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Manna from Heaven

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Title: Manna from Heaven
Author: Zee's Muse
Fandom: Robin Hood BBC 2005
Genre: FCHET
Pairing: Guy of Gisborne/OFC
Characters: Sir Guy of Gisborne, Vaisey; Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood, Much, other canon characters, OFC
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I own nothing from the series. I don’t own any of the characters recognizable.
Timeline: 12th Century England, Modern Day
Setting: Season 3, after the arrival of Isabella and before the arrival of Prince John: modern day Atlanta, Georgia
Warnings: SEX! Bondage, fuzzy handcuffs, long scarves, the usual stuff
Spoilers: None. If it happened in the series, it happens here. The only thing AU would be the modern day stuff
Beta: The wonderful and amazing Alex-Cat! Why do you put up with me?
Summary: Be careful what you wish for. The Angel of Death has a sense of humor.
Notes: Chapter Titles are derived from I Corinthians 13: 4-7.. (the Love Chapter) Chapter Footers are from Nickleback's "S-E-X"


Manna from Heaven

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Be brave in the face of your enemies so God may love thee, speak the truth even if it leads to your death, protect the poor and weak always, This is your oath, and you are in this life so you may never forget that. Amen.

Manna from Heaven


Love is…


Two celestial beings wandered the pathways, bare feet on the grass. The pair would appear strange to the casual observer; one traditionally tall and slender, blonde, un-gendered, its long, white – feathered wings close in, its bearing one of serenity.

The second however was short, rotund, definitely female, almost grandmotherly. She bounced, bobbed, smiled, pointed. Her wings were out, bumped into things, blue, matching her hair. She was not ‘angel-like’ at all. One hand was out, not touching the orbs that floated around them, coaxing them when she knocked them off balance, but managing somehow to caress the inner energy, making them sparkle, awaken, before she moved on, the small fireworks, the soul within returning to sleep.

‘Anael! Must you disturb them?’

Anael, the Angel of Passionate Love stopped in her tracks, toes digging into the grass. ‘Haamiah! I am not disturbing them!’ She made a moue with her mouth. ‘I’m simply…’

‘Disturbing them.’ They continued to wander, occasionally stopping to look…

‘Tis getting crowded.’ Haamiah, the Angel of all that was Ethical perused the endless parade of orbs. ‘We should tend to this garden, send these waiting souls to Rashnu so he can prepare them for the Almighty for Judgment.’

Again, Anael silently grimaced. Rashnu was pompous, took his duty much too seriously, in her opinion. In addition, Anael disliked this particular duty with Haamiah, but it was her penance for her quick tongue so she decided to… to keep… it… from weeding the garden too severely. She looked over those in limbo; so many in need of second chances, a different outlook, things could have been different. One dark orb in particular caught her eye and with a deep sigh, she steered her companion in the opposite direction.

For close to 800 years, she had protected that one, kept it - him - safe, out of harm’s way. Hidden and away from anyone’s eye. Under perfect circumstances, if they arose, she could and would personally approach Douma, the Thousand Eyed Angel of Death, to give this one a second chance; to undo what had been done. Sometimes, Douma acquiesced.

Sometimes not.

Usually not.

But Anael had a good feeling about this one. If only… if only…

He just needed someone to love him back. Someone who could show him that power was not… was not…

If she could find the perfect woman... the perfect situation…the perfect instance…the perfect timing… the perfect...

The perfect something...

She sighed. Putting herself between Haamiah and the black orb, she effectively blocked the view of the austere and rather unforgiving angel and moved off away.

Protecting the dark knight for yet another century.



‘S’ is for the Simple Need