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dreamscapes (need to escape)

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The first time it happens, Namjoon assumes it’s just a normal, albeit weird, dream. He recalls the last few pieces in vivid detail, him laying on a bed in a somewhat small apartment. There’s another boy on another bed in the room with dark hair and dark eyes. They’re crinkled up with the way the boy is laughing, revealing a cute bunny-toothed smile. Namjoon feels such huge amounts of affection towards this boy, who he’ll realize he doesn’t know when he wakes up later, but in that moment it doesn’t matter and he finds himself returning the smile.

“You haven’t been at it long, huh, hyung?” The boy teases, but his words hold no malice, “It is pretty confusing at first, but you get used to it. Especially when you meet everyone else.”

Despite Namjoon’s contentedness in this place with this boy- Jungkook, his mind helpfully supplies- this statement strikes a chord somewhere deep inside of his being, and everything feels a little bit too real because Namjoon knows he’s dreaming, and can’t you control dreams when you’re dreaming? Panic begins bubbling up his throat. He tries to change the boy- his name is Jungkook. He can’t. His eyes widen and a look of recognition crosses the boy’s face, and suddenly the boy is up from his bed, reaching out to Namjoon.

“Wait, hyung, calm down, don’t-”

He wakes up in a cold sweat. Everything is still there, he remembers it so clearly. Namjoon grabs his phone and checks the time. One minute before his alarm is supposed to go off. He grimaces.

* * * * *

Namjoon is seriously questioning his life choices, and not in the way that would help him on his essay in philosophy that’s due, shit, tomorrow? He winces internally because not only does he have that to deal with, but he’d gotten held back in an uncomfortable conversation with some chick in his last class that he’s got no interest in, and now he’s sprinting halfway across campus to meet Jackson for lunch. By the time he reaches the new cafe, he’s gasping for breath, his painfully styled hair and outfit disheveled.

“Wow, you look great,” Namjoon’s head whips up in the direction of the sarcastic comment, and he glares at a very amused Jackson.

“Shut up,” Namjoon huffs as they walk in, “it’s not my fault that you had to choose a place all the way across campus on the day that I have class with that one girl who won’t leave me alone.”

Jackson rolls his eyes at that.

“Oh, yes, I know. It’s so hard to deal with having so many girls head over heels for you,” Jackson snickers at the look Namjoon shoots him, “Go sit down, I’ll order our stuff.”

It’s really a testament to their friendship that Namjoon complies without much protest. He even ends up forgetting about the weird-ass morning he’s had when Jackson gets to the table, the natural flow of conversation sweeping him away from his thoughts. When their names are called, Namjoon automatically stands to retrieve their order, a product of the routine he and Jackson have created over the past few years. He’s still smiling slightly from what they’d been talking about when he reaches the counter, happy in the friendly atmosphere of the cafe with the warm ambiance of quiet conversations layered underneath the slightly busier chatter of the cafe staff. Another person’s name is called as he’s gathering up the tray with the coffee and snacks Jackson ordered for them- hey, haven’t you heard that name recently?- so he tries to get out of the way quickly, almost falling in the process. He’s so focused on trying to not ruin the order he’d come up to get that he hardly notices the strong grip around his waist that saves him from ending up face-first on the ground.

“Holy shit, oh my god” Namjoon breathes to himself, slightly in relief and also slightly in mortification, “Uh, thanks for catching me and all, that was really close.”

“Yeah, no problem. You okay though, hyung?” And when Namjoon turns to look at the person who’s saved him from falling flat on his ass, he’s met with dark hair and dark eyes and a bunny-toothed smile. Namjoon knows they haven’t met. They’re strangers to each other. So he does his best to quell the panic that is suddenly filling him and mutters something along the lines of ’yeah totally fine haha’ before booking it back to the booth and not looking back. It was just a dream, he reminds himself. People you don’t know show up in dreams all the time, you’ve just probably seen him around campus before.

It isn’t until later when he’s staring at his half-finished essay with dead eyes that he realizes that the boy- no- that Jungkook, who is not supposed to know anything about him, called him hyung.