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That Kind of Dangerous

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The first thing Red spotted when she finally made it to the diner was Emma waiting on a stool.  Tying on her apron, Red stepped behind the counter and dodged a thrown pancake from her grandmother.  She was only like thirty minutes late.  She had gotten a shower.  Being late was better than showing up with Lacey’s lipstick smeared across her neck.  She couldn’t do much about the hickies though.

“So, um,” Emma said, when she brought her her coffee.  “I hear you left with Lacey last night.”

Great.  Everyone knew.

“And I think I saw her walk of shame past in bare feet and a Green Day t-shirt.”  Emma grinned.  “Seriously, Green Day?”

Red bared her teeth.  “Fuck off.”

“Oh, I see.  Hungover?”

“I have customers.”

“No you don’t.  You banged Lacey last night.  And I know I said hooking up with someone was a good idea, but…”

“Ruby banged Lacey last night,” Red said, feeling like it was a lie as she said it.  “Ruby is a slut.  Lacey is a slut.  It worked out.  It wasn’t me.”

Emma’s face went still.  “I don’t like to hear you say stuff like that.  Embracing your sexuality is not being a slut.  And I hate to break it to you, but you and Ruby, are the same person.  So, Ruby having some athletic bitey sex with Lacey means that Red had athletic bitey sex with Lacey.”

Red sank a little into herself.  It was true.  Ruby hadn’t gone out last night.  She had gone out.  And she was Ruby as much as she was Red.  If she wasn’t, that meant Red had really punched her v-card with a bang last night, and that was way too awkward to contemplate.  “I know.”

“Unfortunately, that also means that you had athletic bitey sex with the woman who bodysnatched the girl you had a crush on.”

“I didn’t have a—” Red sighed.  She might as well give it up.  “It was fine.  It was… hate sex.”  Kind of, not really.  Maybe it had been intended to be that, but it hadn’t ended up that way.  Hate sex wasn’t supposed to end in a sleepover.  “I didn’t spend the evening pretending she was Belle.  I didn’t even really think about her, once she got naked.  It was just sex, and I’m sure it will have been good for me, once I’m not hungover anymore.”

“Good,” Emma said, sounding relieved, possibly too easily.  She leaned back against her seat and sipped her coffee.  “So tell me.  Lacey, firecracker in bed?”

“Um,” Red considered this.  She wanted to say something like, she talks big, but she’s not that experienced, she seems to like it rough, but more nails and biting than cock.  She’s a quick learner, and interested, and not selfish.  And she says she doesn’t like kissing, but I’m thinking I could change that, but I’m not allowed.  But that was all really personal, and probably an overshare.  She smiled instead and leaned forward slightly, tugging at her collar to expose one of the archipelagoes of bruises running across her body.  “You bet.”

“Is Mr. Gold going to kill you?”

Red laughed.  “Definitely.”

*          *            *

Ruby was pretty sure Mr. Gold did try to kill her a couple of times.  Thank god for wolf reflexes.  Dodging falling statuary, kitchen explosions, etc, was not fun.  Either she was a lot more accident prone than usual, or Mr. Gold was trying to off her without getting Lacey pissed at him.

Emma, when she noticed, decided to tail her for a while and unfortunately got hit by some statue shrapnel.  Now that it was starting to affect the people around her, Ruby decided that she had to talk to Lacey.

Of course, the day she decided to talk to Lacey was the day Lacey decided to walk into the diner and sit down at the counter.

“Um, hi,” said Ruby.

“Hi,” said Lacey, then looked down at Ruby’s tight short skirt.  Embarrassed, Ruby tried to tug it down slightly.  Lacey smirked at her.  “I’ve seen more than that.

“Not at my workplace, you haven’t.”

Lacey cocked her head in that slightly intrigued way that meant her imagination was up to no good.  “Might like that.”

“No,” said Granny as she walked past them. 

Ruby and Lacey exchanged a horrified look, and when Lacey broke into giggles, Ruby couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“So, we heard the answer on that.  And anyway, isn’t your boyfriend trying to kill me?”

Lacey rolled her eyes.  “Yeah.  I think I’ve got him to stop though.  I hate the way he acts like he owns me.  But it wasn’t as if I was going to fuck anything for like a week after you were done with me, and that got him pretty upset.”

Ruby flushed slightly.  “Sorry,” she said.

Lacey grinned.  “I asked for it.  And I’m not sorry.  Anyway, I told him that I was exploring alternative forms of sexuality with you, that it was educational.  Then he got all puffed up and said he could teach me anything I wanted to know, so I told him that I really wanted to explore my bisexuality.  His face got all red, but he nodded, so I think he’s not going to try to kill you anymore.”

“Um,” Ruby said.  “I’m not sure if you’re asking me to hook up again, but just up front, anything that involves Mr. Gold is a deal breaker.  I do not want him anywhere near me when I’m naked.  Ever.”

“Not even an exhibition?  Darn.” Lacey reached out and caught her arm.  “But just so you know, yes.  I’m asking you to hook up again.  Like, frequently.  And here’s the list of things I want to do.”  Lacey handed her a sheet of paper and then slid off the stool.  “Friday?  After closing?  I’ll see you.”


Lacey headed out the door, waving and casting a little flirty smile over her shoulder.

Ruby looked down at the list.

1)    Fuck you with the strap on

2)    You eat me out

3)    Eat you out

4)    Tie you up

5)    Spanking

6)    You tie me up (maybe)

7)    Mess around with your ass

8)    You fuck my ass

9)    Nipple piercing?

10) We’ll see…

She felt a little like she wanted to cry, but she wasn’t sure if it was in excitement or absolute batshit terror.

“What the hell, Ruby?”

Ruby jumped and dropped the list, then grabbed the list from the air and clasped it desperately to her chest.  Snow was staring at her from right across the counter, looking appalled.

“You’re talking to Lacey now?  I thought you…” Then Snow looked suddenly enlightened.  “Did she remember?  Why did no one tell me?”

“No!” Ruby exclaimed.  “She didn’t remember!  She’s still Lacey.  You know, Gold’s kept woman, hates reading, way too into… sex.”

Snow frowned at her.  “But you’re talking to her.”

Talking.  Yes.”

From down the counter, Leroy snorted into his coffee.  “Talking?  Yeah, if you count ‘faster, harder, more, baby.’”

Snow straightened, blinking and looking like nothing so much as a prudish schoolmarm.  “What?

“Where have you been?” Leroy guffawed.  “Our Ruby fucked Gold’s girl so hard that she had to limp home the next morning and put an icepack on her crotch.  We all saw her.  And we saw the marks she left on you, darling.”

Ruby felt her face going red and wanted to sink slowly below the counter and die of embarrassment.  Snow was also turning red, but looking more and more schoolmarmish.  There was a reason that Ruby and Mary Margaret hadn’t been friends.  Then, all of a sudden, Snow pushed through the gate to behind the counter, grabbed Ruby’s hand and dragged her into the back pantry.

Ruby!  You slept with Lacey?”

“…yes?”  Ruby kept the list tightly pressed to her chest.  There were things Snow never needed to see, and this was one of them.

Why?”  Snow didn’t wait for an answer.  She started pacing around the pantry, gesticulating her thoughts to herself.  “I mean, I know that you were attracted to Belle.  It was pretty obvious.”

Ruby squeaked slightly.  It hadn’t been obvious, had it?  Maybe it had.  Everyone seemed to know.

“And I can’t say I wasn’t hoping that we wouldn’t find a way to release her from Gold’s clutches so you two could have a nice quiet romance.  I mean, it wouldn’t be true love, but it could still be perfectly reasonable.  I thought you might get married and raise some… puppies.”

Ruby quietly wanted to die.  Knowing about your friends’ secret plans for your life was like knowing what they called you behind your back, only worse.

“But… Lacey isn’t Belle.  She’s not going to leave Gold, and she isn’t… stable, like Belle was.  She doesn’t seem the type to settle.  And she’s kind of a… a ho.” Snow whispered the last word and scrunched her nose in displeasure.

“I know all of that!” Ruby snapped back.  “But I’m not looking for settled.  I might have gone for it, once.”  Red might have gone for it, she realized.  Red was the one who Snow was looking out for.  She was the one who had had enough of life and trouble, and who wanted something safe and quiet and normal, like living above a library and working at the diner and not the sheriff’s office, like being part of a family.  But she wasn’t just Red anymore, and she wasn’t trying to stop being Ruby.  They were both part of her.  “I liked Belle a lot.  I would have wanted that with her.  But she’s gone, and she’s not coming back.  And Lacey isn’t her, isn’t her at all.  But she’s just as sexy, if not more, and she’s interesting, in a different way.”

“She’s interesting to your vagina,” Snow said, in such a flat tone of voice that Ruby blanched.


“That’s just what you said.  She’s sexy, so she’s interesting, so you’re interested in doing sex with her.”

“I’m… kind of confused.” Ruby said.  And horrified.  “But, yes.  Lacey and I had sex.  It did not involve Mr. Gold.  They have an…” open relationship was really not the right phrase. “… an arrangement.”

“Just once?”

“Um.  So far.”

Snow rolled her eyes up to the heavens.  “Ruby.”

“Yeah, Ruby.  Listen to the name coming out of your mouth.  I’m not someone that you need to harass about my hookups.  I know what I’m doing.”

“But… you haven’t done that lately.”

“Well, your daughter said I should get back on the horse.”

Snow covered her face with her hand.  “Oh.  Emma.”

“And Emma already gave me shit about getting back on the horse with Lacey, but really, of the two people who are new to town after twenty-eight years of the same bar crowd, I think you should be happy that I went home with her instead of Emma.”

Snow groaned, still covering her face.  “Oh god, fine.  You have a point.  And it was just a ‘one night stand’ right?”

Ruby tried not to let her amusement at how Snow said the words ‘one night stand’ show on her face.  “It was a hookup,” Ruby said.  “Let’s not overthink this.  ‘Kay?”

“All right,” said Snow.  “I trust that you know what you’re doing.  I just, want to make sure you don’t get overly emotionally invested in this, because of Belle.”

The name bit lightly, as it always did.  But she was a grown up.  She didn’t need to be coddled and taken care of.  She could deal with disappointments like an adult.  “Snow, Belle is not Lacey.  No one knows this better than me.”

*          *            *

“Oh wow, I see why you like this,” Lacey said, strap-on buried to the hilt in Ruby’s cunt.  Ruby grabbed the sheets behind her head, lifted her hips, and locked her legs around Lacey’s waist.

“Come on,” Ruby hissed.  “Get to the fucking, or I’m going to use you as a sex toy.”

Lacey just grinned wider and leaned forward, pinning her hands and swiveling her hips, just to torture Ruby more.  “I’m really looking forward to tying you up.”

*          *            *

“Dental dams?  Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously,” Ruby said, swatting Lacey on the side of the head.  “I want to stay at least one step away from Mr. Gold.  His fluids, your fluids, my fluids.  That is too much fluid contact, okay?”

“I don’t let him in without protection.”

“Yeah, and you make him rubber up when you blow him too?  Because your mouth, kind of open access to the rest of you.”

Lacey wrinkled her nose.  “Really?”

“Really.  You can get all sorts of gross stuff from that.  And I do not know where he’s been.”

“’Kay,” Lacey snagged the box from her hand.  “Let’s do this.”

*          *            *

“I love that you have serious handcuffs and shackles and stuff!”

“Werewolf,” Ruby said, dryly.  “Kind of necessary.”

“Mmm,” Lacey sat down on the chair on the other end of the library basement and crossed her naked legs, putting her hands behind her head, arching her back so her high, delicate breasts were set off nicely.  “I think I’m just going to look at you for a while.  Ruby Lucas in chains is really, really sexy.”

*          *            *

“Gold was so pissed when I told him I wouldn’t blow him without a condom.”

“Is that why another statue almost fell on me?”

*          *            *

“I can’t tonight.  It’s wolfstime.”

Lacey bit her lower lip in a gesture that on Belle meant she was nervous, and on Lacey meant she was thinking something filthy.  Ruby leaned on the counter and watched her face, wondering, half amused, if it had actually meant that Belle was thinking something filthy too, and she had just hidden it better.  “And you’re not like… into really kinky sex during wolfstime?”

Ruby grinned, only a little embarrassed.  Apparently this girl fit Emma’s requirements perfectly.  “I kind of just like to run.”

Lacey scrunched her nose in disappointment.

*          *            *

“So, you didn’t specify directionality for number four.”

“Number four?” Lacey looked up from where she sat wrapped in a towel on the bathroom floor painting her toenails. 

Ruby leaned against the doorjamb, admiring the way her tousled wet hair fell over her naked shoulders and the water from the steamy room collected on her skin.  “Spanking?”

Lacey ducked her head, her color heightening.  “Yeah, um, maybe you could do it to me?”

Ruby’s wolf growled softly in her chest.  “I’d be honored.”


Lacey lay splayed over her lap, panting, her ass cheeks rose pink, slick and wet between her thighs.  Ruby walked her fingers up her thigh and teased her lips apart. 

“Mmm,” Lacey let out, sounding both inviting and sated.

Ruby cupped her ass, which made her squirm, and then rubbed her way up her back. 

“Yeah, right there,” Lacey mumbled, and Ruby shifted to put her on the bed.  She straddled her hips and set to giving her a proper backrub.

It was the affectionate feeling that made it awkward, really.  Lacey, when naked, was utterly unguarded.  She was sarcastic, but not shy, and she approached everything with amused and willing curiosity.  If she liked it, she liked it, and if she didn’t, she didn’t.

This was not a position she’d ever imagined herself to be in with Belle, having her sprawled over her naked lap, ready for a spanking, but if she had done it, she didn’t think she’d just relax, goad Ruby on, let out unreserved, pleased noises with every crack, and grind her hips into Ruby’s thighs until she came from it.  She’d be embarrassed, hide her face, hate to admit that she liked it – if she even did.  How much did kinks have to do with your body and how much was it all in your mind?

Lacey abandoned control easily, but she never seemed to doubt that she could take it back up again.  Every time Belle asserted control seemed like an effort.  Ruby doubted she’d enjoy letting it go.  It was strange, the ways they were different.

 “You’re the best.”  Lacey reached out and pulled Ruby down, then curled into her shoulder, cuddling against her.

“Lacey…” Ruby hesitated, stretching out next to her, letting her fingers tangle in her hair, stroking gently.  “Why do you hate books?”

Lacey huffed into her skin, and Ruby couldn’t tell whether it was amusement or annoyance.  “I don’t hate books.”


“I just don’t think books are a replacement for living your life.  I didn’t want people giving me books when they wouldn’t give me answers.  It was like, here, have some pretty lies so you don’t have to think.”

“That… makes a lot of sense.”

Lacey lifted her head and narrowed her eyes at Ruby.  “I’m not her.  Don’t fall for me.”

Ruby grinned, shaking her head.  “You think I don’t know that?  You think any of this would have ever happened with her?”  But she didn’t respond to the second statement.  Falling for her had nothing to do with any resemblance to Belle.  Lacey was that kind of dangerous all on her own.

*          *            *

Lacey leaned her chin on her hand on the counter at the diner and stirred the impromptu virgin cocktail Ruby had constructed for her with a swizzle stick.  Her sleeve fell down, revealing raw-looking ligature marks around her wrists.

Emma dropped her fork.

*          *            *

“You look… satisfied,” Emma said, a little awkwardly.

Ruby glanced over her shoulder and grinned at her.  “All thanks to your influence.”

“Yeah.”  Emma scratched her arm.  “I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.”

“What could be wrong?  I’m getting laid regularly, Gold doesn’t seem to be actively trying to murder me.  All good, right?”

“And you’re experimenting with exciting new kinks?”

Ruby shrugged.  “Sometimes new.  Sometimes we revisit old techniques.”

“You shackled her?”

“Mmm, that was one of the things we’ve been revisiting.”  Ruby couldn’t help the dirty smile, and Emma groaned forlornly.

“Don’t use sheriff’s department equipment, okay?”

“Don’t worry.  I have my own.”

Emma sighed and leaned against the wall.  “I guess I can’t help but worry a little bit.  I mean, it’s Lacey.”

“She’s not so bad.”


Ruby shrugged.  “I know it’s supposed to feel like a betrayal or something, but it really doesn’t.  You remember how I was saying that Ruby was Red without the dead boyfriend and family, without all the baggage that made me feel like I didn’t really deserve anything good in my life, and how Mary Margaret was Snow without Regina?”


“I’ve been wondering if Lacey is Belle without being used and trapped and controlled by other people for her entire life.  She doesn’t have that need to see the best in others, if only to find hope that they’ll treat her like a human instead of like an object…”

“Without the Stockholm Syndrome, you mean?”

Ruby winced.  That wasn’t really what she’d call it, but it was Gold.  It kind of had to be that, didn’t it?  “Yeah.”

“You like her, don’t you?”

Ruby smiled softly, and then caught herself.  “What makes you think that?”

Emma scoffed.  “Oh, you know.  The bitemarks on your neck.”

Ruby met her eyes, smiling again, this time more openly.  “Yeah,” she said.  “I do like her.  She’s the fun kind of crazy.”

Emma forced a grin in response.  Yeah, she thought, that’s what I was afraid of.

*          *            *

“Dinner, tonight,” Lacey stated, coming into the diner during the break between the lunch and dinner rush.  “Gold’s off doing something nefarious, and I need a night out.  And you need to eat food somewhere they don’t deep fry cheese.”

Ruby looked over.  “Um, sure.  I get off at eight tonight, though.”

“Fine.  We’ll be European.  I’ll make reservations for nine.”  She swept out again.

Snow, in for her afternoon chocolate fix, looked doubtfully at Ruby.  “You’re dating her now?”


“Because that sounded like a date.  Well, it sounded like someone’s kept woman setting up a date, but still a date.”

“It’s just dinner.  We’ve eaten dinner together before.”

Snow frowned.  “At the diner, after hours, before you go and fuck in the back room?”

“No sex in the diner!” Granny announced, wandering past.

“We go to the library basement usually,” Ruby said, resigned to the whole world knowing her business.

“That’s where they keep the St. Andrews Cross,” Leroy added helpfully.

“We don’t have a St. Andrews Cross!” Ruby yelped.  She had just fixed two metal hooks to one of the support columns so they could get some suspension.  That, in no way, was a St. Andrews Cross.

“Just let me know if she bangs you during wolfstime, honey.  I’ve got some takers if I can get a videotape.”

Ruby groaned.

“Ruby!” Snow scolded.  “I don’t like this!  It’s getting too serious.  You know she’s Gold’s.”

Ruby stiffened.  “She’s not anyone’s.  She’s her own.  How would you like it if I said Emma belonged to Regina because she was the one who fucked up her life?”

“It’s not the same.  Lacey chose Gold.”

“And she can give him up too.”

“Oh, Ruby,” Snow said softly.  “Baby, I’m sorry.”

And it was all too obvious what it meant.  Snow was sure she was fooling herself.  Perhaps she was.  Maybe Lacey wouldn’t ever give Gold up, especially not for her.  But maybe she was wrong.  Snow believed nothing ever turned out right for Red, and Ruby believed it too.  But it didn’t have to be true.  Sometime the miracle could turn in her favor, right?  Sometimes she could be the hero of the tale and not just the friend, the muscle, the eye-candy.  It could be her.  Couldn’t it?

*          *            *

Lacey showed up at eight forty, right in time for Ruby to have to get the door in her towel, still wet from the shower, and let her in.  Lacey was looking smoking, if a little less feminine than usual, in a collared shirt, open until you could just see the lace of her bra, with a motorcycle jacket over the top, and tight pants that tucked into the tops of her high-heeled thigh-length boots.

Ruby swallowed, and nearly dropped her towel.

“Dry your hair and curl it, I’m picking your clothes,” Lacey said, and sauntered over to her closet.

Ruby grinned and obeyed.  “You’d make a pretty douchey boyfriend,” she said.

“I would make an awesome boyfriend.”  She considered this further.  “Actually, I have no idea what makes an awesome boyfriend, so I really have no opinion on that.  Like, money, big cock, what?”

Ruby just laughed.  Lacey found her a dress in dark red silk, the main fabric shifting behind a net of diamond shaped openings cut into see-through black nylon.  It was actually bordering on classy, or would have been, if Ruby were about three inches shorter, and Ruby had forgotten she had it.

It was feeling uncomfortably like a date.  Dating someone who was already in a relationship was never a good idea, as Ruby knew well (and Red could guess).  But it also felt like friends, and that was fine, right?  They would be friends… who shagged on a regular basis.  But that sort of friendship was a great kind of friendship.  Past Ruby, at least, thought so.  (Past Red was a little upset that she had never managed it when she was sleeping in the same bed as Snow.)

The restaurant was new and classy, somewhere down by the docks.

“So this is what you like to eat?”

Lacey rolled her eyes.  “We live in Maine.  There is no good reason to prefer frozen fish fingers to actual seafood.”

Ruby grinned, nodding.  “I take your point.  This is super good.  Please never tell my grandmother I said that.”  But she considered it more as she ate.  “I think I could do something like this.  It’s like, garlic, butter…”

“There’s also a small farm nearby that’s starting CSAs.  I bet you could get a deal on bigger shipments.”

Ruby looked at her.  “Do you want to eat at the diner?”

Lacey sat primly and refolded her napkin.  “Just because we’re an isolated province cut off from the actual world and filled with rejects from the middle ages doesn’t mean we have to be provincial.”

Ruby laughed.

“Also,” Lacey gave her a dirty smirk.  “The diner has the best service.”

*          *            *

It was getting so, so hard not to kiss her.  It had been a date, and the restaurant had thrown them out at closing, and Lacey had paid, and Ruby had left a massive tip, (because waitstaff supports each other, even if no one else does), and Lacey had hung onto her arm as they walked the whole way back to Granny’s.  Ruby didn’t want to go inside.  She wanted to perch on a park bench and pull Lacey into her lap, and kiss her until she was flushed, chest heaving, and ready to beg.

And really, Mr. Gold was out on business.  Was he really bothering to make sure his lady love’s lips stayed unsullied?  But on the doorstep, Ruby threaded her fingers through Lacey’s hair, and Lacey looked down, not meeting her eyes.  She didn’t want to be kissed.  Ruby nuzzled into her instead, leaning close to her ear and whispering, “You coming in?”

“I’m coming in ten minutes or less,” Lacey agreed, with a purr, and Ruby laughed and pulled her up to her bedroom.

Lacey stumbled back to sit on the bed and Ruby climbed into her lap, straddling her thighs, and leaning in to bite and suck at her pulse point.  Lacey gave an appreciative rumbling moan and let her hands slide right up Ruby’s thighs and under her skirt.

“What do you want?” Ruby murmured, so ready to please.

“You,” Lacey murmured.

Ruby bit down on her neck, that one bruise she never let fade, and let her hands palm Lacey’s breasts.  “Already here.”

“You know I love it when you spank me.”

Ruby let out a laugh that was almost a growl.  “I do.”

“And you know I love it when you grope my ass.”

Ruby grinned into her skin and did as requested.

“You want to fuck me there?  I want to see… see if I can take it.”

Heat coiled in Ruby’s gut.  Fuck, yes, she wanted that.  “Oh, you’ll take it,” she breathed in Lacey’s ear.  You’ll take it so hard.”

Shirt off, pants down, the boots were fucking complicated and neither of them had the patience.  Ruby went for her box, which was starting to get too small for the growing collection, found lube and latex.  Lacey sprawled horizontally across the bed, in another vibrantly blue bra, her pants and underwear pushed down to her knees.  She propped herself up on one elbow and watched Ruby, who kicked off her shoes, and shed her underwear, which were so wet they were uncomfortable, but left the dress on.

Ruby climbed on the bed, letting herself take in the dishabille with pleasure.  “I have a rule too,” She said, her voice coming out in a half-growl.  She ran her ungloved hand over the smooth skin, and enjoyed seeing Lacey twitch.  “This is mine.  No one gets this but me.”

“Absolutely,” Lacey said, clenching and then releasing, and Ruby leaned down and bit, marking her territory.

“Now…”  Ruby teased her, working her open gently, drawing soft moans and slight shudders out of her.  The lube was self heating and soon Ruby was sliding the tip of her finger in and out.  Lacey had the blankets in a deathgrip, but was utterly relaxed and submissive below the waist.

“You liking this?” Ruby asked softly.

“How could I not?” Lacey murmured.  “You’re doing it.”

And that sent a thrill right up her spine.  Ruby grinned.  “You’re gorgeous.”  And then slid her finger all the way inside.  Lacey’s shoulders rose like a wave.


Her ass clenched tight on Ruby’s finger.  Her thighs went slick.

“That good?”

Fuck me.”

So Ruby did.  One finger was good, but two made her cry, and Ruby shifted around, turning her over, two fingers buried deep in her ass, so she could see her face. She fucked her fingers in and out with short quick thrusts, hardly drawing out at all.  Lacey under her, eyes brimming, giving out machine-gun sobs, and clinging to her shoulders, not letting her go, was beautiful.  Her panting came harder, and she arched, eyes coming open, shockingly clear and blue, and her hands came up, catching Ruby behind the head, and pulled her down.

Mouths met in a deep, hot, open mouthed kiss, Ruby still fucking her hard, Lacey’s hips bucking, and then she came, clenching so tight Ruby was sure her fingers would break, her soaking center sliding against Ruby’s hip, and crying out into her mouth, into the kiss that felt like it belonged to another world.  And it didn’t end.  Lacey’s body stretched against hers, hands still clinging to her head, her kiss hungry and deep, tongues meeting and retreating, a filthy, sweet, perfect kiss.

“God,” Ruby murmured.

Lacey was staring up at her, wide eyed and stunned, cracks in her blue eyes that Ruby hadn’t seen before.

“You okay down there?  That was good, right?”  And the kissing barrier had been broken, so Ruby leaned down to kiss her again.  Lacey parted her lips for her, the kiss soft and sweet, but no less wet for it, and Ruby slowly withdrew her fingers from her ass.  She broke the kiss to strip off the glove and chuck it in the wastebasket, then curled into Lacey’s soft body and tangled her fingers in her hair.  She pressed another kiss to her cheek, then her temple.  Lacey turned to look at her.  She wasn’t saying any of the things Ruby had expected, no dirty jokes, no need to do it again, no getting her hands up her dress and getting her off.  “Did I just… like, blow your mind, or something?”

Lacey gave her a look that seemed more desperate than sarcastic.  “Yeah,” she said. “Yeah.  You really did.”

“I can make it up to you.”  Ruby’s hand rubbed over Lacey’s soft belly and down to her cunt.  “You up for it?”

Lacey’s hips bucked into her hand, and a suddenly appalled look crossed her face.  “I, no.  You know.  I really think I’m not.”  Lacey squirmed out of her embrace and climbed off the bed, then nearly took a header to the floor before she got her pants untwisted from around her knees.  She pulled them up, wincing as she buttoned them, and grabbed her shirt from the floor.  “I need to go.”

Ruby sat up, staring at her.  “What?”

Lacey gave her a pathetic, desperate look.  “I’m really sorry.  But I really need to go.”

Her shirt unbuttoned, hair a mess, makeup smeared thoroughly, Lacey ran out the door, leaving Ruby sitting in the bed, completely confused and desperately horny.

“Well, fuck.”