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Valley of Peace

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RD 2000 - In the valley of peace shall be born the hope of all Yoba's children.


Chapter 1


"Ada, come here" 

The young girl turned around to find her grandfather standing behind her, arms crossed and his face stern. Ada sighed and said goodbye to her friends. She made her way to her grandpa with youthful energy.  

"Time to go"  

He took her hand and they walked through the bustling town square, past the bus stop until they reached her grandfather's farm. He let go, and the girl took off in a run across the fields of crops until she reached the coop. She led the clucking chickens inside and then helped her grandpa do the same with the barn animals. By the time they were done, the sun had already set. 

"Quickly, let's get to the porch"  

As they rushed toward the farm house, Ada heard the rustle of leaves and groans that came from the shadows. The path ahead of them are lit by glowing barrels but still she saw from the corner of her eyes, something had made a move toward them. They reached the porch, heaving. The older man fell into a crouch and he took the girl in his arms and examined her. 

"You're not hurt are you?" The girl shook her head. 

"Good" The man stood and patted the girl's head. 

"Night has been coming faster lately" he muttered to himself. 

He ushered her inside. They removed thier boots, first the left then the right, almost in unison. The girl went to start dinner while the old man sat down on his recliner, remote in hand. When dinner was served they ate in compatible silence. After dinner was Ada's favorite time of the day. She would sit by her grandfather's feet, while he sat on his creaky old chair and listen to him tell stories. Today was no different. 

"RD 1600 - A child of man born of great magical power shall intervene. The two warring races concede to a truce and a contract is made therefore ending the war. The man retires to the valley of peace and there he and his descendants shall remain, watching over the two races and keeping the peace" 

He closed the gigantic old leather book in his hands.  

"So... they just stopped fighting?" The child asked in confusion. He nodded.

 "No one was winning and the casualties only kept increasing. So the man used that to his advantage and convinced them to back down" 

"Wow. That's so cool. So.… so he can speak monster?" The man frowned and shook his head disapprovingly. 

"They are not monsters. They are Yoba's children just like you and me" 

"But yes, he can speak thier dialect. After all, he is a wizard" 

"What's a wizard?" He chuckled. 

"A wizard is a human born with magical abilities" 

"Can I be a wizard?"  

"I'm afraid not, sweetie. You must be born with the power not made" 

"Awww" The man touched his grandaughter's chin. 

"Cheer up, pumpkin. You are still quite special even if you're not a wizard" 

"Really?" She asked, eyes wide with wonder. 

"Yes. You are destined for something great I can tell" 

The girl yawned; The man rose from his seat and gathered the little girl in his arms. 

"Time for bed" 

 He climbed up the rickety stairs and turned right toward her room. He opened the door and set the girl down on her bed. She was already asleep. He tucked her in and kissed her forehead goodnight. The elderly man made his way to the kitchen before he returned to the recliner, brandy and glass in hand. He poured himself a glass and drank until his bones stopped aching, then and only then did he retire for the night.