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Shards At Luckenwalde

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It's been a long time; not since my teenage years have I smelled this sweet fragrance. It was faint.
A soft whisper of flowery sweetness, overwritten by the distant ocean breeze and blossoming wisteria along with moist dirt and purifying wine.
But I so clearly remember that fragrance. I have been seeking to find and capture it ever since that day.
When Taki had arrived at Luckenwalde, this memory, this fragrance came back, hitting me like a wave in the ocean on a stormy shore.
I wondered if others sensed this fragrance too, but I wouldn't find out. If they sensed it, they kept quiet about it. If they didn't… they'd keep quiet as well.

Taki was assigned to be my roommate. Hartmann had told me, that it wasn't by chance.
'Put a bell on his neck' he said.
No need to tell me that, I thought. I refuse to let the bearer of this sweet scent get away, escape my grasp ever again.
Taki was a beta. Honestly, I would have taken him for an omega, but if he were an omega, I would have known it instantly.
The Wolfstadt-Alphas have always been known for their keen senses, and I was no exception.

Taki was hard to handle. At first, he was like a flame; handle him with care, or you'll get burned.
But over time he got gentler. With me at least.
Interestingly, the others he either ignored with a cold gaze, or treated them with warm, but distanced respect.
I told myself, that it was due to his culture. It indeed was quite different from ours, here.

I got used to his presence near me. I'd get restless if he wasn't near me for longer periods of time. I got used to his faint, sweet scent and now I know, I should have seen the signs.
They were so clear before my eyes.

One afternoon, it had been raining for hours already, Taki was called into the headmaster's office and as usual I went with him.
I waited at the door, noticing the absence of this scent much more than usual.

I knew Taki was back, even before I turned around to look at him.
“Did you wait all this time?” he asked. I ignored his question: he knew the answer himself.
“What did they tell you?” I asked instead.
“They're sending me back overseas – with the situation as it is, it can't be helped” his voice sounded soft as always, but there was a cold undertone to it, that let me know, that I better shut up about it. So I did.
He started walking, and I followed him naturally. A professor at Luckenwalde stopped us.
“Yoh, oriental prince! Running back home already, I see?” he said, and Taki froze, looking back at the man expressionless.
“Why don't you go to cry at Eurote's feet again? Those old fashioned tanks suit you tiny orientals better anyways”
Taki's eyes changed. I saw that flame again, and it annoyed the hell out of me, to hear this dick talk to Taki like that.
I was about to tell him to fuck off, when Taki held me back.
“Klaus” he said, his voice strict “These are the consequences of my grandfather's mistakes. I must bear them”
My anger was gone in an instant; replaced with admiration and pain.
Taki may be a fine soldier, but he was still only 18 years old.
And yet he showed a level of self restraint, that must hurt so bad.

He went on, hurrying to get outside, as though the building was suffocating him. Maybe it truly was…
I followed.
He stepped out into the rain and I still followed him.

“How long do you intend to follow me?!” he spat, face wet with raindrops.
“Until you go back to our room” I answered, ignoring the rain that hit my face.
I looked at him, waiting for him to turn around and face me.
He finally did turn around. His eyes dark with unspoken pain; cheeks red from the cold rain and his lips tense. A raindrop ran down his cheek and it looked like a tear.
“Finally you look at me” I said “I thought you might be crying again” … just like that day we met again… I added in my thoughts.
“As if” he muttered.
I reached out to him, grabbing his sleeve tugging on it, telling him to follow me now.
“Come on, let's go back. If you go wandering around here all alone someone might get suspicious”
He shows no resistance as I pull him with me.
Among the laburnum trees I stop. I look up, take a deep breath.
The air smells like rain, clean and fresh. The scents of flowers and wet grass mingle with that faint fragrance. Amazing how I can still sense it…
“I guess this is it for the laburnum too” I say on a whim. I don't want Taki to be so gloomy. In all this time we spent together, his smile has always been a rare treasure.
“Taki” I hope he'll look at me as I speak “In your country, there are similar flowers. What are they called?”
He doesn't look at me. He doesn't answer me.
“White bunches of flowers, swaying in the ocean breeze – it looked like snow – so beautiful I thought it might have been a dream” I continue. I was about 15 back then, when I got lost in that garden, following that fragrance, when I came across a child.
I look at him. Does he remember that day?
He shows no reaction.
“Here I am, in a land miles away, remembering those flowers” I murmur. Please, understand, Taki!

Slowly the rain gets weaker. Taki's cheeks got darker, his lips slightly blue. I guess this tiny body of his get's cold much easier than mine.
“Let's go back – you'll get sick” I say and start walking again. He follows me wordlessly. Maybe he already is sick?
His eyes seem just a bit too glossy, his cheeks a few shades too red. Maybe he got a fever?
Usually betas are sturdier; but usually they aren't as tiny either.

As we walk back inside, to our room, I'm certain that his temperature is higher.
This fragrance of his, every time I take a breath, I sense it stronger.
Already people turn around to look at us, as we pass. So I'm not the only one, who senses this?

I hurry.
I quickly shut the door, once we're inside our room. And I'm hit by his scent.
It's filling the air in our room, mixing with my own smell.
He sits on his bed, seemingly exhausted. I tug on my necktie. I need to breathe more.
“Taki, can I sit with you?” I ask, feeling myself get drawn to his scent. It's so strong…
Before I know it, my eyes fall shut and I press my nose against Taki's neck.
He's an omega.

I breathe in, inhaling every ounce of his sweet alluring scent. It's so sweet…
I want more…
My voice feels raspy, when I call his name.
“Taki… I want to kiss you”
He gasps. I'm so close to him, that I can feel his hot breath against my lips. I wonder if he smells me too, if he feels my breath.
His heat is addicting. It's like I'm suddenly cold, needing his warmth to keep me alive.
He doesn't resist at all, when I kiss his lips.
They're hot and soft.
I gently nudge his lips with my tongue. I want to taste him…
He pulls away, but I'm not letting him escape. Instead I push him down onto the mattress, pinning him down with the weight of my own body.
It's not enough. Not nearly, not ever… I want to taste all of him!
Quickly I undo his tie, unbutton his vest and shirt. His skin radiates with warmth. Every breath he takes engulfs my senses in his scent, more and more. I can taste the fragrance on the back of my tongue.
He is so sweet, yet there is an innocent, clean flavor to his scent.
It makes me want to defile him. Make him mine.
Only I shall ever know this maiden fragrance of his.
I nuzzle his neck, breathing in his scent, my hands roam his chest, pushing away any piece of clothing in their way.
He moans, mewls oh so softly.
His voice makes me shudder, sending my heated blood straight down to my groin.
I want to carve myself into him. Make him mine!
I can hear my alpha instinct growling in my ears, like a split personality, slowly taking over.
This is bad…
“K-Klaus…” Taki's voice is just a whisper, trembling in his chest.
I pull away to look at him.
I may never forget this image.
His face is damp with sweat, tears shine in his eyes like diamonds, his eyes staring at me, clouded with unknown desire; against his pale skin his blush seems so much darker, his rosy lips are still moist from our kiss.
I shall never let them get dry again, I think and kiss him again, running my fingers through his silky hair. When I pull away it's feathered on the pillow, framing his beautiful face.
He trembles.
Is he scared?
His chest rises and falls with his nervous breaths. I lay my hand onto his chest and underneath his heated skin, his firm muscles I can feel his heart pounding.
It's like his pulse races through my body. Fuck…
I'm hard. It hurts.
He trembles harder… or… is that my hand on his chest?

I look at him. His obsidian eyes look at me, as though he's looking at something he's desired for all his life. Isn't that just laughable?
I cannot laugh though.
I pant, trying not to breathe through my nose; goddamnit I must retain some self restraint here! But the taste of thick honey creeps onto my tongue and refuses to leave. I taste him.

His scent has this sweetness, where I feel like any more of it would make me sick, like how honey makes you sick, if you eat too much of it. But it never becomes too much. It's only ever not enough, making me want to taste more of it.
I lay my lips down onto his chest, my nose against his neck. Right here… right fucking here… the smell is so strong.
I want… no, I need to mark him!
I clench my teeth. I can't do this to him…

I pull back.
What in god's name am I doing here!?

Am I not just… attacking an omega? Unable to resist his scent?
This is probably his first heat. He's a little late with it, I guess. But still… we all thought he was a beta… so he surely had no idea he'd go into heat at some point.
He must be so scared, fearing for his health, his safety, his pride… held down by an overpowering alpha such as myself…
I'm such a horrible man…

And yet… I can't stop looking at him.
I can't stop myself from breathing in his scent… getting lost in my desire…
I'm aching to fill him… A growl escapes my throat, as I allow myself to think of his tight heat, engulfing me.
I want to feel this… I need to…

“Taki” He looks at me, his eyes wide. The tears that shone in his eyes have fallen, wetting his cheeks.
I lean down, licking a salty trail, placing the most gentle kisses onto his closed eyelids.

I want to make him cry more… cry out… I want to hear him sing in his mother tongue… call my name…
I my breathing gets heavier, as I fight my urge to take him right now.


I look at his eyes.
He looks like he's in so much pain.

I rest my hand against his cheek, his heat searing through my skin in the best way possible.
“Taki…” is all I manage to say. He leans into the touch, closing his eyes, breathing into the palm of my hand.
He's feeling it too.

This desire… his body…. It yearns for an alpha's touch.

I sense a change in his scent… like a candle, flickering in a gust of wind, the undertone of his scent is flickering.
The clean, innocent undertone of his scent is mingling with another, colder flavor. He's trying to resist, but I can see so clearly in his eyes, how he's crumbling under my hand.

Shuddering he lets out a breath, blinking away some tears. I make a mistake: I inhale.
His scent fills my lungs, and for a moment my eyeballs roll back in their sockets, a deep growl forming in my gut.

He flinches, trembling as he tries to get away from under me. But I'm not letting him.
I hold onto his wrists, pushing them into the pillow above his head. He writhes, whimpering. His voice breaks, he cannot call for help.
“Taki…” I chant, trying to calm him down. Again and again I call his name “Taki…” with the sweetest voice my rough vocal chords could produce.

I lower myself onto his body, not allowing any space between us. My face hidden against his neck, as I take in his scent, more and more…
I change my position, going from straddling his legs, to resting my knees between his legs, forcing him to spread them for me.
He's opening up, my beautiful rose… oh yes, this fragrance… it's gonna drive me insane.

The cold undertone is overwritten by the smell of white roses. That kind that has pale green veins on it's petals. When they're fresh, their scent is weaker. Only when they dry out, their sweet, honey-like fragrance unfolds.

I inhale this scent, licking the tender skin over his throat, wishing to taste more of it. I shudder. I can no longer suppress the urge to rut against him, forcing his legs further apart.
He lets out a soft cry, trying to push himself up into a sitting position. I hold him down.
He's not gonna escape.

He falls back into the mattress, trying to hide his face. His cheeks and even the tips of his ears are red. This must be so scary to him…
I let go of his wrists and instead start undoing his trousers.

He holds onto my shoulders, or maybe he's weakly trying to push me away…? I can't tell. He tugs on my sleeves, and for a moment I worry he might tear my shirt.
“Taki…” I mutter.
I can still stop, I tell myself. If only he told me to stop. To get off of him, to stop touching him, to let him go and to get lost, never face him again… if only… but he never does.
He looks at me with pain-filled eyes, wet with tears.
His lips are quivering as he struggles to breathe, inhaling more of my scent. To him it's like anesthesia, I know that.
It's how an alpha's scent works.

I tug his trousers down, along with his underwear, exposing him bit by bit.

He writhes more, his hands quickly try to cover his crotch, but I saw it already. He's hard. And I can smell very well, that he's wet too.
He truly is an omega.

I stop my actions, looking at him, guilt written all over my face.
I should stop.

He looks back at me, lips parted, to take in small huffs of air.
“Taki… you are… so beautiful” I mutter, and I don't quite know, why I told him that. That's actually a lie. I know why I said it, and I hate myself for it.
I want him to feel calmer, I want him to give in to me, to stop resisting.

He turns his face away, tears welling up in his eyes anew.
His scent changes again.


I growl, fighting the urge to mark him, to make him mine forever. His neck is right here… all I need is to bite down on his tender flesh, break his skin, taste his blood and sweat… I'm trembling with the sheer need to follow my alpha-instincts.

I start undoing my own trousers, pulling them down enough to free my throbbing cock. It rests against his perineum, oozing already.

He's so tiny… so fucking tiny… I'd break him if I just… thrust myself into him. His hot cavern would squeeze me so tightly… his natural lubricant would mix with blood as I'd tear him open… I must stop this…!

He sobs.
Wails fall from his lips, as he presses one hand over his mouth, looking between our bodies.

He's so scared…

Yeah… so… I'm… big.

I shift, so I'm on my side, one of my legs still between his thighs, not allowing him to hide again. I carefully squeeze my arm between his shoulders and the mattress, so I can hold onto his right shoulder with my right hand. With the other hand I pull away his fingers from his mouth.
He looks at me.
I kiss him. Close your eyes, Taki. Trust me… please… I need you to trust me…
I slide my tongue into his mouth, tasting him fully.
He runs his fingers through my short hair, and I feel a smile form on my lips. He's giving in… slowly but surely his resistance melts away.

Slowly I let my hand wander down his chest. I rub his nipples with my fingertips, letting him moan into the kiss, before pulling away, to let him breathe. I look at him, carefully observing his reactions, while I let my hand wander further down.
With his left hand he's still trying to cover himself. I lower my gaze to where our hands are meeting now.
I grab his wrist, pulling his hand a bit further down, still supporting him with my right arm.
He tries to resist.
I put my hand over his, reaching past his balls, letting him feel his own wetness.
I feel him trembling more.
Weak moans and whimpers force their way past his quivering lips.
I push his fingers against his entrance. They slide easily into his wet hole. My fingertips rest against his slick skin.
He let out something like a cry, tensing up against me.
“Shhhh, don't… clench” I murmur against his ear. He turns his face towards me and breathes against my chest, trying to hide from my eyes.
I push his fingers deeper into his hole, before adding my own index finger. He's already opening up, like a good omega in heat.
I can feel him tensing and relaxing around my fingertip. That already makes my cock twitch… I want him so bad…
I nuzzle the top of his head, breathing in more of his sweet scent. It's so rich… it gives off this complex, continuously changing flavor, that I can almost taste on my tongue, whenever I inhale his scent.
I pull away my hand, grabbing his and bringing it to my mouth. This… smells so good…
I want to taste it…

He tries to free his hand, but my grasp is too strong on his wrist.
“K-Kla… ah… hnngh…” he tries.
I take his fingers into my mouth, licking the fluid off of his fingertips.
It's a little bit… less innocent, this taste. It reminds me of anise and caraway, but it tastes quite different.
I also taste a bit of salt… like salted caramel…

“Klaus… it's… it's… d-dirty…” Taki whimpers, his fingers resting against my lips now.
“Not at all… you are so sweet, Taki…”, I manage to whisper, before holding down his hand, leaning over him to steal another kiss.

I wonder how his juices taste to him?
Does he taste the same as I do? … well I doubt it. Still, he mewls sweetly when I enter his mouth with my tongue.
I let my hand go back down, rubbing circles against his hole, before pushing in the tip of my index finger.
He struggles weakly, mewling into the kiss with more fear than before.
I swallow his sounds.

Slowly I push my finger further inside. His wet, hot cavern is contracting around my finger, sending shivers down my spine.
This is bad… fuck…
I must at least get this done… at least this…

I break the kiss and pant against the pillow. Shit… this is his bed. Everything here smells like him.

Carefully I push in two fingers now.
He lets out another one of those wails, arching his back. I tighten my grasp on his shoulder, running my thumb over his skin in small circles.
He's reacting like this, when there's only two fingers inside him… I groan.

Slowly I start moving my fingers inside him. Twisting them a little, before almost pulling them out, to push them back in.
He still sounds pained.
“Come on… Taki” I murmur. He gives me a moan, glossy eyes opening to look at me. I swallow. “Bear down” I advise.
He doesn't do it.
“Please. Just a little push. It'll be easier like that” I whisper against his ear, pushing in my fingers further, when he finally does as I told him. They slide inside easily.
I spread them in a scissoring motion, before pulling them out again.
He moans and mewls, his legs helplessly sprawled on the bed.

I dare to thrust my fingers inside with a little more force, my fingertips brushing this one spot, and he cries out.
He's still trembling when I pull out my fingers, looking at me with a mixture of horror and desire. What a strange mix… but this must be something he's never felt before… I smile.
This is amazing…
Even his scent changed again. The clean smell has changed. It has a colder flavor now… but it's not bad. It's enticing.

I pick up some of his juice, rubbing it onto my ring finger, which I'm going to add to my middle and index finger now.
Like this it should be easy.
“Again, Taki” I whisper against his ear and nudge his entrance with my fingertips.
He shakes his head, biting his lip. His body betrays him.
When I try to push in my fingers, he opens up for me, sucking my fingers in easily.
He moans.

I can't suppress the deep growl that's building inside my chest. It takes all of my strength to not just mount and take him.
I bite his earlobe, tug on it with my teeth before kissing the side of his face, is cheek down to his jaw… his neck…

I thrust my fingers in and out of him, drawing the sweetest moans from him. The way his body writhes against mine is just too much to bear.
I shift again, settling between his legs now, so I can grind my painfully neglected erection against his ass.

He huffs and looks at me.
It seems like he's having trouble to get his clouded eyes to focus on mine. His gaze keeps swaying back and forth, as though he was trying to find something.

I set my hand down next to his head to hold myself up, while I keep fingering his hole.
He's fully relaxed now, not showing any signs of pain or resistance.

I'm at my limit. Fuck.
Still I'm thrusting my fingers into him, brushing his sweet spot ever so slightly. I'm cruel… I know. But I want, I need him to feel me. All of me.

His unfocused gaze falls between our bodies again, when my hips jerk slightly.
I stop.
This is purely amazing.

Those eyes, that looked at me in pure horror, now glisten with feral need.
My cock – it's size now seems more appealing than scary.

Now that he's gotten a taste of this pleasure, by my fingers, he craves more.

I know it's not good.
I know I should stop.
I know I must stop before I do something unforgiveable.

I know… but I can't help myself.

When my fingers slip out of him, he whimpers at me. He reaches out to me, trying to pull me closer, back arching off the mattress.
I huff at him.
“Oh Taki...”

He's driving me insane.

I rub the fluid, that's left on my fingers onto my leaking length and align the tip with his entrance.

Stop me, Taki. Please… tell me to stop, before it's too late…
I push my hips forward, the tip slowly entering his hot hole. Please, Taki…!
“Aaah… A-AAAAAAAWWGH…!!” tears well up in his eyes again, spilling over his cheeks. I can tell that he's hurting.
Of course he is…
Three fingers are three fingers. And my dick is my dick.

He sobs; I can feel his shaky breaths…
“Shhhh… T-Taki…” I huff, closing my eyes tightly. Fuck… he's so hot… that voice of his… his scent… it's all too much.
I can no longer pick apart his scent… all I know, is that I want to inhale more of it.
I hide my face against his neck, teeth clenched.

He's helplessly clawing at my back, trying to hold onto anything, trying to find any source of comfort to help him through the pain.
“Breathe… Taki. Breathe… slowly…”
I rest my bodyweight on my left elbow, so I can stroke his cheek with my right hand, wiping away his tears with my thumb.

Even now he's beautiful.

I could weep.
This is just too cruel… for an omega like him, such a pure one, to end up like this… held down by an alpha… me of all people…
And yet… there's no way that I'd ever let anyone else have him.
He's mine…

I try to push in a little further, and this time he doesn't seem to be in so much pain.
Still, he's squeezing me so tightly… so hotly.
It's like his insides are caressing every square inch of my throbbing length… it feels so good… It's tugging and tearing at my sanity and control.

How easily could I just start pounding him now? Tear him, make him bleed… hurt him… make him scream my name until his voice breaks… fuck him, fill him up and make him mine…
I moan.

“K-Kla-ah… Klaus…” Taki looks me in the eyes.
I see feelings in his eyes, that just… I can't comprehend them. They touch me way too deeply… and yet they do it so easily… like I'm not even trying to resist them.

I give a careful thrust.

He moans.
Good… so good…
I thrust again… again… again… building a pace.

It's slow, but powerful.
No need to hurry… not now. It's too late anyways… and if I can make it last, I'm gonna do it.
His entire body is being moved by my thrusts, and I must be careful not to overdo it, or else he'll hit his head on the headboard.
“Taki… your arms...” I start, panting “put them around my neck”

He shudders, his legs twitching as I hit that spot inside him.
Right there.
When he doesn't move, I nudge his left arm, and finally he does try to wrap his arms around my neck.
Our chests almost touch now, and when I trust, I can feel the tip of his member slide against my abdomen.

I thrust again and again… my pace becomes sloppy.
Faster… stronger…

Is he in pain?
He cries out with almost every thrust, tears in his eyes, cheeks red, lips swollen from all the kisses I've stolen.

I've wanted him so bad… I had no idea just how bad…
I feel him clenching around me and I almost cum right then and there… fuck… that was close… fuck…

He cries out again, voice breaking already.
Just how much has he cried until now…?

Suddenly a sharp pain runs through my shoulder, more like my neck… just where the collarbone starts…

He bit me.

I'm frozen in my movement.

I can feel his jaw trembling against my skin. This… I … you reap what you sow… they say.
Well fuck them.

I run my fingers through his silky hair, getting him to relax his jaw again, so I can pull away from him.
My blood is staining his lips.

This… he truly… wow.

I lean down, kissing him.
I can taste my blood in his mouth and weirdly, it turns me on that much more.
I start thrusting again. Harder… fucking harder… cum, Taki!

My body is aching to find release.

His cries are barely muffled by my lips anymore. I aim well… hitting his prostate every time. It sends shivers down his spine, making him clench around me. He's close… he's so wet… among his moans and cries I can hear wet sounds, as my thick cock slides in and out of him.

Our kiss is broken when he writhes, tossing and turning under me. He's presenting his unguarded neck to me…
I know… I know he needs this… this one push over the edge.


I'm drawn in by his scent, again as though it were the first time I smelled it.

My eyes shut and my mouth opens, placing wet kisses onto his heated skin. It's not enough… it couldn't be.

He's whimpering, wailing and clawing at my shoulders.
He cries my name…

My teeth break his skin. His blood pools in my mouth and he tenses up, screaming.

A glow engulfs me, dripping with his scent… he's all I have… all I know and need.

It only takes me a few more jerky thrusts into him, before I cum. Shuddering as I shoot my load deep inside him.
He's squeezing me so tightly…

I let go of his neck, blood and saliva dripping from my lips as I ride out my orgasm. I force myself to open my eyes and look at him.

He is so beautiful.

His lips are parted in a silent scream, eyes screwed shut, his cheeks wet with tears and there… about an inch under his ear… right over the vein…

My mark.

He's mine.

I collapse onto his chest, still deep inside him.

He's twitching… shuddering with the aftershocks of orgasm. I must be heavy…
His breathless moans turn into sobs. He's crying…

“Taki...” woah… my voice is rough…

He covers his face with his trembling hands.
He's squeezing me… trying to push me away. But I can't pull out. I'd hurt him if I did now. He's way too tense…
“Taki… shhhhhh”
I kiss his hands, before pushing them away from his face, holding onto his wrists. I softly kiss his lips.

Still he's crying, writhing and trembling.

That's what the heat… that's what the mark… bonding… that's what it all does to an omega.

“Taki, please… relax” I breathe softly, trying to pull out carefully.
It causes him to whimper again.
I kiss his face, kissing away his tears.
I slowly pull out, trying to soothe him.

He winces when my dick slips out of him. My cum trickles out of him, soaking into the bed sheet. I watch it flowing out of him, a thought settling in my gut, like a heavy rock. This could have much graver consequences than just our bond…
I look at his face.
He closed his eyes, panting heavily. He's feeling it still, pooling deep inside him.

I roll off him, pulling him close to my chest, so his back is resting against me. He whimpers as I move him.
Slowly he's slipping away, exhaustion taking him over.

I've never been too worried about the future. I lived my life, day after day. War makes future become meaningless.
Any day you might lose a comrade; a friend; a limb… your life… everything.

One day you laugh, thinking about how you and your friend will one day live a life, far away from the terror of war; the next day you sit in the trenches, next to his corpse. His dead eyes staring at you, asking you why he had to die.

And here I am now… fearing tomorrow.
Fearing the moment, when Taki wakes up.

I'm holding him in my arms, I'm not going to let him go… even though… he might end up hating me.
I nuzzle his neck, breathing in his scent again.
It's… softer now… the flavor doesn't cloud my senses anymore, it soothes them, making me relax.

Taki grabs my hand, which I rest against his stomach and I close my eyes. So he's not pushing me away.