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My Principal Got a Facebook

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Will Schuester: Principal Figgins, you can't do that! And also, you're not friends with any students on Facebook. This is extremely unprofessional.

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Sue Sylvester: Don't question your boss, William, the head honcho, the man in charge. It's not like anybody put him up to this or blackmailed him into getting rid of the Glee club.. (By the way, P Figgs, you were supposed to mention my Cheerios FIRST!)

Will Schuester: I could see that, Sue!

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Sue Sylvester: You were supposed to.


P Figgs: Now tht I have frended some students, I have an announcment to make: NO MORE GLEE.

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Rachel Berry: I hardly think this is fair! I really think you underestimate the power of music and singing in teenagers' lives. If you just gave us another chance I really think we could make a difference in this school. Music uplifts everyone, no matter who you are! No matter where you came from or what type of position you are currently in, music can save you! Our Glee..

Rachel Berry: Club helps people realize how beautiful the world is, and helps people achieve their life long goals! Tina got rid of her lisp! Sam got rid of his dyslexia! Finn and Puck aren't jerky jocks anymore! Glee Club saves people! We could save the entire school if you let us. We really could. So I'm asking you, P Figgs, BEGGING YOU… SAVE GLEE!

Brittany Pierce: We're not allowed to be happy anymore..?

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P Figgs: The school is much queitr without the Glee club burstin into song everywhere.

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Will Schuester: P Figgs, I really think you need to reconsider. Glee is one of the best things- only things- these kids have going for them in their lives. They don't have friends, futures, or.. well, much of anything. Glee is the only positive thing they have to hold on to. Give it back!

Puck: Hey! I rezent tht! :(

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Emma Pillsbury: Umm.. "P Figgs", sir, though I really don't like typing on computers because the keyboards have so much bacteria, I feel I need to give my input. These Glee kids really need music back in their lives. They need an enjoyable creative outlet of some sort. Please.

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P Figgs: I hav just the idea..


Blaine Anderson: I can't believe we all just joined.. marching band. –with Tina, Kurt, Rachel

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Puck: Hanging out with dem bitches and hos tonite.

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Kurt Hummel: That's really classy, Noah. Really, classy.

Brittany S Pierce: I don't mind.

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Mercedes Jones: Girl, you definitely should.

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P Figgs: NOAH PUCKERMAN- tis post constetutes as what people now- a- days call "cyber bullying". You cannot call Brittany hear, a "dem bitch" or "hos".



Rachel Berry: Everyone should drop by the bake sale to support the student- run GLEE CLUB! We are funding ourselves and everything. Please support us! It would mean a lot to every single one of the members of the Glee club, as well as all the students in the schools who want to be a part of a Glee club who can't because their schools don't have a Glee club. Support us and support them. We're children. Support the children! Also, I'm dating Finn Hudson again. I just thought I'd let all of you know.

Kurt Hummel: Rachel, no one is going to go to the stupid bake sale.

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P Figgs: dat is true. I know you liek performing tings liek K- dollar sign- ha, and K8y Perry, and Snoop Doggy Dog Dog Dog, but you just need to stop.

Rachel Berry: With all due respect, P Figgs, I can't stop. This is my dream- and I won't! I refuse to stop.


Sue Sylvester: I really need to have a discussion with Obama some time soon, but he won't Tweet or Facebook me back.

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Will Schuester: I wonder why..

Sue Sylvester: You better watch yourself or you might just slip into a vat of your precious hair gel and drown.

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P Figgs: You could alwayz try "black- mailing" him, Sue. Dat seems to work gr8t for you.

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P Figgs: It haz been 45 years and I finally got my green card. I hope its green.

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Becky Jackson: Iths naht.