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Jack sighed, falling onto the couch, exhaustion taking over. She had just gotten home from her shift at the local night club and her daughter, Anna, wouldn’t be home from school for another few hours. Jack unlocked her phone and decided to listen to the many voice mails she always ended up with after work.
Most of them were about PTA meetings that the school insisted she go to, the others were about some magazine subscription she forgot she signed up for ages ago, one was about Anna getting in a fight at school. Jack shook her head and laid down, knowing she would need some rest before confronting her daughter about the fourth fight she has gotten into this year.
Anna is the product of Jack’s love affair with Lucifer six years ago. Jack always home schooled Anna and kept her close by out of fear of losing her or someone discovering what she was. Anna grew at an alarming rate, Jack figured it must be the angel DNA. Jack did not have to carry Anna for nine months, but rather three. Jack did not have to spend years taking care of a toddler, but a single year or two. Six years later, Anna is now sixteen years old.
Angels aren’t born, they just simply are, and that conflicted with the growth rate of mortals. The solution? An impossibly fast growing child.
Anna insisted that Jack send her to high school, and Jack allowed it, seeing as Anna’s growth rate slows with each passing year. Anna doesn’t know what she is, who her father is, or who her mother was; and Jack hopes to keep it that way. Sending Anna to school was hard, but Jack ran out of excuses that didn’t involve telling Anna she was a supernatural hybrid of sorts.
Just as Jack had started to fall asleep, she heard the faintest sound of footsteps and a hint of sulfur in the air. She stopped dead in her tracks and listened for a moment, slowly reaching for the gun she always kept on her.
Some habits are hard to kick.
Two demons appeared in the room suddenly, one behind her and the other in front. Quickly, she shot the first demon and tried to elbow the one behind her; but what she hadn’t counted on was a third demon appearing and knocking her out cold.