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Life Doesn't End with War

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It had been a week since the war had ended and Neville was lost. Not in some metaphorical sense, he was literally lost. He had been one of the first to volunteer to help with recovery of Hogwarts. Sure he wasn't supposed to arrive for another couple days but he was done grieving. Many had died in the War but the few who were very close to Neville had survived. His Gran, Luna, Ginny and Seamus(who he had become friends with over the past year) had all survived. His friends from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were fine, and Hannah Abbot, his girlfriend as of this year, was recovering at home. They had been friends many years before that. He had always gotten along with Hufflepuffs, till this year he had never understood why he wasn't put in that house.
He did, however, mourn the loss of Remus Lupin, one of the teachers at Hogwarts who had believed in him. He mourned the loss of Fred Weasley, he had looked up to the Weasley Twins ever since he met them and now they had been split. He mourned the loss of all those in the D.A but he needed to get back to work. After a year of leading a Hogwarts rebellion, he couldn't just dawdle at home with his Gran. He had arrived with a few others early like Professor McGonagall, who had taken charge, and the remaining professors along with a couple students and Aberforth. She had directed them to search for bodies that had not been found in an initial search, a day after the battle, along with abandoned wands.
So far he had been strolling through the destroyed castle for hours not finding much more than a couple wands but he was also hopelessly lost. He had heard something and had gone towards it, going down a hallway he had never seen before. There was nothing special about it other than the fact that it so far looked completely untouched by the battle. The walls were made of white stone that arched upwards into the ceiling. It had windows out onto the grounds, completely unremarkable. But it was long and had many turns leaving him at a loss to where he was. So far he had not seen a single door except for one for a closet. Finally, at the end of the hall, he found a door.
It was locked but he opened it easily. He honestly did not understand why there were regular locks in the Wizarding World since a simple charm could unlock them. The room was bare and boring. It reminded him of any classroom minus the desks and blackboard. The only thing that stood out was an oaken trunk with an ornate lock of silver and carvings on the side. Neville whipped out his wand and was on the defensive. He unlocked the chest and stood back. He threw off the lid with his wand and out came Snape and a small child, maybe a first year. The child was whimpering as Snape held his arm. Then in a drawling, almost sinister tone Snape spoke:
"Mr. Longbottom, it seems all of your heroics this year do not amount to anything. If you do not reveal what you and your army have been doing then I shall hand this child off to the Carrows." The Carrows along with Snape had been doing despicable things that year with the assistance of Filch. They used the Cruciatus Curse and more medieval methods, such as whips and shackles to punish their students. Sometimes making the whole school watch to prove a point. Or they would make students do it to each other. The other teachers tried to stop but they couldn't do anything but provide help with healing or provide alibis, without facing the might of Voldemort. Neville, along with most of the students who survived, didn't care that Snape was on their side this whole time. Severus Snape was an evil man. But the child next to Snape changed, now it was Hannah begging Neville to help her, then it was Seamus blaming Neville for everything. The victim of Snape kept on changing, each change making Neville more guilty but soon Neville found his courage.
"Riddikulus!" Neville shouted with gusto. When he uttered those words, the person in Snape's grasp was his Gran. She was in her long, green velvet dress, a hat with a stuffed vulture and a violently scarlet handbag. She hit Snape in the head with her purse repeatedly, each him made him in groan in pain and then kneed him in the stomach. He keeled over in pain and fell to the floor. Then she began to scold him.
"Severus Snape, shame on you. Why I ought to kick you into Azkaban myself." Snape responded quickly.
"I'm sorry Mrs. Longbottom. Please stop!" The look on Snape's face was hilarious and Neville started laughing. At his laugh, the Boggart dissipated into mist.