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My Guidance Counselor Got a Facebook

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Emma Pillsbury: I've had this Facebook for a while, and I'm still very hesitant to use it.

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Emma Pillsbury: Mom, dad, you got Facebooks, too!?

Rusty Pillsbury: We have to look after you sweetheart!

Rose Pillsbury: Yes, we do! We gingers have to stick together, especially after you married that demon man, Phill or whomever.

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Will Schuester: My name is Will. And I can read everything you're writing.

Rose Pillsbury: No matter. We're just here to look after you, sweetheart.

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Emma Pillsbury: Thanks, mom…

Rusty Pillsbury: Please don't use that tone with your mother.

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Kurt Hummel changed his relationship status to: it's complicated.

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Rachel Berry: Oh my gosh! Is this in reference to what we talked about while watching Mamma Mia the other day? Because I think I know exactly what's going on, and we really need to have a life chat, because I know exactly how to advise you on this situation. I really am the best person to go to for advice in this situation. I am. I'm your best friend, Kurt, you can talk to me.

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Adam Crawford: Am I supposed to change my relationship status, too?

Blaine Anderson: I'm really confused here..

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Emma Pillsbury: Kurt, it seems as though you have created quite a mess here. I think I have just the pamphlet you need to fix this right here sitting next to me at my house on my bed- what a coincidence! Anyway, its title is: "So You Still Have Feelings for Your Short Hobbit-ish Ex, But You've Met a Hot British Man and Now You're Dating Him". I think it's perfect! Do you want me to ship it to New York for you?

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Kurt Hummel: Emma: Umm.. no, thanks. I think I could probably find it online. I appreciate it, though. Adam: not yet..? Blaine: I am too. Yeah. That's what I have to say for the moment.

Adam Crawford: Now I'm confused..

Santana Lopez: Honey, I think everyone, including, Lady Hummel is confused.

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Emma Pillsbury: I'm not. I read the pamphlet!


Shannon Beiste: Goal for this weekend: Find the best wing joint in town.

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Will Schuester: Maybe I'll have to join you! We could karaoke again at that bar.

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Shannon Beiste: As long as you don't get as wasted as last time, you pussy.

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Will Schuester: Is that a challenge?

Emma Pillsbury: Honey, you know you don't hold your alcohol very well. You should probably stay home with me, and we can plan the next time my parents come over! You know how much they love to visit us.

Will Schuester: Emma, please don't embarrass me in front of the entire Facebook community.

Emma Pillsbury: You've managed that all on your own. Don't forget to bring a lot of wet wipes, Beiste. Have fun!

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Sue Sylvester: Now that the beginning of my plan to take over the world has begun, I can initiate phase two. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cough, cough*

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Sue Sylvester: You should all notice my flair for the dramatic in the above status. It was pretty brilliant, if I must say so myself. Which, of course, I must.

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Emma Pillsbury: Sue, I found the perfect pamphlet for you underneath Kurt's: "5 Easy Steps to Take Over the World: Heartless, Vindictive B*tch Edition"!

Sue Sylvester: I stole that from your freaky sterilized office a long time ago, you soulless, bambi- eyed nancy! Where do you think I got my plan to take over the world from?

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Emma Pillsbury: You're a heartless, vindictive ****.

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Sue Sylvester: So the pamphlet tells me.

Emma Pillsbury: That censor wasn't covering the word b*tch.

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Emma Pillsbury: Phase One of taking over the world- destroying Sue Sylvester- complete. That packet is really easy to follow.

Will Schuester: