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Soul Mates at Birth

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Ciel is eighteen years old, he's home schooled and he never gets out. Now there was a reason for that. You see Ciel is supposed to marry Elizabeth, though they're not soul mates. He got his necklace at an early age to see if they were soul mates. Well, Ciels father said, if he could find his mate before he turned eighteen he didn't have to marry Elizabeth. But, since Vincent said that, Ciel hasn't been able to go anywhere hardly. If he did go outside he had to stay on the Phantomhive property.

His parents were always gone somewhere. You think that would give him a chance to go find his mate? Well, you're wrong. His father had ordered Tanaka to not let Ciel leave the house for any reason whatsoever. Now I bet you have a few questions about this mate thing. Does it matter of the gender? Are there more than one at a time? If one dies is another able to take that one's place? Can two of the same gender have a baby without help?

Well for the first question, no, it doesn't matter of the gender. Second, yes, but it's really rare to have more than one soul mate. Third, yes, but only if you have two mates or if the other had died at a young age. And fourth, yes, any couple can have a baby even if it's the same gender. Now back to the story!

But, then Ciel became ill, he was running a fever and he couldn't hold anything down. He's been like that for a full week now. Tanaka tried keeping him in bed and giving him fluids and medicine to help the fever, but nothing worked. So, he picked the smaller boy up and took him to the hospital. He knew if he didn't, Ciel would die.

Sebastian is a doctor, but yet he's a demon. He had been a doctor for a few years now and everyone knows he's a demon. No one minds that he is since he helps people. Everyone knows about demons and other unworldly things. Are they scared of them, yes. But do they try to get along, of course. They know the humans owned the planet, they were there first, so they do try to get along as best as they can. Demons and other unworldly things had their own realms, but they ended up coming to the human world for food, homes, or even to find a mate.

Now there are some things they don't know about Sebastian. One, was that he was only there to look for a mate. Two, he didn't know how to love or show affection to anyone and so he was quite mean. Three, he doesn't treat humans very well outside of work. And four, his father is lucifer and so right now he needed a mate to rule the underworld with. He didn't know what he was going to do if he found a human mate. He can't wait scratch that. He doesn't love, he won't love, he hates love. Why, you may ask. Because a human killed his mother and since then he wouldn't love, especially another human. But, Sebastian is a reasonable man. He told his father that if his mate were human, he would try to love them as much as he could. Who knows, maybe he could love a human.

Ciel was rushed into the hospital and took to Sebastian that had no patients at the time. He quickly took Ciel into a room to start checking his temperature. He frowned when he saw it was a hundred and ten and walked out to talk to Tanaka. "I need some information about him or I cant help him. Like when did this start and more." He said as he sat with him. Tanaka sighed softly knowing he would have to explain a lot for why it took so long for Ciel to be brought to the hospital.

"Well... Ciel had been sick for a week now. At first it was just a small stomach ache. He could hold down liquids like tea, or broth. But, the next day he felt worse pains in his stomach and couldn't get out of bed. By a few days he was running a fever and throwing up. He's been sick for a week now." Tanaka explained. "Why did it take this long for you to bring him?" Sebastian asked, slightly angered. "It's because of his father, I can only do so much..." The poor old man sad with shame. He felt a bit responsible for his masters sickness.

Sebastian sighed and gently put a hand on his shoulder. "I'll take care of him." He then got up and went back into the room. When he went in he saw that the nurses him on medicine for his fever and stomach pains. As he started checking on him, he felt a warmth against his chest and saw a light glow coming from Ciels' shirt. Sebastian looked at his and the others necklace and frowned. "I made a promise to you dad... and now I shall keep it." Sebastian closed and locked the door, he then got on the computer and completely deleted all of his information from everything.

He then looked at the security cameras and had everything deleted from that day since they do restart after twenty-four hours anyways. But, just in case, he had it to where it starts from now and on forward since all the cameras are in the hallways. He then went over to sick boy and picked him up bridal style. He then made a portal and took him through calmly. He knew he would have problems for doing this in the future, but he had no other choice.