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Summer Camp Secrets

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Chapter 1: Camp Haven

Dave Strider was a not so ordinary boy living in the state of Texas. With interests for rap music, turntables and video games he sounded pretty normal to most. If you knew him and knew he also liked dead things, being ironic as hell, awful horror movies and always wearing a pair of shades he sounded just a little odd, but that was still not how odd he was. He had a well kept secret only his bro knew about.

Dave was his real name, it has been since he was four and it felt the realest to him, but apperantly his birth certificate had other plans and on it another, horrible and feminine name stood. Oh how he hated his dead name and how it haunted him, he couldn’t wait for the day he could get it changed so he could really be Dave, both legally and mentally. Well to keep it simple, Dave Strider was a trans boy and had know since he was four year old.
Being trans didn’t bother him at all, he knew he was completely normal exactly like all the cis dudes, it was how the looked down on trans people that bothered him. Even though he usually passed he still sometimes got some insults that he would not want to think about, so that made him hate public spaces with lots of people. Which was just fucking perfect because what bro just stormed into his room to say.
“Sup lil bro, you’re going to summer camp tomorrow”


Day 1 out of 28 of Camp

“Bro you fucking suck for this you know that right?”, Dave said as he looked outside of the window of his bro’s jeep. They had been driving for two hours and they were almost there at the “glorious” Camp Haven as his bro had called it. More like Camp Hell if he was the one naming it. Of all things he wanted to do this summer a fucking summer camp was the last thing he wanted. Bro was such a douche.
“Well sorry for wanting you to actually do something a summer for once instead of sitting inside and blasting Dr Dre while playing Overwatch for thirty hours straight over and over again”, he muttered as he turned left.
“Since when have you actually cared? And when you start you always make it worse. Summer camp is gonna suck, what do you even do there?”.
“Well paint some pinecones and swim or something? Figure something out”.
“Bro you know I can’t swim together with others. Even if I swam with my binder I don’t want others to find out. We live in motherfucking deadass Texas for fucks sake. How am I gonna hide this for, how long did you say I was gonna stay? I zoned out during your long protocol yesterday”.
Bro turned right and speed up a little “Four weeks kiddo. Get used to it because this is better than being alone by yourself while I’m away with work”
“Oh you mean making gay smuppet porn in Jersey with some dudes you met on the street? Totally a good work excuse, ten out of ten, sounds amaaaazing”, Dave said as he put his headphones over his ears and pressed the play button on his iPod. He was greated by some songs of Watsky and quitly hummed along as he watched the nature outside of the car window. Atleast he had his music. Oh god how he hoped that he would be able to charge his iPod, he would not survive for four entire weeks without it, hell no. And after about twenty more minutes they drove into a smaller road there a forest had began to form.
“Looking nice lil bro? We’ll be there in like 10 and we need to talk, so stop blasting that Twenty One Pilot our whatever”.
“Why the fuck would I listen to that? I’m listening to Watsky, real motherfucking rap, I wouldn’t even listen to T.O.P ironically”, Dave said and looked slightly offended at his bro. No one could no that he liked that band, especially not bro because he would taunt him forever for liking mainstream stuff. He only listened to them when he was alone.
“Well whatever it is, stop the music”.
“Sure whatever”, he said as he took his headphones out and put the iPod in the front pocket of his red hoodie.
“Okay first thing first, atleast try to behave. Or atleast behave so much she you won’t get kicked out because I can’t fly from Jersey to pick you up”, he said. “And try to make some friends, you are always alone at school. And third, since you’re as gay as me aka as gay as the sun is hot, please do not get pregnant”.
“Of course I would not get pregnant. I would rather die than being associated with such a fucking thing as that. It’s bad enough with periods. Dudes like me ain’t supposed to have em and you know that. Plus I’m 15 so you ain’t becoming an uncle soon, of ever”, Dave said and shrugged it off. Yes it was true that he was very attracted to men and that he would get so lovesick so he couldn’t explain it, but even if he ever met the most perfect “Prince Charming” as his brother called it, he would never ever in a million years do the deed with someone.
“Ok bro I trust you. We should be able to see the place any second, your bags are in the back. When we get there you take em and go to a supervisor and they should tell you what to do next”, Bro said.
“Ok sure”, Dave said as a part of the camp came into view. Down the hill he saw a huge lake with canoes parked on the side. On the left side of it there were tons of cabins built in squares. A little further away there was two huge buildings, and one house maybe three times bigger than a cabin. All around the lake there were small things here and there like logs, other houses to store stuff, benches, and at the beach near the lake there were some parasols. And a huge stage and an obstacle course. He could also see some trails leading into the forest that was surrounding everything. The surroundings were actually pretty neat for his Strider standards, but he knew camp was gonna suck anyway. Who ever heard of a camp that was actually fun? Sure he hadn’t atleast.
He then saw Bro drive into a parking lot with parents constantly dropping their kids off, so these were the ones he was gonna share hell with.
“Okay lil bro we’re here. See you on four weeks”, Bro said as he parked the car. Dave got up, took his bags, and waved and then saw his bro start the car and drive away.
He was alone in hell now.
Four weeks of hell.
“Just perfect”, he thought to himself as he walked in the same direction as most newly arrived did, to one of the big buildings, and as he came inside the doors he was greated by a tall woman with black hair who wore a purple camp tshirt with the letters “Camp Haven” written on it with a golden color, and there was a small golden house symbol beside it. He also saw that someone had drawn with a black marker on it, drawing a heart with the name “Jessie” inside of it.
“Hello and welcome to Camp Heaven. My name is Jessie and I’m one of the leaders. I’ll assign you your cabin and after our meet and great you’ll get your shirt and a marker so you can write your name and a symbol that describes you on it so people can get a first look of you. What’s your name?”
“Dave Strider”, he said, trying to make his voice as deep as he could without making it noticeable.
“Okay Strider”, she said and ticked a box on the paper she was holding. It says you’re 15 so you’ll be staying in Cabin 11 with five other boys that are 15. You can go around and mingle a little, the Camp introduction will begin in thirty”, she said, and walked over to the next kid entering the building. Sure this was gonna be a ride