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Sometimes it all was just too much. Colours were too bright, emotions too raw. Every touch burned like fire, every kiss stole their breath. Sometimes they fought till they both were hoarse from shouting. And sometimes they made love till they both cried.

Yoochun knew no compromises. He wanted what he wanted and he wouldn’t be stopped. He didn’t believe in doing anything in halves. His mood swung from the brightest happiness to the gloomiest depression. He lived and breathed every second. And every second he breathed and lived.

Jaejoong didn’t believe in forever. Every time he heard a ‘I love you’ thrown his way, he would smile and shake his head. He didn’t want any promises or fairytales. He would scold at any mention of ‘we’ and counted the days since their first kiss. He knew it would end. He expected it all to end.

Sometimes he even wished it to end.

His insecurities and his wishful thinking, their fantasies and their fears were their perfect bond, their safety belt, their six air bags and an emergency parachute all packed in one.



“I can give you
You can give me
Something, everything
You are with me
I am with you
Always, Join me In
Love and death”

Tokio Hotel “Love and Death”


Written: October 18, 2009
Revised: June 22, 2013