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She lightly set the, now empty, glass of wine down. She looked at where Sookie was chatting with her boyfriend Bill. Alex always hears rumors of how their sex life is pretty damn kinky, biting and all, but honestly, who is she to judge them for biting. Some people say Sookie is a psychic, and Alex wouldn’t be surprised if she is. There are also rumors saying Bill’s a vampire, but that is not true. How she knows, you ask? Well the ugly truth is she herself is one.

She has fangs and the craving for blood and all that. She’s different though. All the other vampires have all sharp teeth and can’t hold themselves back from people’s blood.

She, on the other hand, has two teeth that sharpen and she created synthetic blood that settles the craving for blood for years until she can’t stop herself. Even then she finds a murderer or rapist or someone who has done something horrible and the police couldn’t catch them or convict them. She never kills innocents. Of course like any other she has slipped up in the past, but she tries not to think about them.

She can’t be killed by stakes, iron, silver, being burned or decapitated. The sun doesn’t even hurt her! She has tried everything but she was indestructible. She can sleep, she can eat regular food but it would never fill her hunger for blood, and she can cry and feel regular emotions. She was almost human, just no pulse, forever immortal, and drank blood.

The only other vampire like her is her younger brother, Phillip Coulson. They got bitten when she was 25 and he was 17. It was 1855 then. She was married and had three children and a husband that all died of the scarlet fever. She can’t remember their names anymore. Phil was a newlywed and his wife had remarried after he disappeared. Her name was Marissa… or was it Mary or Mandy? He wasn’t attached to her so he never cared to remember. It didn't matter anymore, she and Phil had learned pretty quickly that people will not accept vampires and that they had to live in the woods until society grew enough for them to blend in.  In that time she had found out that she had magical abilities her brother didn’t and she learned how to control them, she also created things that helped her brother to hunt for their food. They were alone for a long time.