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Chants of swords and ships of sun-way
Songs of glory, love and longing
Tales I've told to youth and elder
Truths of ruthless might and magic
Rest, my liege, just sit and listen:
Liesmith, traitor, sly and cunning
Drawn to steal from mankind's dwelling
Deep in hill-cave's children's bargain

(Strength of hang-god) King in stone-hall
Stealth up high with eye and arrow
Where the wise man tears asunder
Weft of ash-tree (Left to light us)
Bound god, reed of red wounds bleeding
Breaks the hawk and shaking elder
Thwarts to hatred good men's heart-wish
(Hurt or save us) Slaves in mind-thrall

Crow-black power calls to gather
Cold-faced soldier, true believer
Battle ice-maid flies the banner
Bangs the drum for anguished heroes
Far-fam’d war-torn queen of weavers
Woos with sweet deceitful fiction
Fearful prince of rays and fury
Follows her to one-eye’s sun-ship

(Storm-cloud dormant) Stark redemption
Steel in flight and righteous beacon
Soak'd in whale-bed's skin, awoken
Wields the shield-knife (Mjölnir's keeper)
Captain seeking Sleipnir's mother
Cedes to hardened bard of iron
Scar-torn lips have scorn for captors
'Scapes in arms of farmers' blessing

Brothers bound by foster father
Broken trust and painful justice
Peace-gift from the prince of Aesir
Poison tongue reveals his choices
Freyas tears and fire of scarlet
Fights the god of light and thunder
Strife sail struck by ample hammer
Staying kinship, kindling forest