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Raising little Laila

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One day there is a town a small town called Red Canyon, and there is a man named Mac and he lives in a little cottage. He's a single father to a 2 year old Laila. He loves that little girl so much. Laila was playing with her toys. Mac was outside working on his car. Laila opens the door and came out holding onto her doll. Mac's friend Ryan came over, and Laila's in Mac's lap.

"So what if your girl?" Ryan said. "I can rape her."
"Leave!" Mac said.
"Why?" Ryan said.
"You ain't gonna harm my child's that's why." Mac said. "Go!"

Ryan left and Mac sat back down. Laila was looking around and Mac kissed her hair. Mac and Laila came in and cleaned up, before heading to a small restaurant. Mac got her into his truck, and he started driving off. He pulled into Ricks cafe and went in.

"Hey Mac." Rick said.
"Hey Rick!" Mac said. "Two hotdogs."
"Well hello Laila." Rick said. "Where's Ryan?"
"I'm mad at him." Mac said. "Asked if he could Rape my daughter."
"Sick prick." Rick said.

Rick got two hotdogs done and got fries for them. Mac picked up Laila's hotdog and helped her take a bite. She takes a bite and started to chew. Ryan shows up, and it went silent.

"Hey Mac." Ryan said.

Mac kept quiet. He don't want to talk to Ryan. Ryan went to sit alone in the corner. Mac put another bite in Laila's mouth, and she was eating. Laila smiled at Mac.

"Done!" Laila said.
"Ok." Mac said. "Here Rick. Thanks for the hotdog."
"Come again." Rick smiled.

Mac got to his truck, and his daughter is strapped in. Mac got in and Ryan came out to him.

"What do you want?" Mac said.
"I want to say sorry." Ryan said.
"Sorry?" Mac said. "You wanted to rape my baby girl. For what? Pleasure? Leave me and Laila alone for now on."

Ryan walked away, and Mac came home. It got dark. And Mac came into his and Laila's room and put her on the bed, and locked everything up. He came back in and sat down on the bed. Laila is laying down moving her hands and legs. Mac laid down and held Laila close to him. The father daughter duo fell sleep.