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Matching Heartbeats Between These Sheets

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Yuuri was already feeling nervous when they arrived. The competition was heating up on the road to the Grand Prix, and even with Victor by his side every step of the way, he couldn’t get out of his own head. He never expected for his nerves to kick into overdrive because of a hotel room, but there he was, panicking.

Victor was the one who booked the room. When they arrived at the hotel they were informed that all of the doubles were booked solid. Yuuri and Victor were put in a king suite instead. Victor was calm and collected about the situation, while Yuuri was trying not to let on that he was close to hyperventilating.

“That’s fine,” Victor assured the receptionist at the front desk, flashing her one of his charming smiles. “I’m sure we’ll manage.”

Yuuri had no idea how they were going to manage at all. They were being forced to share a room — to share a bed together. It was too intimate. His heart thumped wildly in his chest. His throat went dry, and he had to swallow twice before it felt better.

Yuuri felt numb as Victor ushered him into the elevator and up to their room. He was telling Yuuri something about growing up in Russia, but it only sounded like garbled nonsense to Yuuri’s addled brain. Victor opened the door with the keycard, holding the door open for Yuuri like he was a gentleman on a date. Yuuri rolled his suitcase into the room, avoiding the bed altogether. He didn’t even want to look at it yet. He could deal with that later. He let his eyes skim the room quickly, still ignoring the bed. Victor was in the bathroom, making a delighted sound that went straight to Yuuri’s head.

“They have those cute tiny soaps that are shaped like different things! Oh, and how nice, there’s my favorite brand of lotion in the complimentary toiletries,” Victor said. Yuuri rubbed a hand over his face, pushing his glasses askew. He was trying not to think of Victor and lotion in the same vein. When he opened his eyes Victor was right in front of him. His heart dropped into his stomach as Victor reached out to straighten Yuuri’s glasses. Victor’s fingers skated across his cheek before he dropped his hand away. Neither of them spoke for several heartbeats.

“I want to go to the rink to skate,” Yuuri blurted. Victor arched a manicured eyebrow at him.

“Oh? We’re getting right down to work, is that it?” Victor asked in amusement. He took another step closer. Yuuri’s skin was tingling with the anticipation of near contact. “I was hoping we could go see some of the sights first. There’s so much I want to show you.”

“I need to practice,” Yuuri said. “It was a long flight, I’m feeling restless. I want to skate,” he repeated.

“Very well,” Victor said. A brief look of disappointment flitted across his face before it was replaced with a confident smile. He ruffled Yuuri’s hair before turning away to grab their things.

Yuuri eyed the bed out of the corner of his eye with trepidation as they left.

When they finally returned to the hotel it was late. They had gone out to eat after training hard all day. Yuuri was so exhausted; he couldn’t even work up the energy to be upset about sharing the bed anymore. His muscles were still sore from how long he had worked them at practice.

Victor stretched languorously, the hem of his sweater inching up to reveal a tempting strip of his pale, muscled stomach. Yuuri licked his lips and quickly looked away. He rifled through his suitcase for comfortable pants and a shirt to wear to bed. When he turned around again Victor was lounging across the bed, like it didn’t bother him at all. He supposed Victor had been begging Yuuri to sleep with him since he first showed up. Now he was finally getting what he wanted. Some of Yuuri’s earlier nerves started creeping back into his mind.

“You know I normally like to sleep in the nude once I go to bed, but I suppose I can wear boxers,” Victor said in a teasing tone. Yuuri stiffened, willing his mind not to provide him with the mental image of Victor’s naked body beneath the sheets.

“You wore pants at my family’s home,” Yuuri said. “When you weren’t parading around the onsen in the nude, anyway,” he added under his breath. Victor’s lips tugged into a wide grin.

“Yes, but we weren’t alone there,” Victor said, his tone deeper. His words curled around Yuuri seductively, making him feel short of breath.

“Well, I’m wearing this,” Yuuri said, holding up his bundle of clothes. He turned off the light before changing quickly, keeping to the shadows. He was still self-conscious of his stretch marks from gaining and losing weight so quickly, even when Victor insisted that there was nothing wrong with them — that they were a part of Yuuri. He could feel Victor’s eyes on him. He could hear the rustle of Victor pulling off his sweater and shucking his pants. A small part of Yuuri wished he had the courage to turn and watch Victor stripping off his clothes, but he was too shy.

They both fell into the bed, claiming opposite sides. Yuuri stayed well away, curling up on the edge and facing towards the window. It took him a while to relax enough to fall asleep, but he managed eventually after listening to the soothing sound of Victor’s deep breaths.

Five minutes later — or five hours, he wasn’t sure — Yuuri woke up. It was the middle of the night, he could tell that much. He was half awake and disoriented, only for a few minutes. He wasn’t sure why he had woken up at all. He snuggled closer into the warm cocoon of the strong arms wrapped tightly around him. The soothing rhythm of long fingers carding through his hair lulled Yuuri back to sleep.


In the morning Yuuri woke with a slow, satisfied stretch. He had slept well; better than he could remember in recent months. Part of him wanted to stay in the nest of warm blankets with the solid form tucked against him.

He froze when he realized the reason he was so warm and comfortable was because Victor was spooned around him, arms and legs tangled with Yuuri’s like Victor was an octopus. Victor murmured in his sleep, protesting Yuuri’s escape as he began to wiggle away from his coach.

“Mm, come back,” Victor mumbled. “Warm.”

Yuuri’s mind flashed back to the first time he’d seen Victor wake up, mumbling about being hungry while his robe slipped off his shoulder. He gulped, trying to wriggle gently away from Victor again. Victor protested again, wrapping his arm tightly around his waist. Yuuri’s pulse pounded. He didn’t know what to do, or how to get away without disturbing Victor. This can’t be right, Yuuri thought. He wondered if perhaps Victor was dreaming about one of his many partners, of someone he cared for. Yuuri felt a sharp pang stab through his heart at the idea of Victor with someone else — someone who wasn’t Yuuri. He frowned to himself, allowing himself one quick moment to enjoy Victor’s drowsy embrace.

Victor shifted in his sleep, allowing Yuuri to get away without waking him up. Yuuri took a slow, steadying breath before he started to get ready for practice.


Later, when they were done practice for the day, they were back in the hotel room. They were both taking turns showering before bed. Victor had gone into the bathroom first, promising Yuuri that he would be quick.

“I’m sure this makes you miss being home, where you can soak your muscles in the onsen after skating,” Victor had said with a genial smile on his way out of the room.

Yuuri flopped back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. He wondered if that night would be the same as the previous one. Even in a king sized bed, it seemed inevitable that he couldn’t escape Victor’s affectionate touches. It was difficult enough to be carrying his feelings around in his heart, with Victor around him all day training him. His hands were always everywhere on Yuuri to correct him or praise him. Yuuri closed his eyes, his cheeks flushing hotly with embarrassment. Victor’s praise always made him feel so… he could barely describe it, but it filled him with a rush of warmth and excitement to be told he’d done a good job.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening. Victor emerged in a cloud of steam. He was toweling his hair, water dripping from the damp tendrils down his neck and onto his chest. He was clad in only a towel, slung low on his hips. It left barely anything to Yuuri’s imagination, despite having already seen Victor naked on multiple occasions. He seemed to prefer strutting about, proudly nude, rather than wear clothes. Yuuri swallowed thickly as he watched another droplet of water run down Victor’s chest and into the thatch of silvery curls that led down from his navel.

“Shower’s all yours, Yuuri!” Victor said with an easy grin. He looked like something straight out of a wet dream, with his muscles rippling and his skin flushed from the heat of the shower. His hands moved to drop the towel around his waist, making Yuuri’s eyes widen comically. Yuuri hopped up from the bed, snatching his towel up, and hurried towards the bathroom before Victor could notice him blushing. He swore he heard a muffled chuckle after he closed the bathroom door harder than was strictly necessary. He felt out of breath, and overheated.

He stood under the warm spray of water with his eyes closed tightly. Yuuri willed himself not to touch his half-hard cock while he showered, desperately trying to think of anything else. He performed his tasks in a perfunctory fashion, scrubbing at his skin with soap. He lingered in the bathroom after dressing in sweatpants and a t-shirt, leaning against the vanity sink for support while he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

“Go out there and get into bed,” he told himself firmly. He couldn’t believe he had to give himself a pep talk to leave his hiding place in the bathroom. “It’s only Victor. He’s nothing to be afraid of.”

When he went into the bedroom the lights were off. He slipped into bed, thankful that Victor already seemed to be asleep. Victor mumbled garbled words, shifting around. I can’t believe the person I’ve idolized for so long is a sleep talker, Yuuri thought with a smile. Victor moved again, rolling over in his sleep, flinging his arm over Yuuri’s middle. He was assaulted by Victor’s smell; it enveloped him in a way that was both comforting, and maddening. He smelled so good. It was something that Yuuri associated with happiness and home, now. Yuuri had to restrain himself from deeply inhaling Victor’s scent, when all he wanted to do was bury his nose in Victor’s hair. Victor was clinging to his side, pressing his face close against his chest. Yuuri tried to calm his excited heartbeat that sped up as Victor hugged him. He squirmed in vain, but he couldn’t get Victor to let go.

He sighed, resigning himself to being Victor Nikiforov’s personal teddy bear for the duration of their stay in the hotel. Yuuri looked down, studying Victor in the dim moonlight while he slept. His face was relaxed and peaceful. There was a light dusting of freckles on his nose from the time they had spent at the beach during the summer. They were faded now, but Yuuri could see them, now that he was so close to Victor. He wanted to reach out and trace them lightly with his fingertips. His lips looked soft and tempting, making Yuuri wonder what it would be like to feel them pressed against his own. He often wondered how Victor would kiss him — whether it would be a soft, sweet kiss, or a demanding one that took, and took, and took.

Victor murmured something that sounded suspiciously like Yuuri’s name on a sigh. He buried his face in his neck. Yuuri froze when he felt the warm press of lips against his neck. He exhaled a shaky breath.

Victor was going to be the death of him.

Yet, despite his tension, he managed to fall asleep quickly after Victor settled down into a deeper sleep.


In the middle of the night Yuuri woke to an insistent pressure against his backside. His eyes blinked awake slowly as his hips naturally rolled back against the solid mass of warmth cocooning him. He hummed sleepily, feeling confused and groggy from sleep. He was struggling into full consciousness, on the edge of falling asleep again.

He felt more awake when he realized there was something — or, rather, someone — rocking against him, pressing his erection into Yuuri’s ass insistently.

Yuuri glanced around the dark room, remembering where he was, and, more specifically, who he was in bed with. Yuuri gasped when he heard a faint moan from Victor.

“Yuu-ri…” Victor’s voice was faint and gravelly from sleep. “Yuuri, mmnh,” he mumbled into the skin of Yuuri’s shoulder. And just like that, Yuuri’s heart was beating an excited tattoo in his chest, and his cock twitched in his boxers. The t-shirt he was sleeping in had become rumpled during the night, the collar of it riding down low and exposing more of his shoulder. Victor was pressing his lips to the skin there. Yuuri realized, belatedly, that he was still rocking back against him, instinctually meeting each press of his hips. Victor murmured, too softly for Yuuri to make out what he was saying, dragging his lips along his skin until it began to tingle from the sensation. His breath quickened as his body reacted in excitement. Yuuri couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He was sure that Victor was half asleep and dreaming. There was no way that he actually felt anything close to what Yuuri felt for Victor. He couldn’t even believe there was a possibility that Victor could actual want him — desire him.

Victor shifted closer as his hands explored, fingers slipping under Yuuri’s shirt and stroking the sleep-warmed skin of his stomach. Yuuri’s breath hitched as Victor’s hands grew bolder in their exploration. How is he sleeping through this?

He tried to hold still, his muscles bunched tightly, as Victor’s fingers drew patterns over his stomach and chest. He bit his lip as those long fingers traced a circle around his navel before drifting lower. Yuuri couldn’t stop his body from reacting to Victor’s unconscious ministrations. It felt so good to have Victor touching him in such a way, and after the tension building from sharing a room — a bed — together over the last couple of days, Yuuri was feeling ready to burst with the built up arousal coursing through him. He couldn’t restrain a strangled moan as Victor’s fingers teased the edge of his pants.

“Finally awake, are you?” Victor’s husky voice in Yuuri’s ear surprised him, making him tense up.

“Wha—” he started to ask what Victor was playing at, but Victor’s hands tugged at him insistently.

“Come here,” Victor said in a firm undertone. He turned Yuuri around so that they were facing each other. Yuuri stared at him, more questions on the tip of his tongue, running through his mind frantically. Were they really going to do this? Would it change everything between them? Would it only be the one time? What will it mean?

Yuuri opened his mouth to let his questions come tumbling out, but Victor just smiled that warm, fond smile that Yuuri loved. Without wasting another minute, or giving him a chance to catch up, Victor kissed a trail of open-mouthed kisses up Yuuri’s neck that left him shuddering. His hand rubbed a soothing circle on Yuuri’s hip. He arched into Victor’s touch, gasping when Victor pulled their hips together so that the hard ridges of their cocks lined up. Yuuri made an embarrassing sound of pleasure at the friction.

"Is this okay?" Victor asked, his eyes roaming Yuuri's face.

"Y-yes," Yuuri said. Victor stared at him, pinning him in place until Yuuri cleared his throat to repeat himself more firmly. "Yes, I want this."

"Good," Victor said quietly, his voice trembling slightly. "I do, too."

Okay, so we’re doing this, Yuri thought with wide eyes.

They ground their hips together, panting, with their breaths co-mingling. Yuuri hooked a leg over Victor’s, shifting closer until lit felt like they could become one entity. Victor’s whole body shuddered, his hand sliding back to grip Yuuri’s ass in a tight squeeze, his fingers teasing between Yuuri’s clothed cheeks. “Victor,” he whispered, his voice full of heat, wonder, and desire. Their eyes met in the dark room. Yuuri’s heart leapt into his throat at the way those intense, blue eyes were piercing him. Part of him wanted to close his eyes, to look away from the stare that was pinning him, but he couldn’t bring himself to break eye contact.

“Yuuri,” Victor echoed his murmur, his tone sounding just as wrecked as Yuuri’s, and Yuuri gave in completely. He felt Victor’s long, elegant fingers teasing at the waistband of his pants for a moment before cupping his hard cock through the material. He surged forward and kissed Victor. It wasn’t sweet or soft, like he had fantasized so many times when he was alone with his thoughts. It was firm, and it had a desperate edge to it. Everything about it said finally; he felt it to the depths of his very soul. Victor opened his mouth up to him without hesitation, groaning into the kiss and deepening it. He turned it into something even more insistent, and dirty. Yuuri trembled as Victor’s tongue chased his, sucking on it as if he were sucking on something else. Victor nipped at Yuuri’s lower lip, and then soothed it by tracing it with his tongue. Their lips slid together in a way that made Yuuri’s whole body ache with need. Victor broke the kiss to nibble along his jaw. Yuuri was marveling at the faint whimpering, desperate sounds that were escaping Victor. It thrilled him to hear Victor losing his precise control in such a way.

Yuuri was sure he was going to explode, or die of desire any minute.

“Victor,” he gasped when Victor laved his neck with biting, sucking kisses. Victor’s hand came up to tug sharply at the collar of his shirt to expose more skin. Yuuri tipped his head to grant Victor better access. “Oh,” Yuuri groaned as Victor hungrily devoured his neck. Victor was working what was sure to be an impressive bruise into the skin of Yuuri’s neck. “Victor… more, please. I need more.”

“Yes, Yuuri,” Victor said in a breathless rush. His gaze was intent on Yuuri, watching him raptly. “That’s it. You’re so alluring like this, asking for what you want. It’s irresistible.”

“I want to touch you, please.” Yuuri felt his cheeks prickle with heat at his forward statement. He wasn’t sure he felt fully confident in bed with Victor, especially when he was sure Victor had so much more experience than he did. Yet, Victor’s attentions made him want to show Victor that he did know exactly what he wanted — that he knew what his Eros was in that moment.

In a move that was bolder than he felt, Yuuri pulled Victor’s boxers down to free his cock. He couldn’t see it well in the dark, but he marveled at the silky, hot flesh. It felt so good in his hand. Victor sucked in a sharp breath, his hips surging forward. He muttered in Russian under his breath. Yuuri touched Victor lightly at first, gaining confidence in his touches at the sounds Victor made. Yuuri was overcome with a need to make Victor completely lose control. He wanted to make Victor feel good; he wanted to be the reason that he came undone at the seams. He stroked Victor’s cock in firm tugs, pulling the foreskin back and rubbing his thumb against the vein on the underside. He experimentally twisted his wrist on an upstroke, and was rewarded with Victor’s reaction.

“Oh!” Victor moaned feverishly as he bucked into the circle of Yuuri’s fist. “Yes, just like that! God, Yuuri, I want you so much. Please, don’t stop.”

Victor wasn’t able to keep his hands to himself while Yuuri stroked his cock. He impatiently yanked Yuuri’s sweatpants and boxers away. Victor bit his lip, pushing his shirt up to reveal more skin. His eyes were hungry and dark with desire, roaming over Yuuri’s body in the dim, moonlit room. “I’ve wanted you since I first saw you skating my routine,” he admitted reverently. Yuuri’s stomach dropped at those words,and he arched against Victor.

He relished Victor’s moan when he spread pre-come over the sensitive head of Victor’s cock with his thumb, rubbing in circles. Victor’s fingers gripped his hip tight enough to leave bruises. “Fuck, oh — Yuu-ri! So good,” Victor moaned as he fucked into the circle of Yuuri’s fist. He kissed Yuuri messily, barely managing to connect their lips together. “I want to suck you, but I’m not going to last. I need —” Victor’s husky rumble cut off abruptly. He batted Yuuri’s hand away, and pulled him closer in one swift motion. They were pressed together so closely that Yuuri could barely tell where one of them started and the other ended.

Victor wrapped those long, tantalizing fingers around both of their cocks. They both groaned together as Victor stroked them. Their cocks were pressed tightly together, slicked by their pre-come. Yuuri thought he might die at how good the heated slide and pressure of Victor’s cock against his felt. He buried his face in Victor’s neck, biting down on the juncture where it met his pale shoulder with a muffled moan. He indulged himself, exploring any part of Victor he could reach. He caressed his bicep, traced his collarbone, and scratched his nails lightly down Victor’s back. Victor’s gasped yes made Yuuri feel even bolder. He grabbed Victor’s ass in a firm handful, squeezing and massaging it. He let his fingers trail between Victor’s cheeks, teased Victor’s hole with a light stroke. Victor muttered more Russian that he didn’t understand in a strangled tone. They both arched together as Victor’s hand tightened, speeding up his strokes.

“God, that’s so —” Yuuri cut himself off to kiss Victor. He could feel the curve of Victor’s smile against his lips. He pulled away far enough to see Victor’s self-satisfied smirk.

“I know, Yuuri,” he said heatedly. His smug look dropped off of his face when he glanced down to watch his hand wrapped around both of their cocks. Victor bit his lip. His hand squeezed their throbbing lengths, and they both gasped appreciatively. They were both so close to the edge — both chasing their mutual releases.

“Please,” Yuuri half-sobbed, his hand joining with Victor’s to stroke their cocks together. Victor was murmuring heatedly in Russian, and hearing those words groaned hotly against his ear made Yuuri whimper. A shiver shot down his spine. Victor groaned, almost embarrassingly loud, as he lost control. Yuuri felt Victor’s cock twitching and throbbing against his as he came, the sticky globs coating their fingers.

“Yuuri…” Victor breathed out his name as he rode out his orgasm, still stroking — spreading his own come on Yuuri’s cock. Yuuri couldn’t hold on any longer, he was so close and he just wanted to fall over the edge and join Victor in oblivion. “Show me Yuuri. Come for me, please! Come now.”

Ahh!” Victor’s murmured words washed over him, making his orgasm shoot through him. He was gasping, and his muscles were quaking. Victor kept stroking him through it, slowing down, and squeezing Yuuri. He milked the last of Yuuri’s come out with gentle squeezes that made his toes curl with delight.

They were both panting and messy, staring at each other in the dark room. “Victor…” Yuuri said reluctantly, not wanting to break the delicate silence that stretched between them. He never wanted to leave this perfect bubble.

“Shhh,” Victor hushed him, reaching over to the bedside table for the tissue box. “Later. Let’s get cleaned up and go back to sleep. In the morning we can take a shower. Then I can taste you all that I want,” he said in a deep timbre, licking his cheek playfully, and kissing him with a quick peck. “Mm, my little katsudon. I bet you’re tasty everywhere, and I must sample all of you, zvyozdochka.” Yuuri’s bubbling panic was soothed by Victor’s words. Showering together? Sure, they had soaked together in the hot springs often since Victor first became his coach, but showering together was something else altogether, Yuuri thought. His heart clenched at the mental image of Victor soaping him up, and washing his hair. It was such an intimate picture; it made him lose his breath. Victor smiled at him warmly. “Shhh, I can hear you thinking. It’s okay, Yuuri.”

Victor gently wiped them both off with tissues, tossing the dirty ones over the side of the bed and onto the floor.

“It’s a good thing you’re a figure skater. You’d never make it in sports that involve aim,” Yuuri teased when he saw that all of the tissues missed the wastebasket. Victor gave his ass a light, playful smack and laughed. Yuuri could feel Victor’s chest rumble with the vibration of it. It warmed his heart; he felt so happy in that moment — it was an indescribable joy.

“I was too distracted by you to have good aim,” Victor said, still laughing. He ran his hand up and down Yuuri’s back, caressing and massaging alternatively. “Let’s go back to sleep. You wore me out,” Victor said affectionately.

“Me? You’re the one who woke me up, if I recall correctly,” Yuuri said.

Victor laughed again, carding his fingers through Yuuri’s hair in a soothing manner. Victor helped as Yuuri struggled out of his rumpled clothes. They settled back down into bed. Victor tugged and arranged Yuuri until he was satisfied with their position, tangled up together. He nuzzled against his shoulder. Yuuri felt sated, and boneless as they began to drift back to sleep. He could feel Victor pressing lazy kisses to every inch of skin he could reach.

“Mm, thank you, Yuuri.” He was just nodding off into sleep when he heard Victor speak those words quietly into his neck.

He didn’t feel nervous anymore. He felt like he would be able to fly across the ice. He fell asleep feeling safe and warm in Victor’s embrace.