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popularity is a given.

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She’s softness. She’s everything you don’t want her to be; a perfect specimen of a human being, constantly taunting you with the fact that you can’t ever have her. Always, she dances just out of reach; her supple, agonizingly beautiful body two steps ahead. To make matters worse; she’s got the perfect mind to go with it! She’s manipulative; brash; confident; intelligent; truly, she holds the title of beauty. 

Yet, he can’t have her. 

Frustratingly enough, she’s out of reach. Kathryn is always one step ahead, always quick to draw her fingers across his cheek or his lips, silencing any protests she might have anticipated. She’s crude, and she openly flirts, but she’s a tease. He’s rallied and rearing to go; what fair is it for her to unwind her body from his and stalk away, casting flirtatious expressions and little winks over her shoulders? 

“Sebastian,” she’d purr, her voice invoking chills. “You might want to remember our bet. If you win, you get to have me.” She’d tease, and he would do nothing but glower. “But if you lose . . . “ Her fingers rooted around in his pocket, until they touched his car keys. Her dark hues glinted. “Remember what you have to lose,” she breathed, the warmth of her hand withdrawing too quickly. Rage swelled inside of him, but he swallowed it back; there was no use in getting angry at her. That would get him nowhere. 

“If I win,” he reached forward, his fingers snaking around her hips and pulling her down onto his lap. Kathryn looked surprised; the brunette hadn’t been expecting it, but the surprise was quickly wiped away. Her dark gaze revealed nothing as she stared at him, patiently waiting for him to go on. “I get this,” his gaze dropped down to between her legs, and a smug expression appeared on her face. 

“You will get that and more,” Kathryn applied light pressure to his groin, and Sebastian bit back a groan. She was so damn infuriating! “You are . . . so tantalizingly close . . .” She whispered, leaning forward to bush her lips against his earlobe. “But not close enough, Sebastian.”

He hated the way she said his name. 

“It will only take another few days before I get her into bed,” his voice is hoarse, hardly able to hold back a whimper once she peeled her waist away. “And then I won’t tolerate you doing that anymore.”

Her gaze gleamed, yet she said nothing. She doesn’t make a sound as his fingers creep over her torso, up along her her chest and up her shoulders. She simply blinked at him, carefully gauging his expression to see what Sebastian planned. He gave nothing away, like she did; they were locked in a battle of mind, not of wit any longer. He longed to reach and grab her jaw, connect their lips in a desperate kiss, yet Sebastian showed extreme restraint. 

This was not the time for them to get together in that sense. 

“Why are you so silent?” He pressed, allowing his hands to fall. 

“Silence makes you uneasy?” Kathryn asked, amused. “You prefer I babbled on like that blonde virgin you’re so interested in?”

“You’re the one who made the bet and got me interested,” Sebastian countered.

“Oh, no; you made the bet.” Kathryn twirled off of him, swaying her hips over his groin once more before reaching out of arms length. He missed her warmth already. “And that means you’re going to uphold it, no matter what happens.”