugly, very proud of my work.
"Well you definitely missed me."
I got behind her and cuddled her.
"I'm tired" I murmured into her neck.
"Me too" she sighed.

"So why did you leave?"

"Don't worry about it."

"Well next time don't scare me like that."

"Oh? We're you going to find me if I didn't show?"

"Of course" I scoffed, "you think I'm going to leave you alone out there while I wait here? What if something bad happened? I wouldn't forgive myself if the woman I love... got hurt."

I tensed when I realized I said that out loud. I didn't want to ruin what we had.

Oh God Arthur, you messed up idiot. You fucking ruined it. She going to not talk to you forever now. You ruined it, dammit, you fucking...

"Thank God" she breathed, turning around to face me, "I thought I was only one who felt that way."

I could've had a heart attack right then and there, and died a happy man. 

"Y-you..?" I couldn't even finish I was so happy and hopeful.

"I love you too."

I shuddered, relieved that this was really happening. I starting giving her kisses, peppering her face, neck, and mouth with pecks.

"What are you thinking right now?" I breathed against her jaw.

"I'm thinking how my skin is the only thing keeping me from going everywhere at once." She smiled at me. 

"I love you. God, I, I... I love you." I stuttered.

I couldn't have been happier than at this moment right here.

She nuzzled closely into me.

I want to stay here forever.