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Rose Gold

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Ginny stared at the pile of miscellaneous objects in front of her. Sitting cross legged in the Parlor of Grimmauld place the evidence was sitting with clear distinction in front of her: a hairpin with a glittering emerald on one end, a small vial of a sharp pleasant perfume, a size 6 black pump, and a brush made from silver, with black hair woven through and an inscription on the back.


To my flower


She squinted at the objects in front of her. Their common binding themes being feminine and expensive. She had the pin and brush appraised in Diagon Alley - real. She visited the perfume shoppe- more than she would ever spend on smelly water. She had asked Hermione once about shoes with red bottoms and her muggle born friend gave her incredulous look and told her that red-bottomed shoes were generally out of everyone's budget.  

She was no Auror like her boyfriend but she wasn't stupid either.

Where the objects were found just made her internal convictions stronger. The pin was found in the pantry, glittering in the floor while she was putting away groceries when she released from the hospital and moved in two months ago. The shoe was under his- no, their- bed. The perfume was in the adjoining bathroom, placed in drawer, half empty, familiar in its place among Harrys miscellaneous bathroom junk.    

The smoking wand ,so to speak, was where she found the brush this morning, tucked in his old school trunk, between the map and the cloak, and the first picture of his parents.

This brush with its shiny black hair deserved to be placed with Harry's most treasured items.

Ginny gasped as her left shoulder seized violently, sending shooting pains down to her fingertips. Gritting her teeth she plucked two hairs from the brush and dropped them into the vial of polyjuice potion she purchased from a seedy place in knockturn alley and just hoped to Merlin it didn't poison her before she tilted the potion into her mouth.

It took only moments to work, magic rippling through her before setting into her new appearance. The clothes she had on slid off her hips a little and She looked down to see her jeans had risen above her ankles. Just great. Of course the girl had to thinner and taller. Her arms, hands, and feet all held the same pale coloring. Not one freckle in sight.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves she picked up the black shoe and slid it in her foot. A perfect fit.

Kicking the shoe off she went to the mirror next. Unprepared for the face that stared back at her. Her heart began to throb painfully in her chest as she start to cry.


Oh, Harry. This girl? Out of all the available girls in fucking Britain this is the girl you decide to fuck. The one you had fall in lo-.

She shook her head and cleared her thoughts. No. She still had the rest of her plan to go through.


“Okay then.” She said although she was still alone in the house. She checked the time and put the rest of the things in place. She was just sliding the hair pin into her pocket when she the low roar of Floo filled the room and Harry stepped in.

“Pansy? I- uh. What are you doing here? Not that I'm not glad to see you. I'm so happy to see you. It's just- I.”

Harry's eyes scanned the room then out to the hallway, obviously looking for his girlfriend to show up any moment.

“She's not here.” Ginny said and motioned the fireplace. “There's a note.”

Harry turned and snatched the note in his girlfriend's writing to meet her at the burrow. He scanned the note and quickly threw it to cross the room and gather the girl he thought was Pansy into his arms to hold her close.


“I've missed you so much, Pans.” Harry mumbled into her hair and all at once Ginny had her answer. Harry was no longer hers.

He moved his hands to cup her face, tilting it so she looked directly into his green eyes. “Where have you been the past three months? I've sent crazy ton of owls and stopped by your place a dozen times.”

Her eyes began sting and she bite her lip to stop from crying. Three Months. Three bloody months.


I've been around. With friends. I….wasn't ready to talk.”


“And now you are?”


    Ginny removed his hands from her face. The way he touched her. With both of this kind of fierce tightness and gentle caress. It took her breath away- and then began to drown her when she realized that it wasn't for her.


“No, not really. I just missed you. I needed to see you.”


    Harry smiled so brightly at her. His grin damn near reaching his ears. He stepped towards her to grab her but she sidestepped his hands. “We shouldn't.”


He blinked. “Right. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have… Touched you like that. Not while I'm with..” Harry trailed off, not even able to speak her name. Had she really been such a fool to not know that he was no longer in love with her?


   She bit her lip hard enough to bite through skin but the pain did nothing to distract the pin pricks behind her eyes, causing the rear to spill over on her cheeks.


“You loved me, didn't you? I didn't just make it all up?”


Seeing the tears on her face was enough for Harry to break whatever social rule he thought he was committing by holding a girl that wasn't his girlfriend. He wrapped his arm around her waist again and used his other hand to wipe at her moist cheeks.


“Of course I loved you. I still love you. I know you don't understand but...I just have to try to make her happy. She deserves that after everything.”


Ginny began to cry harder. Eyes stinging as they blurred altogether. Of course that was his reason. He's reasons we're always going to be noble, weren't they? Ginny was always going to need saving, wasn't she? From diaries and chambers, and disastrous Quidditch accidents.


Harry held her close and rubbed her back in small soothing circles. “I wish things were different too.”


      She was tired of being saved. And she was tired of everyone protecting her. She wasn't the only person that deserves happiness, even if she had to live with the fact that his happiness no longer lived with her.


She took her wand out and pressed it to the back to his skull.

Things will be different. She promised